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The Federation of Ahrana

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In the early years of Ahrana the land that is know Ahrana was in-fact land of four separate rival kingdoms from the same forefathers. The four kingdoms were, Kingdom of Ahran, Kingdom of Tata Lowlands, Kingdom of Tatani, and the Kingdom of Lockiee. Each kingdom had its own monarchy and only one had a Parliament while the others ruled through despotism. The Kingdom Ahran was the more advanced and civilized Kingdom and this kingdom ended up conquering all the Ahran Lands low and high. The Royal Historian claims that the name Ahran was given to the Kingdom b the God of Peace of Ahran mythology, Irhan (Erhan). The Historian claims that from that day forth the People of the Ahran lands took the name and used it.






Key to Map

Gold Yellow- Socialist Federal Republic of Tatani

Blue- Socialist Federal Republic of Ahran

Dark Green- Socialist Federal Republic of Tata

Dark Red- Socialist Federal Republic of Moskovo

Purple- Socialist Federal Republic of Peterburi

Pale Green- Socialist Federal Republic of Thralhaven

Sky Blue- Autonomous Socialist Republican Province of Heilig

Lime Green- Socialist Federal Republic of Lockiee

Violate- Socialist Federal Republic of Xara


The first establishment of the Kingdom of Ahran was in 1372 B.C.E, marking the first unification of the People of Ahran. This first few years of the existence of the kingdom the people became known for their old nomadic ways that soon dispersed with group farming. The Ahrans were also known for how they were in battle at this time. For many years the Ahrans were blood thirsty and gold mongering people. They would kill anyone who wasn't of the Ahran Clan. Few years past and the Kingdom of Ahran split into four this is known as the Four Kingdom States Era.


Four Kingdom Era

500 B.C.E-1025 A.D.E the Kingdom of Ahran was split into four Kingdoms each with their own Monarch. The Kingdom Ahran established its first legislative body in 200 B.C.E and begun what they called "Unification". The Kingdom of Ahran soon begun a series of Wars of Unification when King Vladimir The Great Unifier acceded the throne of Ahran. Soon after ascending the throne Vlad changed the name of Ahran to Ahrana and started his twenty year campaign on unification. The Kingdom of Tata Lowlands was very simple minded Kingdom and allowed the King to march all the wall to their capital of Benio which is now day Bonn. Upon arrival the Tata King welcomed Vlad with open arms and bowed to him in respect and admitted that no bloodshed would be needed in Tata as all they want is a peaceful unified Ahrana. The Next Kingdom to be invaded was Tatani, it was known that the sprit of true Ahrans were still in Tatani Lands meaning entering this kingdom would be a long war. With troops from the conquered Tata and Ahrana the King set forth a ambitious Military strike that rendered himself with his first defeat of the war. The Tatani soldiers were waiting for them and upon entrenching for the night they launched and attack at night and those who were able to flee the area did so those unfortunate not to well they net their fate. The King had spent three years of preparing for this battle and lost. he spent ten years in Tatani and on the thirteenth year his troops finally broke through and invaded the Capital of Tatan, Tatani. The presiding king refused to bow to Vlad thus it cost the King his head and those ho also rejected Vlad. Vlad then set sell from Tatani to Lockiee to which he expected moderate resitence. He arrived there in six months. The War for Lockiee lasted seven years and was the second most bloodiest war of that time. In the year of 1025 the four states era was over and what took its place was the Kingdom of Unified Ahrana.


Unified Ahrana

1025 ADE-1452ADE

The Period in Ahranaian History of the First Dynasty of the United Kingdom of Ahrana, was the first government in our history that revolutionized the government. The Government became more Unified and was at the time of the first ten Monarchs it was a Centralized Government that had the sole purpose of starting a Demarcation of the entire Government. When the first Queen to take the throne ruled it marked the beginning of the Parliamentary System that is in use today. Queen Ana created a bicameral Parliament, House of Lords, House of the State. She even went as far to create the first Constitutional Monarchy in our history. The First Dynasty of Ahrana ended in a Royal Civil War between the Mishia Royalist and the Nikita Royalist. The Civil War ended up ending in disaster. The Nikita Royalist won and banished the remaining Mishia Royalist from Ahranaian Lands. The Second Dynasty was the period that the United Kingdom was in decline and had bitterness amongst all. The People supported the Royalist in exile but those who voiced this were either arrested or killed. The second dynasty did not last long, within 50 years the Terrible Era ended and the Unified Kingdom ended with the old Kingdoms being re-established in 1452 ADE.


Ahranaian City States

1452 ADE-1500 ADE

The City States were a decentralized government that either had a parliament still or was under a Absolute Monarchy from the Main Royal line of the Romano Dynasty. The Romano Dynasty is known for the era of City States because of the siblings rivalries that existed between the four Romano Brothers. Each controlled the Historic Kingdom that was given to them upon birth as a Duchy. The era lasted for 48 years and was ruled by two generations respectively. The Last Generation launched a bid to recreate a unified Ahrana under the new Dynasty that still rules today. The remaining Romano Family allowed the main branch of the Family the Mishia to return but the only reaming branch of the original Dynasty was the Chayka Family, Dimitri Vladimir Mishia Igor Chayka, was the last family member of the Mishia family. In 1500 ADE the City States dropped all Parliaments, Constitutions, and banners in favor of the Chayka Banner.


Kingdom of Ahrana

1501 ADE-1912, 1937-present

The current Dynasty is the longest ruling family in Ahranaian History, the family has protected Ahrana and even started the tradition of Peace. This Dynasty has created many gifted Politian's from the Royal Bloodline and have even created the greatest modal of Monarchy to exist by the thoughts of the people. The Kingdom was unified 411 years till a Nationalist Coup over throw the Monarchy. The Royal Family survived the executions and managed to leave the country until the people overthrew the nationalist making the Monarchy able to return.


Republic of Ahrana


The Government of Ahrana for 25 years was a Nationalist Republic ruled only by the Nationalist Parties, they overthrew the Monarchy and unintentionally sent them into exile. The Nationalist attempted to not only end the Monarchy but tried to kill them all basically wanting to wipe the Royal  Household away from History and the face of the planet. They almost succeeded in killing off the bloodline until a member of the party smuggled the family out of the country. The Nationalist are known today for establishing Prison Camps and harsh laws that incriminated many peoples just due to their culture and religion and so forth. How the Country held together for 25 years is unknown due to the fighting amongst the people. Sadly the flaws of the Nationalist were seen and were taken out of the Federal Government through Democratic Elections and Protests in three of the four provinces.


Unified Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana


The Unified Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana was the Kingdom that followed the Republic and was long lived by the House of Chayak that was and is the last true bloodline to the first Royal House of Misha Royal Family. The Dynasty lasted till the Royal Government Controlled by the Democratic Socialist Alliance which were related to the Republic Government that was in power before the Misha House took-over. 



The Current Government of Ahrana is a Socialist-Peoples Republic govern through a Federation of the whole Lands that made up the Kingdom of Ahrana. The Socialist Federation is run by the Secretary General with a Premier that holds little power. The Federation is made up of eight Socialist Federal Republics with one Autonomous Socialist Republican Province.


The Executive of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana is divided by the Presidium of the Federation and the Office of the Secretary General along with other Offices of the Executive. The Secretary General makes the final decisions 




The Kingdom of Ahrana has over 80 different Cultures inside the entire Kingdom. The four most common are the Ahranaians, Tatanis, Lockieeani, and Tata groups which all have historical claims to the lands that compose the Kingdom.


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Military Of Ahrana

The Ahranaian Military is an Ancient Institution of the Kingdom that has been in use since the very beginning of the Kingdom. It is composed of the regular troops plus the Kings Troops or Royal Guards, in total there are five branches of the military that have the current King, Gustov XII, as their Colonel-in-Chief. The Branches have their respected Generals who report to the Defense Council of the Kingdom. The Kingdom has a Compulsory Service requirement from the age 17-25 upon the 25th birthday the Service member is given the option of leaving or staying in the military.

Related imageAhranaian Army

In 564 ADE the first Monarch of Ahranaian create an Army from a militia of only 100 or so men from his farms, today it has grown to a number that was only a dream at the time of the King. The Army has it roots driven into the Government as the Countries oldest branch of the Military and being one of the few that host a Royal Regiment to protect the King and the Governments most important people. While the Royal Regiments are classified as Army the Monarch classifies them into their own branch because of the Oath taken by its members which is different compared to the other oaths of the Military Branches.

Related imageAhranaian Air Force
In 1915 the Federal Government issued the creation of a new branch called the Ahranaian Air Force. The Army supplied the first troops of what now has become the most advanced Branch in the Military. The Air Force is the youngest branch of the Military and has the same number of servicemen/woman as the Army. The Air Force has also joined with the Ahranaian Navy due to the need of Aircraft Carriers in the modern age. The Air Force has the control over the Kingdoms Nuclear Weapons and BMD(Bombs of Mass Destruction) aka ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles). The Air Force since being the youngest branch also has seen fewer battles than most people realize. The Air Force is used as the Kingdoms last resort to end a bitter conflict that the ground troops cannot end.

Image result for Swedish amphibious corps coat of armsAhranaian Navy
In 989 the Kingdom created the first sign of a Navy, yet the ships were designed only for light water and not deep water but it is still classified as the Militaries second oldest branch. The modern Navy comes from the last major conflict the Kingdom entered in 1908, since then the Navy has used designs from foreign countries and made them more advanced and heavily equipped. The current line up of the navy is; Canamo Sea Fleet, Continental Fleet, and the Merchant Fleet.

