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Modus Pacis (Mode of Peace).

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Praetor Hector had spent most of the night in the office. Due to the time difference between the Free Port of @Cristina and the Federal Kingdom, it meant he had stayed in the office to catch his Cristinese counterpart at a reasonable time. Finalising their newest treaty - and the Grand Kingdom's first official treaty in almost 10 years - he was now feeling exhausted. His work had paid off however. Finally a new treaty had been drawn up that Adaptus could benefit from. The Free Port had over time developed into quite a close friend of the Kingdom, and the citizenry of both nations were becoming very close. Many in Adapus saw the Free Port as a young Atullia, a free City Sate with a bright future. A heritage Adaptus shared from it's ancient past. 

As Hector pressed his seal upon the new declaration, he passed it onto his aide. Who then carried off the import paper into the morning dawn. 


It is with great honour, we today can confirm the establishment of a mutually beneficial trade agreement between the sovereign states of the Free Port of Cristina and the Grand Federal Kingdom of Adaptus. 

Modus Pacis (Mode of Peace).

This agreement sees the establishment, and continued existence of a mutually beneficial relationship between our two states, where both sovereign nations align their interests on a common shared goal of economic and geopolitical prosperity. 

Key relational goals established in this in this agreement are as follows: 

  • The alignment of trading standards and regulations along mutual grounds to support the free-flow of mutual trade. 
  • The reduction or cession of trade based tariffs and taxes between the two states. 
  • The free exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures between the two states. 
  • The free movement of citizens between the two states. 
  • The exchange of ship basing rights between both merchant, civilian and military navies. 
  • The establishment of cross national bodies and organisations where required to assist in the frameworks and administration of the established goals of this agreement. Jointly funded by the nations involved. 
  • The joint and mutual defence of both parties involved in the event of conflict. 
  • The building and maintaining of Embassies for the further development of shared goals. 


King of the Adapton People:

King Augustus III

Queen of the Free Port:

Nova Maxima Korvin

Witnessed and Officiated: 

Praetor and Secretarius Externis Rebus Hector Theodosis

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The long time waited opportunity to strengthen relations between the Kingdom of Christina and the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus is finally presented. The Cristinese Queen tries to control the euphoria, but the moment is of great importance for the economic and political future of the Free Port.


From: Queen Nova Maxima Korvini, Minister of State Adriana Monadic and the Foreign Minister Antonio Livio

To: King Augustus III and the people of Adaptus


Sincere Salutations,

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we receive the confirmation of the Modus Pacis that will enable the establishment, and continued existence of a mutually beneficial relationship between our two nations.
Such agreement was much expected by the people of the Kingdom of Cristina, that initiated a global expansion seeking to strengthen relations of friendship, partnerships and to make investments in diverse sectors. 

In recent years, the Free Port has been identified as an increasingly popular tax haven due to tax exemptions on foreign-based income and capital gains, attracting a large amount of foreign investment mainly as a result of its skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure. Now we initiate a new stage, being more than willing to make large reinvestments in solid foreign economies and politically stable countries like the Kingdom of Adaptus.

More important is the reaffirmation of the friendship between our peoples, which will be translated into the establishment of embassies, a pact of mutual Defense and, of course, the invaluable gains with the increase of the cultural and technological exchanges that will finally be made possible by this Modus Pacis.

Finally, we are grateful for the people of the Federal Kingdom of Adaptus friendship and wish a future of peace and prosperity to all Adaptons, under the leadership of the good and wise King Augustus III.

Semper Servus,


Queen Nova Maxima Korvini



Minister of State Adriana Galini Monadic



Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Livio

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