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Confederation of Independent Socialists: Founding Ceremony

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   2ywtkc5.png                                         The Founding Ceremony

To those it may concern and to those who wish to see History, The Founding of the Confederation of Independent Socialists or “The Confederation” will be making a public spectacle in the World. This will be one of the firsts for The Confederation.

    The will be the First time in known History that nations of the Socialist Values and Practices will met and combine as one on the International Stage as a World Organization. The Confederation will and is made up of many different Nationalities, Socialist Governments and other Form of Governments. Yet the majority are of the Socialist Ideals.

    To ensure that all Nations involved whether they be Full Member Nations or Observer Nation Status have time to prepare for the Ceremony the set dates for the Founding will be May 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2018 in Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana. May 1st will become the International Day of Celebration for the Founding of The Confederation and for the Socialist Ideal. The Charter of the Confederation of Independent Socialists will be signed on this day therefore marking the Founding of a Socialist Order along with the Commencement Speech by the President of The Confederation.. May 2nd will be the opening of The Confederations Legislature in the temporary Capital, Moskovo, of The Confederation. May 3rd the delegating of Offices and Ministries among member Nations will be sorted and the President of The Confederation will make his first Speech for the Legislature.

    So Members whether you are a Full member or Observer Status please join with me on those days on Celebrating and welcoming a new age for the World. Let us usher in a new age of Friendship, Unity and Prosperity to this World. Workers of the World let us Unite as One!


Greggor Ivanoff, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana,

Field Marshal of the Ahranaian Armed Forces,

1st President of the Confederation of Independent Socialists

With the founding of The Confederation-Confederation of Independent Socialists comes a new stage for the World see, watch or even join. The COnfederation will met in Moskovo till the new Capital is built which will be under way shortly. As for the Itinerary and so on:

Schedule for The Confederation Founding 1st, 2nd, 3rd of May 2018


1st of May 2018

0700/0800 Ahranaian Time(AT)- Delegates, Representatives, Presidents, Kings (Or whomever will come in place of your nation) arrive in Moskovo, Ahrana

0830 AT- Bussing of all Personal from International Airport to the People's Palace

0845 AT- Rooms will be given to all Personal for the Founding Ceremony

0900 AT- Free time (Nothing allotted given to people to rest after flights)

1000 AT- Transporting to the Supreme People's Assembly Hall for a Delegation of all members involved and of the CPSFA and other Political Affiliations 

1130/1230 AT- Lunch time 

1245/1300 AT- Signing of the Charter of the Confederation of Independent Socialists in The People's Square

1300/1800 AT- Celebration of Socialist Day and Founding Day, Commencement Speech by the President of The Confederation, Military Parade

1825 AT- Bussing of Delegates back to the Peoples Palace

1830 AT- Personal time, Schedule will resume the next day


2nd of May 2018

0730 AT- Rising of the Day AKA Breakfast

0830 AT- Transporting to Supreme People's Assembly Hall

0900/1230 AT- Opening of the Legislature

1240/1300 AT- The Legislature Speech

1315/1800 At- Celebration of Founding

1830 AT- Personal time, Schedule resumes next day


3rd of May 2018

0730 AT- Rising of the Day, Breakfast

0830 AT- Transporting to Supreme People's Assembly Hall for First Session of The Confederations Legislature (Temporary Place)

0900/1200 AT- Session of the Legislature begins

1230/1330 AT- Final Greetings

1400 AT- Transporting to Peoples Palace to pack up belongings

1500 AT- Transporting to International Airport for departure

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0600 AT | People's Palace, Moskovo, SF Ahrana

The day had finally come, the day of Socialist Unification. Ivanoff got up from the couch in his Office and went to his desk chair to see what the day was to bring. He glanced through some Government Papers then to the Guest List for the Confederation of Independent Socialists Founding Ceremony the list was not to short and not to long but it was definitely a good thing that the People's Palace could fit all of the Guests in one Building.

Ivanoff turned to the left and turned on his Radio and the first song of the day as usual was the Anthem of the Socialist Federation followed by the Party Congress Anthem then on to other Patriotic Music, within this time usually he had his tea and Breakfast that normally included Kasha, Butterbrots, Boiled Egg, Tvorog with his morning Tea of course. While he would be eating he would be writing the Commencement Speech for the Opening Ceremony that will take place today.

While Writing his Secretary came in and gave him a few papers to sign, as he signed them he had a conversation with his secretary a friendly one so to say.

"How are you this Morning Lea?"

"I am doing well Sir, how are you this morning?"

"Well I'm a wee bit antsy I guess you can say. Just ready to be over and done with the next few days really."

"That's understandable Sir, a lot of Work and things are going to be happening for the next few days. It would be strange if you were not antsy I would say sir."

"Lea, you are correct there. How are the Children and family doing?"

"They are doing very well Sir. The Youngest just started school here in the Capital so its a bit weird some days."

"Ah well they'll be home the next three days so enjoy the time together Lea."

"We will Sir. If you need anything Sir just ring the phone sir."

"Will Do Lea. Thank you."

Thing being Ivanoff never really talked to anyone in the morning really, not even to Lea till say around 1200, guess that means he is in a great mood. He finished his breakfast and just finished the Speech, he stood up and walked to the huge Window in his Office and begun speaking as if he was speaking to an audience of over thousand people. The way he talked was so Direct and very charismatic as if he had not written the speech. Not many people knew but every Speech Ivanoff has given was written by himself and himself alone. Every now and then Lea, The Secretary, would give some input to his speeches but it was rare.

He looked down to his watch and seen that it 0645 and he hadn't even inspected the rooms in which the delegations would be staying in. He put on his Military Jacket, buttoned it up and went on to the room inspection walk. Each room he looked at passed with his approval, the staff had outdone themselves on this for sure. The whole City had been working day and night to ready the Capital for the Ceremony. Everything was decorated with Flags of the Member nations and the Flag of the Confederation along with Socialist Propaganda of course. He walked back to his office and put on his Ceremonial Uniform and placed all medals on his Jacket and put on his Cover and walked down to the Reception hall to welcome each Delegation member to the People's Palace and to the Socialist Federation. He was sure to get many photos for his massive collection of Important People's Wall in the Palace.


Flag of the Confederation of Independent Socialists

As it arrived to around 0700 he awaited the first Delegation to arrive.......

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Moskovo International Airport | 0700hrs local time
1st May 2018
Socialist Federation of Ahrana


Right on time, the Prymontian delegation had touched down in Ahrana. It was one of many small details, a method of proving that Prymont led the way ahead of the socialist states. By arriving first, they had made their mark. To the other nations, to actual members of the Confederation, they could ask where were you? Why were we here before you? Even better, Julian Nordeng had been appointed as the National Party's Confederation delegate. Nordeng already held a vital intercontinental position as Prymont's ATARA delegate, and initially refused to cooperate with socialists, but when the additional pay rise was laid out on the table, Julian couldn't resist.