Related imageAhranaian Home Guard
In 1908 with the worlds tension rising for war the Government needed to help establish better security on the Boarders of the Kingdom, thus they created the Home Guard from the 60th Regiment of the Army and enabled them to anything needed to establish security on the boarder of the Kingdom. Since then the Home Guard has earned the ability to have a Royal Regiment established as the Tata Regimental Guards for the Monarchs own Regiments. The Home Guard was used as a first response to any attack inside the Kingdoms Boarders and later was given the task of Boarder Security by the Parliament.

Image result for Swedish amphibious corps coat of armsAhranaian Amphibious Corps
After 1918 the establishment of specially trained regiments of the Army were grouped and asked to form the new Branch of the Military as the Kingdoms Elite Troops. The Amphibious Corps is composed of Marines, Artillery Specialists, Bomb Specialists, Naval Warfare Specialists and Army Specialists and more. The Corps are the most dedicated of the lot they serve in areas that most would not dare to be in. They have seen more action than the Home Guard and the Air Force combined. They have the fewest people but that's due to the strict requirements and regulations one must follow. The current King, Gustov XVII served in the Corps for 10 years before retiring to train to be King.

Royal Regiments
Under the Ahranaian Constitution the Monarchy has always had a form of Royal Guards, the first was the Kings Troop which still exists today. Currently there are 6 Royal Regiments that the Monarch has complete Authority over. These Regiments swear Loyalty to the Monarch and the Family but also to the People of the Kingdom. The Regiments were at first classified as a Unit of the Army till 1912, after which the Monarchy established them as a separate branch from all Military Branches. The Ahranaian Royal Regimental Guards, Tatani Royal Regimental Guards, Lockieeani Royal Regimental Guards, Tata Royal Regimental Guards, Kings Troop, and the Life Guards are what makes the Royal Regiments. Every July the Regiments will be given the opportunity to troop the colour to the Monarch and Public as the National Parade which is used to celebrate the birthday of the Kingdom. All Royal Regiment use the Royal Greater Coat of Arms as their Emblem.

Image result for scandinavian empireGreater Royal Coat of Arms for all Royal Regiments



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Regimental Flags

Royal Regiments


The above Flag is the Kings Troop/Guards Regimental Flag that has been given to them by the Monarchs Family since 1892. The design has changed little and is not expected to change anytime soon.


This is the Tata Royal Regimental Guards Flag that was bestowed upon them in 1920 and has remained the same as the first edition given to them by Queen Maxima and the Royal Family.


This is the Ahranaian Royal Regimental Guards Flag that was bestowed upon them by King Alexander in 1850, the design has changed slightly through the shades of Black and orange since the first edition.


This is the Tatani Royal Regimental Guards Flag that was bestowed upon the regiment by the only Tatani King in modern times, King Frederick I in 1751. The design has remained the same in the honor of the former King since his death.


This is the Lockieeani Royal Regimental Guards Flag that was given to them by King Gustov XVI in 1935 while they were in exile. Since it is a recent adoption the design has not changed and has but all remained same.

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In Ahrana religion has been a somewhat touch and go thing, in ancient times Ahrana had its own mythology that was based on a 14 God base. In 500 ACE the emerging of a monotheistic religion based around one God and the King/Queen is appointed by God therefore has the haven mandate. The formation of the Monotheistic Religion became known as the Ahranaian Orthodox Church was established around 564 ACE in the old town of Misko now day Moskovo. The church quickly became the sole religion in Ahrana and the Pagan ideas became but of legends and the past. For many years the Church grew and grew becoming a massive complex authority that reined under the Monarchy. It wasn't until 1242 UKE till when the church split from one type to having two. With the Church Split of 1242, the Kingdom saw Tatani create a church called the Tatani Catholic Church. With the form of a Catholic Church it didn't take many years for rivalries to brew, 1262 UKE a War started between the two factions and caused many deaths. For ten years the conflict wounded the Kingdom and was ended only when the Monarch separated the church from the State in 1272 UKE. When the Church was split from the Government the Monarch had to draft a formality of neutral membership, meaning the Monarch would head both Churches and the Churches would have a Patriarch(Orthodox) and a Archbishop(Catholic). Furthermore each Church would submit to the Monarch a map of Religious Cannons that would be under the control of the church for religious ceremonies. This ended up causing more debate and the Monarch stated in a ultimatum that the Catholic Church would be in Tatani and the Orthodox in Ahrana, the other kingdoms will have the choice of the lot to choose. Many centuries passed and this was revisited and the legality of the Church Constituencies was given to the local town districts to choose which Church would be set up in that district. This solved the debate for years after and today it still goes the way it was done in 1452 UKE when the Districts were given choice.

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Four Kingdom Era (FKE)

Kingdom of Ahran

The Kingdom of Ahran was the biggest and the regions most powerful Kingdom, it had accesses to massive amounts of gold that would be used to supply the Unification Wars. The regions best Generals were the Ahrans therefore the other kingdoms sought was to exploit the Ahran Warrior Clan, The Hussars. The Hussars were the best of the best next to the Stralsky the royal guards of the time. They had access to the best weapons and armor due to being the Monarchs favorite. 

In the Ancient times of the Ahran Kingdom there was only two Queens that were able to grab the Throne, with them gaining the Throne the Ahrans saw this as a weakness and sought to end the two Queens reign. When they reigned the Kingdom was the regions first Diarchy at the time. Queen Maxima and Queen Anastasia rule the Ahran Kingdom with what is known to date as the strictest Laws in the History of the Ahranaian People.

The Kingdom of Ahran was under the Two Queens control till the Stralsky overthrew them infavor of their Younger Brother, Grand Duke Luis Alexander Valdimir Chayka Mishia III. The Grand Duke was eighteen Years old at the time but sought and wanted Power and Authority. After taking over renamed King, Alexander Lois Vladimir Chayka Mishia V, executed his Sisters and spared their Children and even adopted them as his own kids which gave them the right to ascend the Ahran Throne and the Imperial Throne upon reunification.


Kingdom of Greater Tatani

The Kingdom of Greater Tatani (Kingdom of Tatani) was a rival Kingdom to the Ahran Kingdom, under the reign of Tatani King Oleg III the two Kingdoms fought for dommance over the other Kingdoms, who ever won would be able to assert their authority over the entire Kingdom of Ahrana with full rights to the Imperial Throne.

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Statute of Peace

EST. 1005

The Statute of Peace has been created twice and only overruled once in the history of its creation, in 1005 the King of the Ahran Kingdom created the Statute as a means to stop the other Kingdoms involving themselves in outsiders Wars of Unification and so on. The foundation of the first Statute was to bar all foreign entities from asking support from Ahranaian Kingdoms that were Independent but Elected a Emperor to govern the whole Kingdom in the Capital of Moskovo.

The First time the Statute was overruled was when the City States were formed after the fall of the City States the current Royal Household re-established the Statute of Peace but it included more regulations and prohibited acts. The Statute is the Kingdoms sole Law that has spawned across Dynasties and is concluded as the most scared Law in the Kingdom.

First Statute Of Peace



The current Status of the entire Empire of Ahran is divided into Four Feudal Kingdoms with One Lord that is appointed by the Elected Emperor with all Kingdoms waging War as mercenary's to Foreign Entities. The Emperor deems these acts as undermining the State Authority and Peace of the Land. The Statute of Peace is to create a more unified Kingdom that operates as one Kingdom instead of individuals.

  1. Any involvement in Foreign Wars by any Feudal Kingdoms of Ahran will result in that Lord being striped of all Land, Power, and Possessions and will be exiled from the Empire's Lands and will not be allowed to return at any time.
  2. The involved Ahran Kingdom will be lowered from Kingdom Status to Dukedom level.
  3. All Militia of the involved Ahran Kingdom will be suspended and the Empires Militia will be implemented.
  4. All Lands of the involved Ahran Kingdom will be taxed doubled for the length of five years.
  5. The involved Ahran Kingdom will have all forms Peoples' Representation in the Imperial Diet suspended. 

Signed by all Four Kingdoms, Imperial Diet, Emperor and Church of the Land

Second Statute of Peace

EST. 1502


The Establishment of the new Imperial Dynasty of the Chayka Royal Household to the Ahranaian Imperial Throne and with the need of a new Statute of Peace to be established for the new times of the Kingdom. Thus created by Royal Authority and Declaration by the King, Dimitri Vladimir Mishia Igor Chayka, will suspend more than the previous Statute of Peace did as it was flawed and created bitter rivalries.

  1. Any Dukedom caught supporting any Foreign Wars through Numbers of Personal, Finances or any other form will face the Law of the Land and risk being lowed from Dukedom Status.
  2. Any Military Personal caught fighting in Foreign Wars will be sentenced to Labor Camp for 35 Years.
  3. Any presence of Foreign Military found in any Dukedom Lands will be sentenced to Labor Camp for 10 Years and the Country will be boycotted till further noticed.
  4. Any violation of the Act of Neutrality of the Kingdom will be seen as a Declaration of War on the Kingdom.
  5. Any act of Civil War will be seen as a Terrorist Act and will be dealt with by either the Death Sentence or Labor Camp for 50 Years.
  6. Any act of destroying the Statute of Peace is an Act of Terrorism, those responsible will be given the death sentence.
  7. All Neutrality in all Foreign Affairs including Wars, Operations etc.

