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Breaking News: International Travel Restrictions to be raised!

In a stunning turn of events, Emperor Valentino has decreed that the Republic's centuries of isolation are at an end, following careful consideration by officials at the Regis Celestia. The Keeper of Man announced his decision in a press conference late Wednesday afternoon. He declined to comment on the implications mass immigration might entail, though he did express his absolute confidence in the Asgeirrian people and culture, in a tweet late Wednesday night.

In related news, airports, major retailers, and resorts have all scrambled to update policies in lieu of the coming influx of tourists and quite possibly dignitaries. City planning officials have set aside three adjoining lots in the scenic New City for embassies, pending acceptance by neighboring nations. The construction of the commercial embassy in Valencia has already began, almost as though the Emperor's ownership of ValenCorp has allowed the massive company to preemptively prepare for the decision. It is unclear which nations will be given the first embassies, but one thing can be sure: Asgeirria will never be the same.

In other news, the Grand Army's aging cavalry tanks have been experiencing a rash of breakdowns, failures, and catastrophes. High Command has called for a lifecycle extension upgrade while they find a suitable replacement. Many of the Grand Army's assets, including air units, are nearly decades old, due to a low purchasing budget. Officials are looking at their options, including purchasing a fleet of newer aircraft from an outside producer.

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New decree calls for automation, enrichment

The Emperor has seen fit to decree that industry in Asgeirria move towards automation, citing a lagging production capability as his reason for this move. Additionally, to burn off excess budget left over from the previous year, High Command has seen fit to procure production of missiles, ammunition, and parts for its vehicles in a kneejerk response to issues encountered last year with vehicle failures and supply shortages. Stock in ValenCorp continues to rise, as a result, and as it has been for the past thousand or so years.

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One small step for Elegy, one giant leap for ValenCorp

The first step towards coming out of isolation, international business, has been made as an agreement between a foreign bio-company known as the Elegy Corporation and our own ValenCorp, has been made. This marks the beginning of the internationalization of Asgeirrian business, hopefully, a trend that will increase both domestic production competition and revenue. More to come on this story later.

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Partnerships increasing provincial tension, analyst says

As Choam Extraction and KAP Group are projected to join Elegy Corporation in the business arena, more and more isolationists are becoming disgruntled. Mostly in the northwest provinces, where mining is a way of life, there have been rumblings of strikes and riots. The New Year was expected to roll in with calm. but as Asgeirria progresses towards internationalism, that trend of peace has come into question. More on this later, as the story unfolds.

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BREAKING NEWS: 3 dead, more injured in bomb attack

An explosion rocked the New Town shopping center earlier this evening, killing and injuring bystanders. As reports come in, we know there are at least 3 dead, and countless more injured. Peacekeepers spokesman  say they have a suspect in custody, and are proceeding with questioning. Our hearts go out to the victims of the bombing; all eyes are on the capitol.

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BREAKING UPDATE: Bomb a distraction!

As first responders scrambled to the scene, all eyes were on the capitol. However, as information from the Peacekeeper interrogation and a developing NSF story have begun pouring in, it seems there are greater things at work. There have been reports of a Sector Arsenal being taken over by a militant splinter group calling themselves the Isolationist Commune-Entente, or ICE, as part of their agenda to overthrow the internationalist Emperor. NSF authorities have surrounded the arsenal, but cannot confirm if the guards posted were killed or not. Legate Markus Tuireann has preemptively moved in with part of his personal retinue consisting of 9 AIFVs, 4 Hyena tanks, and 80 men. Reportedly he and his forces are expected to arrive sometime tonight to bolster the forces besieging the arsenal.

More news regarding the explosion; the suspect whose name remains unknown has confessed to working with ICE to distract government forces. The death toll of the blast has risen to 8, and a total of 114 casualties have been reported by local clinics. The New City is on lockdown, with Imperial forces placing the area under martial law until the ICE crisis is resolved. More news to follow.

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Uprisings Continue, Military Readiness In Question

Following a break-out of the besieged rebels holding an arsenal in western Asgeirria late Monday night, Legate Markus Tuireann's retinue was ambushed by a large group of insurgents in a narrow pass leading to the armory. Helmet cam footage shows the lead AIFV being knocked off the road and down a ravine, and it's occupants are MIA, presumed dead. The AIFV behind the lead vehicle was disabled, and its occupants killed as they attempted to dismount. Of the bodies that made it back, 4 men were KIA, while another 16 were wounded. 2 of the 9 AIFVs and 3 of the 4 Hyena tanks were lost in the engagement, highlighting the Hyena's history of failures and the need for a suitable replacement.

