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Little Flau's Little Reporter

Little Flau Sends Aid to the Construction of the Manama Canal

After Little Flau's government unanimously decided the canal would promote trade in the area they met up with the governments of @Sunset Sea Islandsand @Synturia to discuss sending aid in the construction of the canal. After a short meeting, it was decided that Little Flau would send builders and diggers in order to assist in the construction. Furthermore, Little Flau, being close to the canal in question, now acts as a hub for boats bringing material to the site. Ships transporting goods are free of taxes and sailors are cared for whilst they stop by.


The Flauton Goverment expects this exciting new development will land them a place on the world scene since as a fairly new nation, they haven't had the chance to prove their worth. Little Flauton experts estimate the canal will be finished later this year, although this estimate has been brought into examination by critics, arguing that the geography of the area will be foreign to Little Flauton workers.


This is the entrance of the Manama canal

The Manama canal is a artificial waterway under construction that would connect the Oriental and Adlantic Ocean. It is being built by @Synturia and @Sunset Sea Islands; and more recently, Little Flau began construction there as support. The new canal would decrease the amount of time taken to traverse to Thalassa from the world, increasing the trade in the area. Little Flau would be the first nation to be found by accessing the canal so it is expected that it might become an important stop in trading with other more prosperous nations such as @Sunset Sea Islands, @Asgeirria and @Andalla.


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Little Flau's Little Reporter

Andallan Military Base on Little Flauton Soil

Due to the lack of military in Little Flau, an agreement had been reached with Andalla to host their bases. Not much of the local population opposed this as they understand that a country needs to be protected. A small group of voters opposed this move as they want to ban all weapons. 


In exchange for this, Andalla agreed to defend Little Flau should it be necessary. Although Little Flau has a small coastal guard, they do not have a military and therefore need an external power to help them.


An image of an Andallan military base on Shalkon Island


The military base has been supervised by the Green World council to properly integrate into the terrain and keep up to Little Flauton polution standards. The base will be properly inaugurated on the 13th of March and will become operative.

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