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The Chapterhouse Lectures

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OOC: As someone new to the region I was looking for a way of getting to know about some of the key issues, people etc that have an impact today, by reading the stuff on here already its confusing to a new comer what's important and what's something long lost, figured this may be a way of helping me, as well as giving some people an outlet to promote some issues and personalities



Every year the Chapterhouse School invites speakers to come and address our students, alumni and selected members of the general public on a whole host of topics ranging from inspirational life stories designed to spur the students to greatness, to scientists explaning key concepts and ideas to allow students to gain great insight. This year we are asking for speakers across the world to take part in our series of lectures, talks can be on any topic so long as it is either academic or inspirational, we accept speakers of all political backgrounds, religions and nationalities. Those accepted to speak are given accomodation at the school for as long as they wish to stay and arrangements can be made for them to tour the school, surrounding area or meet with members of the national government if requested. Guests are also invited to dine with the students at a meal hosted in the Grand Hall where they are the Reverened Mother's guest of honour. We also fund all travel expenses both to and from Chapterhouse. Talks take place twice a month and we are happy to be flexible with dates.

We look forward to adding to our already impressive list of speakers and hope to be able to extend a warm welcome in the near future.

Best Regards

Lidia Ericsson

Board of Scholars, Missionara Protectiva.

Talk Speaker and Topic
1 Duchess Anna Fremen- 35 years a Truthsayer. The Duchess discusses her life as part of the Sisterhoods paramilitary and at the same time raising a family and running a country.
4 Bryce Harkonnen - To Legislate or Not to Legislate That is The Question. Respected business lawyer discusses the challenges of balancing government control and free enterprise.
8 Vespasian Atreides - Rebuilding The Past- Renowned architectural designer talks about the challenges of keeping old buildings in tip top shape while not destroying their character.
13 Duke Niklaus Corrino - Orchestrating Business - How a background in the arts can lead to succes in business.
17 Agnes McCaul - Engineering the Future - Engineer and busines owner looks at the engineering challenges to be conquered in 2019.
19 Blair MacReachtain - The Wandering Missionara- The global adventures of the 27 year old Truthsayer turned Missionara.

OOC: My idea would be you'd say who you wish to send and what their talk will be on. Then it gives you time to think about what you want them to say (doesn't need to be long at all) to a group of about 600 school girls aged between 14-18 and a selected number of academics. Its a chance to get a foreign policy stance explained, talk about some achievement of your nation, share some cultural ideas or anything else you like, maybe even tell the life story of a VIP from your nation.

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From: His Imperial Majesty's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Utikar
To: Missionara Lidia Ericsson, Board of Scholars, PHD, MD, BCD, CIPM, CTFA, STD, TTSD, YMCA, CNN, AC, DC

Dear Miss Ericsson,

It is our government's understanding that one of your Chapterhouses is in need of lecturers and would like to extend an offer to send Mother-Militant Leudesindal to preach to the girls our faith. We are certain that they will be able to benefit from exposure to the Imperial Truth, as it has acted as the moral basis and guiding foundation of our nation for over three-thousand years. Her sermon shall cover the basic principles of our religion, and its various beliefs in regards to the natural order of things, creation, and the Spiritual.

She will be arrive at the end of next weekend if you so choose to accept.

Thought for the day;

Reason begets doubt; Doubt begets heresy.

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From: Bill Dung, Minister of Education of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands
To: Missionara Lidia Ericsson, Board of Scholars

During the last months, the government of the Sunset Sea Islands has been pleased over and over again with nations showing their respect for the universal values of knowledge and international cooperation. Seeing that the glorious nation of @Kaitaine is following this radiant path fills us with joy, as every nation sharing our common ideals is a stone which will form the fundament of a peaceful and prosperous world.

To further the friendship between Kaitanie and the Sunset Sea Islands as well as to give a motivational speech about the pursuit of knowledge, I, Bill Dung, Minister of Education of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, would like to take up your offer personally.

With pleasure and respect:


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From: Lucy Aamot, CEO of Aamotech Technologies
To: Missionara Lidia Ericsson, Board of Scholars

Missionara Protectiva,

It warms my heart greatly to hear that the traditional Chapterhouse Lectures are returning for 2018. I believe that it is of international importance that young girls around the world learn about female empowerment, success, and pride. The everlasting pursuit of gender equality is at the forefront of the United States of Prymont's agenda, and I believe that Kaitaine is paving the way in feminism and equality.

As a woman at the helm of the world's leading aerospace company, I have endured the hardships and struggles that women in power face every day. Being successful in such a competitive and harsh environment is no easy task for a man, so being a successful woman means I have some tales to tell. Because of this, I would be honoured to speak before your students and alumni about 'The Pursuit of Perfection'. 

