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Red crisis

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Astriedan's News Agency special report


The 01/01/2018 at about 07:00 pm, a group of armed people entered the Obsidian Bank building in Dernione, taking control of the main floor, the 1st floor and the underground safes. the Merter army have been deployed and the building is currently under siege. According to the Merter army, the armed group "didn't showed any signs of wanting to escape", excluding the possibility of a heist. The nearest buildings have been evacuated but a currently unknown number of employees are still trapped in the Obsidian Bank building.

Even if the motivations of the armed group are still unknown, this attacks correlates with the beginning of a series of demonstrations of the Astriedanian Left Union that are supposed to last for the entire week, spanning across all Astriedan.

Stay tuned for more news will be coming soon.

Colegard Palace, 10:00 pm


Adrian Colegard entered one of the many sitting rooms in the private part of the palace. Even as a child he always liked to wander around this part of the palace, admiring the gorgeous decorations and statues. Now that he was the emperor he didn't have much time for such things. Today was supposed to be one of the very rare days in the year when he could just relax as Astriedan was (for once) a calm country. No crisis, no disputes between houses to settle, no disturbance from those pesky smaller nobles. Or at least that was what was supposed to happen today, but reports from the assault of the Obsidian Bank in Dernione showed that the attackers were heavily armed and unwilling to give up the siege. In other circumstances, Adrian would be upset about that, but this attack was actually part of a bigger plan.

One of the doors opened as an imperial servant allowed Adrian's daughter to enter. She was wearing her black and yellow uniform of the Colegard Army, where she held the rank of commander.

"-Leave us! said Adrian to the imperial servants guarding the room.

-You wanted to see me, father?

-Yes, I guess you have seen the special news report about the bank assault? they leaved the room and started to walk along the corridors of the palace.

-Indeed, the high command of our army is nervous, they fear that the communists are behind the attack and that they are planning something big.

-Just as planned. Your brother have done well, it's time for us to move to the next part of my plan.

-So, what do you need me for?

-You see, the Merter army is struggling, they've asked for backup from the Imperial Forces.

-You want to seize this opportunity?

-Exactly, I don't plan on giving them any support whatsoever, they have a far too strong influence in the Imperial Council. It's time for the other houses to remember how terrible the Merters are at defending their people.

-Don't you fear that they will expose your refusal to the other houses?

-They won't, they can't admit that they asked their biggest rival for help not even 24 hours after the start of this crisis. They would lose respect from their supports.

-But where do I fit into your plan?

-Listen, once we get the "confirmation" that the attackers are communists, I will ask the IISB to push the radical communists our agents managed to unify to launch a series of attacks across Astriedan. That will strike fear into the hearts of the house leaders, especially after what happenned in Ahrana. Then, you will command our house forces and you will crush all those damn commies, capture their leaders and close their meeting places, you will even crush the non-radical ones.  The houses won't be able to contain those attacks without the help of the Imperial Forces. We will look like heroes and House Merter influence will be going down. You may go now, prepare our troops and wait for my signal to launch the operation. The times to come are going to be eventful.

-Yes father. she replied."

His daughter leaved the room while Imperial Servants were once again around Adrian.

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Astriedan's News Agency special report


Today, we come with news from not only the bank assault at Dernione but also from all over Astriedan.

Commencing with the bank assault at Dernione, House Wounto have sent some of it's forces to reinforce the troops of House Dernione, confirming the supposed alliance between the two. The attackers have been trapped in the underground levels and some have been captured. Before being pushed underground, the attackers have been releasing a video showing them burning piles of money in front of a flag from an extremist astriedanian communist organisation: Asilo! (roughly translated to Unite!)

Moving on to all of Astriedan, protests from the far left have started to erupt in the main cities. For now, only a few of them turned violent but, with the tension rapidly rising, violence may become a common sight in future protests. While the exact numbers are unkown, it's believed that around 110 protesters have been killed by the house armies while the protesters killed about 10 soldiers from diverse house armies.

