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Request: Little Flau

Little Flau

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Nation: Little Flau

Flag: my avatar (or check my factbook)

Culture: Pacific islander and hippies

Location: Archipelago of 6 islands (preferably the ones off the coast of Aurelia as I already started RP'ing as them. It is not a problem if I cannot go there as I can rewrite my history )

Climate: Tropical islands

History: Culturally close islands living separate for a few hundred years but uniting 20 ago to promote peace, trade and environmental protection.

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Hello there @Little Flau. Thank you for getting my message. ;-) Let's talk about your application.

I did see your earlier mentions of the islands off Auralia. I hope you also saw our climate map over at http://www.europans.com/map/ This would make the Little Flau islands quite a tropical region. I suppose that's no problem. Keep in mind your nation is almost on the Equator, so this will impact your economic possibilities. We strive for realism here, so imagine grilling industrial factory halls. The nation of @Cashar was moved somewhat north to allow for a better economic opportunities. 

Culturally, your closest neighbours will be @Sunset Sea Islands, @Andalla and @Asgeirria. These first two are maintain an Asian-style culture. Would this fit with what you have in mind?

I read about your history in the factbook you created. I also read your news channel Little Reporter. Will there be more news stories soon?

I see no problems with the islands you mention. I would only need to know where exactly you would place the capital city


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Sorry for not responding earlier, I was away from my computer.

Both culturally and geographically I really like that spot on the map and my economy won't be based on production in factories so I'll be ok.

I will be posting more news stories soon, sorry for the lack of them. Is the rate of 1 news story per week good?

83OcoXz.pngThe capital would be the red line.

Could you please include all of the islands surrounded by the white line in my territory?

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A messed up Danish-speaking Filipino culture, that is. Right you are, @Orioni:2thumbs:

By the way. If I must input this, Flau and I have been discussing cooperation. Right now I guess it's agreed that we share a defense pact and trade cooperation, so proximity is a big factor.

By the way, @Little Flau, go ahead and check how often I make a news post :P

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