The skirmish lasted for 3 hours, ending when the Legate's men ran out of ammunition and were forced to make a rapid withdrawal. Legate Tuireann himself was wounded in the battle, but in his hospital debrief he stated that "...the failure of the NSF to properly respond to the situation properly cost the lives of more than just my men. They sent reinforcements late, and when they did arrive -- we could see them from where we were defending--they came in groups of two or three trucks, eight to twelve men. They were ambushed and slaughtered, we could hear the screams and gunfire it was so close. At one point we broke through to them, but by the time we got there, they were already dead. We lost men trying to get to them, had to carry our wounded back. It wasn't their fault they were sent in unprepared and uninformed, and they fought bravely right until the end. There needs to be a change in NSF leadership."

Helmet cam footage shows Grand Army soldiers making amateur mistakes and making reckless decisions throughout the course of the battle. The military's training program has been called into question due to these mistakes, though they attribute the mistakes to a lack of real combat experience. The Legate had more to say on the subject; "...It wasn't their fault they didn't get the proper training. It's a difficult task to learn a skill from people who have never used that skill in the real world. You have to understand, Asgeirria hasn't seen combat in over two hundred years, and the only person you can blame for that is the past five keepers of man for their excellent policy-making. To be clear though, the Grand Army boys fought valiantly. I never saw anyone try to bolt, nobody froze up. They fought with everything they had, although they didn't have much to work with. I do have to speak for the AIFVs, those things held up well against the enemies. Better than the Hyenas by a long shot. And the A-1 pilots who covered our retreat saved our lives."

Legate Tuireann's words have resonated with both the public and High Command. It is likely we will be seeing a major shift in doctrine for all battlespace units in the following months, and a major revaluation of military equipment in the coming days and weeks.

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Tensions High, Intelligence Low

After a series of brutal raids the past few days, Imperial forces have managed to mostly quell the rebellion by capturing their leader. It is unclear at this time the purpose of his sustained detainment before summary execution, but we hold in good faith that our government has our best interests at heart.

However, domestic unrest is on the rise and the cause is clear: foreign immigrant workers are flooding the country, bringing with them new cultures, diseases, and religions.

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Isla government behind attacks, rebellion

According to High Command analysts and intelligence specialists, the neighboring island of Isla is behind both the bomb attack and the rebellion, seizing its opportunity to destabilize Asgeirria during a delicate time in its history. News of this surprises few, as Asgeirrians have harbored animosity towards the island nation after centuries of conflict starting when the former Asgeirrian colony was taken over by an extremist splinter group in the early 19th century. The subsequent invasion did not succeed in dislodging the rebel government, and the war ended inconclusively after the rebel's invasion force was repelled from the western shores. However, following the weakening of Imperial forces in the colonies, several other island states broke away from the control of the government, resulting in a time of instability for the government.

While the independence of the colonies was not officially recognized, High Command deemed it a needless waste of Asgeirrian lives to pursue the matter at that time, due to the Grand Army's weakened naval forces. Before Asgeirria was able to prepare an invasion fleet, the former colonies had formed a coalition against them, waging a decades-long naval against them, finally coming to a close when the Emperor agreed to sign a non-aggression pact for 100 years. By the time the treaty ended, the general sentiment against a pitched war against hard to attack, easy to defend islands had drowned out calls for a reunification.

However, with these renewed aggressions, High Command is considering its military options. Asgeirria does not take it lightly when its borders are violated, and its innocent people slaughtered. Long have the Isla Coalition mistreated its citizens in their quest for military power, and long has the isolation of Asgeirria had it turn a blind eye. But now stirred by atrocity, it would seem there is a storm brewing in the Aurelian Sea. 

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Stock, Spirits on the rise

As ValenCorp's efforts to outsource and automate their industries continue, their production has risen and prices have been lowered slightly. This is a landmark in Asgeirrian history, as prices have slowly been rising for time immemorial. With more Asgeirrians looking for work than ever, many turn back to the military as High Command plans a budget increase across Defense, Infrastructure, Education, and Public Health. The influx of foreign nationals into the nation has put an increased demand on all of Asgeirria's public works, testing the limits of its efficiency.

However, quality of life is improving in Asgeirria, analysts say. The lower prices have triggered a spike in consumer spending, in turn giving ValenCorp enough profits to give its workers a small raise, in hopes of improving productivity. ValenCorp and its subsidiaries employ nearly 40% of the Asgeirrian population, giving the raise staggering implications for the well-being of Asgeirria. Polls show an increase in support for the Keeper of Man, and in overall satisfaction with life.

