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Dave made me do it

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Hi folks, I'm Libby a Frank Herbert obsessive, I also have the misfortune to live with Dave (Morheim).

I've been looking for somewhere to unleash my Dune inspired Celtic nation (Think Scots and sand, probably means sunburn) and Fleur de Lys and Dave suggested this region was a good one so here I am. Looking forward to introducing you all to sandworms and crazy drug fuelled religious ceremonies.

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Good morning Libby. Welcome to Europa. We hope you'll find what you need. Our community is welcoming and open.

Although we don't have many desert nations, I'm sure this can be accommodated somewhere on our huge globe.

Are those wyrms a known sighting or draped in myth?

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Essentially what I've done to make it actually realistic is that their a species of worm that lives in the desert (about the same size as an Earthworm) but that because they live in sand they've developed a hardened skin. They get "farmed" for the Spice. Mythologically speaking it's believed that because humanity has essentially messed up the planet the poor old sandworm has shrunk over the years, and at one time the giant beasts grew up to 100meters long in the deep desert.

Hope that fits in Ok with the regions lore and realism stuff.

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