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Communist Takeover

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Communist Takeover

An Ahrana Today Special Broadcast

Tonight on Ahrana Today (AT) we have a special edition of the Communist Takeover. It is important to know and understand how regimes rise and fall, tonight we focus on the new Government of Ahrana, the Communist. In order for us to truly understand we must go back to where it all begun and see why the movement was so successful. Now time to show the world why the Communist are here.

05 July 2016

Stokgol'm, Dukedom of Tata

Farming District #21

In 2016 tension in Tata was brewing, the local Farmers had just made it through another crop harvest with barely enough crops to keep for themselves after the sell. That year a series of droughts took place killing over half of the Crop fields that year. Many Famers refused to go to the Sell with their Crops as it was barely enough to last them a season of winter. Those who refused were arrested and trialed and sentence to a labor cam where most died except two Farmers. Mishka and Michal survived the Camp. Upon their return they created a movement now known as the Workers' Movement. 

For months the Workers' Movement met and each time more and more people showed up to the meetings. At these meetings local Politicians were asked to come and listen to the grievances of the Workers. Most politicians agreed that something had to be done, while the other refused to show up afraid of committing treason in the eyes of the Government.


A year had passed and the creation of the Social Democratic Alliance Political Party was done. The Party won the majority of the Districts in the Dukedom of Tata which gave them control over the Dukedom through evolved powers through the Federal Government. It wasn't long that the Alliance registered to run in the Federal Parliament. It was unknown at the time if they would be allowed to run in the Parliament Elections as they were still new to the table.


03 September 2017

Moskovo, Lordship of Ahran

Parliament of the Kingdom of Ahrana

On the day of elections the Party campaigned harder than most Parties did, which in the long run paid off for them. They had gained the Majority of the Parliament and were given the opportunity to create the Chancellery. While they had a majority they created a Coalition Government with the Hardline Communist and together they created the Kingdoms First Left-Wing Government in the History of the Kingdom.

Within Days they had a Government approved by the Monarch and begun their term in the Chancellery Office. The New Government was strictly against Corruption and fought corruption all the way till the end. The Ahranaian Government was filled with so much Corruption that it was unclear if anything good would come out of the end process of corruption fighting. Within a Month the Federal Government had been purged of the majority of its Ministers and Personal due to the finding of Corruption. The Social Democratic Alliance then begun what is to be known as Plug and Plot.


04 October 2017

Stokgol'm, Dukedom of Tata

The Center

The Social Democratic Alliance called forth the first Congress of the Party stating that all members must attend this urgent Congress of the Party. The Chancellery was present in the Congress but with the events taking place inside the Congress the Prime Minister felt disillusioned with the Party. With the events in the first half of the Congress the Prime Minister and the rest of the Chancellery walked out of the Congress stating that "this is not why I ran under the Banner of the Alliance." 

With the information on what the Party planned he begun a series of attempts to ban the Party from the Parliament. Many Political Parties had sided with the Alliance due to the Alliance Party Heads placing blasphemy against the Prime Minister and the Chancellery. With his failed attempts he took the case to the Courts and the Monarch. The Courts ruled against the Prime Minister and the Monarch was the only Party in the mess that believed him. The Monarch however was powerless in the eyes of the Parliament and was barred to make and Political Ruling as he was a Neutral Body. The advise from the King was to resign from the Party and govern as an Independent till the next elections. The Entire Chancellery had resigned from the Social Democratic Alliance stating that the Chancellery had grown disillusioned with the Party and would govern as an Independent Party till the next Elections.


 15 November 2017

Dukedom of Tatani

The Dukedom of Tatani held its elections a whole year early which resulted in creating instability in the region. In the Northern Two Districts of Orkdalen and Stjørdalen Militants seized control and started a War. It wasn't seen at the time but the Alliance had created these Militants as a start to the ultimate plan. The Militants and Ahranaian Military fought for weeks till peace talks begun. It was around this time that the Social Democratic Alliance resigned from the Parliament thus leaving a power vacuum in the Parliament. With the resignation of the Alliance the Hardline Communist, Nationalist and Socialist banded together to finish the master plot. The King was to fly over the Airspace of Stjørdalen and that's when a missile would be launched and that the now formed Communist Militants/Militia would emerge from the shadows of all plots. The Militia claimed responsibility for the assassination of the King and stated that if the Royal Household left the country the same would befall to them. 

The Queen Regent was crowned Queen and the countdown of the clock started. Within Days the Communist emerged in Tatani from the undercover cells as Militants of Tatani and took over the entire Dukedom. Tata was the Stronghold of the Communist so from the start it was flat out under their control unknowingly. The Farmers soon backed the Communist and they enlisted or those who could into the Peoples' Army. Little did the Ahranaian Government know that a defector from the Ahranaian Army which was now the General of the People's Army, bribed all that would accept the bribe in the Ahranaian Military. The Royal Regimental Guards however killed any who tried to bribe them as they were strictly loyal to the Royal Household. 


07 December 2017

Somewhere over Stjørdalen

The Kings plane was blown while traveling to Ivercia for the Official State Visit of the King. Barely any remains were found except a few bones. It was concluded that the majority of the bones evaporated on blast due to the jet fuel and the missile itself.


11 & 12 December 2017

Moskovo Palace

The Royal Household gave the order for evac to the ancient capital of Peterburi, the Archive and non-major royals would be sent ahead of the Queen and the King Regent. The Archives never made it along with the Other Royals. They all fell into the hands of the Communist. On the 12th the Queen and the King Regent headed for the Peterburi Palace which was to be the seat of the Monarchs Office till the end of the Communist Insurgence. It wasn't expected that the entire town was under Communist Control, when the Queen was just 20 miles from Peterburi their was an ambush by Communist. All of the Royal Regimental Guards were killed and the Queen was place under arrest by the will of the People. 

The Queen was then informed of the situation by other Royals placed under arrest, the Military had been bought out and the only Loyal forces were the Federal Police and Royal Regimental Guards. With the Colonel-in-Chief in the hands of the Communist protocol mandates that the Royal not under control of Militants or terrorist should be protected at all cost. The Police surrendered to the Communist through radio communication. The Guards left to protect Lady Madeleine which was in Ivercia at he ATARA Ceremony. However, the Lady had already left the Ceremony with the reaming Royal Regimental Guards by the time the Militia sent for her. It is unclear where she had vanished to but it will ultimately be the deciding factor in the trial of the reaming Royals.

The Capital was then left for the Communist to March into and establish the Communist Government. The Communist gave 72 Hours for those of Foreign Nationality or birth to leave before they entered the City on the 15 December 2017. 

There you have it the basic information on how the Communist came to power in Ahrana. The Communist will be entering the Capital on the 15th which by the time they enter no Aircraft will be permitted to enter or leave the Kingdom without approval of the Communist Intern Government. 

That is all from us here at the Ahrana Today Station in Stokgol'm please celebrate in the victory of the Communist! The People are now in control of their Government.

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0200 IST || December 13, 2017

Situation Room- Palá dei Primo, Intreimor

Primo of the Republic, Franso E. Deitorr massaged the dark circles beneath his eyes that had been growing over the course of the week.

Just minutes ago, he had been pulled out of bed by another emergency notification. On top of examining the situation in Afropa, reviewing proto-policy for the Ultramares integration, and handling all the other Primeal duties he was expected to fulfil--Deitorr felt the onset of his fatal aneurysm building behind the aching left side of his cerebellum.