Signed by All Dukedoms, Districts, Provinces, Nobility, Monarch, Chancellery, Parliaments, Judiciary's  

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History of the Monarch


DOB: 03 March 1986

DOD: 09 December 2017

The current Monarch of the Kingdom of Ahrana is, King Gustov Alexander Oleg Dimitri Mishia Chayka XVII, he ascended the Ahranaian Imperial Throne at age 16. However, with the Ascension Laws still in place the King could not take all Authority and Power till the age of 20. Gustov was born as Alexander Oleg Dimitri Mishia Chayka at the Summer Palace of the Monarchy on 03 March 1986 to King George III and Queen Alexandra Romano Illyvich. He was 8 lbs. 12 oz. therefore being a healthy baby in the eyes of the Health. 

Gustov XVII continued his Military education till age 26 before entering the realm of Politics completely. Upon entering the Political Realm the Parliament was bitterly divided on whether to support Gustov or to protest the Monarchy. Many Politicians didn't like that he was an imposter and that he was a Military Man by heart. The ideas that Gustov had in the area of Politics was a radical shift

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of the
 Federation of Ahrana


Within the History of a Unified Land of Ahrana through many Leaders and Governments with different forms all legal in their own respectful terms, none have truly withstood time beyond the History Tablets that Document the Entirety of Ahrana as a whole. Through many Bloody Conflicts internal and external each time Ahrana emerging stronger than it was once before and more closely United as one. Through the Kingdoms and Republics and different Charters Ahrana has yet and has always stayed as one through and through.

With the fall of the last United Imperial Kingdom under the Chayka Dynasty Ahrana saw the most Democratic reforms of the entire History of any Government in Ahrana, yet with the sudden and rapid downfall it was to be seen what would rise out of the ashes. What came was a Government for the People and a Government of the People ran by the People. With many setbacks it can now be said that the Government of the People is truly taking form hence now and till the end of the new Federation.

It will be through Brotherhood, Unity and Strength of the People that the Federation endures till the time of the end of not just Ahrana but the World we know as Eurth.



Section I

Article I

The Official Title and name of Ahrana and her lands is of the following; The Federation of Ahrana. Thus forward replacing the former Government of the Revolutionary Government permanently.

Article II

The Official Languages of Ahrana used in Government for day to day activities is, Ahran Latin. The other Languages with Official Status are Lockieeani, Tatani, Xaraian, and Low Tata.

Ahrana also has many Regional Languages that have historical links to the Ahrana and the mother tongues, they therefore have partial recognition by this Constitution as an Official Language but not for Government Use.

Article III

The Land that was of the Unified Imperial Kingdom and the Socialist Federation of Ahrana are under the full authority of the Federation of Ahrana including the Federal Republic of Xara that is an Entity of Ahrana.

Article IV

The Coat of Arms of the Federation of Ahrana is front and centered on this Constitution and has full legality as regalia of the Federation and its Government.

Article V

The Flag of the Federation is a Tricolor of Dark Red, White and Black and replaces all Flags of the Socialist Federation as the legal Tricolor and Flag of the entire Federation, the Republics may adopt a Republican Flag on any design but must be approved.

Article VI

The structure of the Government of Ahrana is a Federation based on a Multi-Party State with devolved Powers and Authorities to the Republics in Ahrana.

Article VII

The Federation is composed of the following lands:

Federal Republic of Ahran

Federal Republic of Lockiee

Federal Republic of Tata

Federal Republic of Tatani

Federal Republic of Moskovo

Federal Republic of Peterburi

Federal Republic of Xara

Autonomous Republican Province of Thralhaven

Section II

Article VIII

The jurisdiction of the Ahranaian Federation is represented by the Highest Organs of State that will and shall cover:

Representation of the Federation in international relations, conclusion and ratification of treaties with other states;

Questions of war and peace;

Admission of new republics into the Federation and dissolving of Republics and Autonomous Regions;

Control over the observance of the Constitution of the Federation and ensuring conformity of the Constitutions of the Union Republics with the Constitution of the Federation;

Confirmation of alterations of boundaries between all Republics;

Confirmation of the formation of new territories and regions and also of new Autonomous Republican Provinces within Federal Republics;

Organization of the defense of the Federation and direction of all the armed forces of the Federation;

Foreign trade on the basis of state monopoly;

safeguarding the security of the state;

Establishment of the national economic plans of the Federation;

Approval of the single state budget of the Federation as well as of the taxes and revenues which go to the all-Union, Republican and local budgets;

Administration of the banks, industrial and agricultural establishments and enterprises and trading enterprises of all-Union importance;

Administration of transport and, communications;

Direction of the monetary and credit system;

Organization of state insurance;

Raising and granting of loans;

Establishment of the basic principles for the use of land as well as for the use of natural deposits, forests and waters;

Establishment of the basic principles in the spheres of education and public health;

Organization of a uniform system of national economic statistics;

Establishment of the principles of labor legislation;

Legislation on the judicial system and judicial procedure; criminal and civil codes;

Laws on citizenship of the Union; laws on the rights of foreigners;

Issuing of all-Union acts of amnesty;

Establishing and Issuing a Single Union Citizenship for every Citizen of the Federation of Ahrana no matter their Ethnic Qualities and so forth;

Ensuring the Laws of the Federation are applied to full effect in all Republics and Provinces within the borders of the Federation.

Article IX

The Highest Organ of the Federation at the Federal Legislative Level is the Congressional Houses of the Federation of Ahrana or simply the Ahranaian Congressional Houses. The Ahranaian Congressional Houses exercise the full legality of their Authority as granted to them by Article VIII of this Constitution as the Highest Legislative Authority in the Federation.

Article X

The Ahranaian Congressional Houses are the only Legislative Authority at the Federal Level and exercise that such legality and right as such.

Article XII

The Ahranaian Congressional Houses are a Bicameral Congress of two Houses the National Assembly and the Chamber of the Union

Article XIII

The National Assembly is the lower House of the Congress and therefore is the House of the People which is given 1500 Seats divided up by the Federal Divisional by the Federal Executive and Legislative Authorities for Proportional Representation at the Legislative Level.

Article XIV

The Chamber of the Union being the upper of the two Houses has 300 Seats divided up by the Federal Divisional by the Federal Executive and Legislative Authorities for Equal Representation in the Upper House.

Article XV

Both Congressional Houses of the Federation, the National Assembly and Chamber of the Union, are Equal in all terms, no one Chamber is greater than the other one; other than the amount of Representation of the Population in each House.

Article XVI

The National Assembly is a Direct Elected Assembly with a four year term renewable once.

Article XVII

The Chamber of the Union is a Direct Elected Assembly with a four year term renewable once.

Article XVIII

The National Assembly elects two Vice Presidents of the Assembly from among the Members of the Assembly.

Article XIX

The Chamber of the Union elects two Vice Presidents of the Chamber from among the Members of the Assembly.

Article XX

The Ahranaian Congressional Houses Nominate two people to hold the offices of Chancellor (National Assembly) and State Councilor (Chamber of the Union) that will be Elected by the People by Direct Vote.

Section III

Article XXI

The Highest Executive Authority in the Federation is the Presidium of the Federation which is composed of the Executive Offices of the Federal Executive Government of Ahrana.

The Secretary General is the Head of the Presidium followed by the Chancellor and State Councilor elected for a Four year term with no term limit in place.

Article XXII

The Office of Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana is both the Head of State and Government and represents the Federation in the International Realm and so forth. The Office of Secretary General Makes all final Executive Decisions and can make Decrees.

Article XXIII

The Chancellor is nominated by the National Assembly to be the Legislative Liaison to the Presidium and to inform the Executive of the doings of the National Assembly. They are the President of the National Assembly and hold Executive Legislative Authority in the Assembly Chamber only if needed.

Article XXIV

The State Councilor is nominated by the Chamber of the Union and Elected Directly by the People to be the Legislative Liaison to the Presidium for the Chamber of the Union to inform the Executive Government of the doings of the Chamber of the Union. They are the President of the Chamber and hold Executive Legislative Authority over the Chamber only if needed.

Article XXV

The Presidium has one Representative from Each Federal Republic and Autonomous Republican Province to chair the Presidium for Federal Executive Matters, they are nominated not elected by the Federal Republics Executive Government to act as a Representative with Executive Power at the Federal Level.

Article XXVI

The Presidium of the Federation also is composed of the Executive Ministers from each Ministry of the Federation, which all make a part of the Presidium of the Federation.

Article XXVII

The Executive Authority lays with both the Leader of the Federation and the Presidium, however the Executive Leader, Secretary General, does not need the Approval of the Presidium for any Executive Decision or Decree or whatever it may be.

Section IV

Article XXVIII

The Judicial System is based on the Principle of Civil Law and Equality, the People’s Supreme Court, Constitutional Supreme Court, People’s Court and the Procurator General and the Lower Courts make up the entire System that makes the Judicial System.

Article XXIX

The People’s Supreme Court is the Second Highest Level of Judicial Authority next to the Constitutional Supreme Court. The People’s Supreme Court follows the Civil Law that is Established by this Constitution, the Court is headed by Four Supreme Justices headed by One Chief Justice that serve a ten year term not renewable consecutively.

Article XXX

The Constitutional Supreme Court is the Highest Judicial Authority in the Federation that over sees only Constitutional Matters that cannot be decided by the Lower Courts or has been appealed to see the Case. The Constitutional Supreme Court is headed by a twelve Judge Panel, Six are nominated by the Legislature and six are nominated by the Executive all are Confirmed and Elected by the People of the Federation for a ten year term not renewable consecutively.

Article XXXI

The People’s Court is the Top Lower Court that handles all Court Cases before if needed, they head to the Upper Courts. The People’s Court is headed by Three Justices that are Elected by the Three Judicial Federal Executive Circuits for a ten year term not renewable.

Article XXXII

The Procurator General of the Federation is appointed by the Secretary General of the Federation for a term of seven years.