That was the second detail. Prymont's delegate for ATARA, an organisation that critics believed the Confederation would rival, had arrived first. Of all the people that Prymont could've sent, they sent a man from the enemy side. Nordeng saw the founding ceremony as nothing more than a good way to waste what would've otherwise been a boring week - the Confederation was a side gig to him. And yet, he was here first. 

With his right hand man Lionel Stenberg, Nordeng disembarked the custom government-provided Aamotech Virksomhetstråle luxury business jet and stepped onto the cool Ahranaian tarmac. Unlike the ATARA ceremony, Confederation delegates were seemingly expected to make their own way to the People's Palace, where they would be greeted by Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff. President Duval had warned Nordeng of what to expect. Socialism was rife within Ahrana, but according to Julian's superior, Ivanoff reeked of the ideology, almost like a bad cologne. 

As the duo made their way through the airport, they made sure to stop at a coffee shop to fill up for the long day ahead. One of the very few joys of communism was cheap coffee prices, although one sip told Nordeng all he needed to know. This wasn't the rich @Iverican blend capitalism had spoiled his taste buds with. The coffee cup quickly ended up in a bin.

Soon enough, they'd made their way to the private airport lounge, where they would wait for a while until their transport arrived. Stenberg would revise the itinerary for the day and would freshen up on his Ahranaian culture points, while Nordeng opened his laptop and cracked on with some ATARA homework. Rumour had it that they may be rendezvousing with @Andalla's delegate in the lounge, but like everything else in this ceremony, it'd been badly planned and full of uncertainty. 

Transportation to the People's Palace was also uncertain. Instead of depending on the Ahranaian's to sort it out and likely ending up in an airport shuttle bus, Nordeng had gone ahead and arranged for his ATARA private KAP K6 in a striking Argic blue colour to pick him up at the airport and take him to the destination. At least in a car he was familiar with, he could control the smells and people he was around. It would be more comforting to him to be driven in a K6, than to be issued a vehicle that the socialists deemed appropriate. 

And so, Nordeng and Stenberg waited. They weren't sure what was in store for them, but they waited anyway. If one thing was for certain, it'd be a very eye-opening few days.

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Andallan Embassy to Ahrana, Moskovo
May 1, 2018
0700 hrs


"So, we're good? Yeah. Okay, bye."


Nikolai, Nik as his employees called him, reclined in his chair as he put down his kPhone 6. He had just finished a short conversation with none other than his good friend Alexander Bendtsen, the Andallan Foreign Minister. Nikolai Lagerfeld, the Andallan ambassador to Ahrana, was the kind of friend that Bendtsen would make time for even in the midst of a hectic schedule.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, then back at his browser. 6:24 AM. He was reading up on the Aamotech Slankstråle. And while the Slankstråle seemed to outmatch its older Skandinavisk counterparts, it wasn't his duty to compare the two. @Prymont and Andalla were friends – good friends, perhaps. As the Prymontians would often say, Andalla was one of the last "beacons of hope" in the West – bright lights in the midst of a mass of Communist darkness. A majority of the Andallan populace rather disagreed with the way the Prymontians looked down on their fellow Argic brothers. But who were they to judge? Perhaps Andallans would act even fiercer than Prymontians should they be confronted up-front by the "blood-thirsty" Communists.

And the situation became worse. Lagerfeld was a living testimony to the diplomatic mess Argis had become. Most of Andalla's major allies opposed the new government – but on the far end of the table sat Andalla, a failure trying to satisfy its relations with Ahrana. And all because they were "brothers". But, in reality, these kinds of issues really didn't bother Lagerfeld too much. He was perhaps the most laid-back diplomat the West has ever seen. Some questioned his appointment as ambassador, while others hailed it as an excellent move. To him, all these shortcomings were only opportunities to rebuild, to improve. And he would surely grasp these opportunities, especially in this time of darkness.

The door of his office swung open, and in came his new secretary Angela Dahlquist. The walls of his office bordering the hallway were made of glass; in the middle stood a single glass door. Now that was what he called "transparency", though the embassy was quite an example of architectural weirdness: A dignified neoclassical building on the outside, and a contemporary office complex on the inside.

"Sir? It's almost seven. Shall I arrange for your transportation to the airport already?" she asked.

"It's Nik, please. And, yes, please do so. I must be there to greet Nordeng as soon as possible," he replied. This would be the first time he'd be meeting Nordeng in person, though Bendtsen had told him about Nordeng after the ATARA founding ceremony.

As soon Lagerfeld finished his research, he began to pack up. It was a relief that Angela wasn't there, so he wouldn't have to turn her offer to help down. Lagerfeld wished to serve "as an ambassador in the shoes of the average Andallan-Ahranaian". And though that meant stepping down to their level, he wasn't bothered the slightest about it.

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Location: Moskovo, People's Palace
Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018. 0710 Local Time)

'Eh, a little late.' While the Derthaler delegate certainly wished to get there on time, he could not help it due to the traffic. Amazingly enough, there was a car crash between the hotel he was staying in for the night and the People's Palace. While arriving a day early might seem a bit odd, it is important to note that he had, had to drive all the way from Heilig to attend this, and as such needed time to rest. As he got out of his automobile, he noticed two things. One, he seemed to have arrived a bit too early, as when he left the parking lot he noticed that the reporters were all still getting ready. The second thing he noticed, was that despite being sent here as a delegate, no one seemed to recognise him. Feeling a tad bit silly and put out, he climbed the stairs to the People's Palace and wandered around for a bit looking for a toilet to use. After relieving himself, he struck up a conversation with a photographer who seemed to be from Heilig as well.

'So, how long have you been waiting here for the delegates to arrive?' The photographer bored out of his mind welcomed his new company 'Me and the rest arrived here around six to set up and get all of our equipment checked. Really though, I had to arrive three days ago to get my security pass and equipment list approved by security.' Nodding understandingly, the Delegate could easily relate to the hassle that was getting screened by security and having to arrive early to an event. 'Why are you here?' Not wanting to admit to his screw up with the time, the Delegate quickly thought of a witty and totally believable lie. 'I am a school teacher from back-country of Heilig, and I was sent here by the principle to see whether it would be worth organising a school trip to the People's Palace!' Noticing the way the Delegate was dressed, and knowing that he had needed a security pass to enter the building today the photographer was incredulous. 'You are a school teacher you say?' 'Yes.' 'And you can afford clothes like that?' 'Yes.' 'And they let you have a pass?' 'Yes.' Seeing how desperately the Delegate was lying and how nervous he seemed, two options popped into the photographer's mind. One, he was a terrorist. 9f4a4e660f3cc59aa2880f3cd0f7e2b5.jpgOr two, he was a really bad undercover member of the secret police, and was afraid he was going to lose his job. After a split second of considering it, he decided that a terrorist would be a better liar and went with the latter. Dropping the matter, he decided to ask something else. 'Seeing as you are such a good teacher, would you mind if I took your picture? I need to see whether or not I need to use the flash.' The Delegate congratulated himself on his mastery of lying. The photographer had bought his story about being a school teacher completely!

