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Hello and thanks for joining us for tonight's broadcast of Ahrana Today where we bring News from the World and the Federation to the People. Today, on our first live National Broadcast we bring the People of Ahrana news of the Socialist Government, news of the Royal Trial and more; all here on Ahrana Today.


Yesterday the Trial for the Royals started in the Capital of the Federation, Moskovo. The trial is headed by the Peoples; Judge Erikk Olgson from the Socialist Republic of Tatani. So far the trial has been an interesting one, The Queen has denied the Charge of Corruption unlike the rest of the Family that came before her. It Is unclear on why she has denied that charge at this current time. Today the verdict will be given at the start of the session. We will broadcast the Verdict when it comes out today at 18:00 this evening.


The Socialist Government has elected a new General Secretary therefore it has elected a new Head of Government. The first Elections for the Socialist Federation will happen a year from now. The new Premier, Field Marshall Greggor Ivanof, will serve as the HoG till the new Government is elected by the people. This new government was elected by the 1 Congress of CPF. At the Congress the Premier gave a miraculous speech:

"People of the Congress, People of the Federation at Home, I swear to you today to uphold every rights to each individual person that is granted to you by the Constitution of the Federation. I swear before you to bring all enemies of the State to justice and to deal with the traitors of our Country swiftly and divisively. We will show the World what the Socialist are here in Ahrana, we will show them that we are not what we seem. We are the only Successor State to the Kingdom of Ahrana and shall be till the death of this Socialist Government!

Some People do not take us serious and are afraid of us, I say to them; shame on you! Shame on you because you are one sided in your mind that rejects the idea of the People truly in power of their own Government. Shame on you because you compare us to a past Government of yours to us, we are not them. This Era shall show the world that we are here to stay and that we will defend our Motherland if needed."


The Socialist Government has been given an anonymous tip that many engineers and scientist had fled the country in the 72 evacuation given to the world last week. The Government has not released a statement about this breach of trust but it is expected soon,


Thank you for joining us today, please celebrate in the formation of our new Government for the Motherland!!

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On todays broadcast of Ahrana Today we bring you live coverage from the Royal Trial. Now let us go live to the Court Room for the Verdict handing's:


We are coming to you live from the People's Court in the Judicial Sector of the Federal District. After three days of attending Court the Jury will hand out the verdicts to the Royals, after receiving the verdict the Head Justice will sentence them to what is deemed appropriate for the family.

All rise for the Justices of the People's Court.......please take seat. Today we sit here to receive the final verdict from the People's Jury, after two days of conversing on the verdict I must ask you the Peoples Jury, have you settled on a Verdict for this case?

Yes we have your excellence, we the jury have reached the final verdict as requested by the people.

Please Sargent go and receive the verdict for reading.......This Court that has trialed the Royal Family of Ahrana has reached a unanimous verdict. Queen Aleksandra X, this Court finds you not guilty of Crimes against the People, they do not find you guilty of corruption charges, therefore the first two charges are voided. However, this court does find you guilty of Extortion. 

Lords of Ahran, this Court finds the mass of Lords guilty of all charges.

Lords of Lockiee, this Court finds the mass of Lords guilty of corruption and Extortion, however the charge of Crimes against the people has been nulled void.

Lords of Tatani. this Court finds the mass of Lords guilty of Corruption, Extortion, Crimes Against the People and Humanity, therefore the punishment for the Lords of Tatani is death as allotted by the power invested in this Court. The Lords of Tatani will be executed tomorrow by firing squad.

Lords of Low Tata, this Court finds the mass of Lords Guilty of all three Charges.

Counts and Countess, this Court finds the mass of royalty guilty of all charges.

Barons and Baroness, this Court finds the mass of royalty guilty of all charges.

Remaining Royals with and without titles, this court finds the mass guilty of all Charges.

The Queens Baby however is immune from all charges but will lose all titles that were given to her at birth.

With the verdicts handed out it is up to the Panel of Justices to deliver the final sentence. The People's Court Justice Panel of Twelve states that those Guilty of three charges will be executed along with the Lords of Tatani. The Queen, Princess and her immediate family will allotted a secluded area in the Socialist Federation to live out the remainder of their life in seclusion. The Government will take care of all needs of the Queens Immediate family till the death of the last member. Lady Madeleine who is not present receives the following verdict, Guilty of Libel, Guilty of Corruption, Guilty of Extortion, Guilty of Crimes against the People and Humanity therefore she will be given the death sentence.

That is all this Court has to say on this case, we hereby call this case closed and not open for negotiation. At noon tomorrow all executions will take place at the Central Square. That is all Court is adjourned.

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Welcome to todays broadcast of Ahrana Today, Bring News to the Federation. On todays show we bring you live stream coverage of the Victory March to celebrate the Victory of the Communist Militia over the Royals. Now lets go live to Central Ave.

Live from Central Avenue

Hello and welcome all to the coverage of the Victory Day Parade, it has been announced by the Chairman of the Federation and the Presidium of the Federation that on December 25 every year will be known as Victory Day. Thus making it the first National Holiday on the Communist Calendrer. It has been said that in the Parade today it is expected that all Regiments of the former Communist Militia which is now the Peoples' Army will be present in the Parade today. The former Ahranaian Military will also be trooping to show their support for the Communist Government, it is expected that all Ahranaian Regimental Banners will be burned at the end of the Parade to symbolize the turning of the Military. At exactly 12:00 today the bell tower will let a ring out and the Parade will commence. Its exactly 11:55 right now so we have exactly five minutes before it starts. The Chairman of the Federation, General Secretary and the Presidium plus important figures in the Communist Party have made their way up onto the Stage and the Chairman will make his first speech since taking Office after the Revolution. We now have four minutes will wait in silence like the rest of the People here........Four minutes later.......

