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Repossession of Xara

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On February 22, 2018, the Sub-Ministry of Land & Geography had released to the public that the birthplace of the first Ahranaian People, Xara, had been found and that the area would be investigated. 

The following is the time after the Expeditionary Units for Xara has been created from the People's Army of Ahrana to explore and create any forms of communication with any civilisations that have been found in the land of Xara. 

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2100 hrs | Logthor, SR Tatani, SF Ahrana

Logthor Military Base

It had only been a few days since the announcement of the creation of the Expeditionary Units for Xara had been formed and the men and women that had been selected to be part of the Units had been briefed and were already on their way to their Drop Points in Xara. The Scientists left behind in the first Unit from the weeks before had sent back their data they had gathered from staying behind. The results were staggering and astonishing.

The Scientist had found that there were settlements inside Xara but they are not technically advanced as the Socialist Federation, however though the Settlements and some large Civilizations that are found are based on a Agrarian based and did not use much of modern technology. While the conclusion of the  plague that almost ended the Ancient Civilization is gone with no trace the Ecology has since grown to a mass forest to a great extent.

The ruins of the old Capital is no longer possible to find but the Religious sites are said to have been preserved by the people in the areas around them. No contact has been made with the people living in Xara but the Scientist will lead the Expeditionary Units for Xara when they arrive. It is unknown exactly how the people will react when they make contact but it will be attempted.

The Religious sites are said to be dedicated to God of the Orthodox Faith of Ahrana and that they are extremely religious groups of people.


(more to follow)

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0800 Hrs | Somewhere in Xara

Unknown Location, Drop site 1

The 1st Expeditionary Unit for Xara landed last night at 0100 hrs in the midst of pitch black with only the stars and moon to light the land, they had set up camp and were going to fall out in the morning at 0700 and begin mapping and attempting to make communication with the Xaraians. Little is known about the modern day Xaraians other than they are agrarian style people that follow a different way a life in the smaller settlements while the larger settlements they are more modern to a point.

"Sir, I see a settlement to the west of our position sir. With our protocols we should send two men to make contact and await the signal."

"Aye, Ella and Rodge go forward and see if you can establish any form of communication, if possible ask if the team can join you two and we will make further contact with the settlement. We will map the location on the map from the Drop Site."

"Aye Sir."


As they proceeded forward they put their weapons down and walked in a casual manor with both hands in the air to show that they meant no harm. The first sights of Ella and Rodge were in terror but then the next few people came and greeted the two. 

(For all purpose I am going to keep all dialogs in English and I will come back at a later date and provide the Translation for the Xaraian excerpts)

"Hello, welcome to our Village, we hand you our hand in friendship and welcoming. Where are you from? Are you from the big city to the east?"

"Hello, I am Ella this is Rodge, we are from Ahrana. We are the ones who left Xara when the plague came and we thought we were the only survivors of that era."

"Ah from the sister Country, yes we know of you. All Villages and Cities know of you. The Scientist left behind have told the People in the Capital City what the Mission was and we now must radio the Capital to know that you have come at last."

"So you tell me you and the people have been waiting for us to come here"

Ella looked at one another with a expression of worries and shock.

"Yes Ella we have been waiting for centuries really."

Ella inturupted him before he could continue,

"Sorry for interrupting you but we have more people with our unit, the captain needs to hear this as well. Can they come and join us?"

"Yes let them come Please."

Ella radioed the Captain and the unit progressed forward and soon the were all there in a group on the edge of the village.

"So as I was telling Ella here, we have been waiting for our lost Brothers and sisters for many years. Waiting for the day that we could reunite as a United People under one banner as we were before. We were told as kids about prophecies and such but they made no sense to me till now. Now I see they were real and they are becoming true."

"So all Xaraians are welcoming us or is it just a select few?"

"Only a few will oppose the Unification and the Capital has all but wiped the resistance of the prophecies off the map. They oppose the will of God and must pay the price. Xara and Ahran should not be divided. As it was in the old days, no army could stop the might of the Xaraian and Ahranaian Kings Armies. They were fierce fighters and made sure everyone knew that. The land you call your homeland now is actually land that was conquered ages ago."

"Interesting, Ella also told me that the Scientist had made contact with the big city, which one?"

"The Capital of course, Vulgus Supra."

"Ah, and how far is it from here, and how many villages and cities lay between here and there?

"Its a three day journey by horse and about 3 hrs by military equipment. There are 6 Villages and 1 City between us and the capital."


The Expeditionary Unit would spend all day learning about the life in a village in Xara and log it then await transportation to the capital to see exactly what the situation was.


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1330 Vulgus Supra, Xara | Capital Building

It had been roughly two days since any team sent word back to HQ they were told to not make contact till the third day of Operations, it was the third day and it was time for reports to be made. Since landing in Xara much of the teams have been sent to the Capital District to meet with the somewhat functional Government of Xara. The Teams have been told of the resistance that has been becoming popular in recent years because of fear of the Ahranaian People due to lies being spread by the Resistance. The Teams needed to make contact with HQ to figure out what they were and are to do about the recent events.