Agreeing to the request, the Delegate pushed his chest out and tried to make the most respectable pose he could. 'Perfect. Thanks a lot friend... What is your name actually?' 'I am Schnipser. Mr. Schnipser.' The Delegate realised his mistake too late... Having told the photographer his name, he would surely be found out now! He needed to get away quickly before the man realised who he was. 'Oh no! Look at the time! I am sorry for having to leave so suddenly, but I need to meet a friend soon. Before I leave though, what is your name?' The photographer was completely certain that this member of the secret police has accidentally given out his real name. He struggled not to laugh at the robotic movements and the extremely fake tone of voice he had just heard. For Heaven's sake, Mr. Schnipser had not even actually looked at his watch! He had just raised his arm pointing to it and then put it down. 'Kuril. It was nice to meet you.' 'Same to you!' Mr. Schnipser sped off down the hallway, and back to the parking lot. He was going to sit quietly in his car listening to music until the other delegates arrived, and hopefully the photographer will have forgotten about him by then. 

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Moskovo International Airport


7:15 Local Time

May First, 2018

Seasoned foreign diplomat Arsen Ilyasov stepped off the plane as the staircase rolled under him. “A tad late,” he remarked, but good time nonetheless. Squinting in the early morning sunlight, he put on a pair on sunglasses and called the folks back home to say he made it.  

Walking into the terminal he noticed the distinct Ahranaian culture and other aspects and ways of life. Ilyasov sat down on a bench and he worked on his speeches, and what to say if called upon. The Euroführer was one of the first “new world” nations, and their reputation would be soiled if their diplomat came unprepared. Ilyasov also knew he had to carry himself in a tight manner. He would not want to be associated with the hard-lined communists, but he also couldn’t make too many friends at the convention either. “Truly a tight rope to walk.” he muttered to himself. Nothing he couldn’t handle. 

He went over the attendee list. The Lysians would endure a lot of jet lag. The host country Ahrana and others were jubilated for the summitt to begin, but other countries, like Ilyasov’s were much more reserved on the outside. The Ahranaian Secretary, Ivanoff, seemed extremely motivated and determined, though. He would get to know Greater Serbia, their neighbors across the lake, much better. He would also get to know Mauridiviah and their government positions. The Asgeirrans would be interesting to work with, as another member of the founding order. Prymont and Andalla were more socialist-capitalist countries countries, not the Communists of other countries here. The Prymontian superiority complex would be a bit funny to watch from afar, as presumably one of those “inferior” nations. Good thing the Andallans seemed a bit more open and cooperative. The Derthalers were quirky and strange, much like their government. The Euroführer would get a lot more intel from this meeting, that would be for sure, adding to the treasure trove of past encounters.

”So Sergei, you have a limousine coming right?”

”Yes sir, should be here any minute.”

As soon as he said it the limousine rolled in.

”Great timing, Sergei!” Arsen said.

The diplomat and his assistant threw their luggage in the back, and jumped into the limousine.

“Picked up a sandwich for you on the way sir.”

”Thanks Sergei, just how I like it!”

As the limo accelerated away from the airport Ilyasov bit into his sandwich. Not the best, but it would have to suffice for the coming days. The Ahranaian landscape was very intriguing going into Moskovo, he noted, looking out the window, and so would the diplomatic one in days to come. 



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Moskovo International Airport | 0800 hours AT (Give or take a few minutes) | 1st of May of 2018

Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana


"We're on time, right?" asked Marco Luti, Mauridivian delegate to CIS since roughly five days ago (after an emergency cabinet meeting) to the only aide he was given, some aide named Marta, or was it Maria?. "Pretty sure the schedule said to arrive at 8 A.M." Marta/Maria said, trying to remember where she'd put the schedule before getting on the plane. 

"How are we getting to the... the... executive place?" asked Luti, tired from having to get up so early, and wondering why his government had picked him to represent them at an international organization. He'd originally applied to work at the embassy of Mauridiviah in Afropa, but the Senate was apparently impressed with the box of chocolates he had sent alongside his resume, which had of course melted and stained it. To paraphrase the Minister of Foreign Affairs, "it showed grit". 

"The People's Palace, sir. I believe they plan to get us there by bus." replied his aide. She rummaged through the stack of folders she was carrying and pulled out a small booklet. "Here's the basic information on the Confederation of Independent Socialists and Ahrana, I suggest you refresh yourself on the bus." she said at an incredible speed. Luti took the booklet out of her hands and looked around. They had originally been able to find their way around, such as getting through customs, by following what everyone else was doing, but now that they were past all of that they had no clue where to go.

"So.... where's the buses?" asked Luti, taking a look at the hammer and sickle on the front of booklet, and realized that it was slightly off center to the right. "I think we should just sit down. I'm sure some Ahranan body guards or something will come looking for us. Here, take this paper and write "DELEGATE FROM MAURIDIVIAH TO CIS" on the back. Yes, it's blank. That way, we'll be found. Eventually." said the aide, giving Luti a piece of paper with some memo about 'protecting Mauridiviah's citizens from punitive punishments in Derthalen'. Luti pulled out a pen from his pocket, and using the nearby wall as a table, wrote the words as largely and clearly as he could.

He then looked around for a nice place to sit near the plane terminal. He quickly found one, an island in the middle of hallway forcing the traffic of people from all over the world around it. Better yet, it was completely barren, meaning he wouldn't have to talk to any of those weird Argis peoples. Leading Marta to it, they sat down on the uncomfortable padded airport chairs. Luti tried to read through the entire booklet, but after reading the word "socialist" for about the 50th time he put it down and began to look around for people doing interesting things. He was quickly disappointed to discover that the most interesting thing going on around him is the sheer number of red flags that have been crammed into the airport. 

He tried to strike up conversation with his aide, who had been completely engrossed in her romantic novel hidden amongst all the government papers since they'd arrived at Antonio Bolivar Intercontinental Airport. 

"So... where are you from, Maria?" he said, trying to read the title of novel from the side.