Central Bell Towers let out the ring of noon day

Ah, there are the rings we have all been waiting for, the parade will now start with General Michael trooping the troops. He'll be in a State Car and will stop in front of the podium, he will ask permission to troop the troops before the parade begins.


"Comrade Secretary and Comrade Chairman, General Michael Ivan Immoav asking permission to troop the troops before the March Sir!"

"Comrade General, permission granted on behalf of the Socialist Government."  -Field Marshall Greggor Ivanof

With the Premier giving the General permission to troop the troops he salutes the Leaders and turns to begin the trooping. As he rides away the Regiments Officers let out cry's of command to come to attention. In a shutter of a blink what was at rest became attentive and formal. As the General begins to troop the troop the National March is played by the People's Army Mass Band. As he calls out to the troops saying, "Today marks the first celebration of the Communist Victory, we are the Hero's of the Motherland. We must defend her and its people! Take to your arms and protect and serve!"

After trooping all regiments at the center of the Avenue he returned to the podium to demount and to join the elite on the podium to watch the Parade. The first to march past the podium will be the honor guard carrying the Banners of the Regiment involved in the Militant uprising.


They march to the People's March and salute the Leaders as they March past the Podium. The days of rehearsal looks to be paying off from our perspective. After the Honor Guard finished their pass the National Anthem is played and all who are in attendance are standing. Its a spectacle of a wonder, everyone singing the Anthem like they're one person. Now the regiemnts have all lined up and are beginning the process down the Avenue.DSC7910-1170x390.jpg

As they each pass the podium they salute the leaders letting out a War Cry, "Huzzah!" It most certainly sends chills down you back seeing this happen before your eyes. When the Royal Government was in power nothing like this could take place.troupes-russes-Place-rouge-Moscou-9-2017



As the Soldiers press on the Women's brigade approaches, they are wearing their White formal Uniform and are the most spectacular scene for the People, it shows the side of the Army that they know little of.




Now here the rumble of an engine here comes the Calvary of the Army and others, the tanks and more!








Wait what's that above us its the Air Force of the Motherland, protecting us in the air from foreign air craft that try to infiltrate the Ahranaian Airspace.





And there you have it, the Victory Day Parade, please enjoy the celebrations offered and remember all this is because of us the People!

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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of Ahrana Today, where we bring headlines of Ahrana and the World to the People. Today the General Secretary will make his first Televised Announcement, we go live now to the People's Palace:

"People of the Socialist Federation, today we officially start anew in this Country. In three days time the first Elections for the legislatures will happen and the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana will convene again to elect a new Secretary General. As promised I will step aside, however if the Peoples will is for me to come back I will come back to run the Federation for the five year term as requested in the Constitution. If a new person is elected I will relinquish all authority and power to the new Secretary General-Elect.

It also comes with great displeasure that I must inform you all of the following, Lady Madeleine has been found in the Country of @Iverica, we have used all diplomatic channels to try and achieve the impossible. However with no avail we have failed each time, she has been granted her Diplomatic Immunity no matter what even if she did commit the Crimes we have charged her with. With the power invested in me plus some I say the following; Lady Madeleine, upon returning to Ahrana you will be arrested and placed in the SR Moskovo Prison till the day of your execution. You have missed your trial date and you have spread blasphemy about this Federation across the World. You are a traitor to your own people and you will pay for your crime. The SNB have also stated that she has created a Government-in-Exile, we say to the Countries of the World do not recognize this child's play of a Government. She is a Criminal and should be punished. She has no legal right to the throne while the Ahranaian Queen is still alive.

Today will also start the FKIs operation, those who have not headed the warning will pay the price. With many Ahranaian Illegals around the World all will either be asked to come back home of risk becoming a stateless citizen of the World. If you do not return the FKI will find you and you will return. 

The World now sees us as the legitimate successors to the Ahranaian Kingdom, the countries of @Prymont, @Fleur de Lys and @Astriedan have all recognized us. We will continue to ask for recognition as the successor state of the Kingdom.

That is all, please everyone remember to vote at the elections and work hard for the Federation."


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Hello and thank you for joining us for todays edition of 'Ahrana Today'. Today the Federation elevates an Autonomous Republic to the Status of Socialist Republic, the public goes to the polling stations and more here on 'Ahrana Today'.

Today marked the first time Free Elections were held in the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, it was expected to be a high turnout to the polls and indeed it was. As it states in the Constitution all ballets are secretive and part of the rights of the people. Yet since the Communists took power the only Political Organization allowed are the members of the CPSFA but independents are permitted to run for all offices. So far it has been seen by the registars that 50 Independents will be running in the Federal Level and over 200 in the Republic and lower levels.

The make up of the of the Assembly of the People's of the Union is 2 Members of Congress per 300,000 citizen in each District in all Union Republics and Autonomous Republics and so forward, so in all the number of seats to be elected for this Assembly of the Federation has been limited to 400 Members total.. The make up of the Assembly of Nationalities is based off of Socialist Republics, Autonomous Republics, Autonomous regions and National Regions Representation, Therefore 231 Members will make up the Assembly. We will post the Election results when they have been released.


