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Kingdom of Gallambria | Diplomatic Affairs Office

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On behalf of His Majesty King Albert II, the Government of Gallambria wishes to extend an invitation to all nations and
international organisations within Europa to establish a Diplomatic Mission in Bromwich, our nations capital.

If you wish to apply, please follow the following link and complete the application form:



1. The Socialist Federation of Ahrana - General Matasha Ivanof
2. The Holy Empire of Derthalen - Mother-Militant Leudesindal
3. United States of Prymont - Ms. Vera Grimstad
4. The Orioni Empire - Mr. Ernie Buana

5. Republic of Iverica - Mr. Andrei Constantino
6. The United Republic of Qardania - Mr. Albon Qorin
7. The Worker's Repubic of Fulgistan - Mr Abdullah Qian
8. The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium - Fotia Gemista
9. The Oyus Matriarchy - Kayleigh Hani




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    • By Nyanta
      The Commonwealth all over the wurld: The Foreign Office, located on the Pelecena Marketstreet in Arkos, and its network of diplomatic missions around the globe shape Commonwealth foreign policy.
      This includes the analysis of wurld politics and crisis management on an international scale, the protection of human rights and the promotion of cultural exchange.
      Arthur Cornwall Minister for Foreign Affairs opens the new Foreign Office with these Words. "We came to stay we already opened our Office for Foreign Economic Affairs, and now It's time that we not only open our Nation for Economic interests but also for Diplomatic options all over the Wurld. It is time that we as a Nation reach out to our Neighbors and Nations all over the Wurld to form a strong Connection between all of us. "
      Chancellor Nyanta Akamura and President Evie Aksoy were there to open the Office Formally and holding a short speech. "We have done something a lot of Nations have done before us and we are very Proud of that step, It's time that we show the Wurld who we are and what we can offer. It's time to share our Values and Ideas with the Wurld and enter a new Age of Foreign Affairs. I hope strongly that this won't only Solidify our Nation as a whole but also bring us Prosperity and long-lasting Peace" -Chancellor Nyanta Akamura 
      The Festivity was a big event and the first Official Statement of the new Government. After the Festivity was over the Heads of Government both got back to the Federal Diet Building while  Cornwall startet his work as Foreign Minister.  
    • By Rhodellia
      The Department of State (DOS) is the Kingdom of Rhodellia's foreign ministry. On behalf of the monarch of Rhodellia, King August III, as an executive department of the Rhodellian central government, the DOS is entrusted with advancing Rhodellian interests wurldwide. It pursues the nation's foreign policy, maintains international relations through various diplomatic missions, advises King August III and the Prime Minister (currently Philip Seymour) on matters of external affairs, supports Rhodellian nationals around the Wurld with many helpful services, and represents Rhodellia at the Entente of Oriental States (in which the nation has maintained 'Observer' status since 2017). Through the Bureau of Crown Affairs, the DOS also supports the King and the House of Rödel in their interactions with foreign dignitaries and other royalty and nobility. The DOS also oversees political parties within the Rhodellian Parliament that conduct their own international dealings independent of the government, such as the Rhodellian Socialist Party and The Communist Party of Rhodellia.
      A brief history of the Department of State
      Rhodellia has engaged in international relations since its origins in 1594, as the Empire of Dolchland's Aurelian colonies in the Gulf of Auriel, in and around Waldseemüller Bay. The governments of individual colonies conducted war, trade, and diplomacy with various Native Aurelian chiefdoms, kingdoms, and empires in and around the Waldseemüller Bay region. The Waldseemüller Bay colonies unified as the Rhodellian Commonwealth in 1643, and were granted increased rights and powers. Through the newly established Department of Foreign Affairs, the Commonwealth was permitted to maintain its own international relations with non-Native Aurelian countries in an official capacity, albeit with significant oversight and veto power from Dolchland's imperial government in Argis. In 1753, the Commonwealth voted to accept full independence from Dolchland and establish its own constitutional monarchy, transforming into the Kingdom of Rhodellia the next year in 1754. Rhodellia has since pursued its own foreign policy and its own international relations, on its own terms, via the newly established Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Shortly after the November Revolution of 1922, as part of the Günther administration's radical government reforms, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was renamed and reorganised into the modern-day Department of State.
      Foreign relations today 
      The Prime Minister, the House of Rödel, and the DOS continue to receive and communicate with foreign leaders, foreign dignitaries, and any other interested parties willing to engage with Rhodellia. 
      The DOS is headed by a Secretary of State, a Cabinet official who serves as Rhodellia's chief diplomat and representative abroad. The current Secretary of State is Kurt Ritter von Oberstein, who was nominated by Prime Minister Phil Seymour to succeed Takoda Wagner in January 2021. The department is headquartered in the Saint Dreyse Building at 1862 Rifle Street, Friedrichstadt.
      The official residence and executive office of the Prime Minister of Rhodellia is 7 Rommel Street, in Friedrichstadt.
      The House of Rödel operates and resides in many historic castles and forts across the country, but the monarch of Rhodellia's main residence and administrative headquarters is Gottesberg Citadel in 1 Headquarters Lane, within the Gottesberg star fortress complex, which is in turn located along Waldseemüller Avenue on the Gottesberg beachfront.
      Rhodellian foreign policy
      In condensed terms, the Kingdom of Rhodellia's foreign policy can basically be summarised as followed:
      Safeguarding Rhodellia, its citizens, and its allies. Fostering goodwill and cooperation between Rhodellia and other countries on Eurth through diplomatic, academic, and cultural exchanges; military cooperation; collaboration in joint projects; assistance with nation-building efforts; and humanitarian missions. Increasing Rhodellia's economic prosperity through negotiating mutually beneficial trade agreements with other countries, assuring continued access to international resources and markets, and promoting foreign investment in Rhodellia. Promoting and protecting freedom, liberty, democracy, and human rights across Aurelia and the rest of the Wurld. Contributing to wurldwide nuclear disarmament and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. Addresses
      Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Rhodellia and Chairman of the Rhodellian Socialist Party Philip 'Phil' Seymour - 7 Rommel Street, Friedrichstadt, Königsheim Province, KI1L FS1
      King August III, House of Rödel - Gottesberg Citadel, 1 Headquarters Lane, Gottesberg Fortress, Gottesberg, Königsheim Province, GF0A GB1
      Secretary of State Kurt Ritter von Oberstein, Department of State - Saint Dreyse Building, 1862 Rifle Street, Friedrichstadt, Königsheim Province, WA4R FS2
      Assistant Secretary of State for Crown Affairs Roland Ritter von Emmerich, Bureau of Crown Affairs - Saint Mauser Building, 1898 Rifle Street, Friedrichstadt, Königsheim Province, WA4R FS2
    • By Zaxar
      Greater Zaxar Foreign Relations Office             
      This is where Zaxar foreign policy changes and statements will be posted as well as any diplomatic statements or outreaching by other nations that do not require their own thread.
      Please feel free to ask any questions about our current foreign relations policies that may impact your nation or its interests. This is also where business deals and contracts will be managed until a more suitable location is established.
            Emperor: William Zaxar I
      Minister of Foreign Relations: Maurice la Vaneu
      Minister of Finance: Nicholas von Kenne
      Grand General: Leon Varxsos
      Grand Justice: Alberto Patrar
      Current Embassies:
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