"Captain Muller here of Team Delta of the Expeditionary Units For Xara requesting to speak with Logthor Base Commander."

"Capt. Muller we are receiving you loud and clear, please give us your Personal Identity Code so we can validate you."

He turned around to be sure no one was in the room to not hear his Code.

"Delta Tango Whiskey Bravo Alpha Alpha Alpha Zulu Whisky Bravo Bravo Charlie Romeo."

"Alright Capt. Muller your code is correct we will transfer you to the Base Commander."

About that time a Xaraian Official walked in and asked what the status of his Report from the Commander was he said "Negative for now". The Xaraian Official turned around and head back out and then the radio came to life again:

"Capt. Muller been waiting for a report, what do you have for us."

"Sir, we have made contact and the majority of the Villages knew we were coming thanks to the group of scientist left behind, but I'm afraid the Society has been split into two between Radicals and Fundamentalist. Sir, the Xaraians have asked for us to step in and deal with the Radicals and wipe them out for good this time. Need your orders sir?"

"Well that seems great, well I have the green to go ahead and authorize all Expeditionary Units to use whatever force necessary to gain control of the situation in Xara. Capt. Muller is there any evidence that they will double cross us after we have dealt with their problem?"

"Sir, I do not believe they will and if they do their Government is fragile and week and corrupt that we could easily start an uprising and takeover completely sir."

"Well good, I will give you the double green here then. Report back to me tomorrow at 0700 with more info on the situation. Commander Out."

He shut down the radio and burned his code, each code can only be used once good thing the Captain has all the code where only he knows the location. He walked into the large room where the Officials were meeting and he smiled to the Leader of the Government, Thorvm Logthin. 

"Our Units have the go ahead to use whatever force need in the area of the Radicals. Is your Government okay with this?"

"Yes we are ready for whatever will need to be done."

"Great, we will start tonight and go from there....All units this is Captain Muller we have been activated on code 001034, use whatever force need to take care of the Xaraians Problem. The rules of engagement still apply here."

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0900 Capital Building of Vulgus Supra

As the the Captain of Expeditionary Units for Xara, Muller had a plate full with establishing relations with the Xaraian and helping them eradicate the radicals from the area. Muller was meeting with the Military Cheifs of the Xaraian Militias to figure out plans and a best estimate on how to swithly fish the radicals out of Xara.

"Captain, these radicals have home bases in Vulga and Romulus. Those are the two most important cities for them, that is where their base of operations started many years ago when the prophecy was told to us by our Religious Leaders. 

These Radical Groups say that the prophecy that was told was corrupted by the Government of the time just so that they could remain in power a little longer to press their agenda. In many ways they are right and wrong really."

"So as I understand here, these Radicals are basically Religious Fundamentalists no?"

"Yes Capt. Muller that is the logical answer yes. Yet these Radicals go farther than just religious bases. They are what you would call a Terrorists Organization."

"Well then in that case we take the fight straight to them if your going to call them that. The Socialist Government does not tolerate or negotiate with Terrorist Organizations. What are the defenses they have around Vulga and Romulus?"

"They are fortified but not like the fortifications here in the Capital. They have very few amounts of technology in their disposal and they are mainly a men based Force relying more on their site and weapons. So your idea of a head on attack may work."

"We won't just do a head on attack we will send three Black Ops units under nightfall and raid the camps and then at break of dawn or 0700 a bombardment of Airel Attacks till 0730. After which a full frontal attack will be commenced after if their is no surrender after the Airel Attacks have stopped."

"Well that will certainly work but I'm not sure how the People will take to that..." 

"This is no longer a Xaraian Operation, this is now an Ahranaian Operation and Ahranaian Forces and Xaraian Forces will be under Ahranaian Military till the end. This Government has failed to provide safety and security to the people and now we will. You can either help us, step to the side or well disappear for good if you know what's best "

"We understand, we will commence with this plan at 2300 when they have settled in for the night then Captain."

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Fort Kanacky | 1200
20th March 2018
United States of Prymont


A new email appeared on the screen of Air Chief Marshal Kristoffer Aarnes of the USP Air Force. Usually, emails were delegated to his various assistants, who would sort through them and forward them on to whoever it was that needed it. However, this email had been sent directly to him, instead of to his team. After a quick glance, he learned that it'd been encrypted from the National Party - the last time this happened, he'd been asked to send the F-E Robin supersonic spy jet to The Hellenic Rus.

As he read on, Aarnes felt a similar energy from the aforementioned email. Something wasn't right. With The Hellenic Rus, he'd been aware that the country had fallen, and Defence Minister General Hunter S Grey saw the opportunity to expand. This time, @Ahrana had sought out a lost city to their south, and were planning on making contact. The Defence Minister had caught wind of a potential southern expansion, and quickly wanted to put a cork in that bottle.

Nevertheless, Aarnes needed further confirmation. It was common knowledge that Grey was a bit ambitious, but this was pushing it a bit too far. He reached for the phone on the corner of the desk, bringing it to his ear.

"Air Chief Marshal! How are you today?"