"Ahem, my Primo-", a brave general seated to his right ventured.

"Do it.", said Deitorr, massaging his temples.

"Understand sir, that this could possibly escalate. What these revolutionaries wouldn't do cannot be underestimated", continued the general.

"Sir, such an aggressive response could provoke skirmishing or Taco-forbid-", interjected the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who was seated directly in front of Deitorr.

"Don't condescend, Manuel", Deitorr interrupted.

"I understand the implications. But if these commie menstrual run-off roaches "accidentally" shoot down their own king, there's no assurance that their forces will do exactly as their administration has promised. They have just allowed passage of all aircraft, military included. I plan to exploit that opportunity to its fullest. We are taking no risks  here."

"Ferran, how soon until they deploy?", said Deitorr, turning to face the Capo-General.

"Fighter elements from the 12th Fighter Group are ready to put wings-to-clouds, my Primo. After conducting an air-sweep for any potential SAM sites and enemy air patrols, we should be able to find a good corridor for the evacuation elements. Speaking of, we have eight E-9 Toro being prepped for the evac elements. Léon Air Base tells me that they will be ready to fly in 180 mikes", replied Capo-General Ferran Arnau Macharius.

"What about the ground elements?"

"SO/AR has been activated and is awaiting-signal to HALO in. The operation plan is all here, my Primo", Macharius signalled to his aide--who offered a black binder to Deitorr.

"We have all units issued special rules of engagement. All Ahranian military units are to be presumed hostile, but we shan't fire unless fired upon, all deployments, landings and take-offs will be conducted as presuming combat conditions", Macharius added.

After a few tense minutes filled with nothing but the sound of Deitorr flipping through pages, the Primo drew a pen from his coat pocket and signed.

"Bring them home Ferran."

OOC: For reference, consult this article: 


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The Communist Takeover

Moskovo Government Palace

As the Communist gave the World 72 Hours to evacuate Foreign Nationals and those of Foreign Birth, as it has now been a Day the clock has been ticking down. With now 48 Hours left as promised of the 72, the Communist Militia has not entered the Capital and wont till midnight on the 15th. The Communist Intern Government will be entering the Capital Today to be the mediator for all Government activities till the 20th when the first elections will be held and when the new Constitution will take effect till the regime falls.

With the Nations of the World acting in fear of the new Regime wondering what their next move would be, the General which is the Intern Governments Chairman of the Federation, General Natasha Lusko, released a statement to the World:

"People of the World, Citizens of the Federation and others. The Communist Regime is the rightful successor to the Kingdom of Ahrana, by the will of the People we have revolted against the Monarchy that ruled with Tyrannical Powers and took Power from the People to ensure their own will was met. The People grew tired of the oppression of the King and his Heirs, they wanted a Government that represented them and took their ideas and needs into consideration. Did they get that? No! When the people revolted it was due to a corrupt Government that beyond saving as the Social Democratic Alliance put it.

We, the Communist, the voice of the People stood where the Monarchy wouldn't; in places filled unimaginable scenes that would sock the World if they were shown to outsider eyes. With the World in the state it is in I do not believe what many Politicians say its difficult. The Trials of the Monarchy and the family will start today at the Judicial Palace under a Twelve Judge Panel. For only one time we will allow a jury to be present and pass the verdict. The Royals will all face the dame Charge, Corruption and Crimes against the People. The Trial will last for two day by then the jury will have a verdict. After the verdict no matter the charge the family will not be permitted to leave the Country, they will be sent to a secure location and will live out their remainder life in peace away from public eye.

The World can rest easy while evacuating their People from Ahrana, however we ask you to reconsider. As a Foreign National under the Constitution you are given your right plus the rights of your Mother Country. As promised however, we will not open fire on any Civilian or Aircraft unless fired upon. If any Embassy wishes to stay open then they are allowed to do so, we only as that you do not smuggle out any Ahranaians that were born in Ahrana it will be considered illegal and the Embassy could be shut down due to illegal activities. We ask that all act in a nice and calmly manor while the evacuation is happening, we do not need any injuries or deaths will the process is going on.

We also ask that the Missing Royal Family member be brought back to the Federation to face the trial and to put the Family at ease with the issue. If the Royal is not found, it is unclear what the Court will say when the Verdict is issued.

Thank you all and have a great day."

The Communist Government has been working night and day to find the missing Royal as they wish to not have to make any drastic decisions regarding the Royal Family as the Family is respected by many Communists since they are technically the Elder Politicians of the Land. However if she does not return then the charges on the family could multiply and the idea of a retirement can not be promised to the Royals.

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Colegard Palace, throne room.

Adrian Colegard seated on his throne as imperial servants gathered in a semi circle around the throne, blocking the way towards him.

"Let him enter!" Adrian shouted towards a pair of manservants that immediatly opened the giagntic bronze door that led to the throne room.                               An imperial speaker entered the room as the door was being closed behind him. He reached the center of the room and kneeled.

"You may stand up, what is the situation?" Asked Adrian Colegard

"Your highness, our embassy staff have been safely evcuated with the few astriedanians that were visting Ahrana, nobles and citizens alike. Lady Septimia Aïl is safe and the IESB agents that were undercover as embassy staff were extracted too. House Merter informed that their planes left the ahranain airspace a few minutes ago, the Tempests of the IAF are ready to takeoff in case of an agression by communist forces..." said the imperial speaker.

He then continued in imperial language so that only the Emepror (and technically the servants) could understand him:

"Also, the Imperial External Security Bureau warned it's agent of a possible future operation, they are on high alert and its undecover agents in Ahrana are ready to be extracted if needed." He then bowed down and made a few steps back to indicate he was finished.

Adrian took a few seconds to think about what was currently goind on in Ahrana. Of course he and the Imperial Council were supporting the legitimate royal governement of Ahrana but Astriedan couldn't afford to go to war right now, its army was still too weak and inexperienced. Adrian's main goal was to avoid a diplomatic incident with the royal family while avoiding war with the communist.

"For now, let's be quiet but make sure that our forces, and especially the imperial guard and the IAF are ready to be deployed, if there is any way to place the legitimate governement back in power while avoiding an attrition war we may stand a chance..."

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0800 PST | 13th December 
Presidential Chambers, House of Parliament
New Halsham, Courtmarsh


President George Duval's secretary was always a busy woman, but as she arrived into the office on the morning of the 13th of December she found that her email inbox was particularly overflowing. It was as if all of the dams in the world had suddenly disappeared, leaving billions of tonnes of water to cause chaos amongst those below. There were thousands of messages to sort through, from official Ahranaian diplomats to refugees begging for help. 
The recent communist takeover had been somewhat expected, but still a blow. With the recent Circle of Death worries and the ensuing naval blockade, tensions between the two nations were high. The communists had given foreign citizens 72 hours to evacuate, and that took immediate priority over all other matters for the day. 
With her stomach in tight knots the assistant knocked gingerly on the president's door, entering upon his command.

"President, I'm sure you've seen the emai-"

"Yes, of course." President Duval was only halfway through his second cup of coffee for the morning, and thus his response was sharp and to the point. Bullsh*t had no place on his diary before noon. "It'll be a busy day today."

"Certainly. What's are your thoughts? Surely we cannot rush anything through parliament this quickly?"

