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Schizo on tour!!

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Next year, I'm taking some time out to live a dream I've harboured for some time now.


I'm flying off to the East Coast of America, jumping on a Harley D and gonna cruise coast to coast.


There's a few things I definately want to do and see, such as Mount Rushmoor (not sure why on that one, really) Monument valley, Grand Canyon.


Any help is gratefully received: If there's anything you think is worth a look, let me know! cool.gif

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LOL, what were you doing in austria! hehe, i just have a vision now of you being escorted to the boader, thrown out on your ass, and then a bike flying out behind you along with a voice saying 'and dont come back!'


anyway... aside form the random dreams, isnt lichenstein that tiny place near romania with about 200,000 inhabitants or somthing...

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Yeah, it was on the same trip. We were coming back from Leichtenstein - which is a tiny country sandwiched in the Alps between Switzerland, Austria and Germany - A couple of us got the train to a small Austrian village, got our sleeping bags and kipped in a wood on the edge of the village.

In the morning I got up to check the surroundings in daylight, saw a woman walking her dogs on the edge of the wood, shouted (probably not the best idea) Guten Morgen at her in my best German and waved. She waved back and legged it.


20 minutes later 2 scruffy militia types march onto the place we slept, pointed their rifles at us and marched us to the Swiss border which was only about 20 minutes away. The border was unmarked and they told us to keep walking and we weren't welcome in their village!! Charmed, I'm sure!! ninja.gif


I'll go back to Leichtenstein one day...it's the most spectacular place and Vaduz, the Capital is just stunning.

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Well, I kinda figured you were looking for a little history, maybe some real authentic 'American' culture?


Nah, seriously, though, Kansas has some interesting stuff. Salina in particular gets alot of attention from the international aviation community, probably 'cause we got the third largest airstrip in the country. We're third in line if the space shuttle can't land at the other two, for some...odd reason. I guess if you're into aviation and stuff, check us out. OH! You've also gotta come and try a Cozy burger over at the Cozy Inn (no longer an inn but still a historic burger joint). They make some of the best hamburgers in the country, trust me, we get people ordering them from, like, Chicago and stuff. Plus there's more, but I figure it's best to discover those kinds of things yourself. Besides, the tourist board ain't payin' me.

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You should definiatly visit Topeka, Kansas, home to the Westboro Baptist Church, who have blessed the internet with such informative sites as www.godhatesamerica.com, www.godhatescanada.com, www.godhatessweden.com and www.godhatesfags.com. Enjoy reverend Fred Phelps spread his loving message of hating the world as he fights in his self-proclaimed love crusade!

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This is going to be an interesting ride!!


I'm considering Route 66. But thats been done and is quite easy. I want to see the underbelly, the unusual America and take in the main bits in between.


I'll probably go either Spring or late Summer. I'd like to skirt the great lakes, maybe go mid-west down to San Diego. I really have an open plan. I love the mountains and deserts. Seeing the incredible scenery over there is one of the priorities.

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Great time of year to travel...the weather should be great. I drove myself from Chicago to LA. Chicago is an incredible city with terrific food. Most noted for Chicago style pizza (usually deep-dish, but sometimes "stuffed") and the best hot dogs! (The more trimmings heaped on the better!) Many different ethnic neighborhoods: German, Czech, Polish, etc. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! Head south along the Mississippi River, passing (or stopping in ) Saint Louis. The scenery is lovely filled with rolling green hills. You'll pass thru Missouri, Oklahoma & into Texas. Texas is a vision if only to witness the "red-necks" driving with steer horns on the front of their cars! Go to San Antonio...an unusual city. A river runs thru the middle, & it is on 2 levels,( the lower by the river & the upper rather pedestrian/normal) Great museums about the Old West & the Alamo. From there, head west to New Mexico & visit Albuquerque in the mountains, & nearby Santa Fe & Taos. Very artistic communities with Indian & Mexican influences. Gorgeous topography! Continue west to Arizona & do stop at the Grand Canyon. It may be touristy, but awe-inspiring! The desert is neat & you can visit reservations (Native American/Indian) and see original dwellings, etc. Then of course head to California, my home! On Highway 10, you will pass by (& certainly stop to see) the Mountains, where Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead are. Of course at that time of year you can't go snow skiiing, but you can go water skiing at Arrowhead! Los Angeles is incredible. It is the only place I know in the US where you can visit the mountains, an hour or so later be in the city, & then go 20 minutes more to the beach! Be sure to visit Venice Beach. If you are in search of the off-beat...well you've arrived! Definitely head up the coast of California passing Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Santa Cruz (amazing surfing) & up to San Francisco. If you're into wine, I'll tell you about all of the wineries to visit later...


It is my humble opinion, to avoid the plains states, (Iowa, Nebraska, etc) Having also lived in Iowa, there's just not much to see except endless farm country. (Sorry if I offend anyone!)


Hope this is helpful! cool.gif


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True, the beer is nothing to rave about, but we do have quite a few impressive vineyards!


PS, you're welcome! I have many other ideas for you too! I'm not as familiar with the east coast, only having been to New York City, Washington DC, Florida (which truly is a swamp!) & a bit of Conneticut. Still, I would venture to New Orleans in Louisiana (a crazy party town with excellant food & real creole accents thanks to the French influence), and possibly to Savannah, Georgia. Ever since I read the book Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil, I've wanted to go...


So after Northern California, head back east along a more Northern route. Try to swing thru Colorado & the Rockie mountains...spectacular! You might even consider heading up to Canada. If not, New England states are beautiful, such as Vermont & Maine. And, by the way, Wisconsin is your best bet for beer. Madison, a college town, is also a good party town, with a German influence (think bratwurst & beer!). Forget the big name label beers & stick to the local brews!


I'm excited for you!



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WOW NEW material! err no wait... nevermind... rolleyes.gif


its not like bud is the onlything we sell. but hey if it makes her better lookin threw the night im there!


Schizo, come threw on a friday, midget wrestling and foxy boxing night. and seeing the beer is obviously not the greatest we can slam some shots of Grey Goose, on me!



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Haken, 2 wheels adrenelin fuelled excitement, living on the edge, getting to journeys end with a huge sh*t-eatin; grin on your face.


4 wheels still at journeys start stuck in traffic.


That said, my left ankle is held together with a couple of screws coz of some dozy car driver going through a red light at a crossroads at 30 mph. dry.gif



Midget wrestling?? Grey Goose?? You live in Utopia!

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