His Majesty the Emperor Adrian Colegard and the High Imperial Bureau of War have ordered the deployment of the Imperial Army to assist in counter protesting and securing key locations of the main cities.



-Soldiers from the Imperial Army being redeployed to a base in House Dall's territory.



Lvl. 2 clearance or higher required for reading

Lvl. 4 courier clearance or higher for carrying


3d report- Operation Desunity

By Agent-coordinator "Forest"


I/ Evolution of illegal paramiltary communist cells

During the last week, 3 agents reported the creation of 2 new cells: 1 in Dernione and 1 in Curia. Those cells are supposed to be about 10 members each and are equipped with low-tier military equipement and explosives.

Their allegiance is still unknown but it's probable that they are inside the Asilo! sphere of influence.


II/ Setbacks

Asilo! made 2 purges in the past week, killing 13 of their members, including 2 IISB agents though their affiliation to us wasn't discovered. Purges were gobally unsuccessful, 12 of our agents are still in place as are 14 agents of unkown organisations (presumably private intelligence contractors).

We aren't compromised and plans will go as expected.


III/ Evolution of "Operation Red Snake"

Asilo!'s operation named "Operation Red Snake" is in it's final stages of preparations. As expected, it should launch during the month.

All the cells participating have been equipped with industrial explosives and military-tier bulletproof vests. A shipment of modified drills is to be received at one of the docks at Curia during the night of the 14/01/2018, do not interfere with the exchange as those drills are an important part of Operation Red Snake.

1 private company have been identified as willingly cooperating with the communists, supplying them in explosives. I suggest that we take it down as soon as Operation Red Snake starts.

A list of possible targets for future operations will be provided in another document.

--End of report

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Astriedan's News Agency special report

Emergency broadcast

issued at 07:18 am

Today at 07:00 am, the communist terrorist group known as Asilo! launched a massive series of attacks across Astriedan. Members of Asilo! assaulted banks, government buildings, weapon depots and even a small base of the Wounto's army. They are equipped with military equipment, for your safety do not try to approach them.

His majesty the Emperor Adrian Colegard, in accordance with the powers given to him by the 1st imperial decree, have issued the state of emergency for the whole country.

During the whole duration of the state of emergency, the following measures will be applied:

  • The Imperial Forces (IA-IN-IAF) will be fully deployed, reservists may be called for duty if needed.
  • Gatherings (like protests or festivals) are forbidden.
  • Civilians are encouraged to stay home.
  • All exchanges with foreign countries (except communications) will be halted.
  • Any violence against local or Imperial forces will result in immediate execution.
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Colegard Palace - 08:00 am

Aria Colegard, the daughter of Adrian Colegrad, entered the bedroom of her father followed by an Imperial Servant. Adrian, who was at his desk, looked at her with curiosity:

"-Aria, I didn't expected you. But it's good that you're here, I have bad news.

-I bring bad news too, father. But, of course, go first. she replied

-Your brother used his position as head of the IISB and the fact that he basically planned all of Operation Desunity to side with those damn commies. He falsified all the reports to let us believe that they were less powerful than they are, thus giving them time to carry on their plan before we could act accordingly. 

-And his agents, are they traitors too? she asked

-Absolutely not, his agents weren't aware of anything, I contacted some of them, they said that he didn't showed up yesterday. He disapeared. It's highly probable that he did expect some kind of civil war to start to take control of the island.

-And he almost suceeded, this situation have gotten out of hand, I have spoken with the commanders of the Imperial Forces, they all said that intel was misleading and that the rebels are far more powerful than expected, but I guess it's no surprise to you. It's obvious that we are on the brink of loosing control of our own country.

-What? The commies aren't that well equipped or numerous, even according to the unfalsified reports!

-They have been joined by other rebel groups, anarchists, fascists and even radical pro-democracy groups, even if they don't like each other they're too busy fighting our forces to fight amongst themselves.