Article XXXIII

The Procurator of the Federation Nominates People to be the Procurators of the Republics, Autonomous Provinces, Autonomous Regions, Regional Cities and National Cities for a Five Year Term.

Article XXXIV

The Procurator General of the Federation oversees the Republics, Autonomous Republican Provinces, Regional Cities and National Areas Procurators that answer and report all Local Judicial Proceedings to the Procurator General of the Federation.

Article XXXV

The organs of the Procurator's Office perform their functions independently of any local organs whatsoever, being subordinate solely to the Procurator of the Federation.

Section V

Article XXXVI

In the Federation Citizens have the right to work, that is, are guaranteed the right to employment and payment for their work in accordance With its quantity and quality.

The right to work is ensured by the socialist organization of the national economy, the steady growth of the productive forces of the Socialist society, the elimination of the possibility of economic crises, and the abolition of unemployment.

Article XXXVII

Citizens of the Federation have the right to rest and leisure. The right to rest and leisure is ensured by the reduction of the working day to seven hours for the overwhelming majority of the workers, the institution of annual vacations with full pay for workers and employees and the provision of a wide network of sanatoria, rest homes and clubs for the accommodation of the working people.


Citizens of the Federation have the right to maintenance in old age and also in case of sickness or loss of capacity to work. This right is ensured by the extensive development of social insurance of workers and employees at state expense, free medical service for the working people and the provision of a wide network of health resorts for the use of the working people.

Article XXXIX

Citizens of the Federation have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal, compulsory elementary education; by education, including higher education, being free of charge; by the system of state stipends for the overwhelming majority of students in the universities and colleges; by instruction in schools being conducted in the native Language, and by the organization in the factories, state farms, machine and tractor stations and collective farms of free vocational, technical and agronomic training for the working people.

Article XL

Women in the Federation are accorded equal rights with men in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life. The possibility of exercising these rights is ensured to women by granting them an equal right with men to work, payment for work, rest and leisure, social insurance and education, and by state protection of the interests of mother and child, pre-maternity and maternity leave with full pay, and the provision of a wide network of maternity homes, nurseries and kindergartens.

Article XLI

Equality of rights of citizens of the Federation, irrespective of their nationality or race, in all spheres of economic, state, cultural, social and political life, is an indefeasible law. Any direct or indirect restriction of the rights of, or, conversely, any establishment of direct or indirect privileges for, citizens on account of their race or nationality, as well as any advocacy of racial or national exclusiveness or hatred and contempt, is punishable by law.

Article XLII

In order to ensure to citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the Federation is separated from the state, and the school from the church. Freedom of religious worship and freedom of antireligious propaganda is recognized for all citizens.

Article XLIII

The Federation of Ahrana does not have an Official Religious institution for the entire Federation therefore the entire Federation allows all Religions just not in the Official Governments at all Levels.

Article XLIV

In conformity with the interests of the working people, and in order to strengthen the socialist system, the citizens of the Federation are guaranteed by law:

freedom live ones life the way they wish it;

freedom of speech;

freedom of the press;

freedom of assembly, including the holding of mass meetings;

freedom of street processions and demonstrations.

These civil rights are ensured by placing at the disposal of the working people and their organizations printing presses, stocks of paper, public buildings, the streets, communications facilities and other material requisites for the exercise of these rights.

Article XLV

In conformity with the interests of the working people, and in order to develop the organizational initiative and political activity of the masses of the people, citizens of the Federation are ensured the right to unite in public organizations--trade unions, cooperative associations, youth organizations,' sport and defense organizations, cultural, technical and scientific societies; and the most active and politically

Article XLVI

Citizens of the Federation are guaranteed inviolability of the person. No person may be placed under arrest except by decision of a court or with the sanction of a procurator.

Article XLVII

The inviolability of the homes of citizens and privacy of correspondence are protected by law.

Article XLVIII

The Federation affords the right of asylum to foreign citizens persecuted for defending the interests of the working people, or for their scientific activities, or for their struggle for national liberation.

Article XLIX

It is the duty of every citizen of the Federation to abide by the Constitution of the Federation of Ahrana, to observe the laws, to maintain labor discipline, honestly to perform public duties, and to respect the rules of socialist intercourse.

Article L

It is the duty of every citizen of the Federation to safeguard and strengthen public, socialist property as the sacred and inviolable foundation of the Socialist system, as the source of the wealth and might of the country, as the source of the prosperous and cultured life of all the working people.

Persons committing offenses against public, socialist property are enemies of the people.

Article LI

Universal military service is law. Military service in the Peoples’ Army is an honorable duty of the citizens of the Federation.

Article LII

To defend the fatherland is the sacred duty of every citizen of the Federation Treason to the country--violation of the oath of allegiance, desertion to the enemy, impairing the military power of the state, espionage is punishable with all the severity of the law as the most heinous of crimes.

Section VI

Article LIII

Elections of deputies are universal: all citizens of the Federation who have reached the age of eighteen, irrespective of race or nationality, religion, educational and residential qualifications, social origin, property status or past activities, have the right to vote in the election of deputies and to be elected, with the exception of insane persons and persons who have been convicted by a court of law and whose sentences include deprivation of electoral rights.

Article LIV

Women have the right to elect and be elected on equal terms with men.

Article LV

Elections of deputies are direct: all of People's Deputies, from rural and city, People's Deputies to the Congressional Houses of the Federation, inclusive, are elected by the citizens by direct vote.

Article LVI

Candidates for election are nominated according to electoral areas. The right to nominate candidates is secured to public organizations and societies of the working people: All Political Party organizations, trade unions, cooperatives, youth organizations and cultural societies.

Article LVII

It is the duty of every deputy to report to his electors on his work and on the work of People's Deputies, and he is liable to be recalled at any time in the manner established by law upon decision of a majority of the electors.

Section VII

Article LVIII

The Military of the Federation of Ahrana are the sole Protectors of the Land that makes the Federation whole, they answer to the Commander of the Armed Forces/Field Marshal of the Armed Forces of the Federation of Ahrana the Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana.

Article LIX

The Military of the Federation is composed of six Branches that make up the entire Military Force:

People’s Army

People’s Navy

People’s Air Brigade

People’s Special Forces

Federal Police Service

Boarder Guard Service of the Federation

Article LX

The Federal Police Service of Ahrana is a subsect to the Military but answers under a Civilian Chain of Command that runs the Federal Police Service as compared to the rest of the Military.

Section VIII

Article LXI

The Constitution of the Federation of Ahrana is the Law of the Land and holds final assurance in all matters related to Constitutionality, to revoke or ratify the Constitution Null and Invalid there must be a Vote and Referendum that holds a result of Two Thirds Majority or More in the Congressional Houses and a Majority Vote from the People. For this Constitution to be ratified a Vote from the People must be held and a Majority must be given for this Constitution to be Law and Valid.

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Constitutional Amendments

All Constitutional Amendments are made at the Federal Congress at the beginning of each Year

Amendment 001

Proposed 01/05/18

Approved with 750 Aye-150 Nye At Party Congress

Status- In use

Proposal- The Chamber of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, Congressional House of People's of the Union, change from one Member of House for every 300,000 of Population in each Congressional District to having a set number of Delegates of 1500 total of Delegates to represent the Population of the Socialist Federation. 

Conclusion- This will help ensure that the People Voice is heard in a full amount and that they have total Representation in the Lower House.

Amendment 002

Proposed 01/05/18

Approved with 751 Aye- 149 Nye at Party Congress

Status- In Use

Proposal- The Chamber of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, Congressional House of Assembly of the Nationalities, change from a non-set number of Delegates to a set number. The Current Assembly will not be effected (Elected on 01/12/18) till the next election. The set number should be 300 Delegates with 69 new Seats being created. Out of these 69 newly created seats they should be delegated tot he Communist Party to ensure the People's Voice is heard with the new Election Laws.

Conclusion- With the Permanent amount of Seats Delegated this should ensure a more functional and stable Assembly of the Nationalities.

Amendment 003

Proposed 02/15/2018

Passed 04/09/2018

Approved with 1000 Aye- 500 Nye at Conjoined Congress

Proposal- The Chambers of the Socialist Legislature of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, agreed to create two new Republic Classifications, Socialist Federal Republic and Autonomous Socialist Republic, to form the Socialist Federation Union Republics. SR Ahran, SR, Lockiee, SR Tata, SR Tatani, SR Moskovo, SR St. Peterburi will be elevated to the status Socialist Federal Republics. SR Thralhaven, SR Heilig will be re-classified as Autonomous Socialist Republics. A new National City is to be added and many new Autonomous Regions and Province will be created.

Conclusion- The Socialist Federation is starting to take permanent form and will continue to do so till the Federation becomes a Communist Country.



Amendment 004

Proposed 03/02/2018

Passed 06/15/2018

Approved 1150 Aye to 350 Nye’s at the Congressional Hearing

Proposal- the Constitution and Government has failed to set what the Legislative View of; “The Question of Homosexuality in Ahrana”, when the first Congress was held and when the First Government was established with the Constitution. The Congressional Houses held a hearing to make the final debate on the Question to set forth a verdict that was declared Constitutional by the Supreme Constitutional Court of the Federation of Ahrana on 06/15/2018.

1)  A citizen that is a Homosexual or anything in the LGBT Community of Ahrana are entitled to the same rights as other Ahranaians as granted by the Constitution of the Federation.

2)  Anyone persecuted or facing Hate Speeches or any such form of Persecution may be protected by the Law as everyone else may be allowed in a Domestic Abuse or any other Case.

3)  The Rights of Humans granted by the Constitution applies to all people regardless of their Orientation, Race, Sex, Culture or whatever it may be.

