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Welcome to the GPN OpenOutlet (O2) Feed. O2 is a free and open source of international, national and local news.

The O2 Feed will include National, World, Sport and Finance news. GPN is also the international outlet for releases from the Royal Family.

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SEOCS: Police raid homes in Bromwich's southwest over major drug supply

Police from the Federal Police's South Europan Organised Crimes Squad, have carried out dawn raids on four homes in Bromwich's southwest relating to major drug supply throughout the city. The homes raided in Cranebrook, Ringwood, Redwood Hills and Pakenham are believe to be linked to one of Bromwich's most prominent South Europan crime gangs.

It is part of Operation Pall Mall, establish to investigate drug supply in Bromwich. It is alleged the syndicate was supplying Cocaine, Heroin, and Methamphetamine.


A Detective from the South Europan Organised Crimes Squad questions a suspect during today's raids.


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To the Editor of The Gallambrian

Sir, It is surely indisputable (and common sense) that a Prime Minister may ask - not demand - that his sovereign will grant him a dissolution of Parliament; and that the Sovereign, if he so chooses, may refuse to grant this request. The problem of such a choice is entirely personal to the Sovereign, though he is, of course, free to seek informal advice from anybody whom he thinks fit to consult.

In so far as this matter can be publicly discuss, it can be properly assumed that no wise Sovereign - that is, one who has at heart the true interest of the country, the constitution, and the Monarchy - would deny a dissolution to his Prime Minister unless he were satisfied that:

  1. The Government still enjoys full confidence of both House's of Parliament;
  2. Through the appointment of a new Prime Minister, and new Cabinet, so far to say, that the governing party, with a working majority, could carry on the Sovereign's Government, for a suitable period of time;
  3. A General Election would not cause disruption to the economy of, and the day-to-day governing of the Nation.


I am, &c.,


December 30.

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2018 King's New Years Honours List

This year saw a total of 315 separate honours and awards being given to members of the Gallambrian public, military and the public service.

Also included in the list are Honorary Appointments to the Order of St Thomas & St Michael.


You can view the complete 2018 New Years Honours List HERE


@Fleur de Lys @Sunset Sea Islands @Variota @Orioni @Iverica

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HMGS Carnegie and her ship's company of 190 departed Fleet Base South in Brighton today, for Maritime Security operations in the Adisi Ocean. Secretary of State for Defence, Peter Wellington and the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir William McFinney joined family and friends to farewell the ship and loved ones for their three-month deployment on Operation Resolute Borders.

Secretary Wellington said Carnegie would work as part of a whole-of-force and multi-agency task group, to curb illegal activities in Gallambrian waters such as illegal fishing, drug smuggling, people smuggling and piracy.

"Gallambria has a longstanding commitment to providing security not only within Gallambrian sovereign waters, but the international waters surrounding her, and Carnegie is but the latest Navy vessel committed to this fight against illegal activities in our waters," Secretary Wellington said.

"For decades, the men and women of the Navy have regularly seized drugs, weapons and other illegal cargoes from our waters. Carnegie will further advance Gallambria's high standing with our friends and allies in the region, together making a significant global difference and protecting Gallambria's national interests."

The Commanding Officer of the Carnegie Commander Dugald Mactavish said the ship's company was highly trained and motivated to carry out the tasks ahead.

"The men and women who serve in Carnegie have worked very hard in preparing the ship for this long deployment," Commander Mactavish said. "This will be the ship's fourth deployment to the Adisi Ocean and we carry forward a considerable legacy. For 30 years, Gallambrian warships have made significant contributions to peace and security in the region and we're deeply committed to continuing this legacy and honouring the service of those who have come before us. We sail with the knowledge our friends and families will support us the entire way as we work to make the world safer and more stable."

Carnegie will be joined by the Patrol Boat, HMGS Bracklesham, who will be replacing HMG ships Runswick and Exeter who are due to arrive at their home ports next week.

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The Gallambrian Armed Force's Joint Over the Horizon Radar Network (JOHRN) has achieved Final Operational Capability. At a ceremony at RGAF Woking, the Secretary for Defence, Peter Wellington said that the successful delivery of Project 4011 has significantly increased the RGAF's surveillance capabilities, and will seamlessly integrate into the wider Defence Command, Control and Intelligence networks.

"The Joint Over the Horizon Radar Network contributes to Gallambria's security environment by providing wide area surveillance of Gallambria's northern approaches," the Secretary said. "Achieving FOC means the system's components are now fully operational and fully developed and they meet the final stands by Defence to operate effectively. FOC takes into account all elements required to sustain and operate with the necessary support, maintenance, training, personnel and operational arrangements in place."

JOHRN comprises four radar sites located around Gallambria, and is operated by 1 Radar Surveillance Unit based at RGAF Woking.


:pic: An JOHRN transmitter station located near Harts Landing, Mercia. (Photo Supplied: RGAF)

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(WED 3:20PM CGT) A 6.7 magnitude earthquake has struck the city of Walmington-on-Sea, bringing down buildings and buckling roads. 

The National Geographic Survey Office said the quake struck near the city at a shallow depth off just four kilometres shortly before 2:50pm (local time) with the city at its busiest.

Police said the City central is being evacuated, with multiple deaths reported at several locations including 3 buses and trains crushed by falling buildings.

More information to come.

(WED 3:33PM CGT) Tsunami warning has been issued for the South-West seaboard of Gallambria. People urged to relocate to Civil Defence Bunkers or leave the city immediately.