The state of emergency partially arranged the situation, thanks to the fact that we can now actually not worry of keeping them alive the advantage is slowly getting back into our hands but it's too soon to make any affirmations.

-Well, these aren't bad news! Adrian said with relief

-No, but here are the bad news. she took a small paper and showed it to her father, then to the imperial servant that was near her:

---Code Black--- 

---Imperial Council Orders---

---Written and approved at 1500Z the 06/02/2018---

---Corresponding one-usage security code: 0098_A78-568DZ---


To the High Bureau of War, the Imperial Servants and the High Bureau of Security :

By the orders of the Imperial Council, Adrian Colegard is relieved from his duty as Emperor of Astriedan and leader of House Colegard and placed under arrest for the following motives: Treason against Astriedan, it's people and the Imperial Council - misuses of his powers and of the Imperial Forces for his personnal gain - plotting of terrorist acts.

He will be judged by the Imperial Council, he does not have the right to a lawyer during the trial but can see one before if he wishes to.

Resisting arrest will result in immediate execution.


-And I have the code verification device here."
Aria pulled out of her pocket a small device that looked like a cellphone from 2000 and gave it to the Servant.
He checked that the device wasn't a false than entered the date and hour the order was issued before reading the code that the device displayed. The Servant then gave back the device to Aria with a small nod before hitting the floor three times with his staff.
"-Order confirmed, you may proceed" She shouted.
5 soldiers entered the room and put Adrian under arrest, handcuffing him and taking him to the palace's prison without a single Imperial Servant moving even an inch to stop them.

Astriedan's News Agency special report


Today, around 08:00 am, Adrian Colegard was arrested and relieved of his house leadership and of his fonction as Emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan. Recent reports from the IISB and Adrian's daughter, the duchess Aria Colegard, pointed that he had planned the recent communist/democratic uprising. The legislator of the IISB, who is believed to be Adrian son, have been declared a traitor and relieved of his fonction, he is currently on the run. If you see him or have any information on him, please contact the IISB, the nearest offices of the local forces or any imperial soldier.

Duke Syra Aïl III have announced in a public appearance that "The Imperial Council will rule Astriedan until the end of the state of emergency and until a new Emperor is chosen.".


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Wounto Palace - 03:00 am

"-Alright then, votes are casted, 5 in favor, 3 against, Adrian Colegard is sentenced to public execution by decapitation. We will now proceed to the election of our new Emperor. You will excuse me for the less formal tone than usual of this election but our new emperor as you know will have a lot of work to do, thus, it is imperative that we proceed quickly."

Count Luis Wounto looked at the 8 house leaders assembled here. They all looked stressed, and he couldn't blame them. The new emperor would have to fix the mess that Adrian Colegard created. While they were talking in this room, the armed forces of Astriedan were capturing the last revolutionnary strongholds across the island.

"-So, if anyone wants to present himself as a candidate, he must speak now.

-I do. said count Filip Merter as he stood up I think this incident made it clear that Astriedan couldn't be ruled by military fanatics. When the father of Adrian Colegard became emepror, my ancestors warned yours that the Colegards would eventually lead this nation into a catastrophe. Only a few houses listened and spoke openly against the Colegards, however, most of the houses made the wrong choice. Now, the trust you all placed in the Colegard house has proven to be a terrible mistake as these power thirsty opportunists...

-Enough! suddenly said duchess Aria Colegard I won't allow you to dishonor our name anymore! Speak another word against my house and I assure you that you will regret everything you just said.

-Sorry to interrupt intervened Luis Wounto but, as I said before, these are unsual times and we don't really have time for each and every candidate to make a speech and we should proceed to the vote immediatly. If there are any other candidates, please raise your hand...

-Very well then. replied Filip Merter, seating back in his chair whil duke Syra Aïl III raised his hand

-Alright, we will now cast our votes. Before anything I will remind you that for any house leader to become emperor he must have at least 5 houses supporting him. So,who votes in favor of duke Filip Merter, leader of House Merter, to become the next emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan? three people raised their hands, inculding Luis Wounto

And who votes in favor of duke Syra Aïl III, leader of House Aïl, to become the nexte emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan? five people raised their hands

Alright then, duke Syra Aïl III it is. Luis Wounto turned towards the new emperor Your highness, I willl ask you to make the Imperial Oath.

