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I have 10 but am unable to send them. (I bet you didn't expect that eh wink.gif)
that comes in handy. So what do you do with them? Collecting

Well, I want to send them, but clicking doesn't seem to work. Is it normal that the font is red? Does it work with Mozilla Firefox (browser)?

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And even hotmail's latest attempt at keeping up (upping your inbox space by 125 times) is 1/4 of what gmail offers. smile.gif


And I'm not sure why it won't work, Orioni. It says on the page it's supported by FF 0.8+, so maybe an update is in order. I also found this little tidbit, "JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on all browsers". I hope this helps. smile.gif

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Dunno too! First they gave me 5, then when I gave out 10, they gave me 50...

Dont know if I'm a heavy user or not, but I got in and out mails everyday (not many, though). biggrin.gif

Actually I got 50 stand by, but for safety, I left 5 for few more Thai friends.

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