"It could be attempted, but I doubt it. The northern MPs will be particularly reluctant to pass anything through so quickly, especially on something that's so out of the blue. It'll have to be an executive order to allow some refugees. We could possibly take two hundred, and have them in Southfort."

"And our diplomats? Foreign nationals?"

"Of course they're coming back!" Duval slammed his mug down onto the table, thinking that was obvious. His assistant, despite having held the job since the induction of parliament, was still asking him silly questions. "You think any of our MPs would refuse bringing back nationals? It's the refugees that'll cause a problem. Look, I'll speak to the advisors, hold an emergency meeting... you'll have an email by nine."

As per the email of President Duval, the United States of Prymont Air Force would be holding immediate evacuations of all Prymontian citizens residing in Ahrana, including government diplomats and casual residents. Ties with the Initiative Scientifique Trans-Continentale and the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association meant that member states could hold residents in New Halsham temporarily until being transported back to their country of origin. This meant that countries such as Iverica, Fleur de Lys, Variota and the Sunset Sea Islands could hold legal residents in New Halsham for up to six months, before being required to transport them back to their country of origin.

When Ahranaian refugees were considered, matters became increasingly more complicated. Refugee laws meant that there were extremely tight limits as to how many refugees could enter the United States through legal means. For now, President Duval had placed a tentative limit of two hundred refugees, who would be held in Payson, Southfort, for a maximum of six weeks. From then on, they would have to be transported elsewhere - where that was, wasn't of concern to the government. The idea to smuggle refugees out of Ahrana had been considered, but was shot down quickly. Relations with the new communist regime could be positive if legal requirements were followed, but smuggling Ahranaians out of the country wasn't part of the current deal. Ahrana was already in turmoil - poking the dog with the stick wouldn't provide favourable results.

Prymont would also refuse to hold refugees that other countries were evacuating. Lysian officials had contacted the emergency meeting members to explore this option, but it was a quick open-shut case. The two hundred refugee capacity would be kept for refugees travelling directly from Ahrana on their own terms. Those flown in from other countries would be refused entry onto Prymontian soil. This was so Prymont could directly control who came into their country. If refugees were entering on foot via the southern border, they could be held at a secure station, where background checks could be issued and people could be rejected instantly. If Lysians, or any other nation for that matter, were to bring their own Ahranaian refugees, the infrastructure to check and ensure the safety of Prymontian citizens could not be implemented in time. There was not a stable support network either, and the public view of Ahrana had already been damaged due to the naval blockade. The possibility of allowing Circle of Death members unknowingly onto Prymontian territory was not worth the risk of upsetting allies.

For now, that was all the United States could offer. Evacuated nationals of allied countries could be held in New Halsham for a considerable amount of time, allowing for arrangements to be made to return back home. Refugees would be dealt with on foot at the southern border - anywhere else, and they'd be turned away.

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After giving the world only 72 Hours to evacuate the Civilians of Foreign Birth and Nationality, the Communist begun marching towards the Capital of the now declared Socialist Federation of Ahrana. The regime hoped that with the recent act of kindniss shown to the world that the Countries would see that the Ahranaian Socialist are not what they feared. 

As they marched to the Ancient City Gates at the Southeast end, something could be heard coming from the Marching Militia. They were singing the folk song, Bred är mitt modersmål. The City lights were on and illuminated the streets. The Militia Marched on to the Center of the Capital singing songs of the Motherland and of the Cause. Many of the People joined in with the Militia and begun singing and celebrating the arrival of the Liberators of the People. When the Militia arrived in the Center of the Capital General Matasha started speeking to the everyone in the Capital.

"Citizens of the Federation and the World! The Communist have arrived to take their rightful spot as the Official Government of Ahrana! For so long we, the People, have sat in the shadow of the Rich and Corrupt while we suffer at the hands of their displeasure. We the People having been forgotten in the eyes of the Royal Government, have risen to take what is ours! We have united as one as Brothers and Sister as our late Government wished us to do and we have accomplished the unthinkable, we now control these lands. We do, not the rich or corrupt but us, the proletariat! We shall run the Government and accomplish what they could not! We have arrived and we will represent the entire population of Ahrana and the newly formed Socialist Republics in this Federation. So I say to you all here tonight, rejoice and celebrate our Victory over the Bourgeoisie! Workers of the Federation and the World, Unite as One and show the World what the People want!

It is also clear that in the Ahranaian we have clear traitors to the people, some nations have evacuated Ahranaian Politicians and Citizens that were neither in possession of Duel Citizenship or Foreign Birth. The Communist Party issued mandates for the nations to follow and some have not followed them. This is unacceptable and something will need to be done about this by the Government.

We gave the World 72 Hours as promised, but now all Flights will be grounded and all Royal Government Offices are now closed. The Intern Government will now handle any grievances of Foreign Nationals who did not heed the 72 Hour Evacuation allotted to them. As for all Ahranaians, tomorrow starts a new Era in our Nations History and we will write it! "

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0400 IST || December 13, 2017

Situation Room- Palá dei Primo, Intreimor


OOC: Wooo, military porn

After two hours, Deitorr still hadn't slept a wink. He had his aide bring in an extra-concentrated cup of Iverican Barakko and a hefty 200mg nootropic pill (typically issued to pilots). 

"Make sure my Executive Order gets through. We shan't look like paupers to the rest of ATARA. I want those 6 Peninsulaire aircraft ready to fly to pull our people out of New Halsham. The ones we can't take will have to stay around embassy lodgings--make sure to fly in the regular disaster relief packages. To do this I want Amphibious Strike Group L'Pilar mobilised and ready to make-wake in 4 hours. Contact the USP Navy, I'll be phoning in for permission myself as soon as its a godly hour. The sooner we're out of their hair, the happier they'll be, so having L'Pilar out there in a peaceful extraction will hopefully not bother the @Prymontians too much."

"You, comms-sec guy! I want my comminque draft on this table in 30 minutes. What do you mean 'where is L'Pilar going?'. Just out of Canamo of course! We aren't about to raise a Taco-damned row by putting a commando carrier inside foreign territorial waters! Stress that it will only fly relief packages in, and take refugees out. Nothing more."

"Ferran. How is the Operation progressing?"

"My Primo, SO/AR is 20 minutes out, they're ready to HALO drop in a park code-- DZ Alpha, just 1.5 clicks from the embassy. FLAIR 's12th Fighter Group is out in force assisted by elements from the 61st Logi Wing, we have 5 flights of Aguila and 5 flights of Halcon on airsweep and patrol. Two Kondors are on station, one on AWACS, another on refuel. A further 15 flights from three airfields are ready for QRF and reinforcement if need be. Any mobilisation from the Ahranian air force in significant strength will take some time to plan, prep, and take-off. As of now, we own the skies."


"What about SAM sites?"

"In the last hour, FLiR sweeps have marked the SAM-dense zones. High Command has consulted with WARD, we have a firing solution from callsign "Counter-Punch" in case they try anything, and we've picked the route carefully, low-risk for the evac elements."


"And Ground-Extract?" 

