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[OOC] ATARA Founding Ceremony

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@The Eurofuhrer, you've already been accepted into this organisation. See our sub-forum for details :)

As the founding ceremony is already underway, it's a bit tricky to shoe-horn you in. Since you've already joined, all you need to do is submit a delegate form on this Application Thread, and we'll be inviting you to any upcoming org events.

Templates for the application forms are on the ATARA Sub-Forum. Please note that for your case, you only need to fill up and submit the DELEGATE APPLICATION FORM.

Cheers and glad to see you back Euro-Foo! 

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    • By Iverica
      The Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association would like to formally commence the registration process for the First General Assembly (Tentative opening on the 21st of May, 2018). Please respond accordingly. Registration closes on the 20th of May, 2018.
      Thank you for your notice.
      Any questions regarding the Association should either be sent via personal message to @Iverica or posted on the #atara Discord.
      All posts on this thread before the opening date shall be hidden and deleted.
    • By Iverica
      A monthly periodical co-written by volunteer writers from ATARA member states.
      Know what the Association is up to! Issues online and in print.

      CREDITS TO: @Gallambria AND @Variota both excellent writers that made headway into what I think is the first cooperatively written news thread.
    • By Prymont
      Lorraine Duval
      Foreign Affairs Minister
      USP National Party
      United States of Prymont
      Hilly Geeferskost
      Minister of Economic Issues
      Het Huisselant Variota
      Dear Madam,
      Recent economic advancements in the United States of Prymont have allowed our local substantial automotive industry to thrive. The KAP Group, headed by Erik Bruun, oversees KAP Limited and Visto Cars in Prymont, alongside Esé Automóviles in Iverica. After acquiring Visto Cars only three years ago, KAP Group has found itself in a suitable financial position to consider investing in other foreign manufacturers to expand its reach and improve the quality of automobiles worldwide. I write on behalf of Mr Bruun of the KAP Group, who have selected Altvarna Automotive as a satisfactory investment opportunity. I would like to request an independent, authentic valuation of Altvarna Automotive so I can assist Mr Bruun on an investment price recommendation.
      I also write on behalf of Ms Lucy Aamot, CEO of Aamotech Technologies, Prymont's leading aerospace company. Due to recent budgeting reviews, Aamotech Technologies have decided to reduce their offensive manufacturing allocation by 60%, but still wish to arm their units appropriately. Together with Ms Aamot, I would like to approach GFWFA Varinco to purchase armaments and specialised modification kits for select Aamotech products. The Government of the United States of Prymont are willing to partly fund employment drives in Het Huisselant Variota to achieve the development and production requirements of these purchases. Should this transaction go smoothly, the United States of Prymont Ground Force are considering updating their infantry equipment, and may be persuaded towards GFWFA Varinco.
      I thank you for your time, and look forward to your response.
      Yours faithfully,
      Lorraine Duval
      Foreign Affairs Minister of the United States of Prymont
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