Tensions still exist as Asgeirrians observe foreign cultures carefully for signs of assimilation. While many are willing to accept the newcomers and even find their traditions fascinating, the ruling sentiment is that of ethnocentrism, be it for good or bad. However, studies show that this is generally the case in any developing system, and people are generally resistant to change. One of the few exceptions to this rule in Asgeirria is the military, which has embraced the idea, and instituted a policy of accepting foreign nationals into their ranks as a rite of citizenship, assuming they are able to make it in one of the Military Academies. This does tend to be a problem, as Asgeirrians have developed to be much hardier than their foreign counterparts, and many nonnatives find it extremely difficult to perform strenuous labor in the thick lowland or meagre highland air. For this reason, the western parts of Asgeirria are much more popular with foreign workers, though the eastern portion is where most tourists seem to flock.

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Tragedy strikes @Gallambria, relief force mobilized

Following a devastating earthquake in a friendly nation, Asgeirrian High Command is scrambling to prepare a suitable relief force. Lacking dedicated equipment and men for such an occurrence, Imperial authorities have commandeered several ValenCorp cargo ships, greenlit by their corporate sponsors. Supplies, food, and manpower are being sourced as we speak, though the government is taking flak for its sluggish response to the disaster. Having been in isolation for so long, there is no department to handle foreign aid on such a large scale. What few men who are trained and qualified for such an effort are disorganized, with reports of confusing reporting instructions. The government, while well-equipped to deal with the few natural disasters that occur domestically, has no dedicated means of assisting nations so far away. However, military tankers have been redirected to Valencia, should Asgeirrian assistance be requested.

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To Hell With the Coalition!


Following reports of an attack on an Asgeirrian ship last night, the ANS Maine was seen limping into the Valencia harbor this afternoon, with the assistant of one of the Atlas-class support ships. Another report arrived earlier today of a Coalition destroyer attempting to launch missiles against the ANS Spite, which was met with its being struck and disabled by the Spite's main battery. The Spite was able to achieve victory over the enemy due to the high alert status and rapid response of its fleet mates, stemming from the earlier combat seen by the Maine.

Early reports of casualties aboard the Maine put it at 8 dead, 12 wounded. More to follow.

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War declared! Remember the Maine!

Following a brutal and unwarranted attack on the ANS Maine and Spite, the Keeper of Man has decided to respond to these heinous acts in kind--with a declaration of open and total war! All resources will be put towards the war effort, and the production of tanks, planes, and ships has begun in earnest. The Imperator is calling for an additionally 32,600 troops to be trained, effective immediately.

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War Efforts Ramp Up; Immigrant Ships Lower Ramp Down

Following the Emperor's drastic increase in defense spending, the military industrial complex in western Asgeirria has been spinning up, speeding up the production of aircraft, ships, and armor. Several new production lines, including the B-line of strategic and tactical bombers, have been opened up in the Asgeirrian aviation facilities. In addition, the new MBT-1 and Hyena II tanks have been rolling out over the past few weeks. New alloys and designs are being tested for the construction of the hull of the ANS Imperator, High Command's answer for the need of a heavy-hitting, die-hard flagship. The introduction of such a large warship is in response to the losses in the Battle of the Isla Strait, following a statement by Legate Dunwell in a post-battle press briefing:

"There are no "acceptable casualties" in Asgeirria. Glory to the fallen, yes, but we are not in the business of glory anymore. We are in the business of maintaining the welfare and interests of the Asgeirrian people, and those interests do not include dying. As many of you saw in combat footage captured during the battle, the Centurion of the ANS Sovereign chose to pursue glory rather than welfare of his crew. They died gloriously, taking many enemies with them, but their deaths made that victory taste like ash in the mouths of those who survived. Nearly three thousand of Asgeirria's best died on those ships and in the air. Once the smoke had cleared, we had to take a step back and look at what was important. It is clear that the best way to reduce casualties is to modernize both the equipment we use, and the training we administer."

However, this move towards increased industry have worsened the labor shortage already rampant in Asgeirria. With a crisis on the horizon, Regis Celestia is looking at a variety of options, ranging from changing laws to exporting industry. Lowering the full-time working age from 18 to 16 would increase the availability of workers for all types of jobs, but ultimately hurt Asgeirria's educational superiority. Exporting minor industries would free up production capability for the war effort, but would have long-term ramifications. Hiring immigrants to work industrial jobs has been the answer recently, but officials are looking at making military service mandatory for full citizenship, though the effects on unit quality have been brought into question.

