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Timezones. This is a thing now. https://i.imgur.com/H6gyzMo.png


Some questions for all of you.

  1. Nations. Right now I've drawn vertical lines on the exact borders of each timezone. If your nation is in multiple zones, I will edit the lines to give you a better fit. This can also depend on the neighbours with which you have a close relationship. For this, I can follow national borders. For nations who stretch from east to west, I can also follow rivers or mountain ranges. Your choice.
  2. Names. At the top, you'll see an abbreviation underneath some timezones. You can request one of these as well. Just make sure to discuss it with your fellow nations before starting an argument here. Here are some of the RL existing ones. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_time_zone_abbreviations
    Currently represented are:
    • -10 SST or Sunset Standard Time
    • -6 IST or @Iverica Standard Time
    • 0 UTC or Coordinated Universal Time / Temps Universel Coordonné
    • +6 TMT or Tagmatium Mean Time (for @Tagmatium Rules)
    • +7 CET or Central Europan Time
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Zulu time falls within my empire... My empire is the greatest for it has the observatory!

On a side note: For the next round of expansions, could I get area six or eight? I would like to have my capital in area eight  in that indent into the mountain on the western side. Oh, and I will be expanding my rail network westward to Ahrana!


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I fall within two timezones, which means more people. 


All to the west: @Ahrana, @Girkmand, and the lovely @Variota.

I feel as though we should create something generic, seeing as we have several nations here. My capital is in the east so I'm not entirely fussed what we go for.

All to the east: Our robotic friend @Synturia.

We fall within central Argis (four zones to the west, four to the east). I therefore propose Central Argic Time, or CAT. Meow.


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Obviously I'll promote Central Variotan Time or something like that for the timezone. That being said, something generic would also work for me as it's obviously multiple nations and continents together in one timezone.

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How about we following current RL conventions. Have each timezone as a number +/- of GMT e.g Gallambria is GMT+1. Then each country in that time zone would have their own named Time Zone, Gallambrian Standard Time, and Astreiden Standard Time - then if they want to implement daylight savings they can introduce a DST -e.g Gallambria with DLS would be GDST (GMT+2).

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@Derthalen Area six would be the most natural expansion. But this is not the right topic for it. Noting the location if your capital, I'll place you in UTC-1.

@Prymont Your choice on which timezone(s) to join. Your capital is in UTC-2. To the west, the Canamo sea and your closest neighbours are in UTC-3.

@Variota I wouldn't go with "Central Variotan Time", since there is not east or west Variota to contrast with. Maybe East Alharun Time?

@Gallambria There are markers to indicate hours ±UTC. Since we have no Greenwich, I'm sticking with the more neutral UTC (Coordinated Universal Time / Temps Universel Coordonné) for now. You're currently sharing yours with @Astriedan. I'll bend the timeline slightly to your east, to include your entire nation.

@All: In the end, what I'm going for is something like this. Any name, even multiple names, will do. Check RL for reference. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_time_zone_abbreviations


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Aww yeah, a timezone all to my own (On second thought that sounds kinda lonely). My top two suggestions are Andallan Standard Time or Central Thalassa Time. Whichever one sounds better. Do note that some parts overlap out of the boundaries such as Iverica's northern islands and southern Andalla.

The ISTC island, by the way, is also in my timezone. Either you can keep it there (by the way, it overlaps to the west too), or you can extend the SSI time into it.

By the way, is the timezone map an extra map or will it become the main map? Because I think it might get a bit confusing with all the colors.

Thanks for the update! I was actually trying to find out the difference between Andalla and Ahrana time to calculate when my planes leave, but I gave up. Now I can! :D


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@Orioni Great work! The map looks brilliant with the Time Zones. 

I'm happy for you to follow borders with Adaptus, keeping the mainland entirely in UTC +6 with my western island being UTC +5. 

Although I think internally Adaptus will use TMT. Due to close relations with Tag. So technically Adaptus would be TMT -1 and TMT -2. 

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@Orioni, I am not sure if you caught my comment, but could you shift my whole country into Zulu time? I am going to have year round summer time due to the fact that I do not like changing my clocks, and it has fewer downsides than not having summer time at all. 

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The +1 timezone is shared by @Astriedan and @Gallambria. Do you have a shared proposal for naming your timezone? If there is none, I will got with Western Adlantic Time (WAT), like the RL Pacific Time.

The -7 timezone is shared by @Asgeirria and @Cashar. Do you have a shared proposal for naming your timezone?

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I see that UTC -3 is not exactly in the center of Argis but your Argic neighbors fall mostly there. Wouldn’t it suit @Prymont @Girkmand @Ahrana and Hellenistic Rus to be on the same time zone?

Sure it’s not exactly geographically Central Argis but it’s really close and I’d consider that area politically Central Argis. 


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I don't mind being in two time zones, actually I prefer it and wouldn't like it to change. And with what works Political can just go out the door nothing like this should be done by politics in my view. so I say leave it as it is for Ahrana.

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As for abbreviating UTC -2, I propose a compromise: PST, Prymontian-Synturian Time. It could be abbreviated further to PrySynt Time and could be pronounced “present time”. Since all of Synturia, including its capital is in UTC -2 and the capital of Prymont is as well, I consider this a reasonable compromise. @Orioni

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I know this thread is kind of old, but I thought I'd put a few suggestions for the timezone that I and @Asgeirria are in. 

Western Continental Coast Time? WCCT?

Golden Standard Time? GST? Because.... -7 is the time zone where all da money is?

Western Alharu Time? WAT? This makes sense to me because Alharu is the biggest continent in the area. Granted, there's a little bit of Western Alharu outside of what would be called Western Alharu Time but maybe that time zone is called something else (like Coastal Alharu Time or whatever country (countries?) might make up Alharu.


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