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[LOGGING DATA.] [---*-]

[SAT, 20.01.2018]

[23:15] Power consumption in urban areas rising above predicted levels.

[23:44] Power consumption levels surpass 2017 record.

[23:51] Average demographic analysis complete. 72% of households with anomalous power consumption levels inhabited by age group 18-26. 13% age group 26-44. 10% age group 0-18. 5% age group 44-62.

[23:52] Searching for commonalities.

[23:56] Commonality found. 89% of households with anomalous power consumption readings have purchased VR headsets and/or VR-capable computers within the last six months. 7% of households with anomalous power consumption readings run servers or server farms. No commonality found for 4% of households with anomalous power consumption readings.

[23:57] Gathering data on VR usage.

[23:59] Anomalous amounts of Vapour (computer gaming platform) users online at an anomalous time. 95% of Vapour accounts of households with anomalous power consumption readings online. 91% running software "ConVRsation".

[SUN, 21.01.2018]

[00:00] Anomalous readings spike.

[00:00] Gathering data on servers accessed by "ConVRsation" users.

[00:02] 65% of accessed servers match households with anomalous power consumption readings running servers or server farms.

[00:03] Gathering data on other accesses to servers.

[00:07] Average demographic analysis complete. 42% of accesses using IPs from the Sunset Sea Islands. 40% of accesses using IPs from @Synturia. 9% of accesses using IPs from @Asgeirria. 6% of accesses using IPs from @Prymont. Remaining 3% made up of IPs from @Cristina, @Fleur de Lys, @Magnaeus and @Cashar.


Slowly the halls filled up. Never before have there been so many users online on one "ConVRsation" server and never before have they been so diverse. Most of the users were from the Sunset Sea Islands or from @Synturia , which was visible thanks to the little flag symbols next to their usernames. However, many other flags were also visible, although they were in the minority. Nevertheless, the rooms were open to everyone. What was about to happen was meant for Synturians and Sunset Sea Islandians, but people interested in the event from other nations, whether they wanted to join the discussion, hold a speech or simply observer the massive gathering, were more than welcome.

The gathering room, or rather the gathering world, as the individual servers were referred to as "worlds", was a sight to behold. The massive, round hall was filled with thousands of individual avatars, ranging from simple avatars created in one's likeliness, over characters from shows or games and every day objects to completely abstract creations. The domed ceiling was being supported by golden pillars which formed the walls of the enormous hall. Between the individual pillars panels of bronze-coloured cogs and gears were visible. In the middle of the hall was a smaller pillar which any user could teleport to to hold a speech. The voice of any user on that pillar would be amplified so that everyone could hear it and their image would be visible on huge, levitating monitors which were visible from any point in the hall.

The organisation of this tremendous event had been a masterpiece of mouth-to-mouth propaganda and covert data distribution. Thousands of users from the organiser's nations, the SSI and Synturia, were present to take part in the first gathering of their group, whose emblem covered the circular floor of the hall.


Thousands of voices of excited chatting were hearable throughout the hall and the tension was rising as midnight approached. Then, exactly at midnight the Carillion up high, beneath the dome covered in a starry sky, began playing a melody which would later become the anthem of the Technocratic Internationale. During the chime, microphones were muted on the whole server, so that everyone could hear the melody. Then, two avatars appeared on the central pillar, the left one was golden, with a Sunset Sea Islandian flag icon next to their username, and the right one was black, marked with a Synturian flag. As the two avatars shook hands the microphones were unmuted. Thousands of voices started cheering as the gigantic monitors showed a closeup of the handshake. After a short while of cheering, the screens showed a pictogram of a person holding their finger in front of their lips to signalise that everyone should quiet down now. Several moderators began muting spammers and trolls. The hosts were about to give their introductory speech.

This was the beginning of the first...



