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Headshot/Passport Photo: sebastian-horner-439215.jpg

Name of Delegate: Julian Nordeng

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Nordeng's fascination of politics began as a teenager, when the newly founded United States was still rising to prominence. He would go on to study politics at the University of Rock Island, achieving a doctorate in the science before graduating to professor status. He served as a professor at the University of Rock Island for six years, regularly travelling with students to New Halsham. It was here where Nordeng would score his first friends in politics, opening the door to future possibilities. During one particular trip to parliament he met with an old school friend, Charles Merrett, who was serving as Member of Parliament in southern Rock Island. 

With his friendship with Merrett now rekindled, the two decided to join forces, with Nordeng being invited to an administration position within the MP's office. This was only a temporary situation, as Merrett soon promoted his friend to constituency office manager. It was then Julian's responsibility to organise events within the constituency, liaise with constituents to resolve local issues, collaborate with fellow MPs to boost popularity and to promote Freedom Party values. Nordeng earned a reputation as a quiet yet dutiful public servant; a reputation that has followed him throughout his political career. 

When Merrett received a promotion in the 2011 elections to Transport Minister, a position based in New Halsham, he took Nordeng with him. It was originally planned for Nordeng to continue serving as his office manager, but the government approached Julian with a proposition of their own. From 2011, he would serve as the Rock Island Delegate for the USP Freedom Party, having established a strong following in the area. With Nordeng at the helm, the Freedom Party enjoyed favourable relations with Rock Island, promoting capitalism despite being listed as a communist government. Nordeng understood that Rock Island was a fat cash cow desperate for a good milking, and ensured that Rock Island received special exceptions under new, restrictive laws. 

When the Freedom Party was overthrown in 2017, Nordeng didn't follow most of his colleagues into hiding. Instead, he retained a positive relationship with the new democratic government, led by the National Party and George Duval. He kept his position as Rock Island Delegate before being promoted to ATARA Delegate upon the creation of the new tri-continental organisation. 

Previous Tenure: 
Professor of Politics at the University of Rock Island: 2001 - 2006
Constituency Office Manager for Charles Merrett MP: 2006 - 2011
Rock Island Delegate for the USP Freedom Party: 2011 - 2017
ATARA Delegate: 2017 - Present

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Name of Delegate: Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Lantheere fan Oliefaaier, seventy-three years of age, comes from the prestigious farmer baron 'fan Oliefaaier' dynasty, who have had the proud privilege of supplying the Variotan colonization and expansion efforts since the beginning next to being one of the founding members of the Unie fan Kommunes, one of the states in Het Huisselant Variota. As the current head of the fan Oliefaaier dynasty, he is also the proud majority owner of the Oliefaaier Kommune, a multi-billion business and government hybrid entity.

Current day-to-day decision making in the Kommune, however, has been changed the last twenty years to his daughter Lantfrauwe Lidowij fan Oliefaaier in order to allow him to focus his efforts on his own political party, the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier, for which he is the only politician. He has done so for the last forty years, keeping only one seat and maintaining a simple principle in all politics and on all votes: Good politics done by a good man, no gimmicks needed.

Both in his position as the head of the Oliefaaier Kommune and as leader and sole politician of the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier, Lantheere fan Oliefaaier has managed to use his political clout, personal fortune and business savvy to improve upon the quality of life for Variota's lowest classes. Through projects set up in the Oliefaaier Kommune, children of it's citizen-workers are able to go to school and study for free if they agree to come back and work in the Kommune for a certain amount of time upon graduation, retirees are taken care of through a shared retirement fund that everyone pays into and encouraged participate in activities that they are able to enjoy while also helping out the greater community and refugees are given help to adjust to Variotan life and find fulfilling work and lives within the Kommune.

Through his presence in the Variotan Parliament, he has been able to lend support for numerous programs that have improved the nation including ones that provide dietary aid and healthy products to risk groups, student exchange programs, programs that provide cheap but good-quality cars to those that are unable to find work without one and adult education programs. Due to his impeccable principles and his wealthy origins not affecting his ability to fight for the common man, there tends to be no person in Variota or beyond that can say a bad word about the man and those that still do that in Variota often find themselves on the losing end of a political discussion or a drunken fist fight spurred on by the righteousness of his politics. While street and other such names are generally only given to the dead, there is a Sjaak fan Oliefaaierstraat in Grootwaterflakte and Ferrefaaierhafen, among other places in Variota.

