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The Medani Monitor is a leading independent daily newspaper. The Medani Monitor and its magazine publications, as well as the printing press of the newspaper, are located in Meda, the largest city in Eastern Orioni.

The newspaper was established in 1972 as The Monitor, and relaunched as the Medani Monitor in June 1975. The paper asserts that its private ownership guarantees the independence of its editors and journalists. The Medani Monitor has been involved in many controversies in its history and is known for its fierce nationalist-republican opinion stories.

In June 2017, it had an average daily circulation of just below 60.000, down 75% from its peak in 1990. The Sunday edition had a circulation of just over 97.000.

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Orioni officials fear burning oil tanker may explode


:pic: Smoke and flames coming from a burning oil tanker at sea off the coast of eastern Orioni.

MEDA, Orioni -- An Orioni oil tanker on fire for two days after colliding with a cargo ship off the coast of east Orioni is at risk of exploding and causing a major environmental disaster, authorities warned today as they raced against time to rescue 32 missing sailors.

Crew remains missing

Rescuers recovered an unidentified body believed to be that of a missing crew member of the tanker Zanxi. Meanwhile, the search is on for the missing crew members, Foreign Councillor Andrew Pipkin told the media. Thirty-two crew members, including 30 Orionii and two @Miirosi, went missing after the tanker carrying 136.000 tonnes of oil condensate from Orioni to @Cristina collided with an @Iverica-registered bulk freighter and caught fire on Saturday in waters about 160 sea miles east of the Orioni mainland.

Fire difficult to combat

A huge fire continues to rage around the tanker, with thick black smoke billowing from the vessel and the surrounding sea. Authorities and environment experts fear a major environmental disaster in the Oriental Ocean as the tanker continues to leak oil. Officials said the tanker could explode and create a massive oil spill in the area. The 274-metre tanker Zanxi is "in danger of exploding or sinking", Pipkin said. Pipkin said the Orioni coastguard had sent several ships to the site, but the environment and conditions on the sea are not favourable. The relentless fire hampered the search and clean-up operations.

Environmental catastrophe looms

About the concerns of a major oil spill Pipkin said, "We also have dispatched cleaning vessel to the site. We are also investigating to prevent any secondary disaster." Rescuers attempting to reach the site were being beaten back by toxic clouds. Condensate is an ultra-light version of crude oil. It is highly toxic, low in density and considerably more explosive than regular crude oil. Bluepeace in a statement said it was "concerned about the potential environmental damage that could be caused by the 1 million barrels of crude oil on board." According to reports their own estimates, this collision has the potential to cause the worst such oil spill in decades. Environment experts have expressed fear that the accident could create a massive environmental disaster and kill off marine life across a wide area.

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Orioni oil tanker sinks off eastcoast as official says no hope of survivors


:pic: Officials play down fears of environmental disaster after vessel carrying 136,000 tonnes of crude oil goes down

MEDA, Orioni -- An Orioni oil tanker has burst into flames and sunk, eight days after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of east Orioni, according to state media. An O'polis official said before news of the sinking that there was no hope of saving the 30 missing crewmen. Government officials have played down fears of a major environmental disaster.

The Zanxi, carrying 136.000 tonnes of light crude oil from Orioni, had been in flames since colliding with the CF Claridad, a @Iverica-registered bulk freighter, on 9 January. At about midday on Saturday local time, the ship “suddenly ignited”, with the vessel burning fiercely and a pall of smoke about 800-1.000 metres high, Orioni's transport council said, releasing dramatic pictures showing the tanker obscured by thick black smoke. The ship later sank, the independent news agency Roiters cited the coastguard as saying.

“There is no hope of finding survivors among the members of the crew,” Home Councillor Nijo Kujo-Michiie told Roiters broadcaster in O'polis before the tanker went down. Councillor Kujo-Michiie said information from members of the Claridad’s crew suggested all personnel on the Zanxi had been killed in the first hour of the accident “due to the explosion and the release of gas”. Rescue efforts had been particularly difficult because, at 89°C, the vessel’s compartments were too hot for workers to withstand for long. “Despite our efforts, it has not been possible to extinguish the fire and recover the bodies due to repeated explosions and gas leaks,” she said.

The Zanxi, which was headed to Iverica to deliver its cargo, had a crew of 32 – 30 Orionii and two @Miirosi. Only three bodies have so far been recovered. On Saturday, Orioni rescuers recovered the tanker’s “black box”, the Transport Councillor Elisabeth Hakushaku said without specifying exactly what had been retrieved.