(WED 4:25PM CGT) Tsunami warning lifted. Residents urged to remain away from City, and to consider leaving the area. Threat of landslides and after shocks high.

(THURS 1:00AM CGT) Threat of after shocks and landslides exist. USAR units from the Mercian MFB and Kingsland MFB deploying to Wessex County to assist. Prime Minister Sir Anthony Greenwald declared a State of Emergency and has asked for the Gallambrian Army to deploy suitable units and assets to the area to assist with the search and rescue efforts. Death toll estimates are approximately 1,500. 

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A woman is pulled from the ruble after the earthquake in Walmington-on-Sea

Office workers are sitting at their desks, shoppers packed into the city's malls and squares and children played in school yards when the ground began to shake. It did not stop shuddering for almost a minute, and one of Gallambria's most picturesque cities was turned into a disaster zone.

Buildings that were designed to withstand much greater earthquakes crumbled as the 6.7 magnitude quake hit. The cathedral's spire cracked and fell, and liquefaction - when the strength of soil collapses under huge water pressure - caused mud to seep through the streets. The worst of the destruction was in the city centre, where more than 1500 people were trapped as offices, hotels and shopping malls collapsed around them.

Some managed to make it out by crawling, jumping and scaling the outside of cracked and tumbling buildings. As masonry rained down and the aftershocks continued, there were reports of survivors trapped in the GAE Systems Building, the Wessex County office building, and the cathedral.

With screams coming from the remains of buildings, it was clear that the city would not escape without fatalities. Soon there were 650 confirmed dead, but there were rumours around the city that the number could reach as high as 2000 as rescuers picked through the rubble. Several people were killed in buses and cars that were crushed like cans by falling debris.

A backpacker died in the city's YHA (Youth Hostel Association). Another person was believed to have been killed in the cathedrals library. There were also reports of the bodies of shoppers lying in the ruins of the city's once largest shopping complex, Eastfields, in the centre of the city, covered by pieces of clothing until rescuers could come and take them away. The authorities confirmed that the death count includes children.

Sir Anthony Greenwald, the prime minister, said it was the nation's "darkest day".

For survivors, the hours following the earthquake were bewildering. The injured, some carried on makeshift stretchers from buildings by their friends and workmates, gathered in the city's parks where triage centres, resembling that of a military base, were set up.

There were so many wounded that the ambulances could not cope and police and civilian cars were employed to help take those in need to the city's already packed hospitals.

Others, too scared to return home, set up tents in parks and other open ground to sit out the wet and cold night. One man was arrested for trying to enter a building to rescue a friend. Husbands looked for their wives and parents tried to find their children, but their efforts were impeded by road closures, gridlocked traffic and a communications system that the quake rendered almost useless.

About 80 percent of the city was without power and water was running out. As the dust cleared and rescue workers moved in, picking over debris and listening to calls for help, aftershocks sent shards of glass and bricks falling into the street.

Fires started in several damaged buildings but the emergency teams continued their work, helped by members of the public.

During the night, emergency crews cordoned off the city so they could listen for tapping and calls for help from people who were still trapped.

Through the night, 120 people were pulled alive from beneath fallen buildings, and several bodies were also recovered. Of those who survived, some had to undergo amputations to be freed from the wreckage, but rescue workers said others were retrieved without suffering a scratch.

Catherine Moss, who was trapped under her desk, said she had called her children to say goodbye, because she through she was going to die.

"It was absolutely horrible," she told The Bromwich Morning Herald. "My daughter was crying and I was crying because I honestly thought that was it. You want to tell them you love them, don't you?"

Steve Baker managed to survive by diving under his desk in his four-storey office building when he felt the first tremors of the quake. "I went under the table just as the whole facade of the building collapsed on the street," he told the local newspaper.

"It was a massive earthquake, unbelievable, it too you off your feet. It was a miracle to have walked out."

By this morning, disaster recovery crews and the military were arriving from all around Gallambria to help the recovery effort

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Europa races to aid Gallambrian quake rescue


Crews from the Kingsland MFB USAR Team searching the ruins of the GAE Systems Building.

A major operation swung into action Wednesday with hundres of foreign rescuers, equipped with sniffer dogs and cutting-edge technology, rushing to help Gallambria in its hours of need.

Teams from around the world were to join hundreds of local rescuers digging through the rubble in Walmington-on-Sea, where a 6.7 magnitude quake has killed at least 1200 people, last week.

@Iverica, one of the country's providing support to the rescue effort, sent 70 rescuers equipped with fibre optic cameras and sound detectors, as well as sniffer dogs trained to enter confied spaces in the ruble.

The foreign help reaped dividends when Iverican rescuers freed 6 people early Thursday morning from the twisted wreckage of the sixteen-storey GAE Systems building, where they had spent the week trapped in the buildings basement carpark.

"Walmingtonians are deeply humbled by the messages of support and offers of specialist search and rescue help that have flooded in over the past week from other countries," said Walmington-on-Sea Mayor Peter Farqhuar.

"Support will be critical over the coming weeks as we reassess the specialist services required to speed up the rescue and recovery operation."

Time is of the essence for those trapped, with Gallambria's emergency management chief John Hamilton saying rescuers only have a just a few days left to pull out anyone alive.

"We're reasonably pragmatic and understanding from international experience that there's a kind of window of opportunity which may only be open for about a week to effect a real rescue of people who have been trapped," Hamilton said.

