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Ailythe National News is a large, unbiased, news organization that covers a wide range of topics that the public wants to be informed of, they are the main news agency of the country. ANN Tower is located on 111 Elvros Avenue in Darkholme, Ailythe. 

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Western Infrastructure Put on Backburner

DARKHOLME -- President Talbot held a press conference this Friday outside of the Capitol Building.

Here is what she had to say.
"Hello my fellow Ailytheans, I'm here to shed light on the recent economic crisis our great nation is going through. My predesessor, President Rutherford had grand intentions and high hopes for the improvement of the western states but sadly things did not go as planned. As of right now we do not have the resources to see his dream come to reality and we are already seeing negative effects of this failed endevor, two years ago Noren was forced to close its port indefinetly and the city has suffered drastically because of it, seeing a population decrease of nearly 10%. Now, like I said previously it is currently not possible to see President Rutherford's plan completed but we can bring back the old Noren and stop it from falling into a point of no return. I stand here today for the people of Noren, I will not fail your great city, in the coming weeks I will be meeting with Crownspeaker Ferrison and Mayor Montgomery of Noren to try and come up with a solution that can help the city return to its former self. Ailythe fell once before and it returned stronger and more united than ever. We will recover from this."

The crowd erupted in cheers and many of the older Ailytheans are calling Talbot the new President Wolff, for the readers who aren't familiar President Wolff is is regarded as one of the best presidents Ailythe has seen and served four terms, the longest anyone has ever served.

The general public is taking Talbot's first major act of president well but one celebrity has a lot to say about her. Host of Speaking Freely, Sandra Freely, stated late Friday night on her talk show "It took over a year for Talbot to finally do something productive and her first act of business is to give a big middle finger to the entire West."
Another who spoke out against Talbot's decision is Erik Prestor, Keyholder of Alishe. Here's what he had to say in an interview he gave to ANN early this morning. "President Josephine Talbot is like every other Easterner they don't care about the states that don't border their precious Gulf. Instead of opting to help her citizens living in one half of her country she decides to focus on Noren."


Port of Noren five days after closing two years ago.



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Vice President Hughes Called to the Stand

DARKHOLME -- The Hughes Shipping investigation is officially underway after a year of accusations of worker mistreatment and illegal substances being sent to and from Portra, Ailythe, where the business is located. VP Abraham Hughes stepped down as CEO of his company, Hughes Shipping, three years ago when President Talbot announced he would be her running mate. Hughes' son Brandon took over the position of CEO after his father's departure. The High Council is presiding over this case because of how high profile the individuals involved are. VP Hughes gave his testimony on behalf of his son and business early Monday morning.

We interviewed a few citizens outside of the hearing and here is what a few had to say.
 "I've been teaching the children in my class how our government is fair and just. I've even mentioned how Vice President Hughes came from nothing and started his own busniess, we deserve to find out the truth." - Marybeth Saul, 8th grade teacher.

"If it turns out Hughes is corrupt scum then there's no way President Talbot isn't involved. She has to know that her VP was doing all of this." - Ivan Hammond, Darkholme Police Officer.

"Of course he's guilty, the question is how far up does it go and how many individuals are involved? Talbot, Ferrison, hell even the local news might be in on it... what exactly is this for?" - Tommy Page, town heckler, while wearing a tinfoil hat.

High Councillor Moors stated the hearings will be open for reporters but not the public, for he is worried someone could come with malicious intent.


Vice President Hughes giving his testimony.

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Annual Request for a National Religion

ST. LUCINDA -- It's that time of year again, Mayor Erhardt announced his annual request for making Christianity the national religion of Ailythe. This will be the thirteenth year in a row he has called for Christianity to be the national religion of Ailythe. It started all the way back in 2001 when President Rutherford was in office. Mayor Erhardt is Mayor of the most religious city in the country, St. Lucinda, with an astounding 90% of the city's population stating they follow Christianity, while out of the entire population of Ailythe only 30% state they follow any religion at all. This is the reason why Ailythe has never chosen a national religion, though it doesn't stop Mayor Erhardt from trying each year.