"Marta. I'm from La Mision Pirilaosa, near Caridad de los Moros." she said, never looking up from her novel. That's an amazing skill, Luti thought, the ability to pretend to read and speak at the same time.

"Marta. Who did you work for before they assigned you to me?" Luti inquired, desperate for any conversation.

"I was one of Cabelleros' (the Minister of Foreign Affairs) aides. He felt bad that they hadn't contacted you earlier, so he sent his best." she boasted.

"You're his best?" Luti said, surprised.

"No. I was actually hired like two weeks ago. But he did say that I showed great promise." she said, smiling.

"Really? How so?" replied Luti.

The two blabbered on in that confusing Romance tongue called Andesian, sometimes being so loud and disruptive that the eyes of the people around them lifted from their various personal devices in disgust. Eventually, some Ahranan soldiers found them and escorted them to a bus, where among other personnel they were bussed to the People's Palace.


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0800 AT | People's Palace, Moskovo, Ahrana | 1st of May 2018

Ivanoff looked at his watch to see what time it was, 0800 AT, then walked to his desk to make a phone call to the Garage.

Its about the time to start Heading to the Moskovo International Airport, please head that way in the State Cars and bring them to the People's Palace. I will be awaiting their Arrivals. Also if they have their own ride to the Palace place them in the Middle of the precession cannot have anything happen to them on their way here. Understood?

<Aye Sir Understood>


As he awaited their arrival Ivanoff went to his window to look out side and see the City, as he was looking he saw this little car in the State Car Parking and looked closely and saw a Heilig License Plate. He could only assume this was the Delegate from The Empire, and he looked and his thoughts were confirmed.

He walked over to his desk and made another Call this time to Palace Security:

Yes this is Secretary General Ivanoff, I need a Security Detail to the State Car parking to the small car with the Heilig License Plate. It is the Delegate for the Empire of @Derthalen so please do not rough him up to bad I dont need another issue on my hands right now.

<Aye sir>

He hung up the phone and walked to the window, within what seemed like seconds the Security Detail were already on it. They were coming from all sides with the guns drawn slowly moving closer to the car. Ivanoff could tell that Mr. Schnipser was not paying to much attention to his surroundings till he looked up and saw them moving at him.

What seemed like a complete 360 turn of the head was more of a 180 turn but Schnipser was freaking out. The Security Detail were yelling for him to get out of the Car with his hands in the air and turn and face them and walk to them. As he walked towards them men they got closer to him and the lead placed his weapon in the holster and proceeded to get the handcuffs as he was placing them on he stopped and said something to Schnipser and they turned around to look at Ivanoff and that's when the team all laughed. Ivanoff waved for him to come in and join him at the front door for the greeting.

Ivanoff turned and walked to the front of the palace and stepped out as he did so the cameras outside flashed a couple of times but they waited till Schnipser was closer to begin the real flash hurricane. As the delegate walked to him, Ivanoff placed his hand out and shook his hand and said to Schnipser:

Please do forgive me for my dry sense of humor I just wanted to have fun with you a bit. I hope it wont cause to much of an issue between us. Yet welcome to the Capital and welcome to the Ceremony. Oh and smile your going to be on the page of the Newspaper.

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The airport lounge was silent as Nordeng and Stenberg waited. Aside from the tapping of Nordeng's laptop keys and the occasional clinking of glasses from some quiet couple at the bar, the place was void of noticeable sound. In Nordeng's opinion, this was what Ahrana was. A country empty of anything meaningful, a country that looked great on the outside but was internally dead. The Confederation was one last hope to grasp at international straws, a desperate attempt to establish themselves on the international stage, where so many refused to recognise their communist regime. Nordeng was aware that the United States were amongst the few countries that had officially recognised the new Socialist Federation, but he was also aware that Duval was deeply regretting that decision.

Unexpectedly, the lounge doors swung open and a friendly looking fellow approached their table. With a warm smile on his face and a gentle complexion, Nordeng knew he wasn't facing an Ahranaian, and was immediately at ease. Although he was unsure who this really was, he was glad to finally see a happy face in the sullen airport. A quick introduction from the man told a relieving story: @Andalla's Nikolai Lagerfeld, the country's ambassador to Ahrana, had come to greet them. 

With much sorrow, Nordeng and Stenberg couldn't stay long. Their KAP K6 had arrived, and would be part of the motorcade that would whisk the delegates away to the People's Palace. Despite inviting Lagerfeld to travel with them, the Andallan opted to take his own transport. For that, Nordeng was thankful. While a kind gesture, the K6 would've been a tight squeeze with three gentlemen in the rear. The upcoming K7 would be more suitable for a larger group of people.

The trip to the palace wouldn't take long, and unlike his time in @Iverica, Julian could not appreciate the scenery. Instead, he was focused on an upcoming ATARA assembly, which would be the organisation's first. When it mattered, his full attention went to ATARA. After all, he was in competition for a key executive position in the group, and had to make a promising impression.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the Palace, Nordeng and Stenberg were swiftly booted out of the car and ushered towards the red carpet. At the ATARA founding ceremony, the Prymontian delegate had spent as much time as he possibly could on the catwalk, chatting to journalists, having his photo taken from varying angles and poses, and providing interviews for reporters. However, today was very different. The northerner made straight for the Secretary General, who was waiting by the grand doors of the Palace. He would ignore the flashes of the expensive cameras and the grand Ahranaian propaganda littering the path, with the fire in his eyes finding their path and making their importance known. Nordeng was angry, and rightfully so.

"What the hell was that?" Nordeng spat, ignoring Ivanoff's handshake offer. "You left us at an open airport, completely susceptible to terror attacks or prying paparazzi! Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know the importance of this meeting? Does it matter that little to the Ahranaians that you don't care if your delegates make it here alive? Would it have been so hard for you to greet us at the airport, ensure our safety, and provide us with at least a semblance of warmth and friendliness? Or is your country to cold, too careless, for even that? Be glad that Prymont is only an observer. If we were a full member, you'd be getting your arse kicked."

Behind him, cameras flashed with exceeding intensity, capturing every moment of the heated outburst. Nordeng didn't care, however. He had no sympathy for socialists, and would be clear to make that known. Perhaps it would make his nation look disrespectful, and perhaps he'd be on the cover of national Ahranaian newspapers as an angry pig, but he couldn't let Ivanoff assume that how he'd gone about setting up the ceremony was suitable. Compared to their ATARA counterparts, the Confederation had a lot to learn.