"But we are also well aware that there are plenty of stories about how long some people do survive in the buildings."



Royal Gallambrian Navy to commence Hydrographic Survey


HMG Ships Arran and Tiree depart HMGS Thaxted on Operation Northern Approach

The Gallambrian Hydrographic Office (GHO) has deployed three vessels to survey the waters to the north of Gallambria as part of the Gallambrian Marine Economies (GME) Programme, the organisation has announced.

Following a stakeholder meeting with the Gallambrian Maritime Safety Authority (GMSA) and the Federal Ministry of Transport, earlier this month, priority areas will be surveyed, capturing sonar data of the areas approaches. High frequency mapping sonars are being used, which have no negative impact on the its diverse ecosystems and marine life. The surveying is expected to continue throughout January and February and will focus on the islands to the north-west of Gallambria.

Information from the survey will be used to update nautical charts of the region, and to meet Gallambria's international maritime safety obligations. These updated charts will reduce navigational risk and improve the safety of ships, cargo and crew. Data will also support a range of environmental and scientific applications.

By supporting safe navigation in the region, it is expected to bring economic benefits to Maranesian nations, by encouraging access for its growing cruise ship sector, and maximising efficiency of trade by enabling ships to confidently increase cargo-carrying capacity.

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HMGS Warwickshire departing HMGS Hartlepool to join OP Northern Approach (Source: supplied)


Four days into the Royal Gallambrian Navy's first hydrographic survey mission for 2018, HMGS Warwickshire has joined HMG Ship's Arran and Tiree on their mission to charter the northern approaches to Gallambria. HMGS Warwickshire is one of two Amphibious Transport ships in the RGN's inventory.

The Commander of Operation Northern Approach, Captain Peter Blackwell, had asked, Naval headquarters for support following the discovery of a number of uninhabited islands of the north-west coast of Gallambria. HMGS Warwickshire's mission will be to transport Army and Air Force surveyors to the islands for them to determine the suitability of claiming the islands by the Gallambrian Government.


Over the last four days, efforts in Walmington-on-Sea have brought both joy and sadness to those affected by the earthquake that hit the city 10 days ago. With the disaster being declared a National Emergency by the Prime Minister, the death toll has now reached 1849, with it still expected to rise over the coming weeks. Search and rescue efforts are still continuing with teams from around the world working through the day and night to find those missing.

The Prime Minister is expected to address the Parliament during its first sitting for the year, and is also expected to make a national address on television tonight.

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Walmington-on-Sea will be 'world's most quake-safe city'


Prime Minister Sir Anthony Greenwald talks with members of Cambria's Emergency Management Authority.

A massive recovery operation in Walmington-on-Sea is aimed at making it the most "earthquake-safe" city in the world, its Mayor Peter Farqhuar says.

Prime Minister Anthony Greenwald this morning announced a new stand-alone authority - the Walmington-on-Sea Earthquake Recovery Authority (WERA) - to lead the earthquake recovery in Walmington-on-Sea and Wessex County.

The body will have wide-ranging powers to lead and co-ordinate work to rebuild the region.

Mr Farqhuar has hailed the announcement, saying it will allow for the right mix of Government, council and resident involvement.

It is an important part of the overarching effort to make sure Walmington-on-Sea will never again be devastated by an earthquake, he says.

"Given the scale of the tragedy and the multi-billion pound cost involved in repairing and rebuilding our city, it is important that we work on this huge task in partnership with the Government."

"Our ultimate goal is to build the most earthquake-safe city in the world."

WERA will have a life span of 5 years and its operations will be reviewed annually. Its interim chief executive will be former Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Alexander Terrell. The Prime Minister says the rebuilding in Walmington-on-Sea will be a long and complex task which will require huge resources.

It is vital to move forward with business recovery and getting vital infrastructure running, he says.

An Order in Council will have to be made to establish the new body, and that's due to happen next week.

Mr Farqhuar says his council will be also working with Government over the next nine months on a plan to rebuild the city.

However, he conceded it would be next year before any significant construction could begin.

"We need to be upfront and say it is unlikely that the significant rebuild of the central city could start before the end of this year. The time frame of course depends on the Earthquake Commission and the insurance companies completing their work with the property owners.


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Air Force and Army Engineers to survey Islands in the North-West.


Sappers from the Army's 6th Combat Engineer Regiment, clear trees to assist with vehicle movements around Island 'X'.


With the Royal Gallambrian Navy's Operation Northern Approach into it's second week, HMGS Warwickshire has delivered Engineers from the Army's 6th Combat Engineer Regiment and the Air Forces 1st Airfield Operations Support Squadron and 360th Combat Support Squadron.

Operations on Island 'X' will include the construction of temporary airfield to assist with the transport of extra personnel and equipment to the island, and will also act as the central hub for operations in the area for the duration of Operation Northern Approach.

With hydrographic survey operations wrapping up within the Albert I Island Group, the naval component will move on to the island group known as the Queen Mary Island Group, to the north of the Albert I Island Group. It is expected for the ships to arrive in the un-chartered area tomorrow, with surveying operations commencing on Friday. Captain Peter Blackwell, Commander of Operation Northern Approach, said in a media statement yesterday that, "All operations undertaken so far have shown promising results. While we maintain our main mission of charting the waterways around the island groups to improve the safe passage of maritime traffic, we are finding areas with potential to further expand our access to natural resources".