In the last election, for the Foorste Heere fan'es Ferantwortelik fan'es Folke, he came second with a mere 4,75% difference to the winner, Dina DIva. In the speech he gave after his appointment, Lantheere fan Oliefaaier has said that he sees this as an ultimately good thing, as this has allowed him to assume the position of Variota's delegate to the Argic-Thalassan-Alharun Regional Association, where he will be able to improve the lives of three entire continents. He will additionally remain seated in the Variotan Parliament and in case he is out of the country during parliamentary votes, shall use a video conferencing call or a proxy to do so.

Previous Tenure:

Head of the Oliefaaier Kommune - 43 years (and counting)

Leader of the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier - 40 years (and counting)


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8 hours ago, Synturia said:

What is the difference between observer and member? @Iverica

@Synturia, It is discussed in detail here^

To put it simply: an Observer may speak and lobby for stuff but cannot vote in most of the elections (Resolutions and Chairmanship). They may sit in assemblies and give inputs but are not really obligated to do anything

However, an observer can be from outside of the Tri-Continental Area (ARG-THL-ALH) such as in the case of Fleur de Lys.

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Specify Desired Status: Observer with Neutrality Opts.

Sponsor State: @Variota

Nation Name: Kingdom of Ahrana

Current Government Type: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Brief Background of Policy: The Economic Policy of the Kingdom is a developed mixed economy with state-ownership in strategic areas, it is regulated by the Central Government but with Laws protecting the People on their purchases.

The Foreign Policy of the Kingdom is neutral in all acts under the Statute of Peace, the Kingdom does not involved themselves in any foreign conflict. The Kingdom does uphold the rights of all foreigners inside the Kingdom and protects all as the Law is equal to them. The Kingdom is open to Travel in and out.

The Military is a Compulsory Service with Yearly Conscription at the age of 17-26, the military stays Active with Half of the Personal. The Boarders are always manned by the Home Guard and each entry point is heavily enforced inspections check.


Specify Reason(s) for Application: To join in the regional affairs



Headshot/Passport Photo:  mad_5328789a.jpg?chk=11B79E

Name of Delegate: Lady Madeleine Eriksson

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Is of Nobel Birth to the Nobel Family of Eriksson, is the oldest Child of Lord Eriksson. She is involved in Posterity projects, promotes the Statute of Peace, and has served as a Lt. Colonel in the Ahranaian Air Force, She upholds all Statutes that are Ahranaian Law. Lady Madeleine is involved in the Kingdoms Parliament gaining her Chair as an independent for the Tata District of Dalarna being the leading MP for that District for 7 Years.

Previous Tenure: Lt. Colonel in the Ahranaian Air Force(Brigade) [1999-2009], MP at the Federal Level for the Tata District Dalarna [2009-2016], Nobel Family Household [1982-Present]

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Headshot/Passport Photo: KBarM30.jpg

Name of Delegate: Gary Truman

Brief Background/Delegate Experience:

Gary Truman was born on February 9th, 1959 to a working class family living in Bric. His father, Thomas, was a junior officer in the Republican Army and his mother, Mary, was a housewife.

After finishing public school, Truman delayed his military service on behalf of his studies in the College of Bric where he worked to gain his degree in political science. Truman entered armed service in 1981 at the age of 22. He was posted in the Uurman Artillery Brigade's 1st Forward Observation Regiment for the entire duration of his 1 year's term of service. Truman entered the NCO cadet school and was promoted to Junior Sergeant. He became a Sergeant in the reserve after the end of his military service.

Truman finished his studies in the College of Bric and entered the University of Girkmand in the Federal District of Girk in 1982.

Between studies, Truman became politically active and joined the Centrist Party in 1983. He began working in the student council of his university and attended several National Tribune and city council meetings. He finished his studies in 1988 and received his degrees in economics and political science, after which he began to work for the Centrist Party in Girk. He won a seat in the city council of Girk in 1989 and was chosen as a representative for his party in the National Tribune in 1990. His term in the city council ended in 1992, after which he was elected as the Speaker of the Tribune and served through 1993-1997.

In 2002, the Centrist Party based Kruger administration offered him a cabinet position in the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs for his impartiality and patient characteristics which personified his political career. Truman rose to become a Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2009 at the ripe age of 50. He primarily worked with other countries in Western Argis, as he studied several languages of Girkmand's closest neighbors.

