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Jerboa Brewing


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Jerboa Brewing is Kaitaine's biggest producer of alcholic drinks. The company started in 1703 from a small pub in the capital of Arrakeen, the now historically protected Leaping Jerboa Inn, it was there that inn keeper Stewart McFarland brewed and served three different variaties of ale, one of which used a small amount of the spice Melange and this brought him to the attention of the Corrino family who promptly placed an order for 100 barrels for their annual Spice Harvest Festival, soon after a major brand was born as people far and wide rushed to the Leaping Jerboa Inn to sample the legendry beer. Now the company that he founded brews four staple beers, and has around a further 12 "Seasonal" beers, the company also owns over 40 drinking establishments across the nation and has exclusive contracts with many top sports venues and hotels. In 1903 the company purchased Lochgallen Distillary and as a result took ownership of a quality whiskey brand. Since then they have also acquired Lofters Gin Distillary and a soft drinks company making them a wide reaching beverage brand.



Still brewed using the recipe that started it all, this is THE legendary beer that caught the attention of the Corrino family and launched inn keeper Stewart McFarland to a fortune. The beer is made from dark hops, however the infusion of the mystical spice Melange gives the beer a rather ruby appearence. Our brew masters describe it as "full bodied and well balanced with a chocolate toffee malt flavour, moderate bitterness and a distinctive fruity character with a ruby red glow". It is one of the most popular beers in Kaitaine and was until 1964 the biggest selling beer in the country until overtaken by its stable mate. Now however it is making a comeback as a "Real Ale Revolution" seems to be sweeping Kaitaine, if not the world.


In 1900 the company was asked to brew a "Light Beer" for the 21st birthday of Erik Harkonnen, once more capitalising on the recognition given by a Holy House the McFarland family brewed a fine quality beer to quench any thirst. Harkonnen Arrakis Lager was born and proved popular both with the Harkonnen family who were apparently more than happy to lend the beer their name, and with the general public. As lagers became more and more popular it was this brand that lead the way, in 1964 overtaking its older brother "Spice Beer" as the nations top selling alcoholic beverage.


First brewed by the company in 1914 it was an attempt to utilise a bumper harvest of honey on the McFarland estate, it worked. The beer was so popular that the year after the McFarland's ended up trying to triple their honey harvest yet still demand outstriped supply. Today the company support several honey manufacturers in addition to still using the traditional hives of their McFarland estate. Hiver is a beautifully balanced, sneakily seductive, golden coloured beer.


First brewed in 1930 as a seasonal beer when Graham McFarland acquired a job lot of Oatmeal in a gambling game. He set about creating a stout using his windfall and the beer flew out the pumps, demand was so great that his gambling buddy got regular contracts to supply the Jerboa Brewery and business went from strength to strength for both parties. The beer has roasty malt flavours of coffee and chocolate, bound to a decadent full-bodied richness.Flaked oats and wheat add to the velvet mouth-feel, with the carbonation adding a honeycomb texture.




Additionally Lochgallen single walt whiskey's are avaliable in a variety of styles and ages.


For anyone wishing to gain supplies of a truly historic beer still brewed by the same family that invented it with genuine care and love the Jerboa Brewery is the company for you.

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