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Continent names


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@All: Now that we seem to be on a roll with this new map, I would like to get started on establishing further details. For of all, I like to hear your ideas for continents names. Feel free to send in your drawings. We'll collect them all and have a vote.


user posted image

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As I see it there are 5 main landmasses that may earn the right to be named continent. Looking up to Sa Hara's design I'd say:

1. the black landmass

2. red and yellow as one (yellow one is smaller than Europe overall, it may become a sort of macroregion but I don't see it as a continet on its own. Maybe IF there was a mountains range separating them)

3. the blue one

4. the green one (two parts of one landmass, just like the Americas)

5. the orange one


And then - what about pink islands? I'd say they are like Oceania. Not descirbed as continent but very often featured separately.


When it comes to names:

- should the names all have something in common (Eastland, Southland, Westland, Nordland?)

- should they derive from RL language? (Latin? English?)

- who discovered them? Do they have a mythical etymology (like Europe?) or are they just named by their discoverers (Terra Occidentalis? Ostlandia?)

- should their name indicate their location or be quite random (let's say Ganaria after Mercurio Gardario, who first discoevered the land?

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I designed the tectonic plates a while ago, maybe this can help you with naming continents.

user posted image

Of course names can easily be changed and I wouldn't like to stick with "Continent Z" (Zombie-RP, anyone?). Also, I created some subcontinents comparable to India or Arabia.

The continents could be named like the plates so,

  • Europa (duh)
  • Borea
  • Vesper
  • Fractia
  • Fugeria
  • Marenesia Major
  • Marenesia Minor
  • Premeria
  • Mavoria
  • Artia
  • Antarctica
  • (Continent Z)
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user posted image


Here's kind of how I see it. Forgive my terrible coloring skills. Also, I used the paint bucket a lot, so some of it isn't accurate.




I like Marenesia Major and Marenesia Minor for the red and yellow continents. I don't have any name suggestions at the moment because I gotta go to work, but I'll try to come up with some afterwards!



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I don't know if double-posting is allowed or not or if I should've just edited. I hope I didn't breach any protocol! Anyway! Here's some thoughts on names.


Since the name Europa is also the name of a moon of Jupiter... maybe the continents could be moon names, too?


I have taken the liberty of going through moon names and trying to pick the most continent-sounding names.











And if that doesn't suit your fancy... then how about we find some explorer names (like Amerigo Vespucci and how America was pretty much named after him) and maybe kind of tweak them a bit or not to make continent names?



Vasca (Vasco)



Pondelona (Ponce de Leon)


Desota (de Soto)

Pizarra? Pizarren? Pizorren? ... Maybe not those..




Random thought... How about... WE NAME THE CONTINENTS AFTER EARTHQUAKES. I didn't even know earthquakes had names until now. Man, earthquakes have some pretty cool names... some of them are just named after the cities and stuff they take place in.







Other random thought... This might be silly, but what about naming the continents after Latin color names?


The purple one (ish) could be Purpura

The red one could be Ruber or Rubra

The gray one could be Ravus

The blue one could be Cerulean

The yellow (or how about gold) could be Flavorum or Aurum.

The green one could be Viridi or Viridia

And the pink one could be Rubesco. Or Rubesca.


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Cashar: The 'gray one' already has a name, it's the Europan continent. tongue.gif


As for the other ones, Sunset has a good bead on appropriate names with his plate map, the only ones I disagree with are the MArenesia locations. Marenesia is fine for the bigger one but the smaller island should be the Meteorolas, as they're in the Meteorolan Sea. Or maybe something something Magellan.


So northern continent, call it Borea/Borealis/Borealia, Vesperia for the central continent, then the southern one could be Aurelia (both as the continent and plate name). Crux Aurelia could be something to run with as well.


Also this is going back a ways, but @Magneaus, I would qualify everyone that has come into Europa in the last year as 'new'. I think you guys would be better served migrating to the new map.


I'm also not sure if 'culture zones' is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean I see what it's application would do, keep everything organized so no cross mixing of cultures but at the same time it does feel somewhat constricting. I mean I think it would do more good than bad, but I suppose that's the freeform in me going 'nooooo'.

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Does it? I thought Europa was the name of the world? Isn't having a continent named Europan kind of odd?


As for the culture zones idea, I think it's a great idea. It WOULD be odd to have a bunch of different cultures all grouped right next to each other.


But I do think it's important that it doesn't get too strict. Like maybe things don't have to line up all across the board, Maybe the culture could be different on one or two levels.


Also, it'd probably be important to define culture. I'm kind of making up the Cashari culture as I go along, and I'm sure other people will do the same. So, what do you do in that instance if you can't pin it down?


Do you go by ethnicity? Perhaps religion (or lack thereof?) Type of government? These are very important questions, I think.

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It does? I thought Europa was the name of the world? Isn't having a continent named Europan kind of odd?

Before we went to a full scale global map we only had the continent of Europa, which the region is named after.

I like your name suggestions. Orioni has tasked me to make a list off all the suggestions, I'll tackle that task tomorrow.

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As for the other ones, Sunset has a good bead on appropriate names with his plate map, the only ones I disagree with are the MArenesia locations. Marenesia is fine for the bigger one but the smaller island should be the Meteorolas, as they're in the Meteorolan Sea. Or maybe something something Magellan.

Ooooh, I really like the idea of Meteorolas.

