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Imagine this: Orioni invades Miiros. Somehow the war gets so fierce, and with the lack of foreign support on either side, both combatants send most of their available military force into the battlefield. The only problem is that none of the two have a proper military factbook, so it's unclear as to which nation is more powerful by RP standards. So, both Miiros and Orioni get to work on their military factbooks. Once both are done, Orioni emerges as the more powerful one. Yet, by NS rank, Miiros should crush Orioni. What would happen? I don't really know of any country whose NS rank is totally different, or at least significantly different, from RP rank. But if there is such a country, or if there will be, I would like to ask: Do we have boundaries?

Maybe we should set some rules, or maybe just guidelines, as to how much one can change his rankings. For example, Andalla can make his trout fishing industry just a bit larger in RP, but he can't just step in and say that his trout fishing is larger than Miiros'.

Let's say Ahrana relies heavily off NS rank. He takes much pride in his hard-earned regional #1 arms manufacturing industry, and makes it clear even in RP that his arms manufacturing beats all others. Now Prymont, who ticks the "doesn't give a damn" box on NS rank (Hint: "NS Political Apathy"), writes in his factbook that he has the strongest arms manufacturing even if his NS rank for the aforementioned is quite low. 

My point is this: When a nation's RP rank is tied closely to his NS rank, he would want to strive for good rankings in whatever he wishes to be good at. The point of being an NS region is that we are still connected to our NS nations. And, of course, though we have our RP over here, we should still make something out of what we have.

I don't really know if I make sense, but that's just my two centavos. ;)

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I don't play on NS at all anymore. I think it'd be grossly unfair to limit my RP options to ranks on a platform I don't use.

Expanding on the above (which I wrote just after waking up and is a bit abrupt, so apologies), I think roleplaying on here and on NS are two different kettles of fish. NS is a place where you have to work for your stats, and the solutions for their issues are often ridiculous. Here, your imagination is the limit, and you're free to craft your own nation as you see fit. 

In the case of a war, with two similar military powers, I think it'd require a great deal of OOC discussion and some very high quality roleplaying. Relying on a platform that is quirky and more for fun than realism isn't something I'd do to decide on the results of a war here.

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