Conclusion- this Amendment sets forth what the Government of the Federation views of the Question and states that no matter who you are you’re entitled to the same rights as everyone else as the Constitution States.

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Identification Cards Papers and more

In the Kingdom of Ahrana it is required to carry your Civilian ID, Passport ID, VISA ID, Embassy ID, Federal ID, Military ID or whatever form of Governmental issued ID is in your possession. If a person is caught without the Government Issued IDs a fine or Court summons is possible for the person as it is the Law to carry a form of ID on themselves while in Public. Government Employees are even required themselves to have there IDs on them as well. The only person not required to have a ID is the King, Queen, Crown Princess, Crown Prince and their immediate family (Children, spouse are the immediate Family).

Civilian ID


The First Form of Civilian ID is the Ahranaian Identification Card, it is the most basic for of the Identification Cards but this is used to Vote and for Public Services.


The Second form of Civilian ID is the Passport ID, it is the preferred form of ID to be used in the Kingdom. When crossing into a new Kingdom of Dukedom inside the Kingdom of Ahrana this ID must be showed to the Home Guards. Its even used in applying for jobs. 



The third form of ID is the Ahranaian Temporary VISA ID/VISA ID, this is issued to all foreigners when they enter the Kingdom. Upon arriving to the Kingdom one goes through the Ahranaian Customs and are issued VISA IDs to be kept on them at all times till the VISA ID arrives. If a Foreign Citizen is caught without the ID they can face deportation.


Governmental Staff ID


Any Foreign Diplomat that is not part of that nations Embassy Staff are required to get only the Foreign Diplomatic ID and the Federal ID. Like civilians they will be given a Temp. VISA along with a Passport ID.




The Military issue their own ID with Clearance Level and Branch and Pay grade, unlike other they are only required to have the Military ID on them even if they are readjusting to Civilian Life after leaving the Military for 5 years after which they will be required to get the other IDs.


The Parliament Issues their own form of ID that is issued to all MPs and are required to scan them in as they enter the building.


The Federal ID is used to enter the Royal Palace and is issued for the Council Members of the Monarchs various Councils and the Chancellery. They are required to have a Passport ID unless they're Foreign Diplomats.


These are just the basic forms of Identification Cards that are used in the Kingdom.


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Government of the

Federation of Ahrana

The Central Government of the Socialist Federation is located in the Socialist Republic of Moskovo which houses the Capital of the Federation. All Government Offices are in the Federal District of the Capital

Executive of the Federation

Heade of State and Government

Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana and Chairman of the Presidium of the Federation- Alexsandra M. L. Core

Presidium of the Federation

Chancellor of the State (Majority Leader of the Congressional House of the People's of the Union)-  Auchild Collins

Councilor of the State (Majority Leader of the Congressional House of the Assembly of Nationalities)- Marsha L. C. Gleason

Representatives of the Republics

Presidential Representative of the Federal Republic of Lockiee-

Presidential Representative of the Federal Republic of  Tata-

Presidential Representative of the Federal Republic of Tatani-

Presidential Representative of the Federal Republic of Moskovo-

Presidential Representative of the Federal Republic of Peterburi-

Presidential Representative of the Autonomous Republican Province of Thravlhavn-

Presidential Representative of the Special Administrated Federal Republic of Xara-

Ministers of the Government Offices of the Federation




Government Offices of the Federation

Administrative Organs

Ministry of Civil Aviation- Andrea Erikks

Ministry of Defense- George Nagy

Ministry of Internal Affairs (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs FLK)- Audhild Kos

Ministry of Justice- Arvid Nutii

Committee for State Security- Alida Sokolov

Procuracy- Anton Jåsson

Supreme Court- Erikk Ahone


Agriculture Departments

Ministry of Agriculture- Bjorn Olsen

Ministry of Agriculture Product Procurement- Bo Simonsen

Ministry of Reclamation and Water Management- Birger Ivanov

Ministry of Forestry, Fishery and Wildlife- Bartholomeus Jörgson


Chemical Industry Departments

Ministry of Cellulose-Paper Industry- Bent Bengtsson

Ministry of Chemical Industry- Britta Tuominen

Ministry of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry- Claus Karlsen


Culture Departments

Ministry of Culture- Celia Jansen

Sub-Ministry for Cinematography- Roberti’


Defense Industry Departments

Ministry of Aviation Industry- General Michale Povlov

Ministry of Defense Industry- Dierk Jorgesån

Ministry of General Machine Industry- Disa Lanson

Ministry of Medium Machine Industry- Dagmar Sokolov

Ministry of Radio-Technical Industry- Lt. Cl. Claus Hanover

Ministry of Shipbuilding- Lt. Cpt. Diederik Oleg

Ministry of Atomic Energy- Ebba Christensen


Foreign Cadres Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Eva Halvorsen

Ministry of Foreign Trade- Georgi’ Hön

Sub-Ministry for Foreign Economic Trade- Erikia Jorgson


Heavy Industry Departments

Ministry of Coal Industry- Fiske Roberte’

Ministry of Gas Industry- Robert Nore

Ministry of Geology- Albert Nutie

Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry- Elisabeth Korkov

Ministry of Oil Industry- Victor Lømi

Ministry of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy- Greggor Hospetti’


Light-Food Industry Departments

Ministry of Food Industry- Stoff Craig

Ministry of Light Industry- Lucus Milison

Ministry of Dairy and Meat Industry- Natalie Bevra



Trade and Consumers Services

Ministry of Trade- Natalia Lusha

Consumers’ Corps- Gregorr Laris


Transportation-Communications Departments

Ministry of Communications- Sgt. Blin

Ministry of Merchant Marines- Capt. Lewis Sorve

Ministry of Railroad- Ivan Burov

Ministry of River Transportation- Igor Lusanca


Planning and Financial Organs

Ministry of Finance- Natasha Romni

State Committee for Labor and Social Questions- Glover Clause

State Committee for Prices- Steffon Cornoda

State Committee for Supplies Procurement- Lewi Nash

State Committee for Standards- Gustov Klas

State Planning Committee- Lt. Co. Igor Slavis

Central Bank- Grig Norr

Central Administration for Statistics- Abraham Glasi

Construction Bank- Claus Klas


Organizational Work

Trade Unions- Novok Goss


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Internal Affairs FKI & SNB)

Minister of Internal Affairs- Audhild Kos

Head of National Security Service Bureau (SNB)- General Matasha Håns

Head of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (FKI)- Colonel Hans Burov

Office Locations- Moskovo, SR Moskovo, Socialist Federation of Ahrana

National Security Service Bureau

Overview- The SNB is the Bureau that regulates inside the Federation and the individual Republics, operates as a Federal Police System for the People of the Federation. They also serve as border guards along the Federations International Boundary.

Jurisdiction- Central Committee, Presidium of the Federation

Headquarters- Lushanka Building, Federal District, Moskovo SR,  Socialist Federation of Ahrana

Operations- Federation Police, Border Guards

People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs

Overview- The FKI is the Federations Intelligence gathering Agency for both Internally and Internationally. The FKI is a Military Ran Agency unlike other Intelligence Agencies inside the Ahranaian Government.

Jurisdiction- Central Committee, Presidium of the Socialist Federation, Communist Party of the Socialist Federation

Headquarters- Larkanov Building, Federal District, Moskovo SR, Socialist Federation Ahrana; Ahranaian Embassies Suite 02, Ahranaian Affairs Abroad

Operations- Federation Police, Secret Police, Intelligence Agency




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Political Affiliations in Ahrana

In the Socialist Federation of Ahrana the Government has allowed other Political Affiliations to take part in Federal and Republican Level Elections to all Offices. The following Affiliations are the Registered Organizations with the Electoral Commission of Ahrana:

Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

Democratic Party of Ahrana

Liberal Socialist United

National Front

Workers' Party of Ahrana

Liberation Party of Ahrana

Monarchist of Ahrana

Socialist United Front

Populist Front of Ahrana

Republican Party of Ahrana



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Alexsandra M. L. Core,

Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana


DOB: 18 March 1980

Full Name: Alexsandra Misha Lars Natasha Carlia Core

Birth Place:  Henlins ,Grand Duchy of Lockiee, Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana

Positions Held: Commander of Royal Regiment of the Lockieeani Guards, 

Political Affiliation: Liberalist Front Party Coalition of Ahrana

Allegiance: Royal Regimental Guards of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana, People's Revolutionary Army, Peoples Liberation Army

Education: Royal Scientific Academy for Physics, Royal University of Moskovo for Linguistics, Politics and Economics, Royal Military Academy


Alexsandra M. L. N. C. Core, now Secretary General Core of the Federation of Ahrana, begun her rise to power after completing the Royal Military Academy. She was born in the Grand Duchy of Lockiee under the Imperial Kingdom and grew up in a relative small town inside Lockiee. She was the first Child of Her Parents to go to any Form of Higher Education. Alexsandra was an expletory Student and received the highest scores on all areas of the Education System at her local School. She was asked to be part of the Program for Extremely Gifted and talented Young Minds that allowed them to progress rapidly in the areas they proved capable in. She was the Grand Duchy's Youngest School Member to excel to the College level at the age 19 She Graduated from the Royal Scientific Academy for Physics at the age 19.

Alexsandra then attended the Royal University in Moskovo for Linguistics, Politics and Economics and exceled at that area of Studied. She graduated from the University at the age 23 becoming the Universities Youngest Member to Graduate so quickly. She was extremely talented at what she knew and wanted to pursue. 