"After SO/AR is boots-on-ground, they will escort the embassy occupants in 5 separate motorised waves, the first three will clear all civilians first, as soon as the embassy staff have scuttled all the documents and electronics, they will be taken in the 4th. Ambassador Soley has requested that he be on the final wave, with his personal aides. The convoy will egress through the routes I've outlined on the dossier, all five will ensure that the same route is never used twice, a measure in case of "incident" or in case one route is suddenly blocked by debris or uncooperative Ahranians. The routes will take them to the airport, where a break-off team of SO/AR will be garrisoning one terminal and an airstrip, setting up MANPAD and fixed positions. The E-9's will be on station escorted by several flights of our own fighters, landing sequentially to load civies as quickly as possible. Ideally, SO/AR will extract on the last aircraft after scutling all the embassy vehicles used by the convoys. If this becomes impossible, Plan B is to extract using the Skyhook ."


"Keep us informed Ferran", Deitorr Said, nodding.

"Yes, my Primo"


OOC: If anyone is wondering why the response is so strong: Bear in mind, these people plotted the assassination of their King and passed it off as some sort of accident.

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The Communist Takeover

As the Communist Government begun to take control over the Government of Ahrana, the Communist Party of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana (CPSFA/CPF) called for the first Grand Congress of the Peoples Party (Fancy way of saying Congress of the Communist Party). The Agenda was to outline the Parties Polices to the People and to elect a Head of State and Government till the Elections are held in three weeks. The former Head of the Communist Party gave a Speech to the Congress and asked for Strength and Unity to be upmost important thing to bring the People to their greatest efforts.

The Office of General Secretary of the Communist Party was handed to Field Marshall Greggor Ivanof. He stood before the People of the Congress which just elected him to the position. The Field Marshall stood there at the podium and begun reading his second speech:

"I have been elected by this Congressional Body of the Party and of the People present at this Congress, to lead the Socialist Federation till the Elections within less than a month. When I have met the date of the Elections I will hand over all Power to the newly Elected General Secretary of the Communist Party and to the Chairman of the Federation. I will not seek to be elected to either Office of the Executive, after my term I will stand down from Politics and the Military and live my life out in peace. This I swear before you the Members of the Party and the People of the Federation.

As Head of the Intern Government I will prevail where the Royal Government failed to do so. The Trial of the Royals will be done in the name of Justice, and they will be given their just verdicts by the Peoples Court as is the will of the People, the will of all of you before me. The newly formed Government-in-exile has labeled us the murders of the late King Gustov XVII, that is shameful to us and to those who still hold him dear to their hearts. As Lady Madeleine is out in the World spreading lies about what we have done I think its high time the World new exactly what their Government truly did! ****Grand Applauses in the entire Congress**** While we are branded murders of the King they are labeled Hero's! That is outright blasphemy. We are the Hero's of the People, we stood where no other would. I stood in fields of blood that was done in the name of the Royal Government, whose blood you ask! Those sent to Labor and Prison Camps! People like you and I were sent their for charges of Corruption by the Social Democratic Alliance. SDA were nothing more than murders who were sponsored by the Royal Government. They alone sent 300,000 men, women, elders and children to camps! Yes, they did do this I witnessed first hand! I was a General for the Internal Affairs Division of Section 04. I could not believe my eyes what we were doing, that's why I left the Military and Royal Politics. I saw that it was not the Parties of the Communist, Republicans, Conservative and Independents that were corrupt instead it was those running the entire Country in the Executive Levels! Lady Madeleine says we killed the late King yes? Well what if I told General Matasha Håns was forced and blackmailed by the Royal Government to take the blame for the assassination and to say the CPF was to blame! Yes, the Royal Government blackmailed our Hero and her family in order to blame us for what was done.

Why did we attack after the assassination of the King you all have been asking, well its because we the Communist were tired of the corruption and the greed of the Royal Government. Them blackmailing the General and blaming us for the assassination was the final straw! Little do people know that I served on the Privy Council to the King, I was his most trusted advisor and friend. The King himself not being allowed to be political always asked my opinion because he and I saw eye to eye. He was as much as a Communist Idealist as I was. The change in Government was to allow a Communist takeover to happen after the State Visit trips, he was to hand over power directly to the Communist Party and to become party of the Party itself by denouncing his titles and claim to the throne. The Royal Government somehow caught wind of this and killed him out of fear of what would happen to them the corrupt which controlled the government. The Crown Princess now Former Queen, Aleksandra X, is innocent in all charges placed against her that I know for sure. Her Father kept her out of the Political Realm for the reason of fearing what could become of her if the Revolution Failed. But the people have asked to put her on trial and I must abide by it but I tell you all this, She is innocent of all charges she was never involved in any Government activity ever, even when crowned Queen. The Privy Council ruled the Kingdom in those short days of her reign and they are the ones responsible for everything.

Now, lets get to Work on our utopia! Workers of the Federation and the World Unite as one and create and establish what is yours!"

*****Massive Applause in the chamber****


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The Communist Takeover

As the Frist Congress of the CPSFA comes to an end, the floor of the Congress was opened to proposals to Amend the Constitution. The only thing that was proposed was further deliberation on the number of People in both Houses of Congresses. The Judicial will be tasked with adding further explanation on how many Representatives each Congressional House will have. The Party General Secretary gave a speech that will be remembered in History as the most inspiring speech ever.

"People of the Federation and of this Congressional Body, as the Party Congress ends the ideals of our Country has been shown to me right here in this First Congress of the Body. I think it is safe for me to say that the Socialist Ideals we will start living by will be around for our Children and for their Children and so forth. I see that this Federation will stay together for many years! Those who come after us will live in a Utopia that we create! *****Applause fills the entire Congressional Hall*****

It has come to the attention of the Communist Party and the organs of the Socialist Government that some Ahranaian Nationals have been smuggled out of the Country. The sole perpetrator of this is the Country of @Fleur de Lys, if those who held Duel Citizenship for more than two years they will not have any action taken against them. However, those who held Duel Citizenship less than two years or just held an Ahranaian Citizenship actions will be taken as a Rule of Evacuation was broken. The People's Court will adjourn to discuss what actions will be taken."  

Now more than ever we must Unite together to create what we can achieve, it will take all of us to create this Utopia. But if we unite together as a people then in the near future of perhaps ten to fifteen years we could see the ideas of a Utopian Society with Socialist Ideals take hold in this Country! In the next coming days a Parade of our Victory will be held and the people are permitted to join the Parade. The entire Military will be on display marking the first time that the entirety of the Ahranaian Military have taken part."


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The Communist Takeover

The People's Court had been in sessions today discussing what would be done with the Ahranaian Nationals who left the Country illegally. The Sub-Court, Division A, we're given the task of laying a foundation for penalties.

The Division A had summoned at 07:00 this morning too disscus the matter at hand, after several hours of debating the Division came to an agreement on how to handle the situation.

Sub-Court Division A

Illegal migration of Ahranaian Nationals

Division A has come to a conclusion on how and what must be done for those Ahranaian Nationals that left the Country illegally during the Evacuation of Foreign Nationals and people of Birth. Many Ahranaians have fled to @Fleur de Lysthe Government of Fleur de Lys knew they were only to take Citizens of their Country and of those who held a legal duel citizenship for at least two years. Over the majority who were taken do not meet this criteria. 

Division A of the People's Court ask that the government of Fleur de Lys return those who do not meet the criteria to stay in their Country. Those who did not go to Fleur de Lys but to other Countries are asked to do the same. If the Ahranaian Nationals are not sent back home then matters of this issue will be handed over to the SNB & FKI Divisions. Upon handing over all Authority to the SNB and FKI all Nationals will answer to the Law of Ahrana and face a trial with a possibility of three years in prison.