Hoping that your year is joyous and rewarding,

Lucy Aamot
CEO of Aamotech Technologies
Part of the Kaldestad Aamot Group

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From: Emperor Syra Aïl III, Emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan and duke of House Aïl

To: Missionara Lidia Ericsson, Board of Scholars

Your excellencies,

As you may know, Astriedan has always been trying to protect and pass on knowledge. We already did it during the old times by telling stories, today we do it trough the Imperial Archives. Thus, it is with joy that I accept your invitation to your talks.

While my duties unfortunatly keeps me in Astriedan, I will send Sornatia Bassus to you, she is the legislator of the Imperial Archiving Bureau, an ancient Imperial Speaker and will talk about "The importance of keeping records of everything"

With all my respects,

Emperor Syra Aïl III, Emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan and duke of House Aïl

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OOC- Changing this slightly. Assume you're all accepted. Instead though of being done in turn, I'll set it up so that its part of a event at the school and so people can deliver their speech/talk etc in any order. If people wish to contribute feel free.



Alternative Curriculum fortnight at Chapterhouse was always interesting, generally the school shut down normal lessons for all except those in the final year of their education and the 14 days were given over to "expanding the Sister's experiences" , be that with cultural events, unique experiences, visiting speakers and sports tournaments. Many of the older girls loved the time because they had a much wider choice and it also gave them some responsibility as they had helped organise parts of it. Erin McGregor was one of the "Student Helpers" who had been part of the "Expanding Minds" Programme, a selection of the great and wise from across Kaitaine would normally come and speak to the girls, their parents, interested members of the public and in some cases other academics. This year however Erin and her fellow student panelists had persuaded Lidia Ericsson, one of the chief scholars at the school, to extend the invitation globally and the returns had been interesting. The girls of the four branches of the Sisterhood all had something to grab their attention, the Mothers would be hearing from @Derthalen's  Mother-Militant Leudesindal and perhaps picking up some new religious ideas. , Bill Dung, would be coming from the @Sunset Sea Islands as a Minister for Education no doubt his speech would appeal to the scholars in the Missionara, they'd also be interested in the aeronautical expert from @Prymont many of the girls taking an interest in sciences. The @Astriedantalk on record keeping would also be one the Missionara would take interest in, after all they did consider themselves rather skilled in that themselves.


The school grounds were currently full of visitors, families of the students visiting, some to watch the inter-house hockey match or the Truthsayer Cadet's Drill Demonstration. There was a constant buzz similar to a kind of music festival around the school's campus that sat just outside Arrakeen clinging to a think strip of flat green land between the sea and the hills that seperated them going south east towards the interior and the desert most people associated with Kaitaine. Lidia Ericsson dressed in her Missionara Protectiva uniform waited alsong with trainee Missionara Erin McGregor, Lidia was used to meeting dignatries, usually from the Holy Houses but having married into one she found that a piece of cake, here we had heads of religions similar to their own Reverned Mother, a government minister and respected experts in their fields. The hall behind them was filling up as those scheduled to speak arrived. Each was greeting in a friendly manner by the duo and lead to a side entrance to the hall, a kind of lounge awaited, large comfy sofas, endless supplies of fruit juice, tea , coffee and snacks, including the nations famous Melange Cake awaited, "Please make yourself comfortable, if you require anything just ask, one of the girls will get you anything you need."  Lidia explained as she checked they had everyone who was due to be speaking. Confident she had the blonde haired Missionara strode onto the stage, a screen behind her showing a rolling montage of the schools activities over the last twelve months, the hall went quiet.

"Knowledge is the most powerful thing" Lidia began addressing the multi-aged crowd in front of her, she spotted young girls with their parents, old students returning for the occassion, she even spotted Duke Niklaus Corrino, a man considered extremely holy by the Sisterhood all sat waiting for their first guest. "As such it is our aim here to make the Sisterhood as powerful as possible, we do that by honing our bodies, our hearts and our minds to do what needs to be done for a better tommorrow. This annual event see's those on the sports field honing their bodies to be as physically perfect as possible, those engaged in the arts and charitable events are developing their hearts, while those of us in this room aim to gather the ultimate weapon in our Sisterhoods aim to save mankind and advance humanity, we seek knowledge. This year we have brought together what I am sure you'll agree is an interesting and varied series of talks, I for one can not wait for them to begin and so please welcome to the stage our first speaker." the crowd clapped politely as a photo of the speaker, their name, their topic and their official titles appeared on the screen behind them. Lidia offered a supportive smile to their guest as she exchanged places with them and took up her own seat at the side of the stage eagerly awaiting their talk. 


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