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Hellenic Russia Operations


Operation: Dark Weather

(Ongoing Operation: July 1, 2017-Present) 



"Dark Weather" is a Special Security Office (SSO) operation launched on the 1st of July, 2017 as a response to an increased level of threat detected from the Hellenic Russian (now international) "Circle of Death" (COD) Terrorist Group. The SSO Division for Analytics of Foreign Threats (DAFT), in a prior report, has placed COD operatives and operations on top-tier watchlists. On October 29, 2017, Corregidor High Command (CHC) issued orders to the SSO for a pre-emptive intelligence sweep on both home sovereign territories and Hellenic Russian soil.

On January 1st and November 1st, 2017, operatives [||||||||||||||||||||] were deployed via [||||||||||||||||||||] insertion from [||||||||||||||||||||]. Sub-operations to gather relevant intelligence, infiltrate COD or Hellenic Russian state positions were green lit by CHC.

Dark Weather is listed as an on-going Black Operation--conducted under authority from General [||||||||||||||||||||] of the Júnt Capos dei Armaté Servicio, enacting Nation Security Statue A.0616, presenting the SSO with operational authority without total government oversight and allowing plausible deniability from the Executive Ministry and other non-military state officials. As such, SSO Agents conducting Dark Weather are expected to execute their objectives with the most effective covert methods available to them--not barring the use of force outside of SSO Normal Rules of Engagement. Agents of Dark Weather are also notified beforehand and required to sign both Non-Disclosure and Possible Disavowment Contingency Agreements.




(1) Phase Alpha (Day 1-60)- Gather Intelligence on COD Operations, Chain of Command, strategies, tactics, and other operating trends or procedures via observation

Objective Able 1- Conduct observation via secure methods (ocular observation or auditory tapping)  for first-hand analysis of the AO's dynamics.


(2) Phase Bravo (Day 61-90)- Infiltrate COD, and if necessary, Hellenic Russian State Offices.

Objective Baker 1- Network with possible personnel as possible sources/Grey Assets

Objective Baker 2- Generate analysis of in-organization administrative structures or networks.


(3) Phase Charlie (Day 91-Indefinite)- Create/Acquire a Grey, Red, or Black Asset capable of aiding operations.

Objective Chalk 1- Acquire an asset capable of assisting in the gathering of reliable and/or low-latency intelligence.

Objective Chalk 2-Aquire an asset capable of assisting in (contingency) direct action.


Operation: Cold Wind

(January 3, 2017) 



"Cold Wind" is a Special Security Office (SSO) operation launched on the 3rd of January, 2018 as an escalation of Operation Dark Weather. In this operation, agents will use acquired intel and assets collected over the past five months to prepare designated zones within Hellenic Russia for deployment and assault by [||||||||||||||||||||] and  [||||||||||||||||||||] forces


Not Available/Classified at this time.


Operation: Black Snow


Document Sealed

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