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KAP World Grand Prix Series


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Hello one and hello all, and welcome to the 2018 KAP World Grand Prix Series!

The newly founded WGPS, sponsored and powered by KAP Limited (the world's best automotive manufacturer), has finally been revealed to the world. Countries are encouraged to develop chassis, find and nurture homegrown talent, and bring their best to the world stage to compete in the premier spec series. The national teams will be expected to develop and construct their own chassis, meeting the requirements to fit a unique KAP V10 4.0l mid-mounted powerhouse. Depending on the amount of entries, two to three drivers will be permitted per team, hopefully filling out a 20+ car grid. 

The KAP WGPS will travel to the greatest circuits of the world, spanning six continents and several countries. Due to a strict budget cap, teams will not require sponsors, and are being encouraged to design artistic liveries in the nation's home colours. Spearheaded by WGPS President Aslak Eikeland, the series hopes to kick off pre-season testing by the end of the month. A race calendar and points system will be confirmed upon the finalisation of the entry list.



Race Team Team Team Principal Drivers (Age) Speed Cornering Endurance
Menin Industries
Racing Team
Peter Douglas

Jamie Salomons (24)

Lucas Howse (19)











Robert Alexandrov (28)

Barta Bodor (23)










Typhoon WGPS Team
Susanna Wilson

Marcus Chan (33)

Anthony Nash (24)







McRae World 
Rally Team



Jimmy McRae

Eric Reynolds (25)

Tom Viera (19)











Adrian Spano

Liberal Negrete (32)

Jasón Montalvo (17)











Rampant Racers



Walter Troogfelt

Wilmar Dobbe (37)

Umut Schellevis (20)







Ostring, United States of Prymont [Sebring]
Bromwich Street Circuit, Gallambria
Vlasic Raceway, The Euroführer [Watkins Glen]
Zuidhaven International Circuit, Orioni [Okayama]

Lincoln Motor Stadium, Girkmand
Circuit de Tacalonia, Iverica[Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya]
HCR Street Circuit, Variota [Caesars Palace GP Circuit]





OOC: So, this is finally happening. After weeks of trial and error, I've got an Excel sim from an old Reddit fantasy league working and I'm able to host the competition. The results will be fully simulated in Microsoft Excel, using an albeit basic sim that requires little user input. Roleplay is welcomed but not a necessity due to time restrictions. I'm hoping to get one race every fortnight.
Once entries begin to roll in, I'll generate drivers for the team and randomly assign stats to decide how competitive they are. Each team's chassis will also be randomly generated. If there's enough demand, I can release a blank template for teams to design car liveries. 
For the 'National Circuit', each country is welcome to submit a (real life) circuit for the calendar. I'll update this post to include teams, drivers, and the calendar. I'll place a tentative deadline for applications for the 29th of March, so we can start pre-season testing by the end of the month and start the actual calendar in April.
In the name of fairness, I will not be participating, and will instead oversee the running of the league, which includes simulating the races and writing the race reviews. If interest is high, others may write about their team, such as reactions to the races, behind-the-scenes narratives, etc. 

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  • National racing colours: Black and white
  • Team name: Typhoon
  • Team principal: Susanna Wilson
  • National circuit: Zuidhaven International Circuit (Okayama International Circuit)

Zuidhaven International Circuit is a 3.7 km (2.301-mile) private motorsport race track in the mountainous coastal area of Zuidhaven, Orioni. In the past, it has served as the location for the 2016 Zuidmax Orioni Grand Prix.


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COUNTRY: Federal Republic of Girkmand
NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Dark blue-gray and white
TEAM NAME: McRae World Rally Team
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: Lincoln Motor Stadium


3.3 km (2.100 mi) in length, the Lincoln Motor Stadium is a vintage circuit constructed in 1961 by local racing prodigy Rex P.W Walls; the "Grand Hope Rally" continues to be hosted to this day by the Girkmand National Grand Prix in Hope, Serens.