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that following the release of the suitability report by the engineers undertaking survey operations, that the Ministry will be approaching His Majesty, King Albert II to make an official proclamation, claiming the island groups as territories of Gallambria.


Duke and Duchess of Wessex present
National Emergency Medals to Cambrian Guardsmen.


The Duchess of Wessex presents members of the Cambrian Guards with their National Emergency Medals.


Members of the 1st Battalion, Cambrian Guards received their National Emergency Medals for their work in Walmington-on-Sea from the Duke and Duchess of Wessex at Santhope House today.

This marked the royal couple's first visit to the Regiment this year, of which the Duke became the Royal Colonel of last year. The Cambrian Guards have returned to Newport, following weeks of tireless work assisting with the recovery operations in Walmington-on-Sea following the devastating earthquake that struck the region last month. 1st Battalion will be replaced by the 3rd Battalion, who will remain in the region till the end of the month.

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Defence White Paper paints grim strategic picture


HMGS Ocean during a day of exercises in Newport

Beneath the surface hurly-burly of defence politics about "freedom of navigation patrols" and where build our new submarines, there are greater and more enduring currents of Gallambria's interests in a changing world.

The surface impress of Anthony Greenwald was that he is less hawkish than his national security-focused predecessor, that he might well place less of a priority on defence spending.  Questions abounded as to whether he would keep the promise to spend 2 per cent of the nation's wealth on defence by early next decade as Johann Haasbroek had promised.

Monday's white paper put those doubts firmly at rest. The fact that Greenwald has wedged into sticking with the 2 percent pledge - to abandon it would have caused a tsunami on his party's right wing - no doubt played a role.

But Greenwald's motives make little difference to the rest of the world. In defence, action speak louder than words, especially when the action is the outlay of 195 billion pound in new military hardware acquisition over the next five years.

By most assessments then, Monday's Defence White Paper is a clear statement that Gallambria is in the game of Marenesia's rising wealth, influence and military spending.

At the strategic heart of the document is the rise of communism within the northern hemisphere. John Prollecks, a professor of security and strategic studies at the Gallambrian National University called the paper nothing less than "the end of the illusion in Bromwich that somewhow Communism, is not a threat to our democratic way of life."

The language in the paper, Prollecks wrote in a blog post for the Gallambrian Strategic Policy Institute, made it "unmistakably clear that Bromwich's assessment about the trajectory of Communism's rise in influence has become more pessimistic."

The sharpness of the paper's language is captured by a section that states "while it is natural for newly powerful countries to seek greater influence" some have "sought to challenge the natural order of our ultimate aim for world peace, by challenging the rules that govern actions in the global commons in unhelpful ways, leading to uncertainty and tension".



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  • Gallambrian Army promotes first woman to the rank of Major General
  • Seven teens hospitalised after overdosing on Southern Europan 'Designer Drug'
  • GAE Systems showcases Army Land 2020 LAV-G replacement bid


Gallambrian Army's first ever female major general 'slightly daunted'
after being made the service's chief legal advisor.

The Gallambrian Army has appointed its first ever female major general - who will be the service's chief legal advisor.

Brigadier Jennifer Bridge will become the Army's highest rank female officer in March when she takes over as Director General Army Legal Service (DGALS).

Brig. Bridge admitted she was 'very honoured' but 'slightly daunted' by her promotion and new role.


General Nate Perry-Marsh, left, with the Gallambrian Army's highest ranking female officer Brigadier Jennifer Bridge, who will assume the role of Director General Army Legal Service in March as a Major-General.


When she joined the army in 1992, she was the only female in her battalion.

The mother-of-one has spent 23 years working as a solicitor in the Army Legal Services.

The 52-year-old is married to a fellow officer.

Speaking following the announcement, Brig. Bridge said: 'I feel very honoured and privileged to have been given this opportunity'. She admitted, she felt 'slightly daunted as well' at the appointment.

Brig. Ridge, who left the 'mundanity' of a civilian law career to join the Army, said the opportunities for woman were now far wider than when she joined.

'Certainly, when I did my infantry attachment, I was the only female in the battalion,' she said of her time with the 6th Battalion, Royal Gallambrian Regiment in 1992.

Brig. Ridge, who said she expected other senior officers to progress to the general ranks, added: 'I think it shows that woman can progress in the Army.'

'In part this stems from the changes made when the Women's Royal Army Corps was dissolved.'

The change took place in 1992 and Brig. Ridge said 'it takes about 20 years to make a career at this level and I'm expecting to start seeing women starting to come through now'.

Brig. Ridge was working in land and property law before joining the Army.

'I had just been offered a partnership,' she said. 'It suddenly came home to me that would be my next 30 years of working life.'

'I just wanted to do something before mundanity of everyday life kicked in.'

She signed up for four years and thought 'let's see how it goes', but said it was 'never my aim' to rise through the ranks.

'I didn't join Army Legal Services to make Major-General. I joined to do something that I wanted to do and was interesting.'

Brig. Ridge, who credits her adolescent son for keeping her grounded, said she was 'exceptionally lucky' that her husband, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Ridge, has been 'hugely supportive of my work'.

The DGALS is responsible for the whole of Army Legal Services, which provides legal support to the service in barracks, on training and on operations.

General Sir Nate Perry-Marsh, the Chief of the General Staff, said: 'I'm very pleased for Jenny; she is a talented and committed officer who is widely respected throughout the Army.'

Students severely ill, after mass poisoning at Saint Michael's College in Aberdeen.