While there isn't an official statement from the capital I think it's safe to say Mayor Erhardt will be back next year with his fourteenth request.


Cathedral of Saints in St. Lucinda. One of the few cathedrals in all of Ailythe.

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Art Gallery Reduced to Ashes by Arsonists

ST. LUCINDA -- The Golden Piece, a high class art gallery in St. Lucinda was burned down late last night by arsonists. The security feed from a nearby restaurant shows three men and a woman breaking in with gas canisters and in just three minutes leaving the gallery in flames. One of the men has been identified as Linus Horpe, a member of a very vocal religious group who have been protesting the gallery on and off ever since it opened late last year. Mayor of St. Lucinda, Cornelius Erhardt, has declined to comment about the arson.

The Golden Piece came to life because of the Secretary of Arts and Culture, Ursula Blackwell. Secretary Blackwell had this to say about the crime, "One of Ailythe's greatest strengths is our love for our culture, this arson isn't just an attack on simple artwork it's an attack on what many Ailytheans hold near and dear to their heart." She later said that she does plan on having the Golden Piece rebuilt but is not sure when the rebuilding process will begin.

Sandra Freely last night on her talkshow, Speaking Freely, condemned the arsonists stating "These loons will do anything to spread their 'holy' word, I just want to know how they think this is helping them, this barbaric act will just make everyone see them just as that, barbarians." 

If you have any information about the location of Linus Horpe or any knowledge about the other three individuals please contact your local police station.


Inside of The Golden Piece

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Safety or Invasion of Privacy?

DARKHOLME -- @Sunset Sea Islands made headlines in Ailythe recently when the nation came forward to suggest the installation of the Synapse System in St. Lucinda to try and stop the crime rate from getting out of control. President Talbot expressed her gratitude towards Sunset Sea Islands and took the proposal to the legislature. Multiple high profile politicians spoke their piece on the topic. Some were in favor, others not, you can find what they all said below.

President Josephine Talbot spoke highly of the offer, but interestingly didn't speak much about the Synapse System itself. "We as a nation have stood united and unbroken for over 150 years, we have relied on ourselves on national affairs. For Ailythe to continue growing and being successful we need to be more open with the world. The gracious offer Sunset Sea Islands have given us is reason enough to give the outside world a chance. We don't only have to have a trading relationship with the world, we can have something more, something better."

Mayor Cornelius Erhardt of St. Lucinda was personally invited to the proposal and expressed his concern. "My great city does not need the help of these people, it may seem they have good intentions but I do not approve of the information being sent to them, giving a foreign nation data that involves our citizens. This would set a frightening precedent. I have faith in our officers of the law."

Crownspeaker Isolde Ferrison shared her personal view on the proposal as well. "The crime and safety in St. Lucinda is certainly an issue that can not be ignored, we can not let these criminals get away with what they have done. The idea of having St. Lucinda under constant watch with technology that tracks the faces of its pedestrians is something that is frightening to some. But the upside of always being a step ahead of people with malicious intent is something that I, and I hope the rest of my colleagues, take into consideration."

High Justiciar Ulysses Stane took the offer of Synapse being implemented as offensive. "I have complete trust in the law enforcement. If this system is put into place it would seem as if legislature looks down on our officers, that they can not handle the jobs they dedicated their lives to. They do not need the 'help' of people who have never even set foot in our country."

The legislature will hold another hearing on the topic in the next few days and eventually vote on the implementation of the Synapse System in the near future. 

Not only will ANN will be holding a nation-wide poll on our website on the topic, but our very own Dahlia Lorina will be live in Von Viola asking what the people think tomorrow, come and tell us, and the nation, your thoughts LIVE!



Inside the Chambers of Legislature in the Capitol building in Darkholme.

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