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Flag/avatar: Paranoid Schizo

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well, in my opinion (as self appointed expert on everything cool.gif )

A: the middle one is a proper broadsword

B: depending on the scale, is either an OTT massive fantasy sword, or a small dagger

C: is a sword, not sure about broadsword though, again, as it is CG, is hard to be sure on the scale

D: does look much more like a falchion than a broadsword.


But still, A is better than any broadswords i could find on google images! rolleyes.gif

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rightm my latest attempt, he has two heads now! thay are also different colours, so indecating the 'schizo' part of PS nature... I couldnt get him holding the sword, so i got a sword-in-the-stone thing instead next to him. I can take it out if you want.


And the red line is gone, if you really insist rolleyes.gif


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