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Orioni has tasked me with leading the continent naming discussion. I have recycled the map I used for creating tectonic plates to visualise continents and subcontinents. Furthermore I have collected the names that have been submitted and sorted them.

user posted image


Continent 1:

  • Meteorolas
  • Marenesia Minor
  • Thalassa
  • Desetia
  • Eukalade (including 2)
Continent 2:
  • Marenesia
  • Marenesia Major
  • Ma'an
  • Ma'ran
  • Jazira
Continent 3:
  • Borea
  • Borealis
  • Borealia
  • Shamal (Including 4)
  • Argis (including 4, 5, 6 and 7)
  • West Argis
  • Purpura (including 4)
  • Mimas (including 4)
  • Magella (including 4)
Continent 4 (subcontinent of 3):
  • Fractia
  • East Argis (including 5)
Continent 5 (subcontinent of 3):
  • Fugeria
  • Derthalen
  • ?itiastain
  • East Argis (including 4)
Continent 6 (subcontinent of 3):
  • Mavoria
  • South Argis (including 7)
Continent 7 (subcontinent of 3):
  • Artia
  • South Argis (including 6)
Continent 8:
  • Vesper
  • Vesperia
  • Alharu (Including 9)
  • Cressida (Including 9)
  • Aurum (Including 9)
  • Nomisma (Including 9)
Continent 9:
  • Premeria
  • Atros
  • Delphinia
Continent 10:
  • Aurelia
  • Janub
  • Antirsa
  • Viridia
  • Champlain
  • Aegir
Continent E: Europa

Continent A:

  • Antarctica
  • Altarctica
  • Antargis
Continent 3 and it's subcontinents are comparable to Eurasia and it's subcontinents, for example India.


Feel free to submit additional names, they will be added to this post. Use this format:

Continent: [1-10]

If you think that multiple of the numbered landmasses should be one continent, use the following format:


Continents: 3+4+5+6+7
Name: Boreasia


Moons: Ganymede, Charon, Nereid, Cressida, Sycorax, Aegir, Mimas, Eukalade

Explorers: Vasca (Vasco), Cabot, Champlain, Pondelona, Magellan, Desota

Colours: Purpura, Ruber (Rubra), Ravus, Cerulean, Flavorum, Aurum, Viridi (Viridia), Rubesco (Rubesca)

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Continent 2:

- Jazira (Arabic: island)

- Ma'an (Arabic: water) arrow.gif Could become Ma'ran, to match your Marenesia


Continent 3+4:

- Shamal (Arabic: north)


Continent 8+9:

- Alharu (Arabic: hot)


Continent 10:

- Janub (Arabic: south)


Continent A:

- Albard (Arabic: cold) arrow.gif Reminds me of Svalbard

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I have noticed that usually a RL continent never has more than 4 syllables. So I'm taking the way these names sound into account.

  • Af-ri-ca
  • A-me-ri-ca
  • Ant-arc-ti-ca
  • A-sia
  • Aust-ra-li-a
  • Eu-ro-pa

user posted image


Continent E: Europa (maybe from Erwa, Indo-European: land)

Continent A: Antarctica, Altarctica (alt-arctic), or Antargis

Continent 1: Thalassa (Greek: sea) or Desetia (Oharic: islands)

Continent 2: Marenesia (Latin: sea; Greek: island)

Continents 3+4+5+6+7: Argis (Indo-European: white)

  • Continents 3: West Argis

    Continents 4+5: East Argis

    Continents 6+7: South Argis

Continent 8: Vesperia (Latin: evening)

Continent 9: Atros (Indo-European: black)

Continent 10: Antirsa (Indo-European: anti + land)

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Hmmm. I'll try to pick out my favorites for the continent I'll be on.


Continent 8 or 8+9: Cressida, Aurum, and a new one: Nomisma


.... And others:

  • Continent 1+2: Eukalade

  • Continent 3+4: Purpura, Mimas, Magella

  • Continent 9: Delphinia

  • Continent 10: Viridia, Champlain, Aegir
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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been almost 4 weeks since we opened of continent names proposals to the general audience here. It is time to move forward and vote on the proposals. I suggest starting with the major continents first. Minor continents or even sub-continents will be decided in a second round. Please pay attention to the numbers being used to represent each continent.


user posted image


This voting will allow you to select multiple names and rank your favourites accordingly. For more information, please review the informative video series of

by CGP Grey.


I have created a poll for each continent with the proposed names in alphabetical order. You can drag-and-drop to rank them as you wish.


Please use your nation name when voting. Thank you.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Voting on continent names has ended. Using the Condorcet method, which takes into account all possible outcomes, the final results are as follows.


user posted image


1 - Thalassa

Means "sea" in Greek.


2 - Argis

Means "white" in Indo-European.


3 - Alharu

Means "hot" in Arabic. Proposed by Sa Hara.


4 - Aurelia

Means "golden" in Latin. Proposed by Vocenae.


5 - Marenesia

A combination of "sea" (Latin) and "island" (Greek).


6 - Antargis

As in "opposite of Argis".


E - Europa

This wasn't really up for voting.

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  • 5 months later...

In September 2017 we settled the continent names.

These have largely been accepted, even leading to the creation of new intercontinental organisations such as ATARA.

I think the time has come now to begin talking about subcontinents again.

I advise that resident nations get to propose names for their own local area. I'm specifically looking at Europa, Argis and Alharu.

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