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Hi I'm Toirse

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My country is kind of like a constitutional monarchy but instead of royalty it is headed by the military.

It's structurally inspired from imperial Rome that it's a mix of republicanism and authoritarianism of the military. But I  intend to adopt a more Celtic/English culture base.

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Hi, welcome! Like SSI said, I'd advise you to join Discord. All (or almost all, it usually feels like all anyway) of us are there and it just makes everything a whole lot easier in regards to getting to know you, discussing plans, etc.

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On 01/01/2018 at 8:56 AM, Toirse said:

It's pronounced Tershuh

Am I the first to know that before reading your post? :D (maybe you'll be the first to correctly pronounce my nation's name!)

Hello, by the way. Should have said that first! 

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