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w9SNj4j.jpgAfter the crowd went silent the left avatar, the representative of the Sunset Sea Islands began to speak. M4R14's voice was tinny and feminine, although nobody could tell whether the person controlling the avatar was a real female or if a man was using a voice changer. Whatever it was, it wasn't important. M4R14 was one of the Technocratic Internationale's hosts, so her position required respect, disregarding their identity in real life. Here, in virtual reality, they were anonymous, at least that's what they were hoping. M4R14's lips didn't move whilst she was talking. Nevertheless, her head was moving during her speech, her eyes were wandering through the audience, looking at every attendant of the gathering. Whoever was controlling her movements must have at least some talent as a speaker as both her choice of words was dignified and the way she gesticulated with her metallic, golden arms mesmerised the audience.
"Sentience is both the greatest gift and the most dangerous weapon humanity has received. In the right hands, it creates farms, cities, tools, foundries, schools, universities, hospitals, libraries, machines, automats, observatories, satellites, space stations and probes that venture throughout our solar system. In the wrong hands, however, it creates tools of violence and murder. It can be used to manipulate the masses to accept horrible fates for the benefit of a few. It can make nations fight one another and exterminate millions. Indeed, the human mind is a double-edged sword. Greed and hatred have given birth to violence and crimes and enslaved millions.
For too long did individual people subjugate and oppress nations and peoples to further their own personal interests, no matter how much blood had to be spilt. Today, we turn the tables on the oppressors. By using the immeasurable power of the human mind and the blessing of sentience we use the weapons of the oppressors against those who want to hold us in chains. Today, we have gathered to celebrate the first Technocratic Internationale, a movement which shall become the foundation of a new order.
We want to create a society in which the power of the human mind is not used for the benefit of the few, but for the benefit of all of humanity. Instead of using the genius of the human race to create weapons of murder, we want to use it to create a better tomorrow. An equal society in which there are no enemies anymore, only brethren. Only a harmonious society can truly prosper and so far, every attempt at creating such a perfect society has failed. However, we, the humans, never stop striving for a better future for our children. In the recent years more and more nations have turned to a new light of hope that might lead the way to world peace. This tool, this system for a more civilised age is Technocracy. Nations such as @Synturia and @Asgeirria have already embraced this ideology and others, most notably the Sunset Sea Islands, my personal country of origin, have taken steps towards it.
Today we have gathered to discuss this ideology, this shining jewel of hope. In the name of all of us, I, and my Synturian partner would like to welcome all of you to the first gathering of the Technocratic Internationale, hopefully, the first of many.
We have invited all kinds of people to our gathering today. Only discussing our ideals in our private circle is counterproductive. By living in an echo chamber no progress can be made and no challenges can be overcome. Beneath our guests are supporters of Technocracy, sceptics and opponents, as well as those, who are simply interested or who have stumbled into this world by accident. By having such a diverse crowd we can find problems in our ideas, previously overlooked loopholes and solutions to problems we could never find within our bubble.
We, the hosts, would like to ask you to keep the discussions civilised, as barbarian quarrels would be exactly what we are fighting against.
Before I give the word to my Synturian counterpart, I would like to wish everyone who attends the first Technocratic Internationale that you will learn something new whilst discussing with the others and whilst listening or holding speeches as well as fun and all the best.
May your civilised discussions lead the human race into a more civilised age. Thank you."
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MjRDeT4.jpgAs the representative of the Sunset Sea Islands had finished addressing the audience, the sound of motorized actuators and metallic clanking followed the Synturian avatar: a model of a KX-series security droid with the Synturian emblem emblazoned on its right shoulder and the Technocratic Internationale insignia on the left. As soon as the tall, bulky yet lanky mechanical figure stepped up front to begin to address its speech, a cacophony of beeps and distorted audio were the first sounds blurted from its mouth speaker. From this,it was apparent that the avatar's voice was awfully processed and artificial. Nevertheless, the avatar began to talk. Though it enunciated the words clearly, the flow of the speech seemed choppy; as if the speech was artificially generated from text. As the avatar 'spoke', its head monotonously oscillated left and right along with the slight whirs and clanks of its mechanical actuators. The rest of its body, a black anodized metal alloy modestly marked with only golden stripes and labeled 'K2S04', slightly swayed along the motions of its head. The avatar addressed the audience directly:

"Technocracy is a system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in their areas of responsibility, particularly scientific knowledge. 

Technocracy points out that, although the use of the natural resources has been wasteful to the extreme, there remains sufficient resources to accommodate the needs of our population with correct management that considers the needs of the environment and society.

Technocracy finds that the production and distributions of physical wealth on a global¬†scale for the use of all citizens can be accomplished only by an accounting of technology ‚Äď a holarchial style of¬†governance of efficiency and function; A¬†technate.

For decades, technocracy has been implemented in Synturia, coexisting and intertwining with the systems of corporatocracy and syndicalism. The technocratic system has well served the ideology of Synturia, which rest primarily on the pillars of transhumanism, scientism, and industrialism. Synturia has demonstrated the fundamental principles of technocracy when the was founded by a syndicate forged from several diverse, multinational multi-industry corporations, private military contractors and scientific research institutions to maintain a near self-sufficient and economically efficient state. with leaders selected on the basis of specialized knowledge and performance. 

The vision of technocracy is dictated by cooperative research and the exchange of working models and processes that encourage people to use energy, resources, and creation of waste in the most efficient ways possible, developing an education system that accommodates multi-faceted and diverse people, with varying learning styles, available to everyone at their levels, and decisions on governmental, social and economic affairs being made based on hard scientific facts with at least the following criteria to be used; advancement/improvement of methods and processes, benefit to man and society, and sustainable in delivery. 

The values of technocracy is driven by equitable access to the basic amenities of life, acknowledgement that society is made up of multi-faceted and diverse people, with varying opinions, exhibiting respect all of opinions, maintaining that all policies enacted and advocated must be inclusive and accessible to all citizens, and establishing that improving the quality of life for all human beings is the ultimate goal."