More will be reported as the story unfolds.

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Spirits High; Casualties Low

Contrary to expectations based off of the initial bloody battle that seemed to set the pace of the war. High Command took a step back, and revamped their tactics and strategy. Following the relatively bloodless victories earlier this month on Isola , a small island in the southeastern Gulf of Aurelius, public opinion polls have seen an uptick in support of the Imperator. The total losses for the invasion were only 43, 2 of which were pilots who allegedly survived a helicopter crash, but were gunned down by locals.

However, as the occupation has gone smoothly, High Command has decided to sponsor several popular artists to play shows for the island garrisons. From folk artists like the Shaijing Shakes, Valencia and the Machines, and The Murderers, to electronic producers like N38, The Savant, and Cock-eyed Crook will be playing over for the troops over the coming weeks. Some of the artists have even volunteered to perform for the culturally estranged local, though others are wary of exposing themselves to the recently liberated.

As war production increases, domestic prices have been soaring, much to the chagrin of the common man. The Emperor says this will be a temporary setback, and that following a swift resolution to this war, prices and lives will be restored. Although as more and more Asgeirrians are shipped off to war, the daunting issue of the swelling numbers of immigrants has begun to loom in the minds of the nation's conservatives. 

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Out With The Old; In With The New

 Citing concerns over performance issues, High Command has decided to officially retire the A-1 attack aircraft rather than develop a mid-life upgrade for it, as they are doing with the F-2. Going the route of economy of scale, High Command has decided to change production of all F-1 factories over to MLU kits, and shift all A-1 factories over to A-2 production. Additionally, development of the A-4 and B-2 have been cancelled, again due to the new focus on fewer, more voluminous production lines.

Existing F-1s are being brought in to the factories to be converted with the MLU kits, and once work has been finished on them, production of the F-1 line will cease, and all of its factories will be changed to the production of the F-2. Additionally, an MLU kit for the F-2 is in the works, and Asgeirria is projected to see a new, revitalized air force in the coming months are years.

In other news, unemployment rates continue to drop despite High Command's efforts to import labor and implement automation. The planned Hyena II line of cavalry tanks has been halted in production because, as floor managers stated, There simply aren't enough workers to build them.

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Wardogs and Chemical Weapons and Mechs, Oh my!

A citizen of Tarsein, while pursuing his hobby of roleplaying an ultra-realistic nation on a internet forum, has found some interesting information buried deep within the backlogs of the Grand Army's books. Reports of projects involving chemical weapons, as well as the training of attack dogs, and war machines with legs rather than wheels or treads, have been cropping up here and there, but this particular citizen voiced his concern in an open meeting with his sector's Legate, Scyon Tusk.

"Why are we spending money on developing mechs?" He asked of the Legate, "That's not realistic and nobody else is doing it!"

"I mean, define realistic, here." The Legate responded, drawing some laughter from the crowd. "We've got the technology to do it, and we're exploring things that other nations aren't bold enough to."

The reddened, but still cheeky youth had more to say. "And why are we training war dogs? Aren't guns better?" 

"It's a tool in our toolbox, and it can be used in ways a gun, or grenade, can't." Tusk replied, nonplussed. "They're the closest things we have to hunter-killer drones we have right now."

"And how about those chemical weapons? Why are we developing those even though they cause suffering?"

Scyon Tusk paused for a moment, thinking of how best to put the words he needed to say.

"We develop chemical weapons because, while we respect the universal truth that all life is sacred, we must also temper our idealism with realism. All lives are sacred, yes, but on the battlefield I am responsible for the lives of my men, not the enemy's. As soon as they lay down their arms and surrender, we are honor-bound to protect, treat, and evacuate them as much as any civilian or our own troops. However, while they resist the everlasting tide of Asgeirrian blood, they are to be put down, slaughtered, and destroyed by all means possible. That means cluster bombs, mines, IEDS, VBEDs, magnesium bombs, boobytraps, and toxic chemicals raining down on them. For those who resist us, there will be no mercy--there can be no mercy. In my oath I swore to protect those under my charge and defend the ideals for which they stand. Nowhere does it say I do that for the enemy. It is a conflict of interest for me to accept more casualties on my side, to accept the suffering of more of my comrade's families, to spare the enemy some suffering for their insolent resistance. I swore to do everything in my power to secure a future for our children in this harsh world, and I do not take that lightly. That includes the use of unconventional and sometimes cruel weapons to accommodate the needs of my people. Remember the words of Legate Tzun Zhurong: 'Folly is to pursue a humane tool to perform an inhumane task'. This is a truth that is both universal and timeless."

