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The Nomadic Peoples of Hunnistan

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Etymology - Hunnistan, in its simplest form, is a combination of the terms Hun and istan, literally meaning the Land of the Huns. This gives a simple explanation as to the background of the peoples, who call themselves Huns. 

Geography - Hunnistan is a nation of wide open Steppe, with occasional forests, mountains, and hills. 

History - Nomads of the Steppe settled in the area that is now called Hunnistan. These peoples, called the Huns, are a race of horse riding barbarians, who had been quite skilled at warfare in times past, but have fallen behind other more modern nations, due to the clinging to old ways. Now, while modernization in some area has occurred, many portions of the nation remains "backwards" 

Government - Hunnistan is ruled by a Kral, similar to a Mongolian Khan. The current Kral is Dengzich, of the House Munčuq

Military -Hunnistan places its entire military budget into ground forces, aiming for strong Armored Corps and Infantry. It also maintains a large yet somewhat archaic cavalry force, though this force has been modernized. Hunnistan specializes in strong, fast assaults in asymmetric warfare, liking to reroute opposing forces using the improved mobility of Cavalry and Vehicles

Economy - Hunnistan is largely based on Agriculture, specifically nomadic herding, and steel production. Other culture based items such as textiles, furniture, weapons/tools, and Horse tack is also often produced. Steel is mined within the mountains of the nations, and can either be sold raw, or as processed materials or tools. Herding in Hunnistan focuses on yaks, goats, and horses. The Yaks are used for beef and riding, goats are utilized for milk and meat, and Horses have many uses such as transport, meat (for old horses), and milk. 

Demographics - Hunnistan has 3 common ethnic groups, Hungarian Europeans, Turkic peoples, and occasionally Mongolians, Kazakhs, or other Steppe nomads who claim a descent with the Huns. This is mostly a personal identification, so anyone can claim it, even if they might not have the blood, they can still be a Hun nomad in spirit. 

Culture - Much of the culture of Hunnistan is very traditional, and some may be seen as backwards or primitive. Much of the sports are done on horseback, such as Mounted Archery, Kokpar (game that involves a ball or goat, and a goal), Horseback Wrestling, and jigitovka (stunt riding). The people of Hunnistan are Tengrist, a shamanic religion. Clothing and such often shun modern clothing such as jeans and tee-shirts, and prefer more traditional clothing, in order to get the feeling of the past times. 

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