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COUNTRY: L'República Iverica
NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Lake Blue (Primary), Flat White (Secondary), Gold (Trim)
TEAM NAME: Spano-Suisa Racing (SSR)
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: Circuit de Tacalonia (Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya)





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COUNTRY: Het Huisselant Variota 
NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Dark Purple (Primary), Gold (Secondary)
TEAM NAME: Heerefal's Rampant Racers
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Walter Troogfelt
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: HCR Street Circuit (IRL: Caesars Palace Grand Prix Circuit)


The Heerefal Casino Resort's Street Circuit, often simply called the HCR Street Circuit, is a multi-functional circuit attached and belonging to the Heerefal Casino Resort in Ferrefaaierhafen. While originally a temporary circuit set up on the parking lot of the casino for the 1983 and 1984 Varinco's Street Race Championships, the HCR rebuilt it in a permanent manner in 1986 after other plots of land were acquired for parking spaces. Whenever the circuit isn't being used for organised events or private racing sessions, one can rent time (and a Casino-approved vehicle) and race against others. Fans of the circuit praise its perfectly smooth surfaces, wide track and ample run-off areas while critics state that the counter clockwise direction of the track is fierce enough to kill the drivers due to sudden neck-snap. The Heerefal Casino Resort wants to point out that everyone signs a contract that releases HCR from any responsibility if that ever happens.

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COUNTRY: The Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus
TEAM NAME: Lautus Perambulo (Grand Touring) 
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Cicero Constantine (Nicknamed Ci-Ci)
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: The Cusic Circuit. 

Team Lautus Perambulo stem from the Adapton car manufacture Lautus. Rarely releasing a new car, they focus primarily on engine development, often supplying high end engines to many of the regions racing teams and performance car manufactures. Spending increasing time on their development of hybrid technologies to compliment their already vast knowledge of internal combustion. Lautus will be continuing the development of their 3S engine series, this time with the 3S-ETF-K20, a redesigned version of their 2016 engine. Focusing on more efficient turbo delivery, as well as a more efficient hybrid coupling system, allowing the transition of power from wheel to wheel more fluid and efficient. Both of their Lautus' drivers will be returning this season. 

  • Markus Augois (Adpatus)
  • Fredrick Menser (Tamurin)

The Causic Circuit is renowned throughout the region as a fierce and and touch track, often used by Lautus in the off season to test their latest engines. Nestled within the Causicrussian forests, the track is prone to wet weather, and with it's many turns, and sharp apexes the wet can test the abilities of even the best drivers. It is not a track to be taken lightly. The circuit is also known for hosting a 6, 12 and 24 hour endurance serious known as Tres Caestu Iudicii (the Three Gauntlet Trial), where teams are challenged to a 6 hour endurance race using Touring Car rules. The following day a teams are challenged to a 12 hour endurance race following GT3 rules, and finally after a days break, a finally 24 hour endurance race following GTE rules. This has given the track a reputation of one of the regions toughest circuits. 


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COUNTRY: Free Port of Cristina
NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: Dark blue-gray, black and white
TEAM NAME: Scuderia Fiorini
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Francesca Fiorini
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: The Central Street Circuit (rl: Marina Bay Street Circuit)


Constructing the temporary Central Street Circuit is all about perfecting the fine details in big numbers. Despite a five-month build process, maximum care is taken by the organisers to minimise disruption to traffic and businesses in and around the 5.065km circuit – with all work done in phases, on a zone-by-zone basis.

It all begins when all race-related infrastructure (barriers, fences, cables, track lighting and more) is steadily removed from a 38,130sqm storage facility in the central part of Cristina.


The first port of call is the pit straight, the circuit’s only permanent section, with contractors installing concrete barriers, debris fencing and lighting projectors – establishing one of the event’s key nerve centres.

As the race infrastructure continues to be installed around the circuit across the next few months, so do the nine grandstands and corporate hospitality facilities that will accommodate the 86,000 daily spectators.

