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    • By Fravina
      Fravi Department of Defense and War
      Armament of Fravina
      Army of Fravina
      To the International Community,
      Fravina is seeking to rearm its military in the face of recent aggression from Anglia. We are seeking only what is necessary to act as a defense force within our nation. We are seeking rifles, machine guns, explosives, and armored vehicles. If our budget affords, we would also like to buy tanks and artillery. The budget for Army rearmament stands at USD$3.25 billion.
      Grand General Wilhelm Noyer
      Navy of Fravina
      To @Haruspex,
      Working upon our previous agreements and negotiations, Fravina would like to buy four corvettes, one multirole carrier assault ship, and a frigate from Haruspex International Armaments for USD$2.4 billion.
      To @Seylos,
      Fravina has heard many great things about the ships coming from the ports of Seylos. Thusly, in our quest for Fravi survival, we would like to purchase ships manufactured in Seylos for military use. The ships purchased from Seylos will never be used in aggression and only in defense. The remaining budget for Navy rearmament stands at USD$1.6 billion.
      Grand Admiral Marine Pêcheur
      Air Force of Fravina
      To @Gallambria,
      Fravina is seeking to refit our Air Force for the first time in decades. While our budget for aircraft isn't as high as our officers would like, it is more than enough to purchase effective aircraft. We are seeking to buy helicopters and multirole combat jets from Gallambria. The budget for Air Force rearmament stands at USD$1.5 billion.
      Grand General Lucien Martin
    • By Orioni
      This is Epic History TV's guide to building the perfect castle, based on the development of European medieval castles over 400 years of history.
      Castle origins
      They trace the origins of the castle in the feudal system that emerged in France c.900 CE, and look at the early motte-and-bailey castle, used by the Normans to subjugate England and Wales in the 11th century.
      Castle development
      They then look at how castle's became stronger and more sophisticated, with the addition of stone curtain walls, massive keeps, towers (square, round and D-shaped), as well as powerful gatehouses, barbicans, machicolations and moats.
    • By Orioni
      Learn all about sailing, shiptypes, cannons and more in this worldbuilding video from Randy Ellefson, author of the bestselling The Art of World Building series, and founder of World Building University.
      He talks about:
      Ship terms (mast, yard, etc.): https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=152 Ship rates in the British Navy: https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=369 Long ships (Vikings!): https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=507 Round Ships (galleons, ships-of-the-line, frigates, etc.): https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=624 Ship speeds (by wind and oars) and travel issues: https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=1064 Pirates, privateers, and letters of marque: https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=929 Alternatives to the #cannon for worlds without gunpowder: https://youtu.be/NgSaqOEUwjo?t=1196
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