We at The Republic Dispatch find his words honest, wise, and cutting.

In other news, rumors of the development of laser point defenses have been dismissed by government officials as "silly" and "implausible", while the Valencia Shipyards have begun work on several large ships fueled by gasified or liquified coal. Officials there say that the huge coal surplus in Asgeirria needs to be dealt with in a domestic and rational manner, to keep the mining industry healthy. High Command relies on coal surveyors to find other precious metals deep within the Rhennir mountain range, and often in the northern wastes. While some call this a conflict of interests, High Command dismisses this allegation with the oft-used quote, "We keep them on a short leash."

Senior officials in Regis Celestia have released statements that they will be pursuing non-aggression pacts with the much-respected @Gallambrian state, as well as an agreement of free flow of labor force with the Free Port of @Cristina. In addition, they are looking at their options for the employment and modernization of the Coalition islands they have begun liberating. While a certain amount of labor can be moved from the islands to Asgeirria, High Command prefers not to flood the country with refugees seeking an easy escape from the war-torn islands. One of the solutions was to sponsor foreign industry, specifically from the affluent and business-savvy entrepreneurs from the Free Port. However, no official treaties or agreements have been reached as of yet, and all such reports remain conjecture. 

Asgeirria's first fully-automated factory has been completed, to much celebration among senior leadership at ValenCorp. With all robots being maintained by other automatons, the experimental factory has created an entirely human-free environment. There are janitor robots, lubrication robots, fabrication robots, quality-checking robots, even robotic resources robots to assign other automatons to recycling or ordering new robots based on efficiency and replication leave taken. The system has been lab-tested, but will begin operational trials in the coming weeks. The factory itself will be producing very simple items, at first, starting with the start-to-finish production of small toy cars, from casting to assembly and packaging. The entire project costed a whopping 6 billion credits, due to contract reductions resulting from a tight timeline. However, the pioneering of this field for Asgeirrian engineering is a great accomplishment for ValenCorp, and is sure to land them even larger contracts in the future, for the lack of any other competition.

The new III Division has been stood up after several months of organization and training, to be followed by the IV Division, bringing up Grand Army manpower up a total of 57,600 since Emperor Valentino first decreed the expansion of the armed forces. The air, too, has seen major expansions with the introduction of F-1 MLUs in increasing numbers to its ranks, and is expecting a reorganization in the coming months. The navy has also been uneasily eyeing High Command memos for an expected reorg, but has not yet received any such directives.

In related news, operational naval forces have encountered issues stemming from a lack of fleet support vessels, an issue to be remedied by the purchase and upgrade of several container ships and tankers for the purpose of refueling, repairing, and resupplying the surface fleet. 

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New Horizons

The Naval Board has been testing new weapons and platforms lately, and has come to an astounding conclusion: They're spending too much. Looking for a cheap alternative, they have decided to create a new and cheap method of warfare known as arsenal ships. Arsenal ships are large platforms with a large amount of launch systems for missiles, and can be used (if you're not obsessed with an archaic and tactically outdated system dating back to the 40s) to overwhelm and destroy much larger and more expensive ships. The concept has been around since time immemorial; early archers would fire arrows en masse to create a veritable rain of arrows on large enemy units. This tactic has remained effective in some form or another throughout history, and now is being used by the navy to augment their relatively mediocre power projection capability.

In other news, Asgeirrian businessmen are travelling overseas looking to stake their claim in the transport trade, backed by ValenCorp's incentive discounts on Asgeirrian-made freight vessels, aircraft, and vehicles. This move comes from a standpoint of product visibility and advertisement through quality.

"Our stuff is the best stuff, no doubt." Said ValenCorp's spokesperson, when questioned about the move. "We just need to make other people think that too."

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Final Victory?

High Command has successfully annexed rebel islands from the clutches of the Coalition regime, but will this bring stability to the region? High Command has been tracking large fleet movements in the region, which gives many strategic experts the jitters. Things are heating up in the Argic region as well, with the already tense diplomatic environment in those cold wastes growing even chillier. High Command has reported that 'a nice cup of Asgeirrian cocoa might put a smile on the right faces up north', although they are somewhat concerned by the recent spurt of expansion that seems to be going on all at once throughout the world. Another memo circulating in High Command stated 'We need bigger guns. Or more guns. Or more bigger guns.'

