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Survey for Gallambria's Expansion.  

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  1. 1. Are there any concerns with Gallambria's plans for expanding into the forementioned islands/island groups.

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Looking at expanding Gallambria's reach 'globally' for political, economic and strategic reasons.

I have an interest in these three islands/island groups. My intention is not to land grab, however to expand into islands/areas that would extend my nations reach into
the northern hemisphere, but also allowing nations to access the Marenesian island group.

Below is the plan I have for my expansion.



As these islands are deemed "Terra Nullis" - I will be RP'ing the claims through maritime exploration by Government and Naval maritime forces.

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** UPDATE **

After reviewing aspects of the nature of this future RP, I've decided to change things up abit.

1. I will rp'ing the claim of these four island groups to the north west of Gallambria.


2. Followed by this island off the coast off the Alharu continent.


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