Seven teenagers have been hospitalised, four in a critical condition, after a mass drug overdose at a prestigious Aberdeen school yesterday.

Police have launched a full-scale investigation after students from St Michael's College, fell gravely ill and were taken to Aberdeen University Hospital after taking a mystery drug.

Sources close to the tragedy have  told The Gallambrian the students took the dangerous South-Europan designer drug 'Red Lotus'.

Four are in a critical condition, one is serious and two are stable while several students are 'helping police in their lines of inquiry'.

It is believed the students recorded video of their experiences and posted it on the popular social network Friendo.

GAE Systems showcase AMV-450 in £5 Billion Land 2020 GLAV replacement bid.


GAE Systems AMV-450 are undergoing testing and evaluation as part of a 12-month risk mitigation activity to assist Defence in picking which system is more suited for their needs.


The military is about to see a hug boost, with the Army's existing Gallambrian Light Armoured Vehicle for Gallambria (GLAV) set to be replaced following a £5 billion LAND 2020 defence contract.

The forerunner for the contract is GAE Systems' AMV-450 - a highly versatile combat reconnaissance vehicle, which is feared for its speed and tactical maneuverability.

At the core of the defence systems is the AMV's deadly 35mm turret system, which is able to accurately engage targets out beyond 4000 metres.

"The AMV-450's turret system uses a conventional layout where the breech of the cannon sits between the command and gunners," GAE Systems said, in a media release.

"This means that the weapon's trunnion - its balance point - is centralised inside the AMV's broad turret ring, delivering a balanced and highly accurate firing platform."

The AMV-450 can also be fitted with an integrated anti-tank missile system, capable of precision engagement beyond 4000 metres.

"This will give Gallambrian AMV crews a significant tactical advantage over threat reconnaissance elements that can only engage over shorter ranges," explained GAE Systems.

According to the company, the vehicles have unparalleled battle space awareness delivered by networked battle management systems and design.

"The AMV-450 is a digitised platform that uses open architectures to simplify the delivery of a common operating picture to the crews."



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Member's of the Engineering Task Force hold a Vigil for their fallen Comrades at Camp Kennedy on Tarago Island

His Majesty's Armed Forces has confirmed that two Gallambrian defence personnel have been killed in an incident on Kently Island.

An member of the Royal Gallambrian Navy and a member of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, were killed by indigenous peoples whilst undertaking surveying and engineering operations on the newly claimed Kently Island.

In a statement released today from the Minister for Defence, the two members were described as well-respected by their friends and colleagues.

"I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming grief that their families are experiencing and on behalf of the Defence community, I offer my sincere condolences to their families and friends..." said General Nate Perry-Marsh, in a statement made earlier today.

Their names have been withheld at the requests of their families.

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£250 Million added to Federal Spending in 2017/18 Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook Report

The budget bottom line is more that £3 Billion better off than forecast in last May, putting it on track to reach a £12 Billion surplus by 2020/21, which would be enough to cover an income tax cut that year for low-and-middle salary earners.

If achieved , this would be the first budget surplus since 2003/04, before the financial crisis struck Gallambria's economy.

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook reports a £10.5 billion improvement over the the three years to 2020/21, help by £7 billion in lower-than-expected spending. This, in part, has been caused by lower welfare costs due to galloping jobs growth and a crackdown on welfare fraud.

The Government is expected to utilise some of the mid-year surplus by putting more money into sectors such as Education, Health and Infrastructure.

Kylie Monroe, of the Public and Independent Teachers Union, welcomes the extra spending, saying, "for far too long the government has made a mockery of our education system, by taking money away from the programs we have that will educate our children".

£250 million is expected to be spent on health with a new hospital to be built in Wessex, after the original hospital was damaged during the Walmington-on-Sea earthquake earlier this year.

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Gallambrian and Iverican military forces will be involved in carrying out military exercises for the first time this year, according to a joint statement between the two countries released today.

"The two leaders directed their respective ministers of defence to pursue even deeper and broader defence co-operation, including exercises, operations, capacitiy building, exchanges and further co-operation on defence equipment," the two leaders said in the statement.

The exercise, to be held between the naval and air forces of Gallambria and @Iverica later next month, come amid @Ahrana's increasingly aggressive political posture in the Argis and continuing tensions within the region.

After a warning from Gallambria's International Development Minister Vivian Pearson-Bates on Ahrana's growing influence in the region, Mr Greenwald and Mr Quenobi pledged to step up "bilateral co-ordination" in the region, and increasignly help other countries to ward off unwanted pressures from countries.

The statement, released after a bilateral meeting between the two leaders, said a Ministerial Defence Dialogue would be set up between the two country's defence ministers.


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MAINWARING TRENT, and Partners announce the launch of the
Argis-Maranesia Maritime Industries Company


Mainwaring Trent along with its partner Manille Consolidated Maritime ("MCM"), today announced the official launch of their new Defence Maritime Joint Venture - Argis-Maranesian Maritime Industries (AMMI). The Joint Venture will see the development of modern and technologically-advanced Warships, involving Gallambrian and @Iverican defence industries.

This new joint venture solidifies an already cohesive relationship between the two ship builders and will benefits the two companies through optimised costs, reduced build times and improved response to further development of future projects.

This Joint Venture, enables Mainwaring Trent, MCM and their supply chain partners to meet their manufacturing requirements for upcoming ship builds, including the recently announced Offshore Combatant Vessel (OCV) and the Future Frigate (FF) projects. With the combined efforts of the shipyards of both partner companies, AMMI will see an annual capacity to manufacture over 30 vessels.