Alexsandra worked for the Local Government till the age of 25 when she left to join the Royal Regiment of the Lockieeani Imperial Guard. She graduated from the Royal Military Academy as well as Basic Training with full Merits. She went into service as a Royal Appointed and Commissioned Officer of the Lockieeani Imperial Guard as a Captain. She soon progressed to the rank of Lt. Commander in the Guard shortly before the Revolution took place.

Alexsandra had always had a Liberal Stance in the view of Politics but not as a fledged Communist like many of her Counterparts, she was more of Socialist Social Democrat in which she would later mold the Federal Socialist Republic of Lockiee around. With the Revolution over she returned to Lockiee to begin the Process of building the Republican Governments for all of the newer and Future Republics would be modeled after. She served under the Ivanoff Administration in the Lockieeani Republican Government but never pledged allegiance to Ivanoff as she saw him as a imposter to the Peoples Claims.

When the Elections were announced to take place her Party would form a Left Coalition with other like minded Parties that would grant them a Majority to form a Government and allow the Ivanoff Administration to collapse on its own doing. Upon gaining Power she would reform and is still reforming Ahrana into a better Country and a more functioning Country at that.


Military Career and Service

Alexsandra Core served in the Royal Imperial Regimental Guards and saw many conflicts within her tenure in the Guards Regiments. Captain Core of the Lockieeani Imperial Regimental Guards was deployed to the Dukedom of Tatani during the Tatani Conflict and before that she was deployed to the Kingdom of Tatani for the brief stand off the local government had with the Royal Government which was classified as the Third Ahranaian Civil War which included the Tatani Conflict.

Tatani Conflict

In the Tatani Conflict unlike the majority of the other Regiments the King placed the Lockieeani Guards at the front lines and placed the Tata Guards, Ahran Guards and others in the other Grand Duchies and Kingdoms to help keep stability in the area. The Lockieeani Regimental Guards were in all truth the most elite Guard Unit in the entire Imperial Regimental Guards. The Lockieeani Guard went under an intensive Training program that last three months which allowed the Sargent's to drill each area into the Guards training to a fine point. They specialized in Hand to Hand Combat, Dual Wielding Weapon, Gun Specification, Ceremonial, Special Operations and so on. They underwent the entire Militaries most intensive training there was therefore making the Lockieeani Guards a fierce fighting machine.

When they were in Tatani they saw the worst of the worst, most of the devastation was by the Rebels but the Guards also played a heavy role in the devastation. They fought war that was not a clean one it was a dirty war which was fought with bombs and deceiving tactics. Captain Core's Regiment named the 512th Legionaries were one of the battle ridden Regiment in all of the guards. They hold the most Battle Honors given by the King, claim the most numbers of enemies killed with least amount of casualties. 

It has been said by Core that the battles they fought in were always either against them or not possible to win, yet each time they came out victorious gaining land after land. It was because of her Regiment that the Conflict was almost to the end. The Battle she saw would've scared and drove the simplest of person insane yet through it all and all the way today she has held herself together and shows no sign of Battle-Craze like the others do. How she has not yet shown signs remains unknown to all Doctors that have checked her before she went into Politics.

Third Ahranaian Civil War


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IC: As granted by the New Government and recent Referendum Xara is a separate Entity inside Ahrana, they are allowed a Constitution which is bellow.




of the 

Federal Republic of Xara

For many years Xaraians were left to govern themselves accordingly by their form of a rudimental Government. Until recently they lived peacefully following an old prophecy that has been used as lore for generations. The day the Ahranaian Force came into Xara was the day the land fell to Ivanoffism.

With the new Government in Ahrana and new hopes in Xara a new age will begin for the People of Xara, a new History as a People.

Section I

Article I

The Official name and Title of Xara is, the Federal Republic of Xara.

Article II

The form of government the lands of Xara is and will follow is a Federative Democratic Republican form, under the Federation of Ahrana.

Article III

The Federal Republic of Xara is a self-Governing State with in the Federation of Ahrana that has been granted Special Status inside the Federation.

Article IV

The Land of Xara that is and will be governed by the Federal Republic have been set by the boarders laid down on 31 May 2018 by the Government of the Federation of Ahrana.

Section II

Article V

The Federal Government is the sole Government with full jurisdiction inside the land of the Federal Republic of Xara. The highest Office of the Federal Republic Governs these Lands as mandated by the People

Article VI

The Highest State Organ of the Federal Republic of Xara is the Premier of the Xaraian Presidium, who wields Powers of the State of the Government of Xara.

Article VII

The Office of Premier of the Xaraian Presidium is held by a Xaraian elected by the Population of Xara for a five year term renewable once only. The Premier holds Executive Power as Head of Government with some State Authority;

  • Executive Authority over the Xaraian Defense Forces
  • Executive Authority on Legislative Laws
  • Able to conduct personal treaties of Economic, Defense, and Governmental with any Foreign Entity outside of the Federation of Ahrana
  • May be present in all sessions of the Presidium of the Federation of Ahrana even if the Federal Republic of Xara isn’t the topic

Article VIII

The Presidium of the Federal Republic of Xara is elected by the People’s Assembly of Xara which in returns nominates a Deputy Premier to be the Head of State that answers to the Premier of the Federal Republic. The Duties of the Deputy Premier includes;

  • Leads the Presidium in every Day meetings even when the Premier is in the Presidiums Chambers
  • Heads the People’s Assembly with the other Chair Heads
  • Is next in line to be Premier if the Current Premier is either Vacant, Abroad, Ill, or cannot rightfully execute the power of the Office of the Premier of the Federal Republic of Xara

The Presidium as a whole is composed of a six member Council that are nominated and Elected by the People’s Assembly to form the main part of the Federal Republics Government.

Article IX

The Presidium may create Sub-Ministries from the Office of the Presidium to create the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Xara. The following Ministries must be filled first before any creation of any other Ministries;

  1. Ministry of State Affairs
  2. Ministry of Intelligence
  3. Ministry of Ahranaian Governance
  4. Ministry of Law and Justice
  5. Ministry of Defense Forces
  6. Ministry of Energy
  7. Ministry of the Treasury of Xara


Section III

Article X

The Highest Organ of Legislative Authority inside the land of the Federal Republic of Xara is the Unicameral House of the People’s Assembly. The Assembly holds final Authority on all Legislative Matters in Xara.

Article XI

The People’s Assembly of the Federal Republic of Xara is a 200 Member Assembly elected by Direct Elections from the Populace. One third of the Chamber will be up for election every two years, the Members of the Assembly hold a 4 year term renewable twice by Majority Votes from the Population.

Article XII

The People’s Assembly has legal Authority to create Sub-Assemblies to make the Legislative Process easier on the Entire Legislature.

Section IV

Article XIII

The Highest organ of Judicial Procedures in the Public Realm is the People’s High Court, while the highest organ of Judicial Legislative Procedures is the People’s Constitutional Court. Each have Authority in their own right to create lower Sub-Courts in their Realms of Influence with the Approval of the Populace.

Article IVX

The People’s High Court oversees the Cases that are Non-Legislative and are either Criminal, Civilian Pleads and such that are or cannot be handled at the Lower Courts. The People’s High Court is headed by three Justices, two whom are elected by the People and one Nominated by the People’s Assembly.

Article XV

The People’s Constitutional Court handles any Legislative disputes or anything related to the Constitution in Amending wise, or a Case that involves Government Information or Personnel.

Article XVI

The People’s High Court and the Constitutional Court has the full authority to create the lower Courts at a later date or when a Lower Court is needing to be established.

Section V

Article XVII

The Federal Republic of Xara has a right to have an Independent Defense Force from the Federation of Ahrana. The Xaraian Defense Force makes up Land, Air and Sea Divisions that make up the entire Defense Force.

The Federation of Ahrana provides the majority of the Sea Defense with the Southern Naval Fleet which is permitted to be stationed in Vulgus Supra. The Xaraian Defense Force has a Service Requirement of five years by all population from the Ratifying of the Constitution. Only people exempt are Elderly People starting at the age of 65 and people under the age 17.

Section VI

Article XVIII

The People of Xara have the same rights as an Ahranaian National as given by the Ahranaian Constitution. All Rights of the People that are invested in the Ahranaian Constitution are the Rights of the Xaraian People as well. (See the Ahranaian Constitution)

Section VII

Article XVXI

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Xara is a legal Law Document that can only be nullified and Void by a Majority Vote of the People’s Assembly. To Amend the Constitution a Session of the Assembly is to be convened and at least 2/3s of the Assembly and the Majority of the Population have to agree to the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution.


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Embassies and Consulates

of the

Federation of Ahrana



Workers' Republic of Fulgistan-

Republic of Asgeirria-

Commonwealth of Andalla-

United States of Prymont-

Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah-

Commonwealth of Variota-

Republic of Ivercia-

Kingdom of Gallambria

United Houses of Astriedan-

Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands-

Constitutional Monarchy of Beleareas-

Kingdom of Seylos-

Empire of Aluxia-

United Salian States

Federal Republic of Girkmand-

Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania-

Fleur de Lys-



Empire of Derthalen-

Unified Balkan States of Greater Serbia-

Imperial States of Europe-



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Citizenship Act

(21 June 1984)


The Current Citizenship Act is the same that was implanted in 1984 under the Imperial Government of the Ahranaian United Kingdom, the same rules and regulations that were implemented in 1984 are still in effect under the Government of the Federation of Ahrana.


Under the Ahranaian Constitution the Citizens of Ahrana born in the Federation before 05 December 2017 are legally Ahranaians still from the Continuation of this Citizenship Act that is the same as of 1984. Those born under the Imperial Government are entitled to Ahranaian Citizenship automatically by law.