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As the Delegates were arriving to the Palace the Presidential Guards made up a line down the Avenue to the Palace Gates. The first Delegate to make his way to the front steps was the Delegate for the United States of @Prymont

As he was walking to Ivanoff his stance and walk alerted the Guards around Ivanoff but with a movement of Ivanoffs hand they went back to attention but closely watched Nordeng to make sure nothing would happen.

Ivanoff was not amused with the lack of respect but it was also to be expected since the current relations between the United States and the Socialist Federation.

Now Mr. Nordeng I can assure you that there was security at the Airport it's just they don't dress like security but more like regular people like you and me.

Plus this is Ahrana and Ahranaian Hospitality is different compared to the hospitality you received in Ivercia. I cannot merely leave the confinment of the Palace to go to the Airport given my status in the Country. 

But please Nordeng come in and have some refreshments we have pastries and such for the Delegates while I greet the rest of the people involved.

Ivanoff made a mental note of the issue and was going to be sure to bring it up in the next Security Meeting in a few weeks. Plus he was going to make a mental note of the United States Delegate as well.

Ivanoff walked to the front steps and Waited for the next delegate to come forward....

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"Comrade Ivanoff! Good to see you, sir."

General Secretary Almas climbed up the steps in his characteristic broad stride, a smile on his spectacled face as he extended his hand to shake that of the Ahranian leader.

"A typical macho move by Prymont, was that not? Ah, but do not let it bother you; this is a proud day for socialism, my friend. Ahrana is to be commended on her devotion to international goodwill and cooperation."

Almas lowered the sound of his voice slightly, now no longer using the loud and boisterous "public" volume, and said "Perhaps we might arrange some time to meet in private during my stay in Ahrana? I understand you are a busy man, of course, but our nations have been far too long in meeting, and I believe we have much to discuss."

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As Ivanoff placed his hand out for Almas to shake the amount of respect in the handshake and firm look into the eyes, he knew that a great friendship had just been born.

Alams welcome to Ahrana and welcome to the Palace, that k you for coming and smile you'll be place on the front page along with everyone who comes.

Ivanoff lended him his ears for a moment and looked over to Ace who was standing to the left behind the guards. She made note and left for inside.

Almas I am a busy man yes but I'm sure we could find time at some point perhaps after the last day we could set up a meeting.

Ivanoff then moved aside and moved his arm up as to point to the area where the beverages and and such were located. After Almas had entered Ivanoff looked to welcome the next Delegate....

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Situation Critical: Andalla was now officially a messed-up political buffer zone.

Lagerfeld didn't expect Nordeng to explode that easily. Arriving right behind General Secretary Almas, he witnessed the whole spectacle from his car window.

"So much for @Prymont's climate, huh? Apparently it's really hot there," chuckled his chauffeur, Kolya. He was a funny, stout man in his late 40's, and a good friend of Lagerfeld.

"Oh, well... We'll just wait and see what happens," Lagerfeld sighed. "If Prymont-Ahrana relations have frayed up to the point of arguing before, well, everyone, we'd have to take a side one day. And either choice would have its consequences..."

As soon as Almas' car moved aside, Lagerfeld's Christensen Krona D20 came in for the cameras. Lagerfeld prayed hard that no one else would notice their blunder; Christensen Automotive was partially-owned by KAP. He never disliked Prymont, but nor did he want to be associated with them in front of Ahrana. To him, it felt like embarrassing Ivanoff, Ahrana's head of government, in front of the entire world. And who was he to do that? It was Ivanoff who was hosting the whole thing anyway.

News reporters and guards flanked the stairs leading up to the entrance, while Ivanoff stood there, expecting the next delegate. Lagerfeld stayed in the car for a few seconds, and, to his surprise, nobody came to open the door. The guards seemed almost static, watching every delegate's move since Nordeng's breakout. He mustered up all the courage he had, and at that time it was almost nonexistent, and opened the door himself. He stepped out of the car, while Angela followed close behind him, and walked up the stairs to greet the General Secretary. It would be his first time to meet Ivanoff, and one of the rare occassions when he actually got to meet a foreign leader.

"Mr. Ivanoff, it is my utmost pleasure to be able to meet you today," said Lagerfeld as he shook hands with Ivanoff. "And please allow me to, uh, apologize for the scene caused by Mr. Nordeng. It wasn't his fault really."

Ivanoff replied, then the two posed for a quick picture by Angela on Lagerfeld's kPhone 5. slowly went up the stairs to the entrance. Inside, he met Mr. Schnipser, @Derthalen's delegate, or so he heard from Angela. The two immediately struck up a conversation, and somehow Schnipser managed to release a short word on what happened to him earlier. The two shook hands, posed for another picture, then Lagerfeld went away.

As he walked to the main hall, he barely noticed the palace's impressive interior. He was too busy pondering about the events that just happened - the lack of hospitality at the airport and on the red carpet, the outrage of Nordeng, and the "little" joke directed at Schnipser. He looked down shook his head at the way the events played out - much to the confusion of the ones looking on, as he was thinking to himself. If the first day was already a disaster...

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Location: Moskovo, People's Palace
Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018. 0832 Local Time)

Schnipser was terrified. To be more precise, he had no idea what was going on. First he had been accosted by security as part of a joke by the Ahranan leader, then he got to watch the Prymontian delegate shout at the Ahranen leader (not that he did not understand the desire) while being completely in the dark as to what was being said due to the language barrier, though he was fairly certain it was something entertaining due to the sudden spike in flashes from all of the reporters. Finally, he met the most overly friendly person around. The Andallan delegate had practically burst through the doors once he had reached the top of the stairs, and then practically charged over and started shaking hands. 

Not wishing to be rude, Mr. Schnipser felt compelled to try and speak with the odd person and thus began what can only be described as one of the most laborious conversations in his life. To begin with, he had no idea how to speak the Andallan language, and doubted that the Andallan knew his language, and as such had to resort to speaking very broken Ahranaian Latin. His next issue was that despite his mastery of deception and of reading people, he had one great flaw. He was horrible of thinking up topics of conversation. After talking about the weather, the decorations, making a couple of comments on the reporters, and finally saying 'I want (he meant to say like) your shiny shoes.', he came up with an idea! As apparently the Ahranans derived humour from how he was retrieved from the parking lot, he began to relay his story to the Andallan delegate.

'Ey vas hearing to music in my car, wan dey securitytruppen begat barking at mey. Ey vas so cunfused dat ey fel like Ey nearly break my neak turning eet. Dey gat me ouit, en' put clangen tings (does not know the word for handcuffs, so makes up words) an my wrists just to taken dem ouit en' vhisper im my ears 'de President sends hes regards.' en' to point oop at de man standing in de vindow. Abter dat ey git my flashes, en' de President grated me en' sayed sorry fur de jest.' Schinpser ended his story with a smile while pointing out to his car, and then noticed the face that looked back at him. It was a face that seemed full of questions, confusion, and a small amount of despair. Realising that his telling of the story had been lacking, Schnipser broke out in a cold sweat. His desire to end this torture intensified further, which led to him shaking hands with the Andallan again and posing for some pictures. Thankfully, after that the strange man and his quiet follower left him alone. He went off to find a nice quiet corner where he could wait in until he was shown to his room. Hopefully the worse was over.


