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Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once:


I DON'T want Stoned Smurfs his body!


(Sweaty men disgust me.)






On a different note:

if you ever get to Belgium, Smurfs, these will be waiting for you:

user posted image

(Picture taken yesterday by myself.)





Ps: I still don't want your body.

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*holds manhood in one hand*


hey hey hey now, let me say something there miss thing. its just fun and games no need to throw out insults. i dont need to go to Belgium to get a peice of tail now. i knew it sorta got to you so thats why i did it. am i making some one else mad? hmm EE maybe? that secret forum working overtime? also if your mans not getting sweaty and making you love it maybe you need to find someone who can do it better. the dutch have killer weed so i figured you'd be more laid back and less of a stuck up ass, well you know the rest. loosen up O, jesus it was just a joke. never did i once insult you but i guess you found it ok to insult me? eh thats ok, in the US us thugs have a sayin (which you will not understand but) just gotta dust of my shoulders.


and for those who dont know i work at PTs stripclub so i dont need to go far to see tail let alone freakin Belgium.just check out the web addy. My job (if thats what you wanna call it)


PS. loosen up, its call a joke. dry.gif




Sweaty as ever!!!

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hmm, over-reactions both sides here...(although the pic isnt working for me so i dont know what it is)


wow, that really your job pot? etonnes3.gif

lol over-reaction? nah. see if we had a flame room this would be perfectly legal. its simple really. i made a joke, she didnt like it, she called me sweaty and disgusting, i politly told her i was only joking wink.gif . this is what a flame room is for just wish we had one. and yup thats my job! sweet ass gig huh? my roommate owns G&S Catering and im the weekend cook. catch is i normally work 7 hours a day (for cash under the table) and make anywhere between 5 to 10 orders. so besides the 1 hour of work i really do i get to sit and see tail all day. aint it great! best of all its midget wrestling night!!!

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@ Stoned Smurfs: I fight fire with fire. tongue.gif This is meant as a reply for everytime you talked about me proverbially wanting your body. I think I know you a little better since our last chat, so I thought it would be ok to challenge you this way.

(Ps: What are you holding in the other hand?)


@ Phil IV: Yes, there is a problem with the pic. I'll try and correct that, although I guess it's a problem with the (d*mn) server.


@ Haken: Almost right, it was Michell, from ze rezistenze. wink.gif

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whoa there smurfs...


and just to think i thought it was gonna be a pic of a glock...




opps, sorry...


its 3 am and i just got home and a little tired...


why i added that i dunno...


hey O, glad you didnt trip out on me like SOMEONE did...


sheesh nobody can play fight wothout someone getting hurt...


and guys, she still wants me!!!




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