"By meeting the manufacturing needs of both Mainwaring Trent and MCM, AMMI will serve our strategic intent to become the world's foremost shipbuilder. Its combination of technology, supply chain and lifecycle partnership will create a world-class company that offers customers a keen competitive advantage," said Allan Winterburn, Mainwaring Trent's Senior Vice President of Finance, Strategy & Development. He added, "What is unique about AMMI is the power synergy of manufacturing and operational excellence delivered by two established global and regional entities in the Maritime and Defence industries."

The formal appointment of Argis-Maranesian Maritime Industries' senior executives will be announced over the coming week.

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  • Nadia Burnett becomes Gallambria's first female Prime Minister
  • Gallambria to increase Defence Spending


Gallambria has its first female Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett, after Anthony Greenwald stepped down as Liberal Party leader, avoiding a ballot he was certain to lose.

In an extraordinary day in Gallambrian politics, Burnett told a media conference in Bromwich's Parliament House she was "truly honoured" to become prime minister.

The 45-year-old who came under attack in 2008 when she entered parliament for being single and childless, said it was also an important milestone for Gallambrian Women.

"I think if there's one girl who looks at the TV screen over the next few days and says, 'Gee, I might like to do that in the future', well that's a good thing." Burnett told reporters.


Gallambria's defence budget is set to increase by approximately 6 percent in real terms in fiscal year 2018-19, rising to NS$46.1 Billion, according to recently released government figures.

The defence budget is slated to grow to two percent of GDP by 2019/20. "The 2017 budget maintains the government's commitment to provide Defence with a stable and sustainable funding growth plan," Gallambria's Minister for Defence Sir Peter Allingham said in a statement. Gallambria's defence spending is expected to increase by over 30 percent - from NS$43.5 Billion to NS$57.3 Billion in 2020-21.



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Today, prior to the swearing in of the new Government and Cabinet, the Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett announced the members of her new Cabinet. With four women joining the cabinet, among them include a former diplomat, and a human rights lawyer. Joining Ms. Burnett in the cabinet are, Daniel Hartford KC (Attorney-General), Patrick Morlington (Environment and Energy), Francis Duncan (Education), Lyle Branston (Trade and Development), Mark Brighton-Wells (Transport), Lauren Cambridge (Foreign Office), Michael O'Callaghan (Treasury), Peter Cootes (Finance), Charlotte O'Neill (Defence), Lachlan Peterson (Communities & Local Government) and Anastacia Laws (Human Services).

The newly appointed cabinet members were sworn in by His Majesty, King Albert II at a ceremony held a Santhope House, this morning.

During her address, the Prime Minister remarked that she believes, "this is an important time in Gallambrian history as  we push forward in strengthening out international relations, economy and foreign trade."

During what has recently been described as a turbulent chapter for the Liberal Party, following last weeks shock leadership spill, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to assert that her new cabinet would lead Gallambria "... with the fervor and integrity needed to take our nation into what is a promising and bright future."

With the newly appointed PM making a historical mark as the first female national leader, she has furthered her impact by appointing the first four female members to cabinet. Stating that "it is a fruitful time in the development of gender equality in Gallambria, and the female faces of this cabinet represent the steps that are being taken towards advancing gender equality.


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Tashkar Island in the South Adlantic Ocean is the site of a huge discovery that has been described as a "game changer".

Researchers have mapped vast reserves of rare-earth elements in deep-sea mud - enough to feed global demand on a "semi-infinite basis", according to a new study published in the journal The Gallambrian Scientist.

For instance, yttrium, on of the metals included in the recent discovery, can be used to make camera lenses, superconductors and mobile phone screens.

The research team - comprised of several universities, businesses and government bodies - surveyed the South Adlantic Ocean near Tashkar Island. According to the study, the findings have "tremendous potential" to be a source of rare-earth elements.

In a sample area of the mineral-rich region, the team's survey estimated 1.2 million tonnes of "rare-earth oxide" was deposited there. The survey was conducted jointly by researchers from the Gallambrian National University and Newport University and Surveyors from the Gallambrian Hydrographic Office.



Space isn't just the final frontier, it's the everyday source of fresh food, phone calls and weather warnings.

Our reliance on space-based technology is on reason why the Burnett Government says it is promoting Gallambrian entries in the modern space race with a pledge to put up £35 Million for joint ventures with companies and universities.

Gallambria is one of the most space-dependent countries on Earth, according to documents released today by Science and Innovation Minister Julian Adern.

"Without access to satellites and other space-based applications, much of our economy and critical national infrastructure could grind to a halt," said the papers.

For example, supermarkets use satellite navigation to maintain stocks of fresh food; ATMs and credit cards use satellites in fraud detection; mobile phones use dedicated radio frequencies to send conversations around the world.

Gallambria is on of many industrialised nations without its own dedicated space agency," said Minister Adern.

"And while the previous government were dragged into reluctantly agreeing to establish an space agency, its budget, scope, mission and resource were not yet known."




It was announced today that the Gallambrian Federal Government will put forward funding for the construction of a new facility that will house the Gallambrian National University's new School of Arts and the Conservatorium of Music.

The University's Chancellor, Professor Hayden Armitage remarked that this new building will be the first purpose built Arts facility for the University, and that the dedication of such a space will transform how the Arts are both taught and experienced.