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People's Palace | 0844 AT (Approximately) | 1st of May of 2018

Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana

"Wow! For a socialist country, this is expensive!" exclaimed Luti, getting off the bus and walking towards the magnificent palace steps. Right behind him is his aide, who he now knows is definitely named Marta. Before they could even reach the first step however, they were stopped in their tracks.

"AH! My eyes!" cried Luti, covering his face. "Can you people stop that?!" shouted Marta, knocking the camera off one of the reporter's hands. The flashes quickly subsided and they were able to walk up the top of the Palace's steps. "Hello, sir! Nice country you got here!" said Luti, shaking Ivanoff's hand. Ivanoff replied something back in Ahranan with the same amount of energy and pointed them to the food and drink. Tired of all the crappy airplane and airport food, Luti and Marta welcomed the fresh socialist refreshments.

They packed their plates full (Luti was forced to carry both plates as Marta's hands and arms were still full of folders) and went off to a corner of the room to avoid that dreaded social ritual known as small talk with foreigners, and laying all of the paperwork on the floor, began to eat. 

"Can't wait to see the rooms they're hosting us in" said Luti, with his mouth full of some weird-tasting shrimp, "I bet they'll be nicer than Diego Polo's bedroom."

"How do you know what Diego Polo's bedroom looks like?" asked Marta, after swallowing like a decent human being.

"The guy sleeps in the Senate building most of the time so that Senators and citizens can just go talk to him directly about their concerns at all hours." replied Luti, after finally swallowing the shrimp (or is it squid? It feels like a fat squid tentacle).

"Oh. So that's why he can't get a date" observed Marta.

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OOC: @Derthalen, that was the single best post on this website, ever. 😂

OOC (2): Nice Lada you got there, Derth. Love it!

OOC (3): Retrospective...

Lagerfeld eyed Schnipser confusingly, yet held enough sympathy for the Derthaler to keep quiet and pretend to fully understand. He assumed that Schnipser was trying to point at his car, but for crying out loud, they were already inside! Luckily for Lagerfeld, that wasn't the worst English he'd encountered during his stay in Ahrana. But at least he understood... A bit.

He shook hands briefly with the delegate, then told Angela to take a quick picture. "Just one, make it nice and quick," said Lagerfeld as usual. And then he walked off.

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Ilyasov walked up, eyes hidden under sunglasses.

”Good morning Mr. Ivanoff. I hope this is the start of a pleasant convention. Let’s take a couple pictures.”

*snap* *snap*

”Great! Hope we agree on most terms. Thanks for the hospitality.”

Good job, he thought to himself. No Prymontian outbursts or Derrhaler miscues. It was extremely simple, in and out.

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As the last delegate arrived Ivanoff looked at the time on his wrist watch and saw that it was almost 0830 AT which meant that the pictures were over and that the time for showing them to their rooms were at a time. While it had been an eventful welcoming to the People's Palace Ivanoff could feel that it was going smooth but something will happen again.

He waved to the Press outside and then proceeded to thank them, Thank you all for coming today to help welcome the Delegates for the Confederation to Ahrana with me.

He turned around and walked into the Door and joined the Delegates in the Reseption Hall and grabbed a glass of water before he made anymore announcements he was quiet in need of hydration. As he finished the glass he turned to Ace who had just arrived back from the Office and she nodded to him.

Everyone, thank you for coming to this Historic Moment in the History of our World. It is time to take you all up to the Suite Level of the Palace and hand each of you the rooms that will be for your stay till the end of the Ceremony. It is recommended that you all stay here at the People's Palace for your Security here we can assure that you will be safe. And please let me reassure some of the more paranoid people, their are no bugs in your rooms, that is Unconstitutional and not very kind in my mind. But please follow me to the Suite Level.

As they walked to the stairs Ivanoff pointed to the Elevator for anyone who could not walk two floors of stairs, For those who cannot walk two floors of stairs here we have an elevator that will take you to the Suite Level. Once you get there, a group of Butlers will be at the top and will wait with you while we climb the stairs. Ivanoff proceeded to walk the stairs and reached the top with everyone still there so Ace handed him the list,

Alright so on the Suite floor we have over 60 rooms total that are for State Use only and this is a State Use. We will start with the Delegate from the United States, Mr. Nordeng, you and your Delegation have the Gustov Suite which is named after King Gustov and has a total of three rooms in the Suite. The Gustov Suite is right here on the left, here is your Card Key that only you and your Delegation can Access.

Next is the Delegation from The Commonwealth of Andella, Mr. Nikolai, you and your Delegation have the Alexsandra Suite here Across from the Gustov Suite. Like the Gustov Suite it is named after a Royal Family member the last Monarch of the Kingdom, my God Daughter, Alexsandra. This Suite has three Rooms including the Common Room as well, here is your Key Card that only you and your Delegation can access.

Next is the Delegation from the Empire, Mr. Schnipser, you and your Delegation will have the Ivanoff Suite. It has three rooms including a Common Room plus the commodities from Heilig that has been sent here from the People of the Province. Its named after my Family and I spent most of my time here in this suite when I worked for the Royal Government. Here is your key card that only you and your delegation can access.

Next is the Delegation from The Tsardom of Eurofuher, Mr. Ilyasov, you and Your Delagation will have the Mishia Suite. It has three rooms including a Common Room. It is named after the Mishia Dynasty that brought Stability to Ahrana and is the Original Royal House of Ahrana. Here is the key card that only you and your delegation have access to.

Next is the Delegation from The Republic of Mauridiviah, Mr. Luti, you and your Delegation have the Surov Suite. It is named after the Ancient God Surov who was the God of the Sky in Ahran Folklore. It has three room and a Common Room. This Suite has finished renovation in February after sustaining damage from Rebels from the takeover. If their is anything wrong with the room push the red button on the phone and it will ring my office and I will answer it and try to make whatever is wrong right. Here is the Key Card that you and your delegation have access to.

Next is the Delegation from Fulgistan, Mr. Almas, you and your Delegation have the Revolution Suite. It is named Revolution for a reason, this is where the Revolution Started and ended for the Communists. It has three rooms and a grand Common Room. Here is the Key card that you and your Delegation have accesses to .