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The Communist Takeover

The Communist Government has received information from the Government of @Fleur de Lys that the illegal Ahranaians that are currently residing in that Country and the Government had no intention of sending them back to Ahrana. The Socialist Government has now handed over all Authority to the SNB and FKI that will hold all Law that they posses, the FKI will be the main force getting the illegals back. The Illegals living in other Countries will be brought back by the FKI as well.

People's Palace Premier Corridors

As the corridors of the General Secretary was buzzing with activity and life you could here talks about the SNB and FKI and what their missions were going to be. The SNB would apprehend the Illegals upon entering Ahranaian Space and Land and then they would proceed to the SR Moskovo Prison where they will be held till their trial. The FKI would be the ones to go oversees to apprehend the illegals under different aliases that have been in use for years. Once the illegals have been found and are in the hands of the FKI they will be sent back to Ahrana within two days of capture.

The Government of Fleur de Lys will no doubt notice the flights to Ahrana and how many there will be but once they are on the plane from Ahrana they're on Ahranaian Soil in technicality meaning that they would be powerless to do anything. The noise of the people stopped because the General Secretary came out of his office asking for the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. These people were going to be brought back to the Country whether they want to or not, they do not have the permission of the Government to be living abroad and must have the approval of the Government.

Office of the General Secretary

"Minister Audhild Kos, the FKI have full Authority over this operation; the SNB will be on stand by during the duration of this operation. However, if they leave evidence that we have captured the illegals in foreign nations then we could lose all credibility and legalization we are now gaining."

"I understand Premier Field Marshall Greggor Ivanof, I have gave explicit details and rules to abide by while they are abroad. If any of them somewhat stray from the Mission they have orders to kill the possible traitor in the name of defense of the Motherland Sir."

"To do what, shoot them! Are ye a bloke! That's a negative on that order Minister! They will not do that if they see someone on the FKI wanting to defect from the mission they report it to me through the HQ Channel and I will issue a Dismissal from the FKI, we will not kill our own Minister!"

"As you say so Sir. I will reissue orders before they leave Sir."

"Good, now keep me informed on all operations we will be running I want all briefings each morning to be on my desk by 09:00, do you understand Minister Audhild?"

"Aye Comrade Field Marshall, I understand my orders Sir."

"Dismissed Minister" 

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The Communist Takeover

People's Palace

As the Secretary General re-entered his office after making his first televised address as Secretary General he turned to his Assistant and asked if he had any more plans today on his schedule and begin walking to the Office.

"Sir, your schedule is free till tomorrow"

"Exellent can you ring up a secure line to the President of @Prymont, I have things that need to be discussed."

"Yes Sir, right away sir!"

The Secretary General no longer believes that all of the illegals are actually Ahranaians, with the Hellenic Rus in despair and the CoD still roaming a large the possibility for error has become evident. The possibility that some of the papers that the Government of @Fleur de Lys checked we're no doubly fake. The Communist Government had been recovering the Royal Governments actions and list of potential danger citizens and they have found that the aliases that were being used were in fact not Ahranaians with any connection to the Country. 

The time for action has come and it will happen he thought in his mind. He begun organizing the needed paperwork for the operation and the joint operation he would create with the USP. He made a page to the assistant again:

"Also could you ring up the Ambassador for @Fleur de Lys make it the first priority before calling the President of the USP please."

"Yes Sir"

"Actually please cancel that order, get ready to wire over a letter to the FDL Ambassador"

"Aye Sir"

He wasn't sure how this would go but it needed to be done it must be done for the sake of the people around the World.


To: Jacques Durand-Guigon, Ambassador to Ahrana from the FDL

From: Field Marshall Greggor Ivanof, Secretary General

Clearance Level: 5

Ambassador Jacques Durand-Guigon, 

It is with urgency that I inform you and your Government that in recent days we have uncovered several fake Identification Papers that belong to the CoD Terrorist Organization. We request on the reasoning of illegal reproduction of Government Identification Papers and Documents hence Forgery that we apprehend these Terrorists. The Socialist Federation asks that the FKI be in control of the Operation and that the legal Police Force in your Country may be allowed to help with the Operation. However if this request is denied then matters might be taken to another extremity. We will apprehend these Terrorists with or without the help of your Government if we must but we would rather that the Government of the FDL help as this problem was created because the Government did not follow the procedure that was given to all Foreign Governments when the Evacuation was allowed.


With respect, 

Field Marshall Greggor, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

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"Sir, we are getting a reply to the Diplomatic Wire sir. I will hand it over to you once we receive it in full."

"Very well"

As he sat in his office contemplating on what the Government of @Fleur de Lys have replied to him with he lit a cigarette and took a sip of tea while looking at the City of Moskovo. It had been a while since he had seen this view and then he realized where he was standing when the Late King had told him of the plans he had for a transition of power. As he stood there remembering his old friend there was a knock on the door, the Assistant had the letter from the FDL Embassy. He grabbed the letter and begin reading it.......and the look on his face was many emotions.

"Get me a Diplomatic Wire open to @Prymont I'm going to involve the USP to see if any ground can be gained on there half, if anything they can reason with them."

"Aye Sir"

He lit another Cigarette and poured Vodka in a cup then took a swig from the bottle and place it down then downed the glass.


To: President of the United States of @Prymont

From: Secretary General Field Marshall Greggor of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

Level Clearance: 5

Priority Level: 5 Urgent

Mr. President,

On behalf of the Socialist Federation we would like to use our friendship with your Country to help with the current event of the CoD Terrorist that are using Ahranaian Identification Papers to live in the FDL Illegally. You have ben informed that the FDL illegally removed Ahranaian Citizens from the Federations Soil during the Evac. We have asked for the return of all illegals and all requests have been denied. With the recent findings of the CoD now in the FDL we ask that you use your Diplomatic ties to mediate or do whatever is necessary to help in the matter.


With regards.

Field Marshall Greggor, Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana

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President Duval received the @Ahranaian telegram in good time, awaiting its arrival in his office. He, alongside General Grey, had been expecting it. The Defence Minister had joined the President in the Presidential Office, planning their next moves regarding The Hellenic Rus. They'd only just received aerial images taken from a reconnaissance mission on the F-E Robin Soniskstråle, and now came the telegram. 

"I suppose they expect us to talk to those Lysians... knock some sense into them." Grey eased himself into his leather chair, letting out a sigh to relieve his tensions. He'd developed an array of aches and pains in his old age, and while he still exercised a sense of strength over the military, his physical wellbeing was deteriorating.

"Certainly," Duval confirmed, nursing a large mug of freshly brewed coffee. "Although, how they found out their refugees were in fact terrorists, I'll never know..."

"It's all a ploy. Are you dumb, boy?!" Grey slammed his fist onto the table, angered by his superior's lack of common sense. "Of course they're Ahranaian! They don't find this stuff out over night. They're just lying to get them back."

"You know the consequences of that would be severe. We can't risk our relationship with @Fleur de Lys like that. Especially now that the ISTC is progressing nicely."

"We're moving into The Hellenic Rus, yes? And we want all the help we can get in getting rid of their vermin, yes? Ahrana have a military that we could use."