A reporter with Roiters on board a plane from the Oceanic Administration reported seeing wreckage from the Zanxi and oil on fire, and spilt fuel covering a 10 sq km area. “The oil spill situation is very serious,” Roiters quoted the reporter as saying on social media. The broadcaster earlier also cited Robert Yong, a senior engineer with the Oceanic Administration, playing down fears of a spill. “Because this is light crude oil spill, relatively speaking it has a much smaller impact than other oil spills, because this kind of oil is especially volatile – most of it has entered the atmosphere, so it’s had less impact on the ocean,” Yong was quoted as saying. “This area should be considered the open sea, very far from places where people live, so the human impact should be minimal.”

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Government needs to end the monarchy

A column by Bron Urgundy.

SAN CRISTOBAL, @Mauridiviah -- There is a close relationship between the monarchy and the government. While the Sibiseba makes all important decisions in modern times, the Empress still gives “final approval” and signs off on all of our laws. But Empress Joni shouldn’t get involved in the running of government and we expect her political neutrality.

Something you might not know about the Empress and her relationship to the government is that the line of succession is in fact determined by the constitution. This means technically the government could just decide not to have a successor and the monarchy would die with the current monarch. But it wouldn’t be that simple. For centuries we have interwoven the monarchy and government. And so abolishing it would require a change in the constitution, which would be a long and controversial process.

There are those like myself that would prefer to see it happen. The republican movement in Orioni announced it would campaign in the 2019 elections to make the case for holding a referendum on the future of the Imperial Household. It was possible in the @Sunset Sea Islands. So why not here?

Ripebiliki is a grassroots organisation which has over 10.000 members and 50.000 supporters. The organisation makes the argument that our monarchy is not a “harmless tourist attraction” but instead has a history of abusing public finances and intruding in politics.

Hiram Simizi, leader of the Ripebliki, says his organisation will hold a referendum as soon as possible once the people elect his party to the Sibiseba. He believes a period of transition of 12 months will provide enough time to settle all affairs and transform Orioni into a functional and more democratic republic. 

I support the ideas of Mr Simizi. The concept of monarchy is outdated. The people deserve a new start. At first, it may feel slightly odd, perhaps even jarring for many people. But many people will also support a change in the head of state.

Think about it. We’ve got this Empress being elevated above us without debate or even our say into what’s going on. The concept of inheriting a job is ancient and no longer of this time. We’d be doing the Empress a great favour by ridding her of these shackles she was born into.

And in fact, for those of you who remember their history, we‘ve done away with the monarchy once before in our history. In the 1000s and 1100s, we abolished the monarchy and exiled the Empress. This was the beginning of the Medan Rehabilitation. Sadly, the Monarchy was restored after 1174 by the renegade and traitor Seymond Adhamed.

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The Timos Prize Committee should be fired

A column by Oladois Gufov.

The Timos Prize Committee has no shame. Days after it announced the recipients of this year's prize, we find out the economics prize is a fake. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

The economics prize was to be shared by economists from Seylos and Variota. Their nomination was for their work on transitioning Zaspa from the first nation to the second. But, as we find out this week, such a transition never even took place. When contacted about this, representatives from either governments declined to comment. Neither nations have communicated anything about any sort of deal.

In fact, the exact opposite seems to be happening. Several reliable sources which prefer to remain anonymous claim the Seylosi navy using its power projection to show its displeasure over this whole 'Zaspa Affair'.

The decision to award this prize is no mere wrinkle for the time-honoured Timos Prize. No, the problem is much more profound.

By deciding to present Variot ownership of Zaspa as an accomplished fact, the Committee has shown its political preference. If the economics prize is affected by this, how can we be sure about the other laureates? What hidden agenda is involved in choosing one nomination over another?

Let's have a look at the peace prize. Was the Cussian coalition snubbed because Chairlady Pristo prefers the Occidental conflict to fester?

How about the so-called Laren conference. We all know climate change is a hoax. The Eurth's climate has always changed. In fact, plants need carbon dioxide to survive. Renewable energy is just a money-making scheme, which won't work when it's cloudy or not windy. Animals adapt. Studies show polar bear numbers are increasing.

And don't get my started on the Gallambrian mouthpiece. How convenient to affirm their press reliability. Everyone knows the EOS and Gallambria are conspiring to overthrow the legitimate government in peaceful Bainbridge Islands. Nothing but warmongering.

I hereby submit the proposal that this matter has to be referred to the Andro police for investigation.

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