In other news, the Socialist Government has elevated two Autonomous Republics to the Status of Socialist Republics. The Socialist Republic of Thralhaven and The Socialist Republic of Heilig. Inside these new created Socialist Republics live a Diaspora from the Countries of @Andalla and @Derthalen. The Socialist Federation will also grant small amount of autonomy to these Republics Government as long as they abide by the Constitution of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. The SR of Thralhaven and SR of Heilig will border the SR of Lockiee in the Southern part of Ahrana. The Commissariat of the Cartography of the Socialist Federation, will update the Map of the Federation and send out new maps for the entire Federation. There will also be added in the Central Avenue Flag park two new Republic Flags added. We look forward to seeing what will become of these two newly created Republics.

That is all and remember to stay tune to receive the results of the Election at midnight.

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Assembly of the People's of the Union


Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana: 350 seats

Independents : 50 seats

Assembly of Nationalities


Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana: 225 seats

Independents: 6


The Results have been made Public and the Office of Chairman of the Federation and the Secretary General of the Federation will be elected by the Houses of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Socialist Federation in the coming days. We will let you know what those results will be released.

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news to the people of the Federation. Today we are broadcasting a message Live from the Secretary Generals Office that is addressed to the People of the Federation and the World. We now go to the Office:

"Citizens of the Federation and Citizens of the World, I come to you live from the People's Palace to deliver this statement to everyone. Since the Socialist Federation was created there has been hostilities and some friendships brokered and sometimes nothing at all. The idea of the Socialist Federation is to create a People's Paradise and I cannot fulfil that obligation when I have started Operations that go against my own morality. If our late King was here he'd help me create this paradise, but sadly he is not here with us yet only in our hearts and minds. It was his wish that a Socialist Paradise be created for the people of Ahrana and hopefully the world if things went right. So far things have not gone right, I have shown the world exactly what they fear of a Socialist Nation. 

The Socialist Federation wants to put its hand out in Friendship and what a better way to do that than through Peacekeeping Missions, Joint-Space Projects, promote a World Peace Organization and many more things. I know that some will be thrown off by what I'm proposing but its for better of the World and us as a Nation. I have fought in many Civil Wars in my life and I do no wish to see another on our soil, so when the next elections spring around I propose to the Party Congress, Supreme People's Assembly and the Congressional Houses of the Federation that banned Political Organizations except that of the DSA, be allowed to run in the Elections. I believe that within the next 5 to 6 years this would be a great thing for the Federation. By then I would have either finished my first term or start my last term as no Secretary-General should serve in Office longer than 10 years.

As I stand here before you as the Commander of all Armed Forces of the Socialist Federation, I say to all Generals and lower Officers, please stand down on all operations and return to the Federation at a moments notice. As for the other Forces return when the time is right. I do not wish to start a War with another nation at this time and will never do so.

Thank you for allowing me a moment of your day and please remember that through Brotherhood and Unity we can achieve many things!"

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Hello and thank you for joining us on todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the News of the world to the people of the Federation, today on the broadcast the Socialist Government releases a statement, the People's Court makes an announcement and more all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Socialist Government is set to release a Statement related to the Situation in @Astriedan with Communists Cells, it is unclear what position the Government will take on the situation. We are just now receiving from our News Associate from the People's Palace that the Press Minister is walking out to the podium for the statement. We now go live to the Situation Press Room:

Hello and thank you for joining me in the Situation Press Room. Today the Socialist Government of Ahrana has come to an agreement on what to say to the Communists in @Astriedan and what stance would be taken by this Government. As of now this Socialist Government sees the Royal Government of Astriedan as the sole Government and the rightfully one, we do not foresee this Country becoming Communist in the future and we will not pursue this. These Communists Cells that have been violent are nothing more than a mere Terrorist and should respect their Government and the Authorities and should cease all activities. We will never associate ourselves with Communists that promote terrorism instead of a Peaceful Revolution. Thank you all for joining us today and please have a nice day.


The People's Court has stated that they will no longer pursue the Ahranaian Illegals, they illegals will be allowed to keep all Ahranaian IDs and Citizenship. However since dropping the illegals from the list, Lady Madeleine is now the most wanted person on the list for charges of Corruption, Murder of the First and Blasphemy. They have placed a award for 300,000 Krone for her capture or whatever may before her. The Court sees this as the top priority over everything

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Thank you for joining us here at 'Ahrana Today' for todays broadcast, today on the broadcast we have announcements from the Socialist Government and so much more here on your trust worthy News Agency.


Today the People's Palace announced that the Secretary General Office along with other Government Offices would be holding a Press Conference opened to all News reporters based in Ahrana and abroad. They have said the Secretary General would be giving the Press Conference in the Supreme People's Assembly Chamber. Along with reporters being allowed in the Chamber all members of the Congressional Houses, Presidents of the Republics and members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation along with other Political Parties are required to be in attendance. No details have been released on what the Big Conference is about but we will find out in less than two hours.


In other News, the Flags of the Union Republics have been placed in Union Square and will be renamed 'Gustov Avenue Park' in honor of the late King since all of this is possible only through his vision. The Government will host a public ceremony and all are asked to attend. The founding ceremony will become a National Holiday after this year.


The Office of the Secretary General has put his hand out in Friendship and has invited the Ambassador from @Fleur de Lys that currently resides in the Embassy in the Socialist Federation, to officially announce the Embassy of The Republic opened along with creating better ties with the Country after recent events. 

The Office of the Secretary General has also asked that the other nations that also hold an Embassy in Ahrana to also request a day to Officially Announce the opening of the Respected Countries Embassy. 

Supreme People's Assembly Chamber

Distinguished members of the Congressional Houses of the Socialist Federation, members of the Foreign and Ahranaian Press, Members of the Federal Government, Members of the Union Republics Presidiums, Members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, and the Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana; I have asked you all here today to bare witness to the First of many Five Year Plans of the Socialist Government that you the People of Ahrana have elected in your name. I have also asked you here to bare witness to my new Oath to Office and to the People.

