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Naming the Seas

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Right now we have names for Oceans and some local seas.


But there is certainly still room for more detail.

If you're a coastal or maritime nation, share your naming ideas for a:

  • Sea - a sea or marginal sea is a division of an ocean, partially enclosed by islands, archipelagos, or peninsulas, adjacent to or widely open to the open ocean at the surface, and/or bounded by submarine ridges on the seafloor.
  • Strait - a narrow area of water connecting two wider areas of water.
  • Bay - generic term; though most features with "Bay" in the name are small, some are very large.
  • Gulf - a very large bay, often a top-level division of an ocean or sea.
  • Fjord - a long bay with steep sides, typically formed by a glacier.
  • Bight - a bay that is typically shallower than a sound.
  • Sound - a large, wide bay which is typically deeper than a bight, or a strait.

I'm excluding coves because they would be too small to place.

Low on inspiration? Check this list on Wikipedia.



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I has come to my attention that the ocean borders aren't 100% clear. There are some questions regarding:

  1. Where does the "?" area belong? @Prymont suggested Adisi.
  2. How far south dor the Adlantic extend?
  3. Where is the western edges of the Adisi Ocean?


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In regards to the strait that Synturia named the 'Naught Strait', I named it the Esophaguspassage/Keelpijppassage in a news article yesterday. Passage and strait have the same meaning but I feel that passage somehow sounds better. Both will work for me as I understand using an English name as I'm not the only one who'll end up there, I can also understand that it might be hard to fit in a rather long name like that on the rather narrow waters of the strait and with the wiki coming up and such, I can just make an article there on it if that's a better solution. 

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This area used to be called the "Sea of Storms" on the old Europa map.

Or that general sort of area.

Could it be added again?

Alternatively, I suppose, a quick Google translate says "Storms" is "Kataigides", in my horrible pseudo-Greek that I use. So, "Kataigides Sea".

But that sounds a bit sh*t.

Or "Aroman Sea"?

I'm throwing this one open, really.

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I think what I'll do next is add some more placeholder labels in the areas that look large enough to have their own name.

It'll probably look like (Name Sea) or (Strait Sea) or (Name Gulf).

As always: the two active player who are closest get to label a geographic feature. I'm sure everyone can get along with that.

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On 2/6/2021 at 3:17 PM, Cashar said:


Can this little area northwest of Protiva be called the Gulf of Monran? Or is it too small? Monran Bay?

Perhaps more like a bight than a bay? @Cashar


4 hours ago, Oyus said:

By vote in Discord some time ago the Unnamed Sea bordering Oyus, @Shffahkia, @Metztlitlaca, @Anatea is requested to be named the Typhos Sea.

@Oyus Typhus? 😮


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spacer.pngSafijera literally translates to the Rainbow Sea, however foreigners often call the sea, the Safijeran Sea or translate rainbow to their own language. The sea is called the rainbow sea due to the magnificent change in color of the coral reefs and algal forests that exist throughout the region. The name of Safiloa, translates to the trade (or market) of rainbows, again for the rich array of colourful algae. 

The Atsavan Kelp Forest is the most belittling of this underwater growth, with huge edible growth that can surpass some of the largest terrestrial forests. 

The Hatalo Rift Valley is a large abyssal trench and one of the (if not) deepest points of the ocean. Three tectonic plates are drifting apart slowly creating an even deeper fissure in the Eurth’s crust. 

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