Citizens born after 05 December 2017 must be of or qualify under the following circumstances:

-Mother is of Ahranaian Nationality and has lived in Ahrana for no less than three years

-Father is of Ahranaian Nationality and holds no other Citizenship and has lived in Ahrana for no less than five years

-Birth Parents are Full Ahranaians by Birth and proof can be provided if need be

In cases of Adoption:

-Parents are Ahranaian Born and hold evidence that they can provide for the person

-Parents are Naturalized Ahranaians and have lived in the Federations lands for no less than two years

People coming to Ahrana with the intention to become an Ahranaian Citizen have to follow the following steps:

Step 1-

The Individual must declare their Original Nationality or if they are a Stateless Person, following the declaration they must be sponsored by an Ahranaian Sponsor Family that is given to them by the Immigration Office in Moskovo. Upon receiving the Sponsor they must registar for a Temporary VISA till the permanent VISA arrives at their Address.

Step 2-

They must show they have received their Permanent VISA and they will be given a job to hold while they process in the Immigration System. While processing in the system they must hold the job, go to the Naturalization Classes provided by the Government and be a part of the Community and make a impact on the Community around them.

Step 3-

Upon being registered and fully processed in the Immigration System, after living in Ahrana for no less than three consecutive years the individual is able to be qualified as a Naturalized Citizen of the Federation after completing the Classes and time period of the stay of the Sponsor Program (Up to three years).


People with Ahranaian Parents born in Ahrana but the individual in question was born abroad:

-If an Individule is born of two Ahranaian Citizens by Birth that child or individual is automatically an Ahranaian Citizen by Birthright,

-If the individule is born outside of the Federation to a Ahranaian Mother but not an Ahranaian Father that child or individule is Ahranaian through the Mothers Birthright,

-If the Individule is born outside the Federation to an Ahranaian Father but not an Ahranaian Mother that child or individule is not Ahranaian by birthright but can become an Ahranaian Citizen through Naturalization if the Mother becomes Ahranaian,

-If neither Parents are Ahranaian but the Individule of Childs Grandparents were Ahranaian Orgin that Child or individule can petition the Immigration Department to become an Ahranaian National through Historic Birthright. 

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Ahranaian Orthodox Church

(Est. 1205 ACE)



Founding Date: 05 February 1205

Head of Church: Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II, Head of the Chayka Imperial Family of Ahrana

Patriarch: Patriarch Dimitri Erikksons V


The Ahranaian Orthodox Church is the Biggest and the Oldest Church in the Federation of Ahrana and Religion that makes up the Religious Majority of the Federation. The Orthodox Church is Spiritly connected to the Imperial Throne of Ahrana even though the Imperial Family no longer rules Ahrana, the Head of the Church is the Former Queen, Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II. The Orthodox Church believes that the Imperial Family were nominated and chosen by the One God to Govern and Lead the Ahranaian People into the World and this something some people still believe.



The Beliefs of the Orthodox Church is that the one true God sent Disciples and his Son to Eurth to teach us and show us the error of our ways and to bring us back to Gods grace so would not be damned upon death. The Orthodox Church believes in the true Prophet of the one God was his Son and that everything that was done by the Son was done for in the name of the One God.

The Orthodox Church has practiced the statement, "One True God" when referring to the lord of the Heavens instead of just say "The Lord" or "God". It is the Churches Belief that if refers to the One True God as just Lord or God that it is an Offense that is a Un-justification of the One True God, one must always refer to the Lord of the Heavens if not a Preist, Bishop, Patriarch or Head of the Church as the One True God while the latter does not but instead say, Lord of the Heavens.



The Structure of the Orthodox Church and Faith is the same since the founding of the first Church by the Disciples of the One True Gods Son. Apostle Greggory I founded the Orthodox Faith and created everything we now follow as part of the Faith. The highest rank in the Church is the Head of the Church which is Historically the Head of the Imperial Household of the Imperial Throne of Ahrana. Currently the Former Queen Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II is the Head of the Church and will be so till her death.

The Current Patriarch of the Entire Orthodox Faith is, Patriarch Dimitri Erikksons V, who was elected Patriarch of the Church and Faith by the Former Ahranaian King, Gustov XVII, father Gustov XVI in 1958. The Patriarch is in postion till his death or until the Church calls for his resignation which has not happened in three Centuries.

Below the Patriarch their are the Grand Bishop and the Arch Bishops of the Grand Parishes of the Orthodox Church. There are currently twenty Grand Parishes of the Federation of Ahrana all are the same boundaries as from the last drawing of the Grand Parishes in 1878 at the Council of Moskovo of 1878. The Head of all twenty Grand Parishes is the Grand Bishop which helps the Patriarch will his Duties overseeing the entire Faith and the Churches in the Federation. The Arch Bishops oversee their Grand Parish and report all funds and information to the Office of Patriarch.

Below the Grad Bishop and Arch Bishops comes the Bishops that oversee the Church Districts that number around three hundred and seventy eight in total which is in relation to the number of Bishops. They help with the Funding of the Local Churchs and so forth.

The Priest are who make the Church the Church, they deliver the sermons and so forth for the Church, the number of Priest is around 4,758 and they all are ordained by the Patriarch of the Faith. The Priest's make the Church go round without them the Churches would not be as functional as the are today.

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Ahranaian Catholic Church

(Est. 1492)



Founding: 22 August 1492

Supreme Governor: Alexandria Victoria Mishia Chayka II, Head of the Ahranaian Imperial Family of the Imperial Throne

Supreme Pontiff: Carol Thorvin XVIII


The Ahranaian Catholic Church is the second most popular and second oldest Faith in the Federation of Ahrana established in 1492 by the first Supreme Pontiff, Francis of Peterburi. The Catholic Church split with the Ahranaian Orthodox Church due to Francis having disagreements on the Holy Sacraments and Services of the Orthodox Faith. The Catholic Church is in all technicality divided into two sects the Ahranaian Catholic Church and the Tatani Catholic Church both which are related to one another but both split from a United Church in 1548 due to disagreements of the Tatani Church leaders.



The Ahranaian Catholic Church believes in the One True God but calls the Lord of Heaven simply The Lord of all Creation. The Catholic faith and its followers adhere to the same principles as the Orthodox Faith but when it comes to the Holy Trinity of the Faith they take a different view. The Son of God was birthed by a simple Women an Earthly Women who was nothing special, but to the Catholics she is special and held in a high regard. The Catholic Faith sees the Mother of the Son of God as the Messenger of the Lord of all Creation and claim she is the Lord of All Creations true Prophet. Unlike the Orthodox Faith that claims that the Son of the One True Lord is the one and only Prophet the Catholics believe otherwise.



The Ahranaian Catholic Church is structured similar to the Orthodox Faith but uses different names and leaves a few positions out of the usage in the Church. The Supreme Governor of the Faith is the Heir to the Imperial Throne of the Ahran Kingdom, Alexandria Mishia Chayka II, she is also the Head of the Church for the Orthodox Faith. The Supreme Governor is seen as the one the Lord of all Creation chose to speak through and lead the People of the land in his way. The Supreme Governor is part of all three major Faiths of the Federation and is held in high regards to all Churches.

The Supreme Pontiff is the one in charge of the Church and makes the executive decisions such as ordaining Priests, Missionaries, Clerics, Bishops, Cardinals and the Clergy altogether. The Pontiff is elected by the Supreme Governor and nominated by the Higher ranking Members of the Catholic Church.

The Cardinals and Bishops are equally ranked in the Catholic Church and are the second highest position in the Catholic Church and they are the ones to Nominate the Supreme Pontiff for the Office of the Church. All Cardinals and Bishops are nominated by the Supreme Pontiff to head their Offices of the Districts of the Catholic Church which currently there are thirty Districts which thirty or so perside over.

Below them are the Priests, Missionaries and the Clerics that make the churches what it is today, as it stands the Church today is part of the society as much as the Orthodox Churches are. The three Sects work together to bring people together through the lower people of the Church hagiarchy.



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Official Flags

Of The 

Federation of Ahrana


Under the new Constitution the Tricolor of Ahrana from way back in History has now Legal and Official Status, the White, Red and Black Tricolor is the National Flag along with the Republican Flags of the Unoin Republics. The Kingdoms Official Tricolor has limited Official Status but can only be used by the Imperial Family, those mainly being the direct decedents of the last Monarch of the Imperial Throne Alexandra of the Imperial Household.



The Official National Flag of the Federation of Ahrana (revised on 22 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Ahran (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Tatani (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Moskovo (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Peterburi (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Tata (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Federal Republic of Xara (05 August 2018)



Flag of the Autonomous Republican Province of Thralhaven (05 August 2018)


Standards of the Federal Government and Federal Offices  


Standard of the Federal Government (05 September 2018)



Standard of the Secretary General (05 September 2018)



Standard of the Chancellor (05 September 2018)



Standard of the State Councilor (05 September 2018)



Standard of the Deputy Generals of the Federation (05 September 2018)



Standard of the Executive Ministries (05 September 2018)



Standard of the Executive Judiciaries (05 September 2018)

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3rd Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana

Secretary General Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence

Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence was born in the Kingdom of Ahran in the City of Strasburg on 7 July 1988 to the parents of Carl and Anne Florence. Sigrid lived her whole life in Strasburg and even still owns a home in the City.

Sigrid is a mother of two Children one a Five Year old Boy named Misha Carl Florence-Goring and a One year old Boy name Gustov Carl Steffen Florence-Goring. The Father of the two children is Stephen Sven Goring who actually bares Sigrid’s last name attached to his due to the Florence Family being a Ahranaian Noble family.