Next is the Delegation from Greater Serbia, your Delegation will have the Burov Suite. It is named after Admiral Burov of the People's Navy for his long service. It has three rooms and a common room. Here are the Key cards that you and your delegation have access to.

Next is the Delegation from Asgeirria , your Delegation have the Moskovo Suite. It is named after the Ahranaian Capital but also the God of War in Ahran Folklore. It has three rooms and a Common Room. Here is the Key Card that your delegation have access to.

Now if anyone has any trouble with anything in their rooms the Red button is my Office if I do not answer the phone either Ace, my trusty assistant, will answer it or someone in the Office will. They will relay it to me and I will do whatever I can do to make it right. If your Delegation needs another Suite let me know as well, I want nothing more than you all to be comfortable while you stay here in the People's Palace. The Schedule doesn't have anything planned till 1000 AT. So please get comfortable I the Suites and relax and if you want call down to the Chefs Kitchen they will cook whatever you request trust me on that one.

Ivanoff looked to Ace and handed her the list and watched everyone leave then he turned and walked back to the Office Level and waited to see who would be the first to press that red button....

(I went ahead and included Asgeirria and Greater Serbia just in case they chime in at any point)

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OOC: Mr. Lagerfeld. Nikolai is his first name (He still does like to be called Nik, though, but I guess this must be a formal thing and all).

OOC (2): Trying to socialize with as many delegates as possible. Don't be afraid if I suddenly mention you 😈 But if you want to play along, which I highly suggest you do, go ahead and include the conversation in your post. The topic? Anything, really. Lagerfeld's a hip, friendly guy. You can fill in his dialogues too if you'd like.


Despite the many blunders Ahrana had made in the process of welcoming the delegates, the "stairs" were one thing to behold. To Lagerfeld, it was a good move; going "up" the stairs signified "a step down" to the way of life to common people, albeit ironically (ba dum tsss). And he was surely a people person, like his good friend and mentor Alexander Bendtsen.

As they walked up, Lagerfeld struck up a short, lighthearted conversation with the delegate from @Mauridiviah. When they finally reached the Suite Level, the two bid their goodbyes. Lagerfeld vowed to continue the conversation sometime later.

As Ivanoff slowly began announcing the rooms, Lagerfeld listened eagerly. It was the first time he'd seen the General Secretary in person, and now he was talking. It was in English, though, which meant Ivanoff's distinct Ahranaian accent had a significant impact on the way he delivered his words. But that was totally fine for Lagerfeld, who had sort-of perfected the Ahranaian accent himself. He made a mental note to slightly modify his voice to sound more "Ahranaian" when talking to Ivanoff in-person, so the two could relate and so he could have a bit of fun. But mostly because he wanted to have a bit of fun.



"Funny," Lagerfeld whispered to Angela as Ivanoff led Nordeng to his "Gustov" suite. "I thought these guys were so... 'done' with Royalty; I guess not—"

"Nik!" came a voice from behind. It was Kolya. "I hope I wasn't too late."

A particularly unorthodox thing that Lagerfeld was known for doing was letting any of his aides or employees accompanying him, usually the chauffeur, to be a part of the delegation. With his mission already located in Moskovo, it was usually just a short drive to wherever the event was. And that would mean a huge cut in logistics, which meant a much smaller delegation. Lagerfeld was happy to have as much company as he could.

As Ivanoff briefed the Andallan delegation on the room itself, well, that was another story. Three rooms?

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Location: Moskovo, People's Palace
Time & Date: 0332018.M3 (May First, 2018)

On the first day, there was mistakes; Mr Schnipser looked upon this and saw it was all right. Again on the first day, there was weird people; Mr. Schipser looked upon this and saw it was distressing. Yet still on the first day, there was a comfy room; Mr. Schnipser looked upon this and saw it was best.

Now that he had been shown to his room, he quickly took advantage of the free time he had been given. He pulled out his favourite records from the gift baskets, and very quickly got to finding a the record player to enjoy them on. He lunged into those containing foodstuffs and the stocked kitchenette and began making up his favourite foods and snacks in a mad dash. Finally, done with that, he headed to the bathroom with a tray of snacks and with his favourite sort of music playing, and he took a nice scolding bath while eating his meal and reviewing the relevant documents to this ceremony again... At least, that was the plan. Upon inspection of the music available, he realised that all of it was either nursery songs or music aimed at children between the ages of ten and fifteen. No problem! 'I can still have a nice meal and a bath.' With that thought in mind, he made for the foodstuffs. To his utter and almost complete devastation, he discovered three forms of pickled fish in assorted sour tasting creams, some oozy stick things, insects, shelled creatures, crackers, and very thinly sliced and oddly spiced meats. Almost completely dejected, he took the crackers and the thinly sliced meats along with documents into the bathroom. There his last sliver of hope was crushed. Rather than finding a nice copper bath, he found a black tile shower with nozzles all over the place and a seat. He stepped into the shower with his crackers and meats (he could not bring the document for they would become wet), and had a very sad shower.

A few hours later he would discover a red button, which when pressed allowed him to communicate with someone who would get things for him. He did note that except for the first and second time, the rest of his requests had been met with grumbling and annoyance. He generally wrote that off as the staff not liking their jobs, though there was one odd occasion when he was asking for an extra blanket when he got someone who sounded just like Ivanoff, and even had the same name! What a small country this is.

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After his outburst, Nordeng felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. Perhaps he'd be painted as a madman by Ahranaian media, and perhaps he'd be receiving a stern phone call from President Duval later on that night, but it'd been worth it to put the Secretary General in his place, even if the man didn't seem phased by it. He'd pose for press photos with a sh*t-eating grin, while Stenberg was noticeably uncomfortable, and proceed with the other delegations and Ivanoff upstairs to be issued their rooms.

Being given the first and, Nordeng assumed, most important room didn't quell his anger with the communists. While the Gustove Suite was sizeable and luxurious, he'd been given better at the ATARA founding ceremony. As Stenberg found a comfy armchair and began revising some documents regarding the ceremony, Nordeng was feeling peckish and decided to investigate the food offerings. Of course, there was some locally caught fish, although it was dressed in such a way that would be binned back home; some meats, although they were thinly sliced and not enough to feed a mouse; and some savoury items, although there weren't enough to fill his stomach and were too bland to eat alone. Champagne had also been provided, and Nordeng could appreciate that however. It wasn't as old as he would've liked, but it'd help to get a bit tipsy and enjoy himself in such a repulsive country.