Some analysts, however, think that instead of spending even more on wartime supplies, High Command aught to look at domestic matters and invest more heavily in society rather than automation, more bigger guns, and bringing dirty rebels into the 21st century. Officials have not commented on this critique.

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The Naked Truth

Asgeirria has long accepted nudity in many of its sectors, especially the warm western provinces. However, the more conservative eastern citizens are at odds with these free-swinging tourists, complaining that they are infringing on their rights not to feel bad about their own appendages.

Officials have not commented on this, but have pushed flyers for reeducation centers towards districts where these concerns are coming from.

Lysia has reformed the Union from the pre 1945-era, and some critics are concerned, but Emperor Valentino seems excited about another youthful leader in these dark times, and has only had positive, though at times unprofessional, things to say about Protecteur.

The MLU project for the F-1 line has been completed, bringing the aging planes up to speed with the latest computer systems, ECM, and targetting systems.

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Cyrus: Asgeirria's New Champion

The first MBT-1s have rolled out of the shop and into use by Legio I Primus, much to the elation of our proud tanker corps. The Grand Army's first purpose-built main battle tank, the Cyrus is the pinnacle of heavy warfare engineering. This new vehicle has a track record for being reliable, durable, powerful, and exceedingly expensive. However, troops love working with it, officers love commanding with it, and it just looks so good. Who knew that High Command could blend fashion and function so well?

The ticket price on each vehicle is a staggering 12.5 million credits, the project to develop these monsters had a budget in the billions, and development began in 2011 with the shift in foreign policy by the former Island Coalition. High Command has showed the project much favor, pushing increased budgets and generous incentives, even prioritizing the production of the Cyrus over that of the Hyena II. The production of this mammoth, 60-ton land battleship marks a shift in ground warfare policy at the upper echelons of defensive planning, and we wait with bated breath to see the new and wondrous turns that might unfold.

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Asgeirrian Mammoth: Fact or Fiction?


Researchers say they have confirmed sightings of the elusive herd of Asgeirrian Mammoths that roam the northwestern badlands of Asgeirria, far from the eyes of the common citizen. After several months without a sighting, two researchers managed to helicopter hop until they found the herd, numbering about fourteen individuals. High Command has long deployed fresh troops in the badlands for wilderness survival training, although their primary mission is to hunt for poachers. However, changing climate and a lack of genetic diversity in the herd have seen their numbers decline from nearly fifty to just a handful over the past few decades, and the Tuireann Institute says that we will see their extinction within our lifetime, unless work is done fervently for the prevention and mitigation of the biodiversity loss caused by the loss of this majestic species.

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F-4 The Masses

Asgeirria's military is ramping up, with threat levels being raised by High Command, and to meet the need for an aircraft with technological parity to its contemporaries, the Grand Army has begun the production of the F-4 Cobra. The aircraft is a twin-engine, high-endurance interceptor with integration with the most modern sensors, targeting, and ECM systems. It features an dynamically integrated holographic display, giving its missiles the ability to engage in a full 180 degree arc in front of the aircraft. However, these upgrades come at a cost, and the aircraft is about 1000% more costly to produce than its predecessor, the F-2. Some critics have said this is unnecessarily high a price to pay, but High Command is insistent on producing aircraft of excellent quality to meet emerging security threats. 

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To Hold Our Destiny


High Command has issued an order for the recruitment of the brightest and most physically fit young people between the ages of 16-24 for the purpose of training and indoctrination for a journey outside our own world. This astounding decision comes at a time of high world tension, and some critics say that such a move is unwarranted. However, senior officials say that there us a glaring need for a catalyst for growth, innovation, and development in Asgeirria, and stand by their decision staunchly. We look bravely forward to the future, and up hopefully to the stars in these uncertain times.

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Heedful Friends

A formal alliance between Ahrana and Asgeirria has been concluded in Imhullu, marking a high-point in the ever-improving relations between the two nations. High Command will be issuing special passports to citizens of Ahrana wishing to visit or move to Asgeirria, and Asgeirrians* are encouraged to inquire about travel to Ahrana to promote intercultural exchange. In addition to a military alliance, the pact includes both a free flow of labor force movement, and a free trade agreement, to stimulate the economies of both parties, while allowing unemployed workers in Ahrana to move to Asgeirria with greater ease, temporarily abating overemployment and unemployment issues.

*Citizens from former Coalition territories must complete mandatory reeducation and finish their probation period without incident before being allowed to travel outside of Asgeirrian territory.

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