"I'm well, thank you Minister. I'm calling for further confirmation regarding your launch request of the FE-002." Aarnes' voice was monotone and steely - this man was in charge of Prymont's most pristine military division. He took sh*t from no one.

"Of course. The request as is in the email. I'd like aerial photography of whatever those Ahranaians are getting up to at Vulgus Supra. FE-002 is our quickest and safest option. Seeing as we're not using it for Project Canamo anymore, I'd like to redirect its attention towards more southern activities."

"Why are we getting involved in their business? Has Duval approved of this?"

"We're getting involved because them commies are getting too big for their boots. If Duval knew of this, he'd have a heart attack. Leave him out of this and send the bloody plane."

"Minister, with all due respect, I won't risk the lives of my men and waste expensive resources on an unapproved, unnecessary, vague request."

"Then it's an order. Send the f*cking plane and see what they're doing. I expect a report within the hour."

Aarnes exhaled slowly, keeping the phone to his ear as he contacted the team maintaining the Soniskstråle to prepare it for immediate take-off. As standard, the plane was constantly kept in standby in the case of emergency; as of late, it was more in the case of whenever Grey wanted some dirty work doing. Recent activity within The Hellenic Rus meant that the crew were in prime shape and prepared the jet in record time. A tug dragged it onto the runway, fuel gushing out of gaps in the bodywork. The plane had been designed for supersonic travel, which warped the sensitive panels, and as such, caused a dangerous mess on the ground. There'd be just enough fuel for it to make the trip to Xara before rendezvousing with an air tanker to refuel for the flight back. 

The Air Chief Marshal watched from his office block as the streamlined masterpiece powered up at the far end of the runway. Minuscule movements quickly became sweltering high speeds as the Soniskstråle raced along the tarmac, its wheels dancing teasingly with the ground before bidding it farewell and retreating into the undercarriage as it rose into the skies. Kristoffer suddenly blew out hot air, realising he'd been holding his breath as he oversaw the departure. An F-E Robin take-off was something he couldn't miss, but was always a nerve-wracking experience. There was so much that could go wrong, and such a costly project had to go right. There was more to this, too. Grey's voice had been worrying on the phone. The Defence Minister was unsure, and that was never good news. There was a lot weighing down on this flight, yet the FE-002 never failed to soar higher than ever.

It didn't take long for the plane to arrive at the south of Ahrana, travelling at ludicrous speeds and heights as to avoid detection. It was a case of 'blink and you miss it' as it passed over Vulgus Supra, but onboard resources snapped grainy photographs that would unravel a hidden story. Ahranaian forces had met with the Xaraians, and it wouldn't take much to put together the puzzle pieces after that. With the recent formation of the CIS and Prymont's strategic position at the Canamo Sea, Ahrana were looking for naval ports on the Mediargic, bypassing any advantage Prymont held in the Canamo. 

Once the images landed on General Grey's desk, it took only seconds for him to make his decision. The USPGF had taken a hit in The Hellenic Rus, and were still busy with occupying the country. The Navy would be useless. This was a job for the Air Force.


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0300 AT | People's Palace, Moskovo, Ahrana


As Ivanoff sat at his desk and read reports about the Operations the Internal and External Forces were in process of carrying out his Secretary, Ace, came in with news on the Xara Operation which by definition is Classified by Level 7 Clearance only. 

"Ivanoff Sir, here I have the Xara Operations for you to look through."

"Great, thanks Ace. Go ahead and take a seat and I will discuss it with you."

"Aye Sir"

As he opened the folder up he begun reading it and stopped and looked at Ace:

"Ace, so with us doing their Operation which is now an Ahranaian Operation should I make an ultimatum saying that Xara is now Ahranaian Land as of today?"

"Well, sir in my opinion in all aspects the Xaraian People are our ancestors and as it stands they are Ahranaians regardless of Governments. We share the same Genes in some aspects, we are from the same origin we are just alike. They are Ahranaian no matter what."

"Well yes, but should I make an ultimatum stating the Socialist Government Governing the land of Xara?"

"To let the world know that the land of Xara is under our control and that we patrol the land and Air Space and that any violation of our lands, waters and Air Space will not be tolerated and aggression will be met with aggression and condemnation."

"Agreed Ace Agreed. Well as of two night ago the Operation has started and the Operation is in Full Motion. So when I make the announcement the Operation will become a full Military Operation and the Xaraians Governments will be set aside till the Operation is finished."

As they finished talking Ace stood up and left the room and Ivanoff begun writing a speech and sent a transmission to the Operatives in Xara.


 0600 AT | Xaraian Capital Building

As the Captain got the transmission from General Ivanoff he got the Code, Alexander Roma, which meant to ousted the Xaraian Government. He got a few of his men and marched to the Office of the Government.

"As of 0300 Ahranaian Time, the Xaraian Government has been put out of Power by the Socialist Government of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana and the land of Xara is now under the control of the Socialist Government. The Government of Xara is nulled and is no longer able to Govern the Lands. The Government of Xara is requested to come to Moskovo to meet with General Ivanoff and a deal about forming a new Government for Xara."

"We will leave for Moskovo in the morning then. But remember this the People of Xara are not like the legends are like."



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