Reference Style

Spoken Formal Style: Madam Executive, Sigrid Florence-Goring

Written Formal Style: Secretary General of the Federation of Ahrana, Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring

Nobility Formal Style: Duchess of Strasburg, Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring

Spoken Informal Style: Mrs. Sigrid Florence-Goring

Written Informal Style: Sigrid A. A. V. Florence-Goring of Ahrana

Nobility Informal Style: Sigrid of Strasburg

Military Formal Style: General Florence-Goring of Strasburg

Military Informal Style: General Sig


Early Life

Sigrid’s was born to Carl and Anne Florence in Strasburg, Kingdom of Ahrana on Monday morning at 0735AST on 7 July 1988. She was born a healthy baby and was said to be a very quiet baby in the early days of her birth. Sigrid was named after the Florence Families founder, Sigrid Anne Florence I of Strasburg. The Florence Family are a Noble House of the Imperial Kingdom and can prove their descent from the Mishia Royal House of Sigrid I of Strasburg who was a daughter to a Mishia Royal Prince.

Sigrid was educated at Public School and graduated from a Public Education Institute the Strasburg Public School District. She graduated with top honors and fifth in her class over three hundred student of that year. She attended University at the Moskovo Institute after leaving High School in 2006, she would graduate in 2010 with a B.A.S in Law and Political Studies. She would join the Military to serve her compulsory time for four years as a Royal Imperial Guard in the Ahran Life Guards as Officer of the Life Brigade. She was a Lieutenant in the Life Brigade till the end of her service, after serving her four years she would leave the Military and become part of the Monarchs Military Privy Council under King Gustov XVII of Ahrana. She would serve at that post till 22 January 2016. She then left Public Service to be with her family to help Stephan with their first child.


Military Career

Sigrid served in the Royal Imperial Guard under the Ahran Life Guards Brigade as a Commissioned Royal Officer of His Majesties Imperial Guard. She would rise to the rank of Lieutenant in the Brigade and having her own Division under her Command. Sigrid would take Maternal Leave for the remainder of her Military Service and did not see any Battle Action as did none of her Brigade.

She would leave the Military in 2014 officially with a Honorable Discharge of Completion of Service to the Military Service Law. After leaving she was offered a seat on the Royal Military Privy Council by His Majesty, King Gustov XVII, personally with him asking her to serve on this post. She would serve on this post as Commissioned Officer of the Royal Imperial Guards Commander, therefore being given the Rank of General of the Imperial Guards. She served this post till the 22 January 2016 when she handed her Formal Resignation from the Privy Council. The Monarch accepted her resignation and allowed her to retire from the Military Post and keep her rank of General but not before naming her General of the Imperial Ahran Life Guards Brigade. She would leave the Public Service to help her Husband with their First child Misha.


Public Life

Sigrid would retire to the Family Home in Strasburg a small Town home in the Country away from Public eye, being a descendent and part of a Noble Family she was Privy to the Strasburg Estate but allowed the Estate to operate as a Museum and only appearing to give tours.

When the Tatani Conflict emerged Sigrid’s Family were offered Imperial Protection if requested, being only five miles from the local Imperial Guards base for the Strasburg Estate. The Guards were never requested till the conflict ended with the Revolution beginning. The Imperial Guards were and remained loyal to the Florence-Goring Family till the end. The Red Army had to fight not only the Guards by Sigrid herself as she was fighting with the Guards while protecting her Family and her House. It was said by one of the Guards,

“The General was standing in line with all of us even holding a gun. She could be seen in Combat Dress of the Life Brigade yelling for us to defend this House and this Family. When the Red Army saw that they couldn’t hit us with bullets they charged with Bayonets on their Guns. I turned to see the General for orders and she threw the rifle down and drew out her Handgun and Ceremonial Sabre giving us the Command to let them come to us and attack in close quarters. The General led the way for us and she single handedly killed at least five guys within the first Charge. Thing that was even more remarkable is that she was with child at the time and she still fought to preserve the freedom of the People!”

Sigrid was said to be the most formidable opponent to the advancing Red Army and made a reputation for herself among the Red Army’s Ranks as the bringer of Death. Her and her Husband avoided capture and ventured to the safety of the Palace with her close friend the Monarch of Ahrana, Alexsandra XII, the daughter of Gustov XVII. Due to Sigrid not being part of the Political Corruption she was given the sentence of Exile with the Monarch to the Forests of Ahrana.

When Sigrid was fighting to protect her Home and her Friend the Monarch she was with child and it was noticeable which also frightened the Red Army Troops as to how a women carrying a child be able to fight off Troops and not become weak or wounded.

After the rest of the Imperial Family and Noble Families were sent into exile in the Forests, Sigrid was part of the Exiled Imperial Guard that provided all Royal and Noble Families protection while in exile. Sigrid was even seen teaching self-defense to the Children and Women of the Royal Households as they had no teaching in.

Sigrid found was to ensure that she and the exiled Queen were kept in the loop of the Ahranaian Politics and made sure that the People were taken care of even though they held no power.

Upon returning to life in the City of Strasburg she took up the Family Estate as her Private Home had been destroyed by the Red Army in the Attack that she earned the name Bringer of Death. She fixed up the Estate and begun taking part in the Government of the 2nd Secretary General, Alexsandra M. L. Core, as Private Advisor to the Office of Secretary General. She was part of the Democratic Party of Ahrana and was one of the leading figures in that Party calling for a coalition Government.

Two weeks after being appointed as Private Advisor to the Office of Secretary General she resigned from the Democratic Party and joined the Liberation Party of Ahrana. Since joining the LPA, Sigrid has rose in Power in the Party and became the Election Nominee for Secretary General in the October Elections. Alexsandra M. L. Core resigned as General Secretary of the LPA so that Sigrid could be the Party Leader and hopefully win the Elections. Core had no intention in being re-elected again as she was just to finish the Ivanoff Term.


3rd Secretary General of Ahrana

Sigrid won the Election for Secretary General with the Majority of the votes thanks to Core who ceded all votes for her to Sigrid in order to win the Election. Along with her wining the Secretary General Elections the Liberation Party of Ahrana won a Majority of Seats in both Houses of Congress therefore making a Coalition Government not needed. However due to the past Coalition member’s stratification with the previous Government they agreed to form a Majority Coalition Government therefore ensuing both Houses with a plural Majority of the Seats.

Florence took the Oath of Office from the Palace of the Presidium and former Secretary General Core was there to hand over Power to her Officially in the Handing Over Ceremony. The entire Government has expressed joy on the era that Sigrid will usher in and hopes to see her make Cores efforts go further.


Personality and Traits

Sigrid has been called a Courageous, Strong, Caring, Loving and Kind hearted person that will go out of her way to help or protect the people she cares for and loves. From an early age she was a caring person that wanted only to help everyone she could. As she grew older it became noticeable that she was able to defend herself physically and verbally if needed to do so.

She believed in the honor system and believed that a person was no one without honor and commitment to things they care for. She was honored to be in the Life Guards Brigade and on the Royal Military Privy Council and to also befriend the Grand Duchess and soon to be Queen, Alessandria. When her House came under attack she was seen on the front lines with the troops giving orders and giving her family time to escape and head for the Imperial Palace in Moskovo. Upon reaching Moskovo she oversaw the entire fortification of the Royal Palace and its Defense during the siege. When the Queen gave the order to surrender she did so out of respect to the Queen as it takes a Strong and Courageous Person to surrender to people who will most likely kill you.

Upon in being in Exile she taught self-defense to every child and women in exile and even taught at the School for the Children. She is very knowledgeable in the area of Martial Arts and Self-Defense thus making her very wise in certain aspects.

She is very political in all areas of the Politics of the Federation even while she was in exile she was Political. She is seen as the next great Leader of the Federation after Core and the Late King, Gustov XVII.


Honors and Awards

Sigrid is member to all Royal Orders of the Imperial Government and Royal Family, she holds rank in all Orders due to her association in the Royal Privy Council. Sigrid has also been awarded the highest and prestigious award in the Federation therefore being a Historical Figure with the other Historical Figures in Ahranaian History.

Order of Gustov- First Class

Order of Mishia- First Class, Grand Master

Order of St. Anastasia- First Class

Order of St. Greggor- Second Class

Order of St. Vladimir- First Class, Grand Cross

Order of the People- First Class

Order of Andrew the First- Grand Master

Order of Strasburg- First Class, Grand Master

Order of Ahran- Second Class

Order of Honor- First Class, X2

Order of the Iron Cross- First Class, X3

Order of Chayka- First Class, Grand Cross

Order of the Ahranaian Crown- First Class, Grand Cross

Hero of the Federation- Awarded X3


Sigrid has been awarded the Hero of the Federation three times due to her service to protect the People during the Revolution. The 2nd Secretary General awarded the Hero Award three times for the justification of,

“During her service in the Revolution even though she was not part of the Socialist Movement she fought on to protect the People from the atrocities the Red Army were committing along with conquering land. Many Communists and Socialists will say what she did is not protecting the people but instead of a crime against the People. However I see her actions as just and a clear indication on her will to protect the people thus I award her the Hero of the Federation three times for her three acts Valor in the name of the People of the Federation!”

Sigrid has received several Military Awards for her service to the Kingdom and to the People also being one of the few people to be given the Medal of Honor and Medal of the Friendship of the People four times due to her service during the Revolution on the means of Protecting People who were higher than her.

Being part of the Ahranaian Nobility and Descendent of the First Imperial House, Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring is third in line of the Imperial Succession Laws that govern the Ascension of the now Defunct Imperial Throne. She is inline after her God-Daughter the Grand Duchess Victoria, Daughter of the Former Queen.

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