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Request: Youtabonia

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I was trying to make a map of Youtabonia for my factbook but before I do, which islands are mine and which are the ex-nation of Koku’s? There’s no red line seperating them so I wanted to get clarification before I started. I know it’s small but if I’m gonna do, I might as well do it right lol. Thanks

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Hi there @Youtabonia,

Thanks for your question. Looking at the area, I see that you are right. When redrawing this current version on a larger scale, I overlooked the division of these islands.

Fortunately, I have plenty of copies of the previous map version. I will add a clear border in the next update, later this day. That should take of this question.

On a different note: if you require a different version of the Youtabonia map, I can share a larger version with the details turned on/off.

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