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Flusseland is a Landlocked land with many rivers furrowing the Fertile soil of the Country.
The Biomes of Flusseland:
The dominant Landscape of Flusseland is for sure the Enormous woods and their Beatiful Hills,The national animal The Flusselandian Eagle lives there,Squirrels,Wild Pigs,Roe Deers, The Flusselandian Cow and Wild Horses Too,Making the Woods Plenty of Biodiversity. The Biggest wood is called Herzog Wald and the Tallest Hill with over 1.234 Mt is called Duke Berg.

The Weather of Flusseland
Because Flusseland is a Landlocked Territory,the weather is Mild, with temperatures of 20ºC in the warm Seasons,with enough Rainfall and in the colder ones can reach the -5ºC and snow 

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In Flusseland a Modern and Industrialized country the main Industies and export resources are:

  1. Timber Woodchipping (Obviusly from the Flusselandian Woods)
  2. Agriculture (Mainly Soy,Corn and Grains)
  3. Iron (Mostly from the Duke Berg Mines)
  4. cattle (Cows,horses and Pigs)
  5. Uranium(All the Flusselandian Energy comes from this element,Discovered in flusselandian Territory Quite Recently)
  6. Coal
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Government agencies

Functions and Obligations


Head of state,Only tradition in the country,but on his will he can take part of the political sphere


The principal executive power,it can propose laws,veto them and validate by decree but only if the Deputies vote with majority on his decisions

Senator’s Chamber

Here The Laws get Fully Aproved

Deputies’ Chamber

Decide what and what not can be a Law, then with de Majority of the Votes passes to de senator’s Chamber to be fully Aproved


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Name:Marina Bauer
Age:46 years November 7 1.971
Born in:Schwarzenheim
Political Party:FLB (Flusselandian Liberal Party)

Marina Brauer (Born in Schwarzenheim 11/7/1971), Came From a Family of Politicians and Lawyers. Graduated in Laws in 1.995, She began a Politic Ascent in the 2002 Election in Flusseland,From then to Now,She Won The Elections on 1st February of 2018.She is the first women Chancellor in the history of Flusseland.
Married Since 2000 and With Two Children,Hans (14 Years) and Maria (8 Years)

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Full Name: Benjamin Adelfried Adler The First Of  Schwarzenheim

Age: 66 Years 12/17/1951

Born: Schwarzenheim

House: House of Adler

Benjamin The First Has 67 Years, Son of Duke Lukas the Third and the Duchess Gretel. Has Four Childs, Two Men(Julien and Marco) and Two Women(Alice and Louise). 

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