The sole purpose of the Socialist Ideology is to provide a Workers' Paradise where the People control every organ of the Government through Direct Elections. Many leaders of Foreign Countries say this experiment will fail like the others that have came and gone, but we are not those Countries. No, we are Ahranaians united under one goal, one banner and one objective which is a People's Utopia for everyone regardless their Creed, Color, and Birth Nation. Because through Brotherhood and Unity anything can be achieved! Gustov had this dream on how he thought a Socialist Ahrana would look like and I promise you we are on the right track! Before his death he begin outlining the First Five Year Plan that I have added to and guarantee to the People of the Socialist Federation that this will set us on the right track!

The First Five Year Plan will focus around nine points that will the be the main focus of the Government till the completion of all nine points. After the each five year plan has been accomplished each Government will begin a new five year plan. Once the ultimate goal of a utopia has been achieved a ten to twenty year plan will be laid before us to better the Socialist Utopia.

Within this plan I hope to see the Socialist Federation achieve greater relations with the Nations of the World, no nation should wage espionage or war at one another. Instead, for the sake of the People we should all live in peace and harmony.

Along with creating friendships with other nations the Socialist Federation should bolster its Military to better defend its boarders. With bolstering the Military comes a new Conscription Service, at the age of 18 all people whether they are Male or Female will serve a 7 year Service and at the time of their 25 Birthday they may either stay active service or go to the reserve. The Actually age of the New Conscription is 18-30 years of age.

The Ahranaian Space Agency will be rebooted and placed with new deadlines, by the end of this year the ASA should have designed a new Rocket and Capsule to carry a man back into space. If they beat the deadline by creating a Capsule and Rocket before the end of the year then a new age of space exploration will be established by the ASA for the future generations. The ultimate goal is for us to be part of Joint Space Operations with other Countries in order to usher in Peace in the World

. The Kingdom of Ahrana was part of the ATARA Organization as an observer state, I propose that the Socialist Federation petition to join ATRARA as a full member as the rightful successor state to the Kingdom.

Since the World discovered how Nuclear Power the world has either been afraid of the power or in love with the power. Ahrana is one of the few nations that solely relay on Nuclear Energy, and what I propose is and will change the world forever. The Current Nuclear Fission Reactors are coming to the their end date and we will need new reactors, the reactors that will replace the second generation are still the second generation which to me shows the lack of investment that has been given to the Nuclear Energy Program. The Nuclear Energy Sector will get more funding and will be promoted among all sectors to get more personnel into the sector. We need younger and brighter minds in the Nuclear Sector as we wish to change from Fission Power to Fusion Power. It has been told and watched that through Nuclear Fusion we will get higher yields and less waste from the reactors. So by the year 2023 the Nuclear Energy Department should have either advanced further in the Fusion Reactor or created the first Fusion Reactor for Public use.

This Socialist Government pursues a full measure of Separation of Church and State in all Governments at all levels. The Socialist Federation has no Official Religion as it prohibits the purpose of the Socialist Ideal. As guaranteed by the Constitution Religious practices are protected and cannot be taken away by anyone. However, if the Church interferes with any part of the Government the reparations will not be so easy on the Church.

The Empire of @Derthalen has expressed interests in creating Railway Lines to Ahrana and many more places, we would be a fool not to allow these Railway Lines to be created and connected to ours. For the sack of the people in the Socialist Republic of Heilig it will be done in order to give the Empire a form of connection to the Socialist Republic.

The Military need to be able to build ships, planes and more and what by better means than factories. The Socialist Government will be opening more Factories to help create the need equipment for the People's Military Armed Forces. The goal is to have enough equipment if War breaks out or if The Socialist Federation is called on to join in Humanitarian Aid Missions. 

And the most important thing to me as the Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana is to be able to hold free elections at all levels of the Entire Government by the end of my term as Secretary General. This Government needs and should pave the way for the elections to be held as a Multi-Party Elections and the Communist Party will have to defend its right as the Party of the People as they should do.

Now as I stand before you today I take my Oath of Office in front of this Assembly and have you as my witness, so this I swear to you: I will bare truth and Allegiance to the People and to the Motherland. I will protect the Motherland with my own blood if needed be, I will use my powers given to me by the Constitution and I will use them to better our Motherland and hold true to the Socialist Principle that so governs our Federation. This I swear to you the people of the Federation.

Thank you all for joining us today and as always, Through Brotherhood and Unity anything is Possible!

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Welcome to todays News Broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the world and more to the People of the Socialist Federation. On Todays Broadcast we have news from the People's Palace and more.


The People's Palace has told the Public that a Convening of the Supreme People's Assembly has been called today for 1200 hrs and the Secretary General will speak at the Assembly and will lay out the agenda of the big things to happen for the next two months. We will now go live to the Assembly Hall:

The Secretary Generals March Plays as he enters the Assembly Hall

Members of the Congressional Houses of the Federation, Members of the Presidium, Members of the Republics Governments and Legislatures, Members of the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, and Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana; I have called this session of the Supreme People's Assembly today for many reasons that have came across my paperwork and the Entire Government of the Federation.

