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Merter Trade Consortium

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Welcome to the




Who are we?

The Merter Trade Consortium is an union of the biggest companies of Astriedan under the leadership of House Merter and it's leader: Enrique Merter

We aim to bring to you the most advanced equipment that can be found in Astriedan by collaborating together to sell what we do best in our respective domains.

Our current members are:

-Black Iron (military equipment)

-Dresta Inc. (mining/rock excavation equiment)






Black Iron:

TTD-1 semi automatic rifle:                                                         


The Target Tracking Device-1 semi automatic rifle is equipped with one of the the most advanced astriedanian target tracking device: the TTD Dragon.  Press the red button on the side of the trigger to lock on a target,(press two times for a moving target) and the TTD Dragon will calculate the right angle and moment to shoot based on wind speed, planet rotation and target distance, when the light in the visor turns green, press the trigger. The microphone will allow you to communicate with squad members when used with the Angel Wireless Communication Kit.

Technical sheet
Price 12 000 Astriedanian Trade credits - 4 000 without the TTD Dragon
Round caliber 10 mm
Basic magazine ammos 12
Can be used with TTD Dragon - Angel WCK



Personal infantry equipment:

Black Iron:

Angel Wireless Communication Kit:


The Angel Wireless Communication Kit is a portable radio kit that covers frequencies from 30 to 512 Mhz. It's fully parametrable and reprogramable and comes with 1 antenna and 1 Angel WCK.

This radio is intended to be used as portable infantry radio for squads. The Angel WCK includes 2 replacable and rechargable batteries (48hrs of autonomy) and offers programable and built in powerful communication encryption systems.

Price: 10 000 astriedanian trade credits/unit


Mining equipment:

Dresta Inc. :

ITH-D45 longhole drill


The ITH-D45 longhole drill is is a highly versatile and compact ITH longhole drill fitted with an onboard booster and designed for underground mining in 3.2 x 3.2 m or larger production drifts. It is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans and single or parallel 90 - 216 ⌀ mm longholes. It is diesel powered and features a rotative head for more versatility. 

Price: 200 000 astriedanian trade credits/unit

Optional packages:

-Enclosed cabin: 300 anstriedanian trade credits

-Automatic hammer lubrificator+lubrification gauge: 1000 astriedanian trade credits

-Wheels chocks: 400 astriedanian trade credits (100/wheel)

[More to come soon]

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