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A Midwinter Night's Meeting

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Shaijing Kui, Asgeirria

The view from the terminal of Kui Airfield was a serene one; the gentle January snows delicately drifted down onto cherry blossoms and ryegrass. The sky was overcast with fluffy, white clouds, though the stubborn Rhennir sparrows were still chirping and fluttering about in the wintery weather. Hazel Zhurong was a native of Shaijing, though she had been raised in Shaijing, rather than Shaijing Kui. The vast, sprawling riverside metropolis stretched from the Lower Rhennir foothills to the eastern coast of Asgeirria, home to roughly 5 million citizens. She, as many of its inhabitants, often summered in Shaijing Kui, enjoying the temperate waters and cool shade provided by native deciduous trees. Since her appointment as Legate, though, she had found her free time dwindling, especially when it involved travel from the capitol. The mild winters here often attracted vacationers from the far northern provinces and mountainous regions, and quite often those from the deserts as well. 

However, on this particular day, she was not here for vacation, she was waiting for a representative from @Ahrana to arrive for a diplomatic meeting and tour. She had been at the airport for an hour and a half, making sure everything was ready for their arrival, from transportation to snacks and train schedules. Hazel was good at getting things done, one of the reasons why she was a legate, and she wasn't afraid of pursuing what she wanted with as much fervor as she hounded people who she needed to get things done. Today, what she wanted was to cement a formal alliance, and the representative was the person who she needed to get this done.

"The aircraft is taxiing to the terminal, ma'am." One of her aides informed her.

She would get what she wanted, as she always did, there simple was no option for the outcome to be different. Hazel stood, brushed the creases out of her robes, and made her way to the gate, where she waited expectantly for the arrival. Around her, there were several servants ready to take baggage and direct aides, as well as four guards. For the soldiers, escort duty was a welcome assignment; the risk of anyone trying anything, especially how well-liked visitors from Ahrana were. At the very least, it was a paid vacation with no mandatory training or extra duties.

As soon as the delegate stepped off the plane, Hazel was there with a bow and a greeting.

"Welcome to Asgeirria. I hope your flight was enjoyable?"

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As the plane carrying Minister Nagy landed he looked out the window to see what his view at the airport might be, it was an interesting one at the least. He turned around to his aid and asked her to ready herself and to step out while he got dresses. Minister Nagy was married and followed the old ways of showing decency in front of everyone except his spouse. 

As he turned to the closet to get his Uniform out and put on he remembered the days when he served the Military of the Imperial Regime, "the days of old and the days of gold. All must come and go, all must rise and fall." As he finished dressing all that was left was the medals, the tiring task it was for sure for all high ranking officials in both Government and Military. Brigadier General George Nagy of the FKI and Former Imperial Intelligence Service, he had seen many things in his tenure but its only getting started really.

"Alright is everyone ready to disembark with the plane?"

"Aye Sir"

As they walked to the exit hatch the pilots saluted BG Nagy and the hatched open. As he walked down he was greeted very respectively by Ahrana's New allies.

"My flight was as enjoyable any flight could be I could say so the least. Brigadier General George Nagy of the FKI and Minister of Defense/War for the Socialist Government of Ahrana. Its a pleasure to be able to be in this country, shall we proceed to our finial destination for the meetings?"

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Hazel smiled a genuine smile, quite relieved that the Minister was here for business rather than pleasure. Of course, the Asgeirrians were very hospitable, but preferred to keep business and pleasure quite separate.

"Of course, Minister. Right this way" She said, motion down the hallway towards the airport shuttle. The train taking them from the airport to Imhullu was not the lavish Shaijing Express, rather an austere, secure bullet train direct to Imhullu, the fortress within a mountain. The trip was less than an hour, with no interruptions in the underground railway that made an intricate ring around Asgeirria, connecting all its major cities. Rail had always been an extremely important part of transportation since the earliest years of the nation's existence, with early rails for transporting boats from the Old City craftsmen quarter as early as 150AD. The first bullet trains appeared in the late 1950s, and the 400mph trains used between major cities had only been introduced in the 90s.

However, for its Spartan appearance, Hazel had had chefs prepare various mild Asgeirrian pastries, along with nice, traditional tea imported from @Ahrana. She made sure her guests were very comfortable, and made arrangements for the Minister's aides and servants to stay in very nice rooms adjoining the minister's suite. Imhullu, though, was less of a resort and more of a military city, with a clean, light grey interior, and a well-engineered structure and foundation. It had the feeling of a very large, spacious warship, if one had to compare the interior to something. 

As soon as the Minister was settled in, Hazel came to his door with a small entourage of Asgeirria's best and brightest engineers, economists, scientists, and soldiers. She cut straight to the point, with a refreshing bluntness.

"Are you ready for the tour, sir?"

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"Please do lead the way, I would no doubt like to see what this country has to offer."