In Recent Days I have met with many advisors and many Foreign Government Personal to discus the future of this Federation in the World. As you may know by now that many Countries across the World see us as the sole successor state to the Kingdom of Ahrana, any many more are and hopefully will continue following suit. This Government has sent an Application to ATARA to become a member not an observer like the Kingdom war. We have joined with The Empire of @Derthalen and The Dictatorship of @Greater Serbia to form a pact of mutual protection, and we are also in the midst of creating something bigger than this Federation. In my words we have secured a spot in International Politics for the time being. Back in January I called for a Joint Space Operation with other Countries and we are awaiting responses from those who wish to join. The ASA, Ahranaian Space Agency, will be renamed the Ahranaian National Aeronautics Agency. The ANNA will be place under the Military and will receive 10% of the 51% of the Federal Budget that the Military gets. The main goal of the ANNA is to study the stars and map the sky until we can explore the heavens above us. 

The Five Year Plan is set to start tomorrow at midnight and the Industrialization of the Country will begin and must succeed if we are to keep up with modern times, the Federation will not fall behind the other Countries. The Military Sector will begin researching more advance designs of Naval Ships and Air Craft in order to assure that we can protect our Oceans and Air Space. I will be instituting a Conscription service that was talked about in January and it will be implemented as of Midnight tonight. A letter will be sent to every Male or Female between the Ages of 17-26 and they will report to the Military HQ nearest to them for inspection and to find if they will serve or not.

I am sure that the public is also aware of the Failed operation that was carried out in The Republic of @Fleur de Lys, I have assured that Government that no operatives remain in their boarders and that the men they have in custody are the only ones who were in the Country. Those 15 men are hero's of the Federation and upon their return will be treated as such. I know that the past few months of my term have been rocky but I assure you that I will do what is best for the Federation and her People. Thank you all for your time and now I will give way to the Speakers of the Houses and to the others of the Government for this session of the Assembly.


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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from around the Federation and the world to the People of Ahrana. Today we have a brief Press Release from the Office of the Secretary General and more.

Thank you all for joining us here in the Press Conference Hall in the People's Palace, as Private Secretary to the Security General the duty of releasing this statement written by the Honerable Gentlemen, Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff, to the public and those of you standing before me currently.

"People of the World and Citizens of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, it has been said once before by my office and myself that I sought to look to the Hellenic Rus and to send Aid and set up a Government there for the People. Within the recent months I find that that obligation on this Governments behalf is almost impossible to send any armed troops to bring stability to the area.

Our Friends to the north in the United States of @Prymont have expressed concern for the region of the Hellenic Rus and is sending envoys to the area to bring stability and a Government for the people there under the leadership of the President of the USP. I am disappointed to have to announce that the Socialist Federation will not be able to lend a helping hand in the terms of Military Personal. However, this Socialist Government will not just turn its back to people in need.; we will send with the Forces of the USP Humanitarian Aid on behalf of this Government. We will continue to send the aid till the region is no longer in need of the Aid."

I thank you all for coming out today for this release, and please have a great and productive day.

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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the news of the World to the People of the Federations TV Set. On todays program we have for you: The Minister of War/Defense has arrived in @Asgeirria for meetings, The Office of the Secretary General releases information, and the People of the Federation are happy! All here on 'Ahrana Today'!


The Minister of War/Defense, George Nagy, has arrived in @Asgeirria last night for meetings about possible contracts with their manufactures and such, the statement released before his departure was. "Minister George Nagy will be traveling to Asgeirria to discus Trade Agreements among Military equipment and such between the Governments of Ahrana and Asgeirria." The Public knows nothing else but his trip will surely solidify relations with the Government of Asgeirria that will also be used in creation of many other things.


The Office of the Secretary General has released a statement this morning;

"People of the Federation, it has come high time that we adopt a flag that has no connection between the corrupt Government that once governed these lands. It has always been on the table to create a Flag for the Socialist Federation that could be used to begin our era of Governing. As of today we have just that flag, this flag will serve as the Socialists Federation of Ahrana main flag. The Socialist Republics and Autonomous Regions will gain new flags based off the new design, which was created by our former King, Gustov Chayka. In many ways he looked out for this new Government and even after death he gives us new ideas and inspiration from his personal writings."

27xfk01.pngFederative Flag of Ahrana


In other news, polls have shown that the Population of Ahrana are the happiest they have been since Gustov ascended the Throne 20 years ago. Why are the people this happy again? Well some are saying that the new Government has given them hope and have freed them from Corruption unlike the pervious Government. Some are edger to see exactly what will come of this new Government and its Lands. Education is at its highest its been in years, Universities have more people attending and more graduations than ever before. Lets just say the Socialist Government has won the hearts of its people!

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Hello and welcome to todays edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the News of the World to the People, today on the broadcast we have Reports from the Peoples Palace, a message from the CPSFA and more all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The People's Palace has released a photo of a City called Vulgus Supra, which is known to many as the birth place of the original Ahranaian Empire and Ahranaian People. With that said it has been issued with this photo that the following statement was made: "It is with great excitement that the Sub-Ministry of Land & Geography can proudly say that we have found the land called Xara, our birthplace. Many Historians have said that Xara was just a myth told by the First Ahranaians to give people hope, well today we can reassure you that Xara does Exist! The land of Xara is to the Southwest of us and is an enclave to the Mediargic Sea (or more Commonly known in Ahranaian mythology as the Sea of Life). It has been many Centuries since an Ahranaian has set foot in Vulgus Supra. As the stories go, the lands of Vulgus Supra became contaminated with a deadly plague and the city was left forgotten since then. It is our hope to open up the door of exploration into Vulgus Supra and re unite the lands of Xara with the rest of the Ahranaian Lands!"

egpagh.png(Vulgus Supra is the Red Dot)


The Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana has released a Statement to all Public News Stations with the following Message:

"As the Party of the People and the sole reason for the Socialist Government being implanted in Ahrana, we here at the CPSFA are proud to announce that we have lived up the request of the Secretary General on the plan to allow all Political Parties to join in all Government Elections at all Levels. The Constitution has been amended, the Republics have been prepared and the Country is ready. When the next Elections are held all Parties will need to register with the Socialist Federation Election Commission and each member running for any Office will need to individually Register their Platform with the SFEC. We hope that these next Elections will show the World what king of Socialist Democracy we are trying to achieve in Ahrana."