Emperor Syra Aïl III stood up and opened his right hand.

-I, emperor Syra Aïl III, also known as duke Syra Aïl III, leader of House Aïl, swear before the Imperial Council and before my ancestors to honor my title of Emperor of the United Houses of Astriedan like my predecessors did before me. I will serve Astriedan, its people and its houses as best as I can. I accept my duty with the knowledge that, according to the Imperial Unification Treaty  that my ancestors signed, the Imperial Council will have the right to destitute me if needed or to elect a new emperor, and I swear that I will not protest such decisions."


Everyone in the room relaxed, this rushed parody of a ceremony at least had the merit of putting someone back in charge of Astriedan because everyone in this room was quite confused about the current situation. 

Astriedan's News Agency Special Report

Welcome back to the Astriedan's News Agency for what could be our final special report about the event that many now known as the "Red Crisis".

As the crisis is ending, the Imperial Council proceeded to the election of a new Emperor. In an unexpected result, Duke Syra Aïl III was elected. Some political analysts are saying that out of the candidates that probably presented themselves, Syra Aïl III was probably the safest choice with his house not having been part of any scandal or loss of trust for many years now and that that's why Syra was elected.

While our new Emperor haven't showed publicly since his election, he made asome statements from his palace, saying that the last traitorous communists were now awaiting for their trial. He is also actively searching for Adrian Colegard II, son of Adrian Colegard and ex-legislator of the Imperial Internal Security Bureau (IISB) and communist traitor who is believed to hide in Ahrana under a fake ID. Our Emperor sent a message to the Socialist Federation, hoping to cooperate with them in this search.


The official portrait of His Majesty the Emperor Syra Aïl III



From: Emperor Syra Aïl III of the United Houses of Astriedan

To: The government of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana


Secretary general,

You are aware that the United Houses of Astriedan just went trough a period of crisis. However, we are now ready to turn this dark page of our history and, for that, the last culprit that haven't been put on trial must be arrested. I talk about Adrian Colegard II, son of the traitor Adrian Colegard. He allied himself to the communist movements that you and your government have denounced.

Our intelligence agencies have been tracking him down for almost a month now and have found him hiding in your country. He is residing in Ahrana under a fake identity and nationality. (please see the joined report for more details)

On the behalf of the United Houses and of the relations bewteen our countries I ask you to expatriate him back to Astriedan so he can be judged for his treacherous acts.


Emperor Syra Aïl III of the United Houses of Astriedan


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To: Emperor Syra Aïl II of the United Houses of Astriedan

From: Secretary General Greggor Ivanof and the People's Supreme Court of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana


Your Majesty,

I and the Socialist Government commend you and your Country on your recent feat in defeating the Terrorists inside your borders.

As the Secretary General of the Socialist Government I take pride in knowing my Country upholds the rights of every person that enters and leaves the Socialist Federation. I will look into the matter that you have brought forth to my attention and I will see what can be done. Yet, as we are Socialists and many think we do not care for Human Rights I must first ask you a few things to be assured that the Son will be given the same aspects in say a trial and such as a citizen of your country would no matter their crime.

As long as it is remembered that he is a human being and that he has rights just like the average citizen inside your nation then I will see no issue in extradition in this case. However, if it is found that your Government has no intention in giving a fair trial for the man then I'm afraid this is where our relations will hit a rocky patch. I as a human being cannot allow a man to be condemned to death without a fair trail or a fair verdict among peers. All I ask is that he be given a democratic trial like the rest of your countries citizens do or should at the least.


With kind regards and respect,

Greggor Ivanof

Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, Field Marshall of the Armed Forces of Ahrana, 1st Confederation of Independent Socialists President

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