The 60 Million Pound project is a joint creation of prominent Gallambrian architects William Edgar and Sarah Callahan, who have partnered in the past on such projects as the Lawson Towers and the National Center for Science Excellence.

Plans for the building reveal a cutting edge contemporary design that will foster creativity as well as provide world class, cutting  edge facilities.

The centre will include a wide range of teaching studios, galleries, student and faculty work spaces, digital media work spaces, as well as a 1,500 seat performance space.

The Minister for Education and Training, Francis Duncan, stated that the funding given for this project reflects the Government's investment in the provision of quality arts education and the future development of Gallambrian Arts Culture, both nationally and as global contributors.

Construction of the school will commence in July and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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  • Archbishop of Camberwell welcomes gays to Church of Gallambria
  • No 'petty behaviour' in House of Commons


The Archbishop of Canterbury's reported comments to a gay man that "God made you like this" have been embraced by the LGBT community as another sign of the Archbishops desire to make gay people feel welcomed and loved in the Church

Julian Curnow, the main whistle blower in the CoG's clerical sex abuse and cover-up scandal, said overnight he spoke the Archbishop about his homosexuality during their recent meetings at Canterbury Abbey. The Archbishop invited Curnow and other victims to discuss their cases last month.

Mr Curnow said he told the Archbishop how Gallambria's bishops used his sexual orientation as a weapon to try to discredit him, and of the pain the personal attacks had caused him.

"He said, 'Look, Julian, we love you the way you are. God made you like this and he loves you,' " Mr Curnow told The Gallambrian.

The Abbey declined to confirm or deny the remarks in keeping with its policy not to comment on the Archbishop's private conversations.

Official church teaching calls for gay men and lesbians to be respected and loved, but considers homosexual activity "intrinsically disordered".

The Archbishop of Canterbury, though, has sought to make the church more welcome to gays, most famously with his 2016 comment, "Who am I to judge?"

He also has spoken of his own ministry to gay and transgender people, insisting they are children of God, loved by God and deserving of accompaniment by the Church.

Next month, the Church Council will be meeting to decide on whether or not, they will allow gay and transgender parishioners to be ordained.



The Parliament's lower house has been told to "grow up" and tackle important legislation rather than worry about whether a Liberal member gave two middle fingers to the opposition.

Speaker of the House, Rowan Brandt review foots after Immigration Minister Owen Novak was accused of making the gesture to Labor Party members during Thursday's question time and found "nothing untoward".

"Some of this petty stuff that is now creeping into our proceedings is just ridiculous. The Members of the House should grow up," Mr Brandt said in between debate on the Immigration Reforms Act.

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In a statement to the press today, Minister of Defence, Charlotte O'Neill announced the reintroduction of the National Service Scheme. The announcement comes after recent parliamentary reviews of the Defence Act, which placed a freeze on the National Service Scheme between 2014 and now.

The Prime Minister, Nadia Burnett who introduced the new amendment to parliament yesterday morning, saw it quickly approved by the parliament by late yesterday afternoon. The amendment states that all Gallambrians, both male and female, from the age of 18 are required to register for national service within 4 weeks of their 18th birthday. The New Generation National Service Scheme will encompass two years of mandatory service, and National Servicemen and women, will have a choice of completing their national service obligations with the Gallambrian Armed Forces, Gallambrian Civil Defence Service, or the Gallambrian Civil Service.

The Minister of Defence commented that, the New Generation National Service Scheme will serve as the backbone of Gallambria's home defence and public service bodies, and asserts the collective will of the nation to be united in it's efforts to ensure strong national security into the future.



The Burnett Government has announced a significant nation-wide funding boost for early childhood health services across Gallambria, pledging £1.8 Billion over the next 5 years to construct a network of specialised regional health clinics, and improve access to pension and healthcare for Gallambria's veteran community.

The clinics which shall be widely accessible to families through the National Medical Benefits Scheme (MediCare), will give greater and more immediate access to a range of health services such as, immunisations, vision and hearing screening, health and developmental screening, as well a family health support and advice.

The clinics will be staffed by nationally funded health professionals and nurses. The Minister for Health, Anastacia Laws said in a statement today, that the funding (sic) "... will take the pressure off the greater national health system, while ensuring much needed access to specific health services is available, to many families and individuals across the nation.

This announcement comes after the Federal Governments recent statements indicating a dedication to strengthening and resourcing the nations public health service. With the Minister of Health reinforcing that "the current government standby its promise to improve the tattered and shambolic health system the previous government left us, and to give all Gallambrians access to world leading health services."

The federal government has also promised to allocate £500 Million over the next 5 years towards supporting the nations veterans with a particular focus on boosting veteran pension provisioning and health care services.

The multi-million dollar package will be the biggest injection of funding to veteran services in decades, and will go towards ensuring the nations veterans and their families are adequately cared for, both now and into the future. The Minister for Veteran Affairs, Sebastian Fimone, today announced the package will focus greatly on providing better mental health services for active, returned and retired servicemen and women, acknowledging that "more must be done to provide the necessary support and services in ensure an acceptable quality of life," The minister went on to comment, "As a government, the best way we can honour the service and sacrifice of our veterans is to make sure that we are doing all we can to look after them whether that be in active  service or transitioning into civilian life and future endeavours."

Anthony Barker, spokesman for the Defence Force Welfare Association commended the governments pledge, stating that, "this much needed funding will greatly boost the quality of life for the many defence veterans, their families, and the defence community. It is a huge step."



