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Laws of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana


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of the 

Socialist Federation of Ahrana


Each Law passed by the Congressional Houses of the Federation will be posted here. All must pass both houses with a majority of the House approving. After passing the house the Executive will sign the Laws into motion.

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Bill No. 001 

Seclusion of the Royal Household

Passed by motion on 12/21/2017



The Royal Trial stated that the former Queen of the Kingdom of Ahrana and her immediate family we're to live out the remainder of their life in Seclusion away from the public eye. The purpose of this Bill is to outline what the Government of the Federation will be responsible for.

Outline of Bill Details-

1) The Socialist Government will provide a reasonable area to which a town for the Royal will be set up. The town will be divided into two sections, Royal Section and the Populace Section.

2) The Socialist Government will alot the Royal Household to bring with them Family Heirlooms from the Royal Palace, the arts that are not privately owned by the Queen will become state property.

3) The Socialist Government will give the entire remaining Royal Family an allowance to live off of for the reminder of their lives.

4) The Socialist Government will only interfere with the town's politics if the royals try to start a rebellion, to escape or whatever else may be attempted.

5) The Children of Royals and Nobles that were executed are immune from the Charges, therefore they will be stripped of Titles, Claims, and State Possessions and live the remainder of their life in the Secluded Town with the Queen. However, those of the age 18 who were involved with all activities that were deemed illegal in the Royal Trial will meet the same punishment of the others.

6) All claims to the Imperial Throne, Lands, and Titles are forfeited by law, therefore no will stake claim to any Royal or Nobel Lands or Palace they will be under State Control.  



We the members of the Houses of the Congressional Body which all legislative powers are invested in state that this Bill is to pass and will become effective immediately upon ratification. This Law can be repealed if the Bill is no longer needed.

Bill No. 001 Approved by all Execute Governmental Offices and hereby state that this Bill is now Law taking effect immediately.

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