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Request: Poland-Lithuania

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Nation in Europa: The Commonwealth of the Crowns of Poland and Lithuania, or Poland-Lithuania for short
Flag: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VE57_5C67ZcUoJaBfyYwTftvGWI-0Dxs/view?usp=sharing
Capital: Krakow

Factbook link: 

Newsroom link: 

Culture: Eastern European/Communist
Location: Mostly Inland, but with a small coast
History: Older than 300 years, functions as a sort of "Communist Monarchy".

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Cześć and sveikas @Poland-Lithuania! Your request is very good and quite complete. The factbook needs some more work, which is easily possible with the information you already shared in your news agency.

Culturally, it's fairly obvious you'll be in Argis. This is the northwest continent.

You mention a temperate climate. This would be the green zones on our map of climate zones and biomes. http://www.europans.com/map/

For the final placement, I think

  1. either south of @Ahrana or
  2. east of @Girkmand, with a small coast (as you mention) and probably wider inland.
  3. A third option would be near the inlan lake, but this has a more steppe-like climate.


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@Poland-Lithuania Since there were no comments from neither @Ahrana nor @Girkmand, I will consider this as their silent support for your request. I'll be adding you to the map in the location we discussed above. Your factbook didn't mention the location of your capital, so I looked at RL Kraków and placed it inland.

As for the factbook, we have some pinned guides that could help you add more detail. http://www.europans.com/forum/145-factbooks-and-national-information/

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