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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news of the world and more to the people of the Federation. Today we have more information about the Land of Xara and what will be done about the search, We will go live to the Supreme People's Assembly Chamber and more here on 'Ahrana Today'.


The Sub-Ministry of Land & Geography has stated they will use offered help from our long lost brethren's from @Andalla to search the land of Xara for any civilizations and see exactly what life is like over there currently. There is hope that some form of a civilization has risen from the ashes in the land and that it was not abandoned completely. The teams of the Division for Disease Control will be leaving tomorrow to see if the land is infected still or what. The following pictures were taken from a plan window that was flying over Xara yesterday to servey and see if they could find any signs of life.




We go live to the Chamber of the Supreme People's Assembly where a special session was called for today:

March of the Secretary General Plays as he enters the Assembly Chamber

"Members of the Assemblies of the Socialist Federation, People of Ahrana; lend me your eyes and ears when I say the following: Elections are coming. It has not been the required years for the next election but the Federal Level Assemblies have failed to work together as one people in the chambers. They have played the lives and will of the people in each Chamber Session since this Government took over. Under the Royal Government the King would sack the Parliament and call for fresh elections for all Offices, hence forth I will do the same. The CPSFA have agreed with me and the Judiciary have also agreed that things need to change and Elections will help us do just that. I will not allow this Government fall into the hands of Corruption like the previous Government, I refuse to allow it. As stated in my last address the next elections will be open to all Political Parties inside the Socialist Federation and all must register within the next month. The date set for the elections to be held is 11 March 2018. Meanwhile the Government will be ran by a selected Legislature from people at all levels of Government regardless of whether they are at the Republic Level and such. Each Assembly will be ran by 100 Members till the Elections. Lets hope that with these Elections we get a true Socialist Federation Government that works for the People!"

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from the world and from Ahrana to the people's television. On today's broadcast we bring News from the People's Palace from the Ballroom of the Palace. We now go live to the Palace:

"People of the Socialist Federation, honored Guests and members of the Government; it has only been two days since I talked to the Supreme People's Assembly about the Government and important things. 

When this Socialist Government came to power allowed everyone of non-Ahranaian Birth to leave and we have barred them from coming back to their lives here, what we have done there is wrongful and corrupt! The intern Government that was headed by the previous Secretary General of the CPSFA, General Lukus Ironof. Not many know of this man but he ran the intern Government before I came into the picture. I gained a Federation on the verge of death and Civil War. I have since United all people's of all cultures in Ahrana under one banner, the Red Banner of Socialism. 

In order for this Country to move forward and progress with relations with the world we must and will allow citizens from all Countries into the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. (Grand Applause in the ballroom) If we want the Socialist Federation to live on past our Generation we must connect with all citizens of the World, we must create new ties and new beginnings with all not just select few! The world needs to see what the Socialist Federation truely is and why the citizens of the Federation are as happy as they are. If we fail to do this then what we have long fought for will die with us!

With the elections coming up and the finding of the ancient land of Xara things are starting to become a blessing for us, the People of this land! So let us unite as one and sing our call to the world and make it heard for thousand of miles that we are United as one and are willing to do what we need to do as a people. Now let us sing!"

(The Ahranaian Anthem plays and  everyone joins hands and sing each word as if it was the last time they would sing. It is said that the majority of the people gathered in the People's Park and Plaza and the People's Square were doing the same.)

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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring News of the World and more to the People of the Federation. On todays broadcast we have news from the Land of Xara and its capital, the government approves expeditionary units for Xara and more!

The Team of Scientist that were sent to take samples from Vulgus Supra and other places in Xara have returned, some have stayed behind to run more tests while the majority have returned last night. With the data gathered they have determined that the land is not tainted by any disease at the moment and that the Plague that rocked the foundations Centuries ago has left the area.

The scientists have also found evidence of human activity in the area but did not find much of the footprints of humanity as we leave today. They have stated that if there is any form of a Civilization it would be a mid-modern Civilization.

The Government has also approved to send Expeditionary Units to Xara to be used to find Civilizations and make connections to the people there to be able to absorb the land under the Ahranaian Red Banner. We will give more details as we are given them so please stay tuned.

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Hello and Welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today', where we bring news from around the world to the people of the Federation. Today we have news about a International Bloc being established, the results from the Elections and the annual Speech given by the Government after Elections all here on 'Ahrana Today'.


With many months of planning and consulting a Socialist Bloc of Socialist Ideals has been created! Field Marshal Ivanoff and President John Valentino of Asgeirria both spearheaded the creation of the Confederation of Independent Socialists. The CIS is so far composed of @Asgeirria, @Poland-Lithuania and Socialist Federation of Ahrana. All of these nations use a form of Socialism which is the main requirement to be in the CIS. The Capital of the new Organization has not yet been announced but it is said to be somewhere in Ahrana in one of the Socialist Republics. We will cover more of this when we gain more information. For no let us rejoice in the progress of Socialist Ideals being shared in the World!


