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Hey, I'm Volga Nizhny, I'm a bum.

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Hi, welcome! Missed you on the discord, I'm sure we'll have many useful discussions and what-not. I saw something about you taking inspiration from Russia, please check out our List of RL People Claimed that I maintain as I know Vladimir Putin, for example, is claimed already and thus cannot be used by someone else. It can be found in a seperate thread or in the spreadsheet, under the tab 'characters'.

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Well, Volga Nizhny was a break away region in Southern Russia, by Northern Kazakhstan, The Independence movement in 1998 successfully had Volga Nizhny as an Independent state, it was not until 2008 did 60% of the world recognize Volga Nizhny as independent, Still under the Russian Influence, but still decreasing, most of Volga Nizhny's Weaponry and Uniforms come from Russia,  The Official Confederacy was established in 2010.

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@Volga Nizhny What you need to remember is that we do not base our roleplays on the real Earth. There was no Russia in our universe, but with the amount of Russia-like nations like @The Hellenic Rus and @Ahrana it would be interesting to establish some kind of lore that the three (or potential more Russia-likes) were previously one giant nation that broke apart. This breakup would have been harder than the CCCP's collapse, like Russia collapsing into smaller nations as well.

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Well, that's something you'll need to discuss with those nations. HelRus has left the region so Ahrana would be the one to talk about it, I guess. Should you and Ahrana be able to work the details out, then yeah.

In regards to HelRus, my idea would be to check with the closest nations around to see if they're okay with it being a part of your plans, as it's something they need to keep in mind with their history and historical relations.

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Like I said, that's just what I would do. Just ask the closest nations around HelRus if they're okay with him/it being used. I mean, it does effect them somewhat in so far as creating a much larger state in the history of that area that they have to work with/can work with. Worst case scenario, you get someone complaining but atleast you know their complaint. Best case scenario, the closest nations have a couple of ideas to tie in history between the two nations and you might have many new leads to RP from/with.

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