"General, Ahrana are recovering from... well, God knows what's gone on in that country lately. They're not strong enough. That's why they're asking for our help."

"Ah, but it's international support. We scratch their back, they'll scratch ours. If two nations invade The Hellenic Rus, it only looks half as bad for us..." The veteran rubbed his hands together, a sinister grin spreading across his face. "If you really want that land across the sea, helping Ahrana is a step in the right direction."

Duval sat back in his chair, his arms folded across his chest. He didn't like the power Grey was trying to use over him, but they'd already started the work in The Hellenic Rus. Pulling the plug now wasn't an option. They had the intelligence, now all they needed was the man power. 

To:  Monsieur l’Ambassadeur d’Ahrana Jacques Durand-Guigon
From: George Duval, President of the United States of Prymont

Monsieur l'Ambassadeur,

I hope you are currently doing well in Ahrana. I understand the political situation is currently tense, and wish that you and your public servants remain safe and secure in the new year. As a friend and ally of the great nation, Fleur de Lys, I hope that we can work together in the current Ahranaian refugee issue to find a suitable resolution for all.

It has recently come to my attention that the refugees you helped escape from Ahrana are not, in fact, seeking peaceful asylum. Field Marshall Greggor Ivanoff, current Secretary General of the Socialist Federation of Ahrana, has provided myself with numerous documents that prove a substantial amount of refugees within Fleur de Lys have strong ties to the Circle of Death terrorist group. The United States have taken several preventative measures recently to restrict movement of Circle of Death members, mainly with our naval blockade in the Canamo Sea. However, unfortunately it appears that these terrorists have executed a plan to escape the region on your planes.

It is our highest priority to maintain peace within the world. I believe that, by spreading Circle of Death members into Europa, we are doing the exact opposite of that. I trust that the peace loving side of Fleur de Lys wants to prevent a possible terror attack within your own borders, and I therefore propose the following. Officials from the United States of Prymont and the Socialist Federation of Ahrana are willing to work together with Lysian security officials to eradicate the threat within Fleur de Lys, and to eventually rinse the root of the evil. By returning these refugees to Ahrana, we can be sure that they will stand a fair trial under their home nation.

If the refugees are not found to be terrorists, rest assured that I personally will do everything in my power to make sure they are returned to the safe sanctuary that is Fleur de Lys. I commend your country's initiative in providing them with asylum, and hope that this action only strengthens the bond between our nations.

Yours sincerely,

George Duval
President of the United States of Prymont

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After getting off the Tell with President Duval of the USP, Greggor Ivanof slammed his fist into the desk going into an all out rage. He did not wish Duval to hear his rage, Greggor threw the bottle of Vodka and the glasses at the wall cursing in Ahran.

"Secretary!! Come in here at once please!"

She Studdard the words out of her mouth, "Aye Sir. What can I do for you.?" 

"Gather all personal need for Operation Tremor please and have them meet in here in less then 10 minutes."

"Aye Sir, right away sir."

As he went over and grabbed a broom and pan he begun cleaning his mess up. During which he begun to remember what Gustov had told him at a meeting one day, "Ivanoff, sometimes this job really pisses me off and sends me in a all out fit of rage that scares the hell out of me.' Greggor laughed it off then but now he understands what he meant that day.

"Sir the Personal are here for you, are you ready for them Sir?"

"Send them in please."

"Aye Sir"

As they all entered the room he stood up and walked over to the Conference table in his Office.

"Men and Women, you were chosen from a select few to be part of this operation. No one but those whose names are on the file and in this room know anything of this. Yes, we currently have three other operations going on but this one takes precedence. The CoD still pose a treat and we have joined up with the Military Forces of the USP and we will eradicate the CoD. If anyone has objections say them now, if not good please open the file and read."

As they sat there and read the file some of the facial expressions coming from everyone were of shock. Some even of confusion. Greggor begun to chuckle as he knew they were surprised about the information and what they were over. 

"Report at the Army Base in Peterburi to meet up with the forces of the USP at 05:00."

"Aye aye sir."

Greggor knew that this was either going to break the Federation or show what the Federation is made of.

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Peterburi | 0446hrs
Socialist Federation of Ahrana


Tyres screeched sharply as a USPAF strategic air lifter touched down in the Peterburi military compound in Ahrana. The flight had been a short one, and with plenty of fuel left in the tank, the plane was already turning around to return home. It was already the beginning of disassociation, the higher executives of the United States distancing themselves from the weeks that were to come. 

Eighteen highly trained soldiers disembarked the jet, marching along the runway towards the hangar. The air was cool in the early morning, a harsh northern Argic breeze whipping against their faces. If there was one positive to take on the flight to Fleur de Lys, it'd be that they'd be travelling to warmer climates. It wasn't only the temperature that'd be increased in Fleur de Lys - the insurmountable pressure, weighing heavily on their shoulders, would be enough to turn coal into diamonds. They were to go against international protocol, illegally infiltrate an ally's borders, capture suspected terrorists against the will of the Lysian government, and potentially kill what could be innocent people. This was no normal mission.

This was Operation Tremor.

Despite the odds being weighed against them, the men were jovial as they lined up by the hangar. They were serving their country, hoping for a better future, and in the mind of a certain General Hunter S Grey, a larger future. The Prymontians weren't infiltrating one of their closest allies to kill Circle of Death members. No, they were doing it as a favour. The lunatics at the top of the USP Ground Force had the wild idea that, if they helped the Ahranaians, the Ahranaians would help them in return. Sending money through back channels or sharing private data wasn't an option. They had to risk all out war, as the favour in return was equally as insane.

The soldiers had been equipped with suicide pills. If they were discovered by Lysian officials, they were to commit suicide. Their histories had been intricately forged by the National Surveillance & Intelligence Force. They'd been secretly trained to quell their distinctive Prymontian accents, and were blackmailed to not say a word if captured. Extreme measures had been taken for extreme circumstances. No stone had been left unturned. These soldiers were virtually untraceable back to the United States. If the Lysians could somehow do it, General Grey had promised to fly to Fleur de Lys and stand before a firing squad. The man was old, even crazy, but he was sure of himself. 

USP Ground Force troops would parachute onto Lac Venége under the cover of night, and sneak their way across the Lysian border. The neutral state of Magnaeus would be used if necessary, possibly worsening the ramifications if caught. From there, they would use intelligence gathered by Ahranaian moles and stolen from the Lysian police to triangulate the whereabouts of Ahrana's refugees. Once captured... there were no clear orders on what to do. General Grey had insisted that "necessary action should be taken". Whether or not this meant killing them or only rounding them up and returning them to Ahrana, the men did not know. But they knew one thing for sure. They had a job to do.


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Somewhere over the ocean |  23:00 hrs

The mood was a silent one amongst the entire crew, they knew the mission and were heavily focused on the mission. The operation had to be a success everything depended on these men from the People's Special Forces and the USP. They all had there orders, to either capture the "terrorists" or the other kill them. The plane for the Job was the AHA-134 (TU-134), this was the first time that this plane was to see any action. Yet, the Secretary General felt that it was the plane for the job. The Pilots had there own set of orders, after the Operation Crew had jumped out they were to make a u-turn and head back to the 2nd Naval Fleet in the Adlantic Ocean. If they could not make it back to the fleet they had orders to lose the plane and to make it a suicide return.