Of course, one of the most impressive aspects of the CRISTINA GRAND PRIX is the racing under lights – with the state-of-the-art system from Cristinese lighting specialists CT Engineering delivering optimal visibility for night race conditions.


Featuring around 1600 lighting projectors strategically positioned around the track, the bespoke system ensures the world’s best drivers can focus on what they do best, racing wheel-to-wheel, with minimal glare and reflections from a wet surface or spray from other cars.

As the weeks count down to the race weekend, the entertainment stages, tents for merchandise, and food and beverage outlets are installed. While on the pit straight, temporary Sky and Club suites are all being fitted out ready for the caterers to deliver a five-star experience.

And, as the race weekend begins, the CRISTINA GRAND PRIX organisers are planning the pack-down, and dismantle of the circuit – for its return to city streets with minimal disruption to traffic and businesses.

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COUNTRY: Sunset Sea Islands
TEAM PRINCIPAL: Koichiro Iketani
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: Hakone Circuit (IRL: Suzuka)


Featuring plenty of corners along its five-and-a-half kilometers, the forested Hakone Circuit is a true challenge for every driver. Not only do the contestants have to overcome a series of challenging S-curves and hairpins, they also have to deal with the intense height differences along the track. The audience will be stunned by beautiful aerial shots of the mountainous landscape of Sunset Island, fish-eye cameras placed on the cars will also let viewers observe the rapid race from a stereoscopic 3D 360-degree perspective.


Originally founded by a group of amateur mountain pass racers, the SSI SpeedStars rose to become the national racing team of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. After earning enough money through bets and sponsorship deals, Koichiro Iketani, the team's founder, designed and built the Hakone Circuit in 1995 to bring the world of professional racing to the Sunset Sea Islands.

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COUNTRY: The Grand Duchy of Limonaia
NATIONAL CIRCUIT: Menzane Circuit (IRL: Monza Grand Prix Circuit)



The Menzane Circuit is the oldest track built solely for Motorsport in Limonaia, it was constructed in 1924 and is 5.793 km long. The modern circuit was built in 1979 but the two older circuits are still there and are sometimes used. The track is located just outside of the city of Celano, Limonaia's third largest city. It features a separate train station. Today it servers as Limonaia's primary track, being used for various Motorsport related events throughout the year including the Limonaian Grand Prix (Gran Premio di Limonaia).

OOC: This is probablty a tad too late, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways


