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Country calling codes

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Right now, the claiming of international calling codes seems to be rather random and wild.

For this reason, we have contacted the Global Telecommunication Department (GTD), the bureau responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies. The GTD has agreed to coordinate the shared global use of our telecommunication infrastructure and worldwide technical standards.

We have tasked them with establishing the prefixes to enable international country calling codes. Country calling codes are prefix codes.  While there is a general geographic grouping to the zones, some exceptions exist for political and historical reasons. Thus, the geographical indicators below are approximations only.

  • Zone 1: western Europa
  • Zone 2: eastern Europa
  • Zone 3: Marenesia
  • Zone 4: Thalassa
  • Zone 5: Argis
  • Zone 6: Alharu
  • Zone 7: Aurelia
  • Zone 8: Antargis
  • Zone 9: reserved for future global service

OOC: I'll be working off of a basic design like this, starting in the north and making may way around each continent in clockwise order.


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