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  • TRH The Duke & Duchess of Wessex Visit Marenai School in Tamworth
  • More than 50 firefighters battle apartment building fire in Bromwich's West End
  • Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018 launched


The Duke and Duchess of Wessex visits Marenai School to launch Education Week.


Mrs Rere Winiata OG Pricipal of Waerenga-a-Hika College welcomes the Duke and Duchess of Wessex with a traditional Maori welcome.

Their Royal Highness', the Duke and Duchess of Wessex visited Waerenga-a-Hika College in Tamworth this morning, to launch Education Week, with the Department of Education choosing "Learning through diversity" as its focus theme for this year's celebrations.

Upon arrival, the Duke and Duchess were greeted by pupils, staff and local dignitaries, who were gathered to participate in an opening celebration that display a flourish of musical and creative items, aimed at showcasing traditional Maori song and dance.

The college, which was opened in 2001, was the first of its kind in Gallambria, offering a unique curriculum that embeds Marenai identity, culture and language at the core of it's learning environment and objectives.

During his address, the Duke of Wessex commented that "The ways in which schools such as these promote the inclusion of traditional language and culture, not only strengthens identity, but delivers a curriculum that broadens education and learning pathways, creating greater opportunities and preserving culture for future generations..."

Major blaze breaks out in Bromwich tower block with smoke seen billowing over West End


A Fire has broken out on the 14th Floor of the Deakin Community Housing Block

More than 50 fire fighters raced to a tower block after a blaze broke out in West Bromwich today.

Shocking videos shared by people on the scene showed smoke billowing from one side of the 21-storey building.

Fire fighters managed to get the blaze under control in about an hour, using cherry pickers to reach the 12th Floor. The blaze could be seen across Bromwich's skyline, which the smoke seen as far as Parliament Hill, in Central Bromwich.

Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018 launched

Defence Minister Charlotte O'Neill has today launched the Government's Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018.

The Policy Statement updates Gallambria's strategic Defence policy settings to reflect the Burnett Government's foreign policy and national security priorities.

"There have been significant developments in the global strategic environment since the Defence policy settings were last reviewed in 2016's White Paper." says Charlotte O'Neill.

"We live in turbulent times, the world is changing and there has been a re-emergence of Great Power competition. It is also important that we align Defence Strategy with the values and principles of the new Government." says Charlotte O'Neill.

The Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018 introduces new elements to Gallambria's Defence policy settings, including a new set of Defence policy principles and the Community, Nation and World framework to reflect both long-standing expectations of Defence and this Government's priorities.

"The Statement recognises the value that Defence provides to Gallambria's community and environmental wellbeing, and to national resilience. It will for the basis for the Government's future Defence decisions," says Charlotte O'Neill.

The Policy Statement emphasises:

  • The importance of the Armed Forces delivering value for Gallambrian communities;
  • Gallambria's responsibilities as a Maranesian nation;
  • Addressing the impacts of climate change and protecting the natural environment;
  • Maintaining the international rules-based order which is crucial to safeguarding and promoting Gallambria's interests and wellbeing;
  • The importance of contributing to Gallambria's key security partnerships;

"This is the first time Gallambria's defence policy has recognised the impact of climate change," said the Minister.

"Not only will the impacts of climate change contribute to instability and insecurity around the world, climate change will increase the demands on the Gallambrian Armed Forces to respond to natural disasters here at home and in the Maranesia.

"The Policy Statement sets out a challenging strategic environment for Gallambria, in which the international rules-based order is coming under pressure from a range of forces. The effects of these forces are playing out across the globe, including in Gallambria's neighbourhood, from the Antargic to the Maranesia.

"As a major force for peace in the Maranesia, Gallambria relies on the international rules-based order and multilateral approaches - alongside its international partnerships - to protect its interests and amplify its ability to be a positive global contributor.

"Gallambrians by nature are people who want to play their part. We don't want to sit idle as vulnerable nations and communities face injustice or hardship.

"The Armed Force's is a key tool with the Government can help nations and communities. Whether it be through responding to natural disasters, helping protect fisheries and natural resources, or at the sharper end contributing to coalition and peace support operations.

"This Government backs the Armed Forces and is well aware of the value it provides Gallambria.

"We will now turn our attention to reviewing the Defence Capability Plan. This will build on the Strategic Policy Statement 2018 and determine the capabilities that the Armed Forces will require to give effect to Gallambria's updated defence policy settings. That review will be completed by the end of 2018," says Charlotte O'Neill.


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Adlantic Airlines Holdings Limited (Adlantic) is pleased to announce today that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the issued share capital in Endeavour Airlines Ltd (Endeavour, GSX: END), through a scheme of arrangement (the Scheme) governed by the laws of Gallambria. Following the filing of the order of the High Court of Gallambria sanctioning the Scheme with the Gallambrian Securities and Investment Commission today, the Scheme has today become effective and binding.

Completion of the acquisition announced on 20 October 2017 provides Adlantic with the assets and capabilities to fast-track its advancement into the regional markets.

Adlantic Chief Executive Officer, Gill Bryce OG, said: "We are very pleased to have completed the transaction and to be able to bring the Endeavour business into the Adlantic Group.

"This acquisition gives Adlantic the ability to increase competition in these important market segments, which in turn will benefit jobs and tourism, especially in growing markets including the Adlantic Territories and Ashford & Tarago." Mr Bryce said.

Former Endeavour Aircraft will operate under the "GConnect" banner.

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