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The Pact of Arms

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The Empire of Byzantium Nova and Principality of Sevrun have hereby agreed that for their mutual good it is necessary to sign a treaty of arms.


The treaty will be as follows:


1. Both parties will in any circumstances come to aid of the other party if either one is in danger or has been involved in military or diplomatic conflict unless the cause of conflict is clearly against mutual good.


2. Both parties have permission to move their military units trough other party?s area after noticing the other party of the movement.


3. Both parties accept to notify other party if they are negotiating about military matters with third party. Also both parties agree not to sign any alliances with third parties without discussing with another party of this pact.


4. All members of the pact will gain discount on Sevrunian manufactured arms. This discount stacks with discount already provided to ECA members. Sevrun will also gain discount on Byzantine products referred in separate pact. The amounts of discounts are to be set in the beforementioned separate pact. The matters discussed and agreed in former trade pact between Byzantine Empire and Principality of Sevrun will be also in effect by this pact.


signed by:

Queen Maria of Sevrun

Emperor Andronicus of Byzantium Nova

Federal Governement of Great Kings

President Hartman of Tamurin

Hurricane Eric of the Allied States of Meteorola

Emperor Kano of Amnalos

Tribal Tribunal of Mongol-Swedes

Bloodbather IX of Paranoid Schizo



(OOC: I?ll do this properly very soon(2th April))

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To Burgundy-Brabant we can tell that we (the Byzantines) have no intentions to invade you. Also we do not believe Sevrunians do have any such intentions. If you wish, we could however negotiate this further but it would need Sevrunians also taking part in negotiations. We suggest you contact them if you wish.

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The S.S.S.S. objects to such a pact as it is only a ploy for two warmongering nations to police Europa as they see fit. We would like to see other nations stand up to these territorial bullies and bring peace to the region. The S.S.S.S. officially cut off any contact, trade or talks we had with either nation.

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From: Sevrun

Subject: The Pact


We think you're overreacting a bit over this due to other circumstances.


As it is, the people of Sevrun and Byzantium Nova have been allies for a long time, this pact was to extend that friendship into a formal military and economic alliance.


We have no plans to 'police the region', despite what you seem to think. That kind of thing is very bad for business. Our involvment in the current war is in order to assist our allies and in retaliation to an attack on our shipping.


Nor are we 'warmongers'. Yes, we chose to ignore your attempt to establish peace talks, but there was a reason for that, beyond the simple fact that the Imperial Tamurin faction is nothing more than a group of extremist terrorists who are attempting to overthrow their government by mass assassination and despicable tactics (perhaps you are not aware of this, but they have loaded every last strongpoint of their military with civilians, POWs, etc. to try and prevent the use of artillery and air strikes against them).


You have nothing to fear from this alliance.


For Greed and Glory,


Jacob Taren



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To: Byzantium Nova, Sevrun

From: Great Kings

Subject: Wish to join



Greetings Great Friends,


Although we are not very active in rp, we, the Federation of Great Kings, request to become a member of your military alliance. What we have to offer is not little: full and free passage through our nations channelsystem, with the opportunity to refuel and resupply in the nations capital Regno. I request that you consider this offer. We believe that it could and would greatly improve the traffic between both your nations.



The Federation of Great Kings

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Again today is a sad day for the region of Europa. Another nation has joined this league of domination and is committing crimes against the region for even thinking about joining these two horrible nations. After what we have see them capable of in the last few days I am appauled that you would even consider this. Great Kings have made a great mistake. 64,000 children were killed at the hands these nations and another one stands in line to join. Where is the rest of the region? We must pull our resources and unite to rid the region of these warmongers (OOC: god i love that word!).


President Pot

Stoned Smurfs



(OOC: Hey Great Kings! nice to see ya around again! didnt know if you were still with us or not. stop by and post in the general thread every now and again!)

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The Government of Paranoid Schizos is gravely concerned at this turn of events. Byzantium Nova has proven to be great friends and neighbours to us and has lent us troops in our hour of need.


While we have no desire to join this pact, any attack on Byzantium forces will be seen as an attack on The Armed Republic.


We urge caution and tact on all sides.

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To: All Concerned Nations

From: Sevrun

Subject: Please ignore the bitter old man


Despite what President Pot of the SSSS seems to think, this pact has no ulterior motive. It is nothing more than a co-defence alliance between our nation and Byzantium Nova.


As for the recent turn of events, consider this.


The KSats were used only because of the ultimatum Jaihu gave us regarding their so called 'doomsday weapon'. Rather than take the risk that they might be bluffing (they catapulted captured villagers into enemy formations for god's sake), we struck first with an untested weapon.


It unfortunately turned out to be a mistake. Somewhere along the line there was an unforseen error in our calculations. The strike, while intended to almost entirely AVOID civilian centers and hit only military targets, somehow ended up doing the opposite.


Would a warmonger issue a formal, public apology to the people it had wronged due to an unforseen error? Would a warmonger pull its army back and withdraw from the conflict after issuing such an apology?


I would advise the people of Europa to take a look at all our actions, and not to judge us because of a system glitch. We've abandoned the KSat project because of this disaster as it is anyway. The remaining satalites have been put into rapid decay orbits, and will burn up in the atmosphere, course is plotted so that any rubble that survives reentry will land in the middle of the ocean, away from shipping lanes.


-Jacob Taren

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