Joseph Gage, another staunch Centrist Party member became president in 2008. Gage advocated for greater Girkmandian influence in foreign affairs and worked closely with the foreign ministry, especially with Truman, whom he got along great with. When Girkmand entered the World Assembly (WA) in late 2008 as another part of Gage's open foreign policy, Truman was offered the position of delegate, which he accepted. Gary Truman continues to serve as Girkmand's primary WA delegate to the present.

Previous Tenure:

Sergeant in the Federal Army, 1st Forward Observation Regiment, Uurman Artillery Brigade.

City Council of Girk 1989-1992

Tribune and Speaker 1990-1997

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs 2002-Present

World Assembly Delegate 2008-Present

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NAME OF DELEGATE: Desdemona Tomas-Morra (Sitting Minister of Foreign Affairs)

BRIEF BACKGROUND: At 60 years of age, Mrs Tomas-Morra, is one of the most prominent politicians in the Iverican sphere. Hailing from a below-middle class neighbourhood in Toledo City, Nou Stille, she graduated with a bachelor's in Economics, Applied Political Science, and a Doctorate in Juris Prudence- all from the University of Nou Stille. After a quiet tenure in the academe, Morra rose to power holding an astounding 4 terms in the Iverican Parliament- The Cámra Nasional- as Member of Chamber first in the Partes Peninsulares, and then in the Liberal-Conservative Partes Morales of her native constituency. She served 2 terms consecutively, and after the required gap period, served another 2 consecutively, an achievement held only by less than a score of other MeCs in Iverican history.

Between consecutive terms, she was appointed as an undersecretary in the Ministry of Commerce, co-authoring a taxation reform and a Public-Private Partnership Addendum- both of which have placed her in the limelight for her election to her current position as Minister of Foreign Affairs. During this tenure, she was nominated once for Minister of Commerce but was disqualified by a Leave of Absence she filed for personal reasons.

In 2014, she was elected as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position she had notably expressed interest after her bid for Commerce Minister fell through. Her party mates in the Partes Morales resented this as the Peninsulares' scheme to prevent her from running for Primo in the upcoming elections, a position she certainly has popular support for. Nevertheless, her tenure as Foreign Minister has been critically important to Primo Deitorr's Iverica in Altum pledge, establishing almost a dozen strategic embassies under her leadership, thus cementing Iverica's foothold in the international community.


10 Years- Peer and Associate Professor of the University of Nou Stille.

12 Years- Total tenure as former Member of Chamber representing the Fort Constituency of Toledo City.

7 Years- Undersecretary of Commerce Ministry

3 Years within term- residency as sitting Foreign Minister

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On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 4:09 AM, Iverica said:

@Ahrana your application checks out fine so far. All you need to do is decide on a sponsor and get them to agree.

done Variota agreed to sponsor 

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Name of Delegate: Angelina Lernel

Brief Background:
Mrs Lernel has been active in the political scene of the Sunset Sea Islands since her youth. She joined the Centrist party at a young age and stayed truthful to the party even after the Party of Radiance was formed and many influential members left for the new powerhouse party. She continues to fight for her viewpoints and defends her centrist politics even against Radiance. However, Mrs Lernel has been known to be an expert negotiator and diplomat as she has been responsible for many fruitful diplomatic endeavours with other nations. Now, as a delegate for ATARA, she is able to put her knowledge to good use.

Previous Tenure:

  • PhD in Theoretical Physics
  • decades of activity in the SSI Centrist party
  • several successes in international diplomatics
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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: @Iverica

Nation Name: Republican Union of Lusotropia (União Republicana de Lusotropia)

Current Government Type: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Brief Background of Policy: Lusotropia's economy is organized largely along free market lines, but with elements inspired by paternalism and by catholic distributism also apparent in the economy, namely the promotion of the wide scale ownership of small businesses, in large businesses stock ownership and unionization by employees, and state ownership of public utilities. Lusotropian economic policy also attempts to preserve the vibrant nature of rural communities, working to prevent rural flight, protect farmers, and to develop economic infrastructure outside of major cities. While the government's main role is in regulating economic behavior and practices, the Roman Catholic Church is the primary instrument of financial welfare within Lusotropia, with significant influence in state and society.