The Election results have been counted and made official by the Socialist Electoral Commission the following make up of the Congressional Houses are the official stance:

People's of the Union:


CPSFA- 400

Party for Democracy- 200

Liberal Party- 150

Republican Party- 100

United Front- 5

Independents- 150

Nationalist Party- 95

Anarchist of Ahrana- 25

Liberty Party- 200

Constitutional Party- 100

Military- 75


Assembly of the Nationalities:


SR Moskovo- 25

SR Tatani- 25

SR Ahran- 25

SR Lockiee- 25

SR Peterburi- 25

SR Tata- 25

SR Thralhaven- 25

SR Heilig- 25

ASR- 10

National Area- 6



March of the Secretary General is sounded

Many will say that a Socialist Government cannot be Democratic and it cannot be Successful in any way. Since the establishment of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana we have met resistance from the outside world time after time. Yet we have broken down barriers that were built by fear and disgust. Our nation is living proof that Socialist Ideals can be used successfully!

These recent elections were called early by three years due to Politicians refusing to do their job that the people elected them to do in their name! This election was the first election since the creation of the Socialist Government of Ahrana was established to be opened to all Political Organizations inside the Socialist Federation. I do believe these Election results ill give us the best Government that we have been wanting since the creation of this Government.

Let us show the World what we stand for and what we represent in the ideals of Socialism. Workers' of the Federation Unite!

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Hello and welcome to today's Special Broadcast of 'Ahrana Today's tonight we go live to the Congressional Chamber of the People's of the Union where the Secretary General is to speak to the nation and the Congressional Houses:

"People of the Socialist Federation, People of the World and Members of the Congressional Houses of the Socialist Federation; today marks a day of shear disappointment in the World and the nation's of the World.

Several hours ago, a unidentified Aircraft entered Ahranaian Airspace and crossed over into Xara. The Aircraft was moving at high speed so therefore we have no way to identify the Aircrafts Origin. However considering the speeds at which it was moving we can only speculate that it either came from an advanced Air Force nation. I will not point fingers or name any names. All I ask is that the Socialist Federation of Ahrana be given the same respect as other nations receive, we may be Socialist but we too have morals and respect for others like everyone else.

The Repossession of Xara is on track and nothing will stop us the People of Ahrana regaining control over the land of Xara. It is our birthplace and our Birthright to control that land and we will control it at whatever the cost my be!

Socialist Ahrana will prevail in this world and we will not let any nation's look down upon us, we are not the scum of the earth as they think us as. We are trying liberators of this Earth and of the people who live here. We shrive for the Liberation of the People to give them the freedom they deserve. If any Government does not wish that upon any living person then they are the reason why this world fails so often. We must unite as one regardless of Political Affiliation and our differences, we must create a better world for the future no matter what!


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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring news from around the world to the Citizens of the Socialist Federation. Today we have a statement from the Secretary Generals Office on Relations with some Nations outside of Ahrana, the Minister for Defense/War in @Asgeirria and much more here on 'Ahrana Today'.

We now go live to the Middle Chamber of the People's Palace for the Statement from the Secretary Generals Office:

Citizens of the Federation, Citizens of the World, it is with great displeasure that the Socialist Government of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana must make the following statement. Starting at 0700 AT, on 25 March 2018, the Socialist Federation of Ahrana will begin ending ties with The Commonwealth of The Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania due to the following reasoning's: 

1) We have received notices of Human Rights Violations in their handling of the so called "Terrorists" that have plagued their lands

2) The Governments continued stance of using force where it is not needed

3) The Governments assortment of Power being used towards the people and being plagued with corruption

The Socialist Government of Ahrana prides itself in being a guardian of the Rights of Humanity and of the Rights of the People, with the Government of Poland-Lithuania being filled with corruption it is not possible for the Socialist Government to have continued connections with the Government of the Commonwealth. So on 25 March 2018 the ties with the Commonwealth will begin to diminish starting with the closure of the Ahranaian Embassy in the Commonwealth and a travel warning to all Citizens of the Socialist Federation if they travel to the Commonwealth. Thank you and please have good day.

The Confederation of Independent of Socialists has also stated that the Commonwealth of the Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania will no longer be part of the Confederation as voted on by the members of the Executive Council. 

The Minister of Defense/War, Minister Nagy is in @Asgeirria on a tour of the Nations Facilities and on a mission to see about a trade deal being possible with the Republic and the Socialist Federation. Before leaving for the Republic Minister Nagy was very hopeful on the possibility of a new Friendship being started between the two nations even going as far to say that the Socialist Federation would be living in shame if the friendship was not established between the two nations.

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Welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' today a press release from the General Ivanoff himself a the Main Chamber of the People's Palace:

"People of the Socialist Federation and People of the World, today the lands of Ahrana are united to the Ancient boarders of the Ancient Times. The land of Xara is now under the Control of the Socialist Government of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. Any aggression towards Xara will be met with aggression from the Socialist Federation and condemnation as well. We as Ahranaians still hold true to our principles of Brotherhood an Unity and Peace before War, that is all we wish to do in this world.

In seeing the aggression towards the Socialist Federation of Ahrana I am bolstering the Troop Numbers on the boarders and permitting a No Entry VISA, No Enter Policy to help curtail the espionage that is being played out. I ask that all Tourists and Others to apply for the proper papers and please have them on you at all times. As a Country that upholds the Rights and Liberties of every person including foreigners, no one will be subjugated to random searches or anything of the such.

Furthermore, our Neighbor to the North, The United States of @Prymont has become increasingly hostile towards the Socialist Federation in the recent months, so therefore I call for a Summit Meeting to help resolve tension and any issues our Governments may have. This Summit is to be held in The Republic of @Asgeirria which has so graciously agreed to mediate between the USP and the SFA."


