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-- About GAE Systems Group --

Since 1963, we have worked purposefully to create a unique domestic capability that is today an integral part of a stronger, more sovereign Gallambrian industry, and one that is better able to deliver the unique solutions the nation needs.

We are Gallambria's most versatile defence and security company. We offer the Gallambrian Defence Force (GDF) and our security customers total capability in vital areas such as through-life support, security, logistics, and systems integration.

Our customers' needs have changed. Defence is striving for enhance capability at lower cost. Today's operating environment is also more complex and less predictable than ever. The GDF is required to deploy at short notice virtually anywhere in the world, fully equipped and with a strong, sustainable supply chain.

GAE Systems is meeting these challenges. Working closely with the GDF and our other customers, we are delivering innovative and cost-effective through-life solutions.

As we continue to work with our partners to enhance our collective capacity to protect the nation, we will look for new opportunities to support the country to continue its transition to a high technology economy. This philosophy underpins our commitment to Gallambria, where our contribution goes well beyond the products and services we provide.

-- Services --

Although we natively develop equipment and technology for the GDF, our services are extended out to her allies and partners. Through our subsidiaries, Fleming Communications, Menin Industries, and Mainwaring Trent and our procurement and sales partnerships with our industry partners, we can help you with your procurement and supply needs.

-- Product Listings --

  1. Fleming Communications
  2. Menin Industries
  3. Mainwaring Trent
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Fleming is the sales and procurement partner for a number of Defence companies, including Boeing Defence Gallambria, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Airbus Military, and others.

Fleming provides initial sales and through-life support for the following aircraft and weapons companies.

  1. Lockheed Martin GM
  2. Eurofighter Gallambria
  3. Boeing Defence Gallambria
  4. Airbus Defence Gallambria
  5. MBDA
  6. Menin Defence Underwater Systems

View the Fleming Systems catalog here.

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Menin Industries is the leading electronics and systems group serving the defence, aerospace and space, security and transport markets in Gallambria.

Our expertise ranges across protect mobility vehicles, and integrated communications solutions for defence through to air traffic management systems and cyber security solutions for the commercial sector. Menin Industries' capabilities are recognised by customers who not only require superior equipment, but the systems integration, prime contracting and through life support expertise that will boost their competitive edge.




Menin Aerospace specialises in avionics and electronics for the aerospace domain, and is a leading edge provider of airspace control and security solutions for the commercial and defence sectors.


Simulation systems reproduce high-risk situations in a safe, synthetic environment. They are particularly valuable tools for training pilots, drivers, or critical infrastructure operators. Menin Aerospace is Gallambria's largest provider of simulation-based training solutions for aircraft and helicopter pilots.


From take-off to landing, Menin Aerospace offers the most complete range of solutions to address all Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) needs to provide dynamic Air Traffic Control (ATC) to support todays air traffic management requirements.



Menin Defence supplies and sustains a range of products for the Gallambrian Defence Force (GDF) including: munitions, weapons, optronics, protected vehicles, mission packages, and C3I systems.

Through our industrial resources and long-term contracts with the Gallambrian Government, we are the custodian of much of Gallambria's indigenous defence design, manufacturing, through life management and logistic services capabilities for munitions, rifles and vehicles.

Some of the programs managed by Menin Defence include:

  • The Bromwich Arms Enhanced Modular Bullpup Rifle (E-MBR);
  • The Bromwich Arms Enhanced Light Machine Gun (E-LMG);
  • The Bromwich Arms Gallambrian Service Pistol (GSP) - a licensed built Sig Sauer P226;
  • The Menin Trojan Protected Mobility Vehicle (Trojan PMV); and,
  • The Menin Rhino Tactical Protected Mobility Vehicle (Rhino TPMV).



The national security landscape is currently being transformed by the evolution of old threats and the emergence of new ones. In response, participants in Gallambria's national security establishment are focusing on working together in new ways, collaborating effectively and offering holistic responses to face these new challenges.

To assist in this task, Menin Security Solutions has an innovative product portfolio of cost-effective local and international solutions, including:

  • Secure information sharing;
  • Cross domain solutions;
  • Critical infrastructure security;
  • Secure fixed and deployable communications;
  • Cyber protection technologies;
  • Border protection technologies;
  • Information and communications technologies;
  • Secure network access;
  • ID management;
  • Cryptology; and,
  • Physical defences.
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Mainwaring Trent is a global shipbuilder, defence prime contractor and maritime technology partner  of choice; designing, constructing and supporting revolutionary defence and commercial vessels for Gallambria's leading operators.

For over 30 years, Mainwaring Trent has designed and constructed over 500 vessels for the Royal Gallambrian Navy and other government and commercial partners, gaining an enviable reputation for innovative shipbuilding using advanced technologies.

Mainwaring Trent vessels include:

  • Bay Class Patrol Boat (RGN, GBF)
  • Island Class Operational Support Vessel (RGN)
  • Duke Class Frigate (RGN)
  • County Class Destroyer (RGN)
  • Wickshire Class, Amphibious Transport Dock (RGN)
  • Albert Class, Landing Deck (Heavy) (RGN)
  • Centaur Class, Light Carrier (RGN)
  • Wickshire Class, Amphibious Transport Dock (RGN)
  • River Class, Water Police Vessel (GFP)
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