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[HELP] Currency?

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I'm currently writing the "Economy" section on my factbook, and this silly question came into mind.

"Does Europa have an equivalent to the Dollar?"

The USD is such an important currency, especially in expressing economic figures. Do we have some sort of "international" currency? I'd suppose it could be the ION since anyone can easily say that Orioni is like our America in terms of influence.

If so, are there exchange rates? What are the other major world currencies?

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ION sounds fair. According to http://nseconomy.thirdgeek.com/?nation=Orioni+2 one ION equals $1.7912. ( @Orioni )

1 Sol = $1.6683
1 Amla = $1.2825 ( @Andalla )
1 Iverican Velle = $1.2984 ( @Iverica )

At least our currencies are all worth more than a dollar and worth less than O's Ion, we can use the Ion as the value of reference.

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We'll need to organize a convention, at least OOC so it doesn't look like we're still in the prehistoric era, to find the values of all the major currencies against each other (or at least those of the active nations). Then I was thinking, maybe we could appoint an OOC permanent committee to run an IC stock market. This committee is just there to make random updates to simulate the real fluctuation of a stock market, including the values of currencies. I'd be happy to be a part of the committee (erm... head it maybe?) but I'm obviously too inactive to be able to update it daily or even every other day.

I don't know. Just my two centavos.

@Sunset Sea Islands@Fleur de Lys

Lys is right, NS stats are somewhat butchered. Absolutely garbage in some areas. But it should also be noted that there is no such thing as USD in Europa (unless you're talking Prymont).

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Did we not used to us Euro as a go to international currency?

I remember making a load of posts in my Vickers Weapons System thread priced in Euros after a brief OOC discussion.

EDIT: Just checked NS Economy for the first time in about 7 years. æ1 = $1.9. Jeez. My government budget is also terribly badly calculated. 

Government Budget Details

  • Administration:$0.000%
  • Social Welfare:$0.000%
  • Healthcare:$15,992,014,745,318.126%
  • Education:$114,609,439,008,113.1743%
  • Religion & Spirituality:$0.000%
  • Defence:$47,976,044,235,954.3518%
  • Law & Order:$79,960,073,726,590.5830%
  • Commerce:$5,330,671,581,772.712%
  • Public Transport:$0.000%
  • The Environment:$0.000%
  • Social Equality:$0.000%
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NSEconomy - how I had forgotten about you!

I think it is only ever best used as a guideline rather than anything else, as for the reasons stated by others above.

I'd be happy to get behind whatever the majority of people get support. Whilst @Adaptus's idea of using the "Euro" is quite a nice idea, it is somewhat meaningless in terms of Europa - there hasn't ever really been a unified organisation to front such a currency and many nations likely claim to be "the" cultural heart of Europa.

And, as @Iverica says, an almighty pissing contest would likely follow :P

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Leading on from @Orioni's suggestion. I done something similar to this for my national currency. 

Aureus - Which translates roughly to Gold or Golden. Because my currency is tied directly to the Gold Standard. 

So taking that principle and applying it to a regional currency (which I would assume would not be tied to gold, but rather a flat currency). So taking the concept of a universal flat currency. 

Quick ideas could included:

  • Universae Monetae (UM)
  • Iugis - Meaning perpetual or continuous. 
  • Universala Mono.

You get the idea. I'm rinsing a terms through a translator to get the basis of something unique. 

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Why not call the universal curreny the Loaf and base it off of the worth of a loaf of bread (without seeds)? The Japanese use to use a years worth of rice as the basis for their currency, and the Chinese had a similar standard in several of their regions too.

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The blocks of tea were a Yuan and Ming thing last I checked. Pretty smart of them, but a man can not live off of tea as long as he can off of the equivalent weight of rice.

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9 hours ago, Adaptus said:

What happens if you have a tea based currency and try to use it in a country like mine for example, where no one drinks tea?


I suppose if tea was the basis for this theoretical international currency, whether your people drank tea or not would be immaterial. It would still have worth due to its use as a currency.

It'd be fundamentally better if no one drank it - they won't be tempted to take money out of circulation by having a brew up.

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Guys, this is about our global currency, not tea :P:P

@Adaptus I don't really like the idea of an actual global currency. What I'm trying to say is that I doubt that all (or most) countries would actually agree to create a secondary currency to serve as a mediator. Though I'm perfectly fine with that.

We will have to start making currency exchange rates though.

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Gold is a good idea, and also unbiased towards any country. If it's not the ION, then gold would be a good idea. One problem, though: The produce of gold is unregulated since it just needs to be mined. This would favor those countries with lots of gold mines and, uh, gold diggers. :P

Expanding on the previous statement, what if a huge gold reserve is discovered somewhere? Instead of having a good impact on the economy, the price of gold would skyrocket down and cause a global financial crisis. And considering the political geography of Europa, there's a lot more land to be conquered and so much more to be discovered.

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