It had already been a long journey and they were already more than half of the way there, it had been 12 hours already. With only an hour left to go the Captain told the men to finish there last wills and testaments and to remove all personal belongings including religious belongings.

"Men, you have been asked to perform under a great amount of pressure. The eyes of the Secretary General are upon you, he asks you to do the impossible. The majority of you were told that Operation Tremor happen in The Hellenic Rus, well in fact the operation is on Lysnian territory. The operation is for you to capture the Ahranaian Illegals and take them to the Ahranaian Embassy where they will wait for extradition on a Diplomatic Plane. If any are found to be "dead" then leave them. We have a week to complete this operation as fast as we can. The FKI have collected intell and they will give us this intell when they arrive to smuggle us across the Lysnian Border. Do we understand the mission and what is at hand here men?"

"Aye Sir"

"Good if the Police or whomever catches you, you are asked to commit suicide just like the men from the United States understood."

"Aye, sir"

"You've got the green light sir its time to move out!"

"You heard him men! Lets move move move!"

One by one the men jumped out of the plane, the view of the land above was glorious, just trees and land no buildings. This is what no mans land looks like to the world, full of beauty.

"Alpha, Bravo, Delta Calling in sir ready to go sir."

"Charlie, Whiskey, Foxtrot chinking sir"

As time goes by one by one each solder checks in with their call sign, once the last sign was called in they begun to move towards FDL to meet with the FKI agents...........

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People's Palace | 1200 

Today was the day the Secretary General would announce the world of the results of the Party Congress and the results of all of the Election, the Secretary General also had more news to share with the world as well. The balcony outside where the Secretary General would give the long speech was filled with News Reporters from Ahrana and abroad and people from all across the Federation. 

The Secretary General would walk out when the Premiers Fanfare was sounded, the Chairman of the Federation and the Secretary General both share the same Fanfare for public occasions.


As the fanfare was sounded he started his way outside, as he walked out the crowd were yelling in cheers and giving a great applause that could be heard resonating throw the city. SG Greggor looked to the left and right, the whole inside of the gate and outside were filled with people massive amounts of people. He took his hand out of his pocket and waved the people quiet:

"My People, today is a glorious day in the name of Socialism! We have successfully held our first Elections inside the Federation and the Union Republics, the first of many to come no doubt.The Houses of Congress will be full of the Lawmakers this week when they start the first Legislative Year. The Party Congress in a closed door election came to the conclusion to give me a full term as the Secretary General, they felt I brought stability to the Federation and feer by electing an outsider to the job at the present time would jeopardize the stability of the Federation. I told them I would stay in office if the people approve of the action, so tomorrow you the people will go back to the polling stations to either approve me of a full term or not. This action is solely in you hands and I shall abide by the results.

We have come a long way in the recent weeks, we have came from a Revolution to an almost fully functioning Country under Communism. The World has begun to recognize us as the successor to the Kingdom which is in our favor. The more nations that do this the better. To those who have not are doing so out of fear and shaming the late King Gustov. They fail to remember when I told the world this idea was the kings not mine. But none the less we are striving for success in all matters. If Gustov was here he would approve of what was being done.

Today I also announce that we will be aiding the United States of Prymont in the are of the Hellenic Rus to bring stability to the region and to do away with the CoD. There are many in the World that will condemn us for the actions afterword's but in order to bring stability to the region which is a must for us.

Today I also stand before you to let you know that since the creation of this Socialist Federation we have thwarted over 30 attempts to terrorize and to destabilize this Country. It is safe to say that our Police are protecting the People with every drop of blood in their body.

Lets look forward to what the future may bring us, through Brotherhood and Unity we can achieve anything!" 

As he left the balcony and headed back to his Office he ask his Private Secretary for the update on Operation Tremor to be brought to him ASAP.

Operation Tremor | FDL

It had been several days since the group contacted the Embassy to let them know of the operations updates, the group split into three teams in order to cover more ground. The Forces from the USP were split into two groups mixed with Ahranaian Troops, Groups Charlie and Foxtrot went north and Group Delta went east in the Capital. So far they had managed to avoid detection and the IDs they possessed had been working for sometime now without the Police suspecting a thing.

The Team was smuggled over the boarder with FKI Agents that had infiltrated the Boarder Service, yet little did the Government of @Fleur de Lys know that not only was this service infiltrated. The FKI had managed to place spys and bugs inside the agencies that only the Secretary General Know where they are.

The leads the FKI had proved very helpful in giving an accuret number of how many illegals were in @Fleur de Lys and it was more than the Government thought. The thought of trying to capture all of the Illegals or the other was going to be an interesting one.

"Captain, are these numbers we are receving from FKI correct sir?"

"They are correct yes, I know its more than what we were briefed on. Seems to me we either were misinformed or the entire government was misinformed. I will let the FKI HQ know tonight that we weren't expecting this much."

"Aye sir"

It was one thing if it was just a mix up but something didn't feel right with the information they received from the Government and the ones they got from the FKI.

"HQ this is Delta Bravo checking in"

"Go ahead Delta Bravo receiving you loud and clear"

"Um we received the Intel from the FKI Agents yesterday and the intel we received from home do not match up. Could you please clarify the mix up for me ASAP, we need to know which is correct."

"Delta Bravo hold on cross checking........yes we see the confusion. Im being told by my handlers that the FKI Intel is the correct intel."

"Rodger that, please get this back to the SG with the code ABL."

"Copy that HQ Out"

It was what he feared the most, a bug in the Government trying to sabotage the operation. yet where it was at was a different matter one that the SG would handle.

People's Palace |2200

"As you requested sir the intel on Operation Tremor sir"

"Thanks Ace, do you mind sitting while I look at the report please?"

"Aye sir as you request."

He opened the file and begun reading the reports, normally he wouldn't ask anyone to stay in the Office while he read the reports but he was feeling lonely in the office tonight. It wasn't long till he saw the Code ABL and his eyes got big and he placed the paper down and looked at Ace.

"Ace are we the only ones left in the Office currently?"

"Aye Sir, they left an hour ago while I was gathering the reports."

"Did anyone else see these reports?"

"Negative Sir?"

"Good, when you gathered these reports did you notice anything weird about one of the reports?"

"Aye Sir I did, the one right in front of you is the one."

"Okay could you go to the file safe and get the file named ABL please and hurry."

"Aye Sir"

She left the room for about five minutes, and returned in a sheer hurry out of breathe.

"Here you go Sir file name ABL. May I ask what this file is about and why its important Sir?"

"Yes you may but you must swear to me by oath that you will no release any of this information you see tonight from this room do you understand Ace?"

"Aye Sir I swear before you this."

"Okay so this file contains information on Code ABL which means that we have a bug in our Government or the lower levels. This has lead to the Team for Operation Tremor receiving two different intel's that has lead to confusion till now."

"Wait the FDL Sir!"

"Aye the FDL Ace."

"Sir, if I may?"


"If we have receieved some false information from inside the Government how can we know the Intel from the agents are 100% true SIr?"

"We can trust the FKI Agents Ace, they are who have thwarted the attacks on us and saved many lives."

"Okay so what do we need to do SIr?"

"Protocal calls that I call an entire Executive Meeting to take place. Then I must begin investigations in all offices at all levels of the entire Government, both Federal and Republic levels."

"Aye sir I will get everything ready for that then sir"

"Thanks Ace and remember nothing outside this room. Oh and by the way, I making you Chief Secretary of the Office of the SG, therefore you will handle strictly my cases and files okay."

