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Expansion: Gallambria

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Gallambria wishes to have its expansion into the claimed islands, as per the Court Proclamation made at Santhope House by His Majesty, King Albert II.

The islands to be claimed will form one external territory and one crown dependency of Gallambria (thus coming under the control of the Gallambrian Crown, and His Majesties Government).

They will form:

  1. Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories
    1. Kently Island
    2. Huon Island
    3. Tashkar Island
    4. Blackwell Island
    5. Fortuna Island
    6. Balfry Island
    7. Alfred Cay
    8. Mary Cay
  2. Ashford & Tarago Islands
    1. Ashford Island
    2. Tarago Island

Location and rough territorial boundaries will be present as per the map below.


The story line for this RP can be followed through the RP "Terra Nullis or how I learned to stop invading and love the Theodolite"

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Good day Mr @Gallambria. Exceptionally well-prepared request, if ever I saw one. No problem with the expansion. You're quite a writer.

As per procedure, I'm just going to ask your closest neighbour about their opinion. So, @Synturia: would you be okay with this or do you have any feedback to share?

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In that case, if there are no further comments or remarks, I'll process this request during the weekend.

@Gallambria Would you like to colonise these islands all at once, or will this be a gradual phase? Because if it's the latter, I can place a "reserved" tag.

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