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The Empire of Amnalos

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  • Motto: Courage. Honor. Dignity.
  • Capital: Raga Amnalos
  • Official Language(s): High Amnalite, English
  • Leader: Emperor Kano IV
  • Population: 52,4 million
  • Currency: Crown

The Empire of Amnalos occupies a fertile lowland plain flanked by mountains to the east and ocean to the north and west. Amnalos's wealth and power have traditionally been derived from rich mines in the mountains. While ores remain the major export, oil fields offshore have become an important part of the economy. The army is relatively large.

The people of Amnalos are generally tall and slender. It has been said that they are self-righteous and arrogant, but their integrity cannot be denied and it would be more accurate to say that they guard their personal dignity above all else.



The capital city is Raga Amnalos. Situated at the northern tip of the Empire, this city enjoys proximity to both the mountains and the sea-trading lines. It has always been the trading centre of the nation but it was not until five hundred years ago that it became a major legislative site, when the merchant Valantheon family settled there and began to wield their considerable influence to the benefit of the city.

Other major cities include the coastal city of Ombroy and Vel Vorasi, which is primarily industrial.


Amnalos was first settled 10,000 years ago by several tribes of nomadic traders. They found the climate pleasant and the dark soil fertile, so they ceased wandering and began to build cities. Until about three thousand years ago the various towns were primarily agricultural but with the advent of bronze tools and weapons came the beginnings of a mining industry.

As the people became more advanced, half a dozen wealthy families emerged and came to rule walled city-states, which are still the major cities of Amnalos. The most powerful of these families was the monumentally wealthy Sedesso family who controlled the mining city of Vel Vorasi and still dominates Amnalos's Wealthiest 500 list.

Some five hundred years ago, however, the balance of power shifted. The crafty Valantheons showed themselves to be capable administrators. Not focussing solely the mere accumulation of wealth, the Valantheons built an extensive network of allied families, business contacts and other acquaintances. They also expanded the harbour at Raga Amnalos and built the first navy the country had ever seen. Before long, Raga Amnalos was the dominant administrative and military force in the still ununified country.

It was Anteru Valantheon who finally wrested power from the Sedessos and unified Amnalos. He became known as Emperor Anteru I. The following centuries saw a slow but steady growth. Isolated geographically from other nations, Amnalos had very little contact with the outside world until about a century ago and even then tended to keep apart. Only when the current Emperor took the throne did Amnalos begin looking beyond its borders.


The government of Amnalos is divided into three main tiers, two of which are democratically elected. The Lower House is composed of 61 representatives from the different provinces of Amnalos. It proposes and votes on all issues of state excluding military concerns. The Senate or Upper House consists of 17 Senators. In addition to passiong or vetoing resolutions of the Lower House, the Senate decides all of Amnalos's military policy.

The upper tier of Government is the Emperor or Empress, who rules by hereditary right and cannot be removed from office save by death, coup or abdication. Unlike other hereditary monarchies, the throne goes to the eldest child regardless of gender. It is the Emperor's right to veto any resolution passed by either the Senate or Lower House and only a vote of 13-4 or better in the Senate can block an Imperial Decree. Past rulers have used and misused this power extensively, but Kano IV has shown admirable restraint.

The Emperor

The current Emperor of Amnalos is Kano IV. He is 41 years old and has ruled for just over two decades.


Amnalos has no official religion. Public worship is not officially sanctioned by the State but neither is it frowned upon. Amnalos has an eclectic mix of religions, with Christianity and Atheism being the biggest two.


Amnalos has a strong economy. Unemployment, especially long-term, is fairly low and those who do not or cannot work are looked upon with mild contempt. Taxation is at a bearable low level and the wealthy are taxed more than the less well off.

Major exports are ores, oil and precision machinery. Major imports include pharmaceuticals and textiles.

New trade agreements with the Holy Empire of Tagmatium and the Kingdom of Koku promise to stimulate the growing Amnalite economy further.

The official currency is the Crown, which enjoys a strong exchange rate against other currencies. One Crown is worth about US$0.93


Since emerging on the world scene, Amnalos has taken part in two major military campaigns. Part of a large alliance known as the Pact of Arms, Amnalos deployed troops in the war for the Cenape islands. Amnalos also provided a small peacekeeping force to monitor the situation in Abyssio after that nation's government collapsed.

The military is currently led by Lord Commander Kalderon Tarvo, although his power comes through the Senate.

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