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Europa Desktop Icons


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I got bored. Have fun using your ATARA/Europa Desktop Icons! They are super easy to do with GIMP try it!

I'm sorry they look so crude and unrefined. I just don't want to zoom to like +1200 and edit the tiniest bit. Also there are some errors I simply can't fix. The streak of white in the Europa seal icon, the width of the ATARA Blue and White, I can't seem to fix those with the conventional tries.


Windows 10: just Right Click the desired folder, click "properties", then go to the "customise" tab and click "Change Icon". Select the file and enjoy.

IDK maybe @Orioni @Sunset Sea Islands already did something like this

Care to perfect my crude hammerings, oh Grand Warlock of GIMP, Sunset Thomas Hoffman Islands?

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Right now my customisation goes so far as to abusing having the Liechtenstein flag in my bookmarks bar for "🇱🇮 Orioni".

;) Which doesn't mean I probably don't have thousands of relevant files for RP, maps, symbols, flags, puppets, forum mgmt, etc.

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