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Request: Greater Serbia

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As we have yet to discuss this, I say we either plop @Greater Serbia ( @Orioni please rename him to his NS name) down in the middle of petite Europe, or on this peninsula in the east to make him resemble Yugoslavia more. The most important thing would be the proximity to @The Eurofuhrer and @Cavunia , other Slavic nations.


I think such a size would be alright since the nation is a ) quite old and b ) @Morheim's pretty large as well.

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I agree with @Sunset Sea Islands. I think that we could cut down the westerly oriented land-peninsula, to make it more fair, because I also want two islands, as seen in my personal draft of the map. We could call the peninsula-looking swath of land Srpska, and half it to limit myself in preparation for the two islands. I don't want to be a new guy that gets a slice of land the size of Russia :lol:.  @Orioni

Thanks for the unexpected generosity, but I honestly thought that this first draft was too big. My draft is just to show the two islands that I'm talking about.




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Nation in Europa: Greater Serbia




Capital: Beograd

Culture: Serbian

Climate: Cold winters, and hot humid summers. Well-distributed rainfall. A more Adriatic climate in the south with hot, dry summers and autumns and rank daily average relatively cold winters with heavy inland snowfall. 

Location History: Older than 300 years.

Factbook link:

Newsroom link: 


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