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Hello and welcome to todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today'. Today we have an announcement from the Socialist Government, Summit in St. Peterburi, and much more here on 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the News of the World to the People of the Federation.

The Socialist Government of Ahrana has announced that he Socialist Republics of Heilig and Thralhaven will be classified as Autonomous Socialist Federal Republics giving them more Autonomy but restricted to have Military Organizations of their own under the Republic Governments. The two newly Re-Classified Republics will be able to have their own banners with the Federations Standard as do all Republics no matter the Classification. However, since the Majority of the Population are of a Foreign Nationality the Socialist Government will have more of a direct control in the Governments, but free Elections will still be held each election in the Republics.

The Socialist Government also Announced a new Government Classification for the remaining Socialist Republics, the SR Ahan, SR Lockiee, SR Moskov, SR St. Peterburi, SR Tata, SR Tatani and the Socialist Autonomous Region of Xara will all be elevated to the Status of Socialist Federal Republics within the Socialist Federation of Ahrana. The recent changes are due to the Amendment to the Socialist Federations Constitution that adds new Classifications to the Country. There will now be Three National Areas the Cities of Moskovo, St. Peterburi, and Vulgus Supra are Classified as such now. The Socialist Government is too be issuing more on the Elevations of Republics and Provinces in the coming days we will bring you more of this when the Information is released.


The President of the United States of @Prymont is in St. Peterburi for the Summit with Secretary General Greggor Ivanoff we will bring you more of this when we have more information to be told to the Public on what was discussed between the two.


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Hello and Welcome to Todays broadcast of 'Ahrana Today' where we bring the News of the World and more to the people of the Socialist Federation, today an Announcement from the Ministry of Defense/War, update on the Summit. All here on 'Ahrana Today'.

The Ministry of Defense/War released a Statement early this morning it stated the following:

The Ahranaian Northern Naval Fleet will be splitting today with the APS Gustov, and several other Ships such as Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines, Frigates, and many more will be heading for Xara to protect the new port of Vulgus Supra. The Fleet will now be divided and called the Northern Ahranaian Fleet and the Southern Ahranaian Fleet. They should reach Vulgus Supra in about two weeks if the navigation in the northern Sea above the Canamo Sea goes correct. They have orders to not stop until getting to Xara and to radio any Foreign Governments before entering their waters if no other option is found to be navigated the sea.


The Summit in St. Peterburi is still in progress and nothing else has been released except that President Duval and Secretary General Ivanoff are have conversations of World Events and such. We will bring you more when the information is released.

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Hello and welcome to today's broadcast of 'Ahrana Today's where we bring the news of the world to the people of the Federation. Today on the broadcast the World's on Ahrana's toes, War? A possibility. All here on 'Ahrana Today'.

Today the Ministry of Defense stated that the world is preparing for War and it seems to be aimed at Ahrana. Since the Socialist Government came into existence the World has either accepted or rejected the new Government. Ahrana has always been known to value Peace before war but on this occasion it could be different. 

With the nations of the orginization Tridant working together to block the newly Created Southern Ahranaian Naval Fleet from reaching it's destination in Xara. The new land of Xara and it's People will not be able to receive help in building ports on the Capital City of Vulgus Supra. The move has been seen as an agressive motive that wishes to push Ahrana into a Confrontational Situation.

We have been given word that the Secretary General is giving a speech in the Congressional Houses we now go live to the Congressional Houses:

Citizens of the Socialist Federation, Members of Congress, and Foreign Governments of the World; it has come time for this Government to stand with the People and to protect them at whatever the cost may be and their interests.

In the recent hours I have been receiving telephone calls from Ministers and Military personnel that member nations of the orginization TRIDANT are planning to form a blockade that will in theroy stop the ships from leaving the area that the United States of @Prymont has superiority over. The orders given to the newly created Southern Naval Fleet is to head towards Xara and stop at no cost. They will stick with the orders given to them by me. If the international blockade does not back down then they have started what could have been avoided. 

I find it most alarming that many nation's are willing to support a nation that has committed far more crimes than Ahrana and wants to dominate seas that are in the International domain. Our former King went through the same issue before his untimely death and the USP failed to recognize their overstepping of International Boundaries.

This blockade is illegal and the nation's involved have no legal right to block access to the rest of the sea as it is International Waters. The motion happening is illegal and Ahrana will not be the reason if the situation turns south. So I ask the nations of TRIDANT, back down and allow the International Waters be accessible as is the right of any nation to access the sea.

The Empire of @Derthalen will no longer be able to collect any form of percentage of a tax from the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Heilig and hence forth the ASR Heilig is disbanded and all Citizens of orgian from the Empire are asked to leave the Socialist Federations Borders within three days. With the recent incident involving a plane being shot down by the Empire is resulting in all consulates of the Empire of @Derthalen will be shut down at 2300 AT tonight.

The Consulates for the United States of @Prymont will also be shut down at 2300 AT tonight in response of leading the Blockade.

Also, with the United States claiming that the Socialist Government has committed War Crimes against the native Xaraian which have asked for our help, I find this most unsettling as the Summit Meeting between President Duval a I had it was specifically expressed that everything happening was within the law which is the same principles other nations follows.

The Commonwealth of the Crowns of @Poland-Lithuania have also stated that they have sent "ships" off the Shore of Vulgus Supra, which is bogus news and no such thing will occur for the reasoning of it's just fake news. 

Now more than ever the Unity of this Socialist Federation must be shown to the World as we will not be pushed around and we will not submit to any Imperialists, Capitalists and Corrupt Regimes that they are of. So people of the Federation Unite and stay strong as we push through this difficult time.

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