The delegate joined his right hand man in the lounge area, enjoying his alcohol and offering a glass to Lionel, who swiftly refused. Julian knew that he was teetotal, but would constantly try to persuade him otherwise. "It's good champagne, Lionel! Quite surprising for the communists, I know. You'd think they'd be busy offering us vodka and pickle juices, but it's good stuff. Give it a go!"

"No thank you, Julian. I'd advise that you stay away from the drinks until later in the evening in case we're summoned for whatever reason, but you've started listening to my advice less and less recently, so it doesn't matter. I won't comment on what you did at the stairs to Ivanoff either. You may hate the communist regime, but they're our hosts, Julian. You can't act like a spoilt brat, especially considering the tense relations between Prymont and Ahrana."

"Why do you have to be so anal? Relax, enjoy yourself! If I want to shout at some commies, then I'll shout at them!"

"We're here to observe the happenings of the Confederation, and to report back to Duval on what we find. We can't observe if we're ejected from the organisation. I hope you understand that." Stenberg looked up from his papers, glancing around the room with surprise. "Did you spot a kettle anywhere? I'm desperate for some tea."

The Prymontians would remain in their suite until 10am, when they were supposed to be taken away to the Supreme People's Assembly Hall. What that event would consist of, Stenberg wasn't exactly sure, but he'd try his best to keep Nordeng on a tight leash anyway. He couldn't bear the embarrassment of being banned from the organisation on it's opening day.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Lagerfeld coughs. "Y'know what, I have a weird feeling that this is gonna be one really long day," he says to Kolya, who is reclining on a cozy leather chair, reading a book entitled "War and Police" by Leon Tolstaya.

OOC: пожалуйста, продолжайте, cпасибо.

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John Valentino himself was attending the meeting, though he kept mostly to himself, actively avoiding as much contact with the 'Derthalerianitesii' as possible. He had been vacationing in the area, doing charity work with Lady JaJa on his arm, and decided to upstage the diplomats originally sent to participate in the ceremony, on a whim.

He observed the delegated s as they arrived, waiting in the wings with a glass of some nondescript Ahranaian potato-based drink, grimacing with every sip.

Look at these people, He mused to himself, So dramatic and emotional.

Though that bit with the security was unnecessary.

The Mauridivians seemed awkward, unsure of themselves.

Probably haven't been invited to a nice function since the womb, unfortunate poors.

The Eurofuhrer delegate was somewhat more sure of himself, but the Emperor didn't remember having met anyone from that nation before.

Who invited them anyways? I swear I've never heard of their country.

Despite their good intentions, the Ahranaians were overeager. He was unsure of their relationship with Derthaler, and was quite bemused at the incident with security.

The 'Derthalenerianitesii' were like freshly birthed sheep; loud, fearful, and naive.

The Andallans were.... Well, Andallans. Again, he was unsure of why they were here. They were not socialist, to his knowledge, and had no vested interest in the CIS.

The Prymontians were generally regarded as an untrustworthy, lickspittle bunch. Decades of prejudice only reinforced his negative feelings towards them. Why were they here? Hadn't they blockaded Ahrana during its most tribulated time? No good could come of those fake smiles.

The Fulgistani were always far too happy for their status, although he had very little information on them available for briefing

He took his time observing them, before moving on to the meeting scheduled for 10. 


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People's Palace | 0903 AT (Or so) | 1st of May of 2018

Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana

"They gave us a suite with three rooms, Marta!" Luti blurted out at hearing what Ivanoff had given them. Such luxury was only reserved to those who could afford it in Mauridiviah, and well, he was a public servant. The crowd quickly hushed him and Ivanoff continued on, handing off suites and the the names of the ancient gods of Ahrana and all that. Luti and Marta didn't really care, as they spent the rest of the speech (was it really speech? I mean, it felt like one, with how long it was dragging on....) whispering about the important questions: How many bathrooms, how many of the rooms had windows, and who was gonna get the room closest to the bathroom. Oh, and Mauridivian diplomatic business, of course.

When the speech ended, Luti and Marta got right away to learning about the translator that they had been ignoring for most of the speech.

"Hey! So, you're Michael Gomez, huh? Where were you born, son?" asked Luti, trying to be as smooth as possible.

"I was born here, in Moskovo. My mother's from Mauridiviah, the city of Sant Juan." replied the translator.

"San Juan! Nice beaches that city has. Ever been?" asked Luti, running out of things to talk about with this guy.

"No, never even left Ahrana. I wish to go, though." said the translator.

"Oh boy, after this conference is over, we'll take you there ourselves. What do you say, Marta?" responded Luti, trying to bring Marta into the conversation desperately.

"I think we should go up to the suite." said Marta, trying to get away from the translator's cologne, which for some reason Luti couldn't smell.

"Great idea! Let's go!" Luti said, practically shouting. The joy he felt at getting away from the awkward small talk quickly died when he came to realize that the translator was probably going to sleep in the suite with them.

On their way to the stairs however, they were approached by a diplomat named Largerfeld, from the Andallan delegation.

"He says 'Sweet stairs, huh?'" said the translator, extremely quickly.

"Oh yeah, I bet at least one worker gave his life to make these." replied Luti, trying to smile after having eaten too many of those weird squid tentacles.

"'That's how a socialist state always does it, though, isn't it? If at least one person didn't die for this product, it's not properly christened!'" screamed the translator, trying to be authentic to the Andallan's original message.

"Indeed sir, Indeed! One upside of that system though, is free red paint" joked Luti.

"'Oh don't give IKEA ideas, they've got enough of those already.'" replied the Andallan diplomat, before they parted ways at the top of the staircase.

People's Palace | 0945 AT (Thereabouts) | 1st of May 2018

Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana

The suite they were given was extremely well-prepared. Everything was clean, and smelled nice, and it had some nice color contrast, even. This was just too luxurious for a proper Mauridivian to sleep here. The first thing that Marta did was fix up the place. She opened the blinds, put the papers she'd been carrying around the whole day all over the place in a disorganized mess (Called "Messy Order", and it's a working system, seriously!) and proceeded to undo all the beds. Now, the place looked livable.

"Okay, so what's on the agenda for today, Marta?" said Luti, sitting down on the couch.

"We'll be going to a meeting in about a quarter hour. The charter will be signed after lunch time." said Marta, desperately trying to find the schedule.

"Oh, really? These breaks are barely breaks at all!" whined Luti, while laying down on the couch, lazily.

"The place is called the 'Socialist Federation of Ahrana', what did you expect, exactly?" replied Marta.

"To be honest? I expected a sad attempt at a 1985 knock-off." said Luti, sighing.

"Oh, we're definitely getting that. I bet each sofa cushion has built-in microphones" said Marta, smirking. She'd found the schedule. With that comment, Luti stopped being able to rest comfortably for the rest of the trip.

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