Lusotropia's foreign policy is aimed primarily at promoting global integration and cooperation; military intervention abroad, when it occurs at all, is/would be done under the direction and with the cooperation of the international /regional community and international/regional bodies. 


Specify Reason(s) for Application: To support building a framework for intergovernmental relations, maintain peace in the region, promoting common interests and values (economic, social, etc) internationally, preserving and advancing the development of regional culture and developing trade. (regional as in the local area, not the NS region)

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Name of Delegate: Luís Kassoma de Morais

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Mr. Morais is an important figure within Lusotropia's parliament, and the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Indigenous Relations. The mixed son of a father from the Kwilu tribe and a mestiço mother from São Preste's working class, he rose from humble beginning to become a Member of Parliament, representing his home district of Venda, within the East Kwilu Diocese. With a foot in the indigenous and mestiço communities alike, he quickly became a valuable source of insight for the PHC and the candidate of choice in regards to native affairs; by 1984, at the age of 34, he had been appointed Deputy Minister of Indigenous Relations, a ministry of the government managing diplomatic ties with autonomous tribal governments. He soon became Minister of Indigenous Relations, but was forced to resign after losing his seat in 2000 as a result of a scandal involving tribal influence in federal elections. By 2008, after several years of relative quietness as ambassador to Iverica, he made a triumphant return to Venda, winning back his seat, and even becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs. Resigning  in 2016 due to health problems, Mr. Mr. Morais, with his constitution restored, leveraged his influence within the party to gain another appointment as ATARA delegate, having long been a champion of regional and international organizations.

Previous Tenure:

- Deputy Minister of Indigenous Relations (1984-1989)

- Minister of Indigenous Relations (1989-2000)

- Ambassador to Iverica (2001-2008)

- Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008-2016)

- Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs (1983-present)

- MP for the Diocese of Venda (1980-2000; 2008-present)

- Member of the Central Committee of the Catholic Humanist Party (PHC) (current)


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Specify Desired Status: Observer

Sponsor State: @Girkmand

Nation Name: Kingdom of Cristina

Current Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Brief Background: Led by the Information Technology industry, the Cristina's economy is very diversified and based largely on it's industry. The Kingdom of Cristina is an offshore financial centre, a tax haven, and a free port with no foreign exchange control regimes. The Monetary Authority of Cristina regulates offshore finance, while the Cristinese Trade and Investment Promotion Institute provides services for investment in Cristina. As prescribed by the Cristinese Basic Law, the government follows the principle of keeping expenditure within the limits of revenues in drawing up its budget, and strives to achieve a fiscal balance, avoid deficits and keep the budget commensurate with the growth rate of its gross domestic product.

Cristina's foreign policy is aimed at maintaining security of its sovereignty and surrounding territories. An underlying principle is political and economic stability in the region. In general, bilateral relations with other nations members are strong and relations with neighbouring Mantella, from which Cristina unilaterally declared independent, has been difficult. Border issues exist with between the two countries.

The Cristinese military is arguably one of the most technologically advanced in Europa. It is seen as the guarantor of the country's independence. This principle translates into the culture, involving all citizens in the country's defence.The country dedicates about 5% of it’s GDP to the defence. Cristina has conscription for all able-bodied males at age 18, except those with a criminal record.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: to participate in the organization's activities that aims to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and sociocultural evolution of the nations, alongside the protection of regional stability and the provision of a mechanism for member countries to resolve differences peacefully.



Name of Delegate: Sir Francesco Datena

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Born to the Mantellan-Cristinese Noble Family of Datena, the second child of Sir Valdo Datena and Lady Diana Jovic-Datena. Francesco Datena attended the National University of Modena's Law School, Mantella, in the 1980s when he got involved into politics, associated with the Progressive Conservatives party. During the Mantellan administration of Cristina he participated in many street protests. Later he was exiled in Lyrie, Fleur de Lys.

In 1998 he was able to return to Cristina to join the Monarchical Restoration Movement in the War of Independence. After the end of the war in 2001 he was elected member of the Cristinese National Council and is regarded as one of fathers of the current Constitution. Francesco was a special aide to Minister of State Andreas Maldomini and later Chief of Justice from 2005 to 2008.

He worked in the government of Minister of State Paolo Canavari as the Speaker of the National Council from 2009 to 2012. In 2013 he was finally awarded the Cristinese Grand Cross of the Order of Merit in recognition of his individual merit for his services to the Kingdom.