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      The broadcast shows the final results and they read
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       Shervan Sangha 52.15
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      The KSP's seal is shown on the broadcast, the national anthem is played, and it fades to black.
    • By Orioni
      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni.
      The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
      The choice for official World Cup anthem was made by the Andro Academy of Fine Arts. From half a dozen nomitions, the preference went to L'Été Oriental by Baloji, a musician-refugee from the war-torn nation of Afropa.
      Participants (A-Z)
      With regional qualifications started in March 2018, the current and final roster includes the following 16 nations:
      Adaptus (team) Asgeirria (team) Cristina (team) Derthalen (team) Eurofuhrer, The Fulgistan (team) Gallambria (team) Iverica (team) Mauridiviah (team) Morheim Orioni (team) Prymont (team) Selayar (team) Shffahkia (team) Sunset Sea Islands (team) Variota (team) Group of 16
      The draw for the final tournament will take place on June 13th at the Palace of Arts in Andro, Orioni. The hour-long ceremony will be hosted by Atalan Phoenike and Debora Bozena, television presenters from the host country.
      Group A : Orioni (host), Derthalen, Shffahkia, Variota Group B : Adaptus, Fulgistan, Iverica, Selayar Group C : Asgeirria, The_Eurofuhrer, Gallambria, Mauridiviah Group D : Cristina, Morheim, Prymont, Sunset Sea Islands
      (Reference link to the above spreadsheet.)
      Group Phase
      The teams finishing in the top two positions in each of the four groups progress to the quarter-finals, while the bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament. Tiebreaker rules will apply.
      First matches
      Group A match 1: Orioni v Derthalen (June 14 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Group A match 2: Shffahkia v Variota (June 15 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group B match 1: Adaptus v Fulgistan (June 16 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group B match 2: Iverica v Selayar (June 17 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group C match 1: Asgeirria v The_Eurofuhrer (June 18 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group C match 2: Gallambria v Mauridiviah (June 19 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group D match 1: Cristina v Morheim (June 20 in Andro Arena, Andro ) Group D match 2: Prymont v Sunset Sea Islands (June 21 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Second matches
      Group A match 3: Orioni v Shffahkia (June 22 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group A match 4: Derthalen v Variota (June 23 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Group B match 3: Adaptus v Iverica (June 24 in Pontus Athletic Stadium, Pontus) Group B match 4: Fulgistan v Selayar (June 25 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group C match 3: Asgeirria v Gallambria (June 26 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group C match 4: The_Eurofuhrer v Mauridiviah (June 27 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group D match 3: Cristina v Prymont (June 28 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Group D match 4: Morheim v Sunset Sea Islands (June 29 in Andro Arena, Andro) Third matches
      Group A match 5: Orioni v Variota (June 30 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group A match 6: Derthalen v Shffahkia (June 30 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group B match 5: Adaptus v Selayar (July 1 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group B match 6: Fulgistan v Iverica (July 1 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Group C match 5: Asgeirria v Mauridiviah (July 2 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group C match 6: The_Eurofuhrer v Gallambria (July 2 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group D match 5: Cristina v Sunset Sea Islands (July 3 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Group D match 6: Prymont v Morheim (July 3 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Knockout Phase
      In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.
      Quarter-final 1 Variata (group A winner) v Cristina (group D runner-up) (July 6 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Quarter-final 2 Selayar (group B winner) v Gallambria (group C runner-up) (July 6 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Quarter-final 3 Asgeirria (group C winner) v Iverica (group B runner-up) (July 7 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Quarter-final 4 Sunset Sea Islands (group D winner) v Derthalen (group A runner-up) (July 7 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Semi-finals
      Semi-final 1 Variota (QF1 winner) v Gallambria (QF2 winner) (July 10 in Andro Arena, Andro) Semi-final 2 (QF3 winner) v (QF4 winner) (July 11 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Final
      Third place play-off Gallambria (SF1 loser) v Iverica (SF2 loser) (July 14 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Final semi-final 1 Variota (SF1 winner) v Sunset Sea Islands (SF2 winner) (July 15 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Game Mechanics
      The OOC signup topic can be consulted here. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4701
      Room for reply
      As host and game master for this RP, I will be generating random match results with the FIFA Football Match Generator. I will copypaste the results in this topic. Each match will be generated only once so the results are random. After the results are posted, each participant in the match is welcome to RP the story of their team. I will leave 2 days or 48 hours for you to reply with an RP story. This is not an obligation, but will earn you the advantage of a "second chance".
      Gain a higher chance of winning
      Players who reply with RP a story of at least 300 words will be awarded a "second chance" in the next match, meaning: I will generate two match results. This feature serves to reward active participation.
      One RP player. Should one of these two results be in favour of the player who RP'ed the story of their last match, then the favourable result will be chosen. Should a "second chance" deliver two bad results for the player who RP'd, then the result that is least negative for their side is chosen. Two RP players. This "second chance" is ignored if both players RP'd their last match.
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      The Eurth Rally series a competitive series where manufacturers and drivers represent their countries in a cross-country race that tests the endurance, capability, and agility of both driver's and their cars. In the winter, drivers face off going both offroad and on the street through over 3,000 miles in Alharu, and in the Summer, they do the same through Argis.
      How to enter your car and driver:
      To enter, submit the following application below:
      Driver, Age, Gender: 
      Co-Driver, Age, Gender
      Car Make, Model, and Year: 
      Real Life Equivalent:
      Make sure to check with everybody to make sure that no one has claimed the real life manufacturer you're using.
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