"Aye Sir"


It was unclear where the mole would be found but there would for sure be heavy reparations in the entire Government for just one thing. The SG would hunt the mole down to the ends of the planet before anything else.

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People's Palace | 1800

As Greggor sat at his tired and exhausted from getting very little sleep last night, he reflected on how he had handled some of the situations that had presented themselves since he took office. After last night he knew things needed to change on everything, from the smallest detail to the biggest detail. He only changed his mid over night after being visited by his friend Gustov in the form of a ghost. He himself was not very religious at all but he believed in Spirits and having a spirit visit you is no ordinary thing to be taken lightly.

Gustov had told Greggor that he knew this is not what needed to happen in this country with it being so young and in a world that despises Socialism so greatly. He told Greggor that all of the Spy operations that have endangered relations with other countries must stop and a peaceful approach must be taken. He must show the world that the Socialists in Ahrana are not what they thought and fear.

Greggor didn't know how the Captain of Operation Tremor would take new orders and if he would even respect the orders. The Captain had been with the FKI since the start of what was then called 'The Service' and he had gained the respect of many of the Governmental Officials. 

"Ace, can you connect me to the Ahranaian Embassy in @Fleur de Lys please make sure to use the Red Line since it's urgent please Ace."

"Aye Sir"

Ten minutes had passed and Greggor poured himself some tea to help wake him up for the remainder of the time he would be in the office.

"Sir I have the Embassy on the line Sir."

"Great thank you Ace, your the best."

He walked over to the desk which housed the Red Line and picked it up.

"Ahranaian Embassy this is Secretary General Greggor Ivanof, ID number 59823Delta 34. I'm requesting to speak to Captain Davic of Operation Tremor please."

"Aye sir we will get him to the phone now Sir."

"This is Captain Davic of Tremor ID Number 67231Bravo 66, what can I do for you Sir?"

"Davic, I need you to listen to me closely and understand each word I tell you. I made a speech today of which I'm sure you have been made aware of, I know you have been with the FKI since it was created as 'The Service' and you have served us and the cause very well. I'm going to ask you to stand down and surrender to the Government of @Fleur de Lys in order for things in the World Spectrum to return to some form of normalcy. I know I told you to never surrender but today I'm asking you as your friend and as your Commanding Officer. You and your team are Hero's to the Federation and it's cause, when your team and yourself return to the Federation you will be awarded the Hero of the Federation and will be treated as a Government Official. The troops from the USP are long gone since they got put on a Diplomatic Plane this morning. They to will be awarded the same as you. 

Tomorrow at 1200 you are to contact the Appropriate Authorities and let them know you and your team will true themselves over into their custody for violating the Rights and Government protocols that they have. Do you understand your orders Captain Davic?"

"Aye sir read them loud and clear, you owe me a bottle of vodka for this one though Sir."

"Agreed for you and me both, over and out Captain."

All Greggor could do now was wait and see if Davic would follow the orders, if he didn't then he'd have no choice but to label him and his team as enemies of the state and traitors to the People of the Federation.

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The Communist Takeover

Ahranaian Embassy in @Fleur de Lys | 0900


Captain Davic had received his new orders and now he needed to inform his team, they had been transferred to the Embassy when the Secretary General made his announcement. Now after getting the orders from the SG it was something that was different than normal. He walked into the room where the rest of the team was:

"Men, yesterday the Secretary General gave me new orders that must be followed to the point. Do you understand what I am saying currently?"

"Aye Sir we do."

"Alright, someone get the Public line Phone and dial the Office of the Renseignements Généraux, tell them to come to the Ahranaian Embassy to receive Black Ops troops that will not be armed but will come out of the Embassy Peacefully with no intention of creating violence."

"Sir, that's surrendering to the enemy sir!"

"No its not Cpl. Jackson, its what the Secretary General gave as orders do you understand me! If you refuse to do so this will result in something much bigger than ourselves!"

"When they sent us over here Captain Davic we were told to never surrender and to kill ourselves before doing so!"

"Those orders have been dismissed Cpl. Do not make me tell you again. If you refuse to follow the orders that have been issued to me by the Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces of Ahrana then you will be Court Marshaled and will be put in restraints till we hand ourselves over to the Renseignements Généraux. Do you understand men!"

"Aye SIr"

"Good now give me that phone since no one around here will do what has been asked! 

Renseignements Généraux This is Captain Davic of the FKI Black Ops group stationed here in the Ahranaian Embassy. We ask that you come to the Ahranaian Embassy at 1200 today to receive 13 men into your custody. Captain Davic Out."

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Alexsandra Place

The Lysian Ambassador's car was in the front of the Private Residence the meeting would take place down stairs in the Private Office of  Greggor's Residence.  He finished dressing in the Field Marshal Uniform and grabbed his cover and proceeded down the hall to the stairs and walked with his Secretary, Ace. 

"Ace, did you set everything up in the Office like I asked."

"Aye Sir, I did. Everything is how you asked for it to be done."

"Great and do you have the gift for the Ambassador as well?"

"Aye Sir"

"Great and lets us proceed to the Office he is waiting for us. We shall use the secret passage."

As they took the passage and arrived in the office he looked to the door and nodded his head to let him in the office:

Ah Ambassador Durand-Guigon, welcome to the Alexsandra Place the Official Residence given to me by the Government. I thank you for coming on such short notice. I hope what we accomplish here will set a mandate for our nations future relations. Ah and I have a gift for you Ambassador, its the Medal for 'Friendship of the People' for representing your country in the Socialist Federation under the hardships we have had in the past weeks. Please sit down and let us begin, you can start with the questions you and your country may have Mr. Ambassador.


Medal for 'Friendship of the Peoples'


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As he sat down in the chair and watched the Ambassadors facial expressions he noticed he wasn't in the most comfortable situation at all. He let a grin on his face slide but quickly made it diminish into a straight smile. "Mr Ambassador please relax, your here because I asked for an audience with you, I assure you there are no microphones or cameras in this office. I can also assure you that the 13 Men that turned themselves over to your Government are the only operatives and are the ones you speak of that are in your country that I personally know of. If there were more I personally wouldn't know at this time."

Greggor knew this would be asked once an audience was granted he expected this to happen and was prepared. Before he said anything else he poured himself and the Ambassador a glass of water and a glass of Vodka. 

Ivanoff wasn't sure how the Lysians would take to his proposal between the two nation's. One a Republic and the other a Dictatorship of the People, two different systems with very different views of one another due to recent events.

"But Mr. Ambassador, the reason I called you here was to disscus a proposal of Peace between are nation's. The recent events have indeed created massive amounts of hostilities amongst our two great nations. I am honestly ashamed of my actions that I have displayed during that situation.

The Socialist Federation's Government understands the reasoning behind your Governments motive in evacuating not only your people but more and I applaud your country and it's leaders for what you all did. Evacuating people who were distress was ultimately the right thing to do and I see this now not as an illegal move of Ahranaian Nationals but as a legal and a necessary course of action. The Ahranaian Nationals leaving in your country will have the support of this Government, if they wish to at any time they can leave and go between our nation's at any time and keep all Identification Papers from this Government.

The Socialist Government also wishes to create better ties with you and your Government. We, well I mean I am open to suggestions on how to do this."

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