As he followed Hazel he made a note in his personal pocket book that he reads every night before shutting himself out of the world every night. He wrote, "The hospitality is the great, perhaps we could learn more of the culture."

The tea was the upmost delightful and Nagy went back for more tea before they would leave the room. Nagy was one of the most advit tea drinker in his section of the People's Palace, such so that he has to supply his only tea sully for the office.

He turned around and followed Hazel to the start of the tour...

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The Legate's tour took them first to one of the many armories in the citadel, where she showed Minister Nagy Asgeirrian ammunition, with some anecdotes.

"Asgeirria believes in quality craftsmanship, as can be seen in this round." She said of the 8mm Infantry Standard. "Each round is checked for defects by both man and machine, and we have perfected the process over years of practice so that it only slows down production by about 6%, which is significant, but ammunition failure is also unheard of."

The reduced production had almost no effect on the Grand Army's war fighting ability due to the immense stock of ammunition in its inventory. The 8mm had first taken Asgeirria by storm back in 1892 when it was first introduced, and the 8mm in its current form had been produced with almost no modifications to its design since 1932. The earliest bullets could still be fired from modern Asgeirrian rifles, although it was with a somewhat less effective round.

It was said that, "There was 100 bullets in Asgeirria for every person outside of it", and this was hardly an exaggeration. The military-industrial complex was rooted into the fibre of the society as deeply as monogamy and clothes were in others.

For a different round, a different anecdote was used, and the 37mm Field Standard was the perfect subject. "This round came to be over 200 years ago, and displays Asgeirrian adaptability and ingenuity. In our war against our rebellious colonies, we were faced with a need for a gun small enough to be brought to shore by skiff, versatile enough to use in an amphibious infantry landing, and powerful enough to be used in ship-to-ship battles." She stroked the phallically-shaped munition almost sensually. "House Zhurong, of course, brought this little monster to life. Canister rounds, explosive shells, and later armor-penetrating rounds to be used against ironclads...." A slight smile played on her lips. "...All the brainchild of my great grandfather."

The Asgeirrians were a quite long-lived and vital people, especially the mountain-dwelling descendants of Zhurong. It was not uncommon for elders to live well past a century, and for the males to produce children into their 60s. Scientists found that a high prevalence of the SH2B3 gene was the root of the longevity, and the find had piqued more interest in the genetics affecting the islanders.

"Now, the descendants of these shells are used in everything from anti-tank to anti-aircraft roles, a monument to the versatility of Asgeirrian innovation."

She paused for a moment, and gleam could almost be seen on her neutral expression.

"I believe @Ahrana has an equal wealth of knowledge and culture to be shared, and that we would be remiss to pass up such an opportunity of mutual benefit. Don't you?"

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As Nagy stood there and listened to the History of Ammunition of Asgeirria he came to the conclusion that a partnership with the Republic would a successful thing and that the Socialist Government should not pass this up. As she neared the end of her explanation Nagy looked to his Assistant to be sure she was taking notes for him to look over later and then she was done explaining.

"I too agree that if the Socialist Government was to miss the opportunity to join hand with this Republic in certain mattes that it would be a foolish thing, my Country like yours has a rich History and Culture however we were never really focused on the Military Weapons aspect like your Country is. We take more of a moderate approach when it comes to Military Ammunition and Arms. Yet when you look at the Tanks and Ships we tend to do better than most I would say so the least. Yet we tend to look more at Architecture, City Infrastructure, Government and many other things. As of know the Government is mainly Military ran at the moment due to the Secretary General being the Field Marshal, which by the way would absolutely love this tour that I am getting. He expressed a huge amount of jealousy when I told him the itinerary for my visit. So I will have to work you guys on trying to get SG Ivanoff in here to see all of this if you do not mind at least?" 

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"Of course, we would be more than happy for any and all interested parties from @Ahrana to tour Imhullu and other installations. Especially if we were to enter into an alliance." She said, almost flirtatiously, for a moment breaking her curtain of professionalism. She rapidly and smoothly transitioned back to her normal manners.

"Of course. As you have seen on your way here, Asgeirrian infrastructure is exceedingly modern, some might even call it.... futuristic. We like to call it the prodigy of a progressive spending policy and a thriving transportation industry." Hazel transitioned quickly and in a pointed manner. "Your ships... Are these in response to Prymont's strategic control of your main waterways? We have noticed some issues arising from this, and wonder if perhaps your navy is equipped to compensate for such disadvantages."

It was customary for High Command to strategically analyze the world as it changed, and Ahrana was no exception. Some policy shifts in Prymont had led to circumstantial changes in the political and diplomatic climate in the Argic region, and Asgeirria had kept its eyes on these developments closely. With friendly interests in the north, it was important to safeguard themselves from being caught off guard by changes occurring at an increasingly rapid and alarming rate.