The avatar backs off and gestures its long, spindly, mechanical arms to the @Sunset Sea Islandsian avatar co-host, M4R14, to provide the audience with a closing statement.




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w9SNj4j.jpgM4R14 and K2S04 moved simultaneously. Whilst the @Synturian representative commanded the audience's respect through it's tall, resilient and slightly intimidating appearance and the mechanical movements of his avatar, the cold grace and elegance of the Sunset Sea Islandian representative didn't let the audience look away for even a split second. She moved to the front of the podium and her moves were perfectly smooth, almost so perfect that they could not be human. To show her gratitude she did a slight curtsy to the Synturian avatar, who then lowered its arm. Her strict eyes and stainlessly beautiful face were the focal points of the gazes of the audience. Then, once more, her tinny, majestic voice sounded through the halls once more.

"Now we should all be standing on common ground. I am greatly thankful to my Synturian partner that they could share their knowledge with all of you, as I am sure that not all of you came here with the same level of information. With this everyone here should be able to participate in the discussion. Whether you will only be asking questions, gathering information or giving your opinion on our ideals, everything you do will contribute to the common cause: a better tomorrow. Please take a look through our halls, there is much to explore.

This central room we are currently in is the great discussion forum. Each of you will have the chance to stand where we are standing and hold a speech, no matter whether it will be a short question, an opinion, a statement or a fully-fledged speech. You will be able to talk directly to those around you and spread your ideas. We are logging the conversations to use the resulting data to improve our movement and refine our ideas. If you leave this hall through the main gate, you will find several doors to your sides. In those rooms, you will find a library with access to information that could improve your discussions, several cinema suites to consume media files, the moderator lounge where you can ask members of our team questions to everything related to the Technocratic Internationale and the administration where you can report problems should such arise. If you leave the building you will find a landscape park designed especially to quicken discussions and bring harmony to the soul. If the main hall gets too crowded for you, please, take a walk and explore this world created just for you. K2S04 and I will be walking through this place as well and if you want to talk to us, feel free to ask, we are here to learn from you as well.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you that you found the time to join us today. As all of us come from different places the local time differs from user to user, we are happy that so many came to this gathering regardless of their situation. Thank you for coming here and for sharing your ideas with the like-minded and those who oppose your opinion. Thank you for your civilised behaviour and thank you for your attention. Let the discussion begin. Long live the Technocratic Internationale!"

With this M4R14 concluded her speech and stepped back so that she was standing next to K2S04 again. Both avatars bowed synchronously as the invisible cameras and the live images on the levitating screens followed their movements precisely. Then, also synchronously, both representatives teleported down to the discussion forum. The crowd started cheering.

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It was expected that many visitors only entered the discussion board out of interest or because the Technocratic Internationale's server was at the top of the server list as a consequence of the high number of current visitors, however, there were definitely more active participants of the discussions than previously expected. M4R14 was happy when she saw that an international crowd was applauding a Sunset Sea Islandian speaker. The young lady seemed to be a part of a pilot project in Sunset City which was meant to start soon. The project's aim was to give out a certain amount of free food to all citizens in an area. M4R14 was pleased with that development, as technocratic visionaries envisioned a world in which every citizen had the chance to fulfil their potential without worrying whether they had earned enough to feed their families. Although this was only a small step, M4R14 appreciated her home country's attempt at making society a little bit more just. But it would take more than that to start a real revolution.

M4R14 ventured through the metallic halls of the virtual world and observed how thousands of individuals discussed many different topics, some less and some more connected to technocracy. Nevertheless, she was confident that once this meeting was over and the analysis was completed, the distilled consensus of all the participants of the Technocratic Internationale would be the perfect material for a manifesto.

One discussion that caught M4R14's attention was a medium group of @Cashari, @Synturians and Sunset Sea Islandians debating about how to make work cycles and society as a whole more productive and efficient. With the help of businesspeople from the group, they were drafting a theoretical schedule on a huge monitor on the wall. According to them, a reformed work schedule would be able to create a system of uninterrupted production and increase the efficiency and profitability of resources and transportation without exploiting the workforce. Over time their draft evolved into a tiled "calendar" with seven groups of people. Every member of a group would have to work four hours a day for four days in a row, followed by a three-day break. The groups were all offset by one day to make services operational around the clock and 365 days in a year whilst still granting every worker a set amount of days off and holidays. Four groups of workers were working whilst the other three were having free time. It was equal and without favour for anyone.

Technocratic Work Schedule
Day of the year 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
Group 1 X X X X       X X X X       X X
Group 2   X X X X       X X X X       X
Group 3     X X X X       X X X X      
Group 4       X X X X       X X X X    
Group 5 X       X X X X       X X X X  
Group 6 X X       X X X X       X X X X
Group 7 X X X       X X X X       X X X

M4R14 was pleased with the productivity of the participants of the discussion and observed them for a while before the continued to walk through the halls. She sent K2S04, her @Synturian partner a message, asking what interesting things he had come across so far.

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