Previous Tenure:

• 1999-2001: Member of the Leadership Council of the Revolutionary Guard

• 2001-2004: Deputy member of the Cristinese National Council

• 2005-2008: Chief of Justice

• 2009- 2012: Speaker of the National Council

• 2013-2016: Rector of the Royal University of Cristina

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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: @Prymont@Iverica


Nation Name: United Houses of Astriedan (short: Astriedan)

Current Government Type: Feudal empire

Brief Background of Policy:

Astriedanian economic and ownership policy revolves around pionner rights and the feudal pyramid, that means citizens can keep the land they built on and the ressources they found unless the noble that owns the land they live on or the emperor says otherwise. Private companies are allowed but the most powerful companies are genrally owned by one of the Great Houses or the emperor.

Political parties are allowed but rare due to pro-feudal social pressure, most drugs are legal, same sex marriage is illegal but same sex relationships aren't forbidden or frowned upon, artificial babies are legal and anybody may carry "conventional" weapons (no explosives/explosive weapons (rocket launchers, grenades etc.), NBC weapons, IEMs/ECMs or flamethrowers. Only projectile and melee weapons.) and use them in self defense. Military service is mandatory at the age of 19 and lasts 1 year if made in a house army or 6 months if made in the imperial forces.

The "useful citizenship" policy forbids anybody with low IQ to raise children, citizens with "defficient" genetic traits are not allowed to procreate (though they can still adopt and raise children)and citizens with high IQ or "advantageous" genetic traits are encouraged to procreate. Especially intelligent citizens are taken by the imperial institutions to become imperial speakers (highly trained imperial diplomats and negociators) or imperial servants (elite guards of the emperor). Genetic and IQ tests are mandatory and passed at the ages of 2, 16 and 20.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: Promoting international cooperation - Creating diplomatic ties



Headshot/Passport Photo: c2a78216ca11ea3cc7d4681be3276839.jpg

Name of Delegate: Julian Merter

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Heir of House Merter, Julian received a noble education from the most talented educators in House Merter. When he was 11, in parallel with his education, he started to accompany his father during most public and private meetings in order to learn how to rule a House.

During his childhood he met with the Emperor Adrian Colegard several times and created a friendly relationship with him.

At the age of 19 he made his 1 year long mandatory military service as an officer in the Merter army.

At the age of 21, the Emperor Adrian Colegard appointed him as the legislator (equivalent of a minister) of the Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau, thus further strengthening the ties between the Emperor and Julian.

Previous Tenure:

-Infantry sergeant in the Merter Army (1 year)

-Legislator of the Imperial Foreign Relations Bureau

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Specify Desired Status: Observer

Sponsor State: @Variota

Nation Name: The Kingdom of Gallambria

Current Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Brief Background of Policy:

The Gallambrian Government's current focus is that of Defence, Foreign Relations, Trade and further restoring the federal budget to a more manageable surplus.

- Defence Policy -

In the 2017 Defence White Paper, the Government laid out three main focal points for policy and outlook for the next 10 years. The first of these is to defend Gallambria from direct attack or coercion. The second priority is to contribute to the security of the Europan Region. Thirdly, is to contribute to stability across the Region and a "rules-based global order which supports our interests". The white paper states that the government will place equal weight on the three priorities when developing the Gallambrian Armed Forces' capabilities.

- Foreign Policy -

In the 2017 Foreign Affairs White Paper, the Government laid out four focal points for policy for the duration of the current governments term. The first of these is to contribute to the enhancement of Gallambria's security. The second priority, is to contribute to growth in Gallambria's economy, employment and standard of living. The third priority, is to strengthen global cooperation in ways that advance Gallambria's interests. The fourth priority, to foster public understanding of Gallambria's foreign and trade policy and project a positive image of Gallambria internationally.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: To contribute to the stability and security of the region.


Headshot/Passport Photo: KH3DncMt.jpg

Name of Delegate: General Sir Alexander Terrell, Baron Terrell

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: General Terrell, joined the Gallambrian Army in 1969, as a Second Lieutenant in the Princess Royal's Own Regiment, as Platoon Leader. Having risen through the ranks and leadership positions with the Army and his Regiment, General Terrell also served as Commander Forces Command, Commander Joint Operations Command, Vice Chief of General Staff, Chief of General Staff, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, and Chief of the Defence Staff. He retired from military service