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"We are currently reassessing our situation in the Sea we share with the United States of Prymont, however I personally believe our ships to be in great technical advance. Since coming into power we have had the Naval Fleet split in half one with the fear of reuniting the entire Navy in the Cameno Sea and not being able to deploy from our docks and two fuel for the fleet that is outside the Docks and the Sea. We have had to consider many possibilities, but with Vulgus Supra that changes everything and we can split the fleet in two now. have a Northern Fleet and have Southern Fleet which will be good yes."

Nagy never liked talking politics he was more of a Military Tactic person compared to his Counterparts in the Socialist Government. He was one of the few who have not transitioned into Politics Life just yet he still hung on the Military Life being that was all he knew.

"With me being the Minister of Defense/War I, unlike my Counterparts, tend to look at everything from the Military View which is what I am good at. So with the situation of Prymont it is very Tricky. Currently we are on friendly terms but if the Northern Fleet is to divide anymore they need safe passage which cannot be guarantied at all. So its really a game of Chicken which I like to play very much so."

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"An astute observation, to be sure." Hazel responded, though her brow furrowed slightly at the mention of splitting up a fighting force into smaller units to be deployed separately. Some within High Command might consider such words to be strategic blasphemy, reflecting the contumacious nature of the Asgeirrian school of warfare.

She paused for a moment, before continuing.

"Perhaps developing the strategic plane and introducing a third dimension might shift the balance of power in your favor. I find that it's best to play chicken when you know that if neither of you breaks off, you'll be able to plow through them, don't you think?"

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As Navy listened to Hazel he was passed a note from one of the Aids that had just got back from the plane with news from Moskovo. He read it and quickly put it in his pocket.

"Ms. Hazel, I am truely enjoying this but Moskovo has sent a transmission asking for me to finalize all motions here with your nation. I am confident that The Republic of @Asgeirria will offer us a lot and the Socialist Federation will in return offer your Government things in return. But my superior, General Greggor Ivanoff is asking for things to wrap up since I am needed in the War Room for the Xara Operations. 

If it is possible could we proceed to delegating what your Government wants in return for this Alliance?"

Navy was hoping he wasn't being to direct but orders are orders and must be followed.

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Hazel smiled. It was hard for Asgeirrians to don the nuances of diplomacy, and the directness was quite refreshing.

"As you know, we lack the workforce necessary to build up our navy at any great pace. Your people and reknowned for their maritime engineering. We had hoped that your facilities would produce Asgeirrian ships and, if you find it acceptable, ships jointly designed to incorporate both Asgeirrian and Ahranan strengths. Additionally, we wish for agreements of free trade and flow of labor force to encourage economic growth for both of us. Any other changes can be made as the... situation in Xara develops. You will find the Asgeirrians to be generous friends, and steadfast allies... We are prepared to sign such a treaty with all due haste, we have great respect and trust for the noble people of Ahrana."


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"We have noticed that Asgeirria lacks a Superior Naval Force compared to the rest and we would be happy to help with that aspect of Naval Forces.

Ahrana would even go as far as encouraging Military Cooperation with one another. We would be appropriative to allow free flow of trade and Economic relations and would like to allow you to have a hand in building the drydocks in Xara when we place the entirety of Xara under Ahranaian control. We hope to have a lasting relationship with your Country."

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"Very well, Minister. Several legions from the Imperial Corps of Engineers will be at your disposal for the.... integration of Xara. While they are skilled and experienced engineers and architects, every one of them is an equally proficient fighter."

She produced a communication device, and pressed a button on it. A few moments later, a servant came in with a tablet and stylus.

"We have a document prepared on this device." Hazel said, signing the end of the concise treaty, before handing both pen and pad to the minister. "If you will sign once you read and approve of the treaty, our secretaries can finalize the official paperwork..... behind the scenes."

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Navy took the pad and looked over the treaty:

Ahranaian-Asgerirrian Treaty

On this day of 1 April 2018, the Republic of Asgeirria and the Socialist Federation of Ahrana reached an agreement on forming a treaty between the two Governments.

The two Governments have agreed to the follow terms-

- The Socialist Federation of Ahrana will work towards upgrading the Navy of the Republic

- The Republic will send Civial Engineers to help in Xara

- In all Economic and Trade Relations all levies will be Lowe's and allow free movement

- Military Cooperations will be allowed and encouraged between the Two Governments

- The Development of Advanced Technology will be shared between the two Governments


Here by signed by:

Hazel Zhurong, Representative of the Republic of @Asgeirria

Minister of Defense/War Brigadier General George Nagy of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

Minister Navy signed the treaty and allowed a smile to come across his face as he was pleased with the new relationship that had been forged and hopefully the first of many.

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"Excellent. And should you need to renegotiate the terms, feel free to contact me directly, as I am sure I am allowed to do with you. I look forward to working closely with you and your colleagues, George."

She bowed courteously.

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