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High Command Minutes

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SB18+1+21+8+8+56, VRAIM TOG=1 MIN PUB=-1

Aeson: Our friends in the Coalition report vulnerability; the populous is... repressed. Their military is in disrepair, their men have not seen combat.

Brandt: Our navy is ready for movement. Supplies for an invasion and troops have been massed at the jump off point.

Elizabeth: What of this Technocracy movement among our youth? Are we ignoring the subversive measures being taken by the Sunset Sea Isles and Synturia? 

Markus: Their agenda will allow greater penetration of our agents into foreign nations. We should harden our ECI, and encourage the movement.

Elizabeth: I concur... the preparations will be made. Shall we distract corporate industry with defensive construction on the coasts?

Lance: I will handle it. We'll have the new HQ set up very soon, though it's taken quite some time to do it without public knowledge. We've had to dispose of some hikers.

Marius: Time passes too slowly. The Hyena II is nearly ready for production, as well as the MBT-1.

Atash: Will our invasion draw attention from the international community?

Aeson: Our agents have heard rumblings of expansion elsewhere, though I will need to get more details. Agents will be reassigned.

SB18+1+21+8+32+26 VRAIM TOG=1 MIN PUB=-1

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SB18+1+22+9+38+7 VRAIM TOG=1 MIN PUB=-1

Aeson: The ATLAS Project is fully funded, as well as the new Tethys carrier. Full production of the infrastructure and satellites is greenlit.

Lance: Very well, I'll have AsTech produce the satellites and launch them from one of our missile test silos. The ship will move ahead at an increased pace.

Marius: What of my requests for funding on the new Hyena and MBT?

Aeson: The funding has been finalized. Production is green for the Hyena II at the Asgeirrian automated factories. 

Lance: The MBT will take a little longer to produce as we need to a purpose-built factory set up for heavy industry. It shouldn't be more than a few weeks, though, we have the first wave of trained foreigners taking over production at some of the light vehicle factories, so our more trustworthy Asgeirrian workers can work on our heavier projects.

Andrade: The ATLAS project will take some time to fully implement, but we have been building the new HQ for a while now, so we should be able to uplink with the satellites as soon as they are ready. It'll be a good test of equipment. However, the Superhighway will not be as easy to implement. As of now we only have a circular supersonic train system going between the main cities, and the road system is still under construction.

Aeson: Four billion credits have already been transferred to infrastructure for the superhighway. The main cities need to be connected by the end of this year. We can allot more funding farther down the road...

All: Mild chuckling

Hazel: I've arranged a meeting with the Defense Minister of Ahrana. Prospects on that front seem fruitful. What of the Emperor's meeting with the Lysians?

Aeson: From what the hidden microphone tells me, it is going as we expected. His candid words know no bounds. Make sure the meeting with the Defense Minister goes well, they will prove to be a powerful ally if we are allowed to build them up. 

SB18+1+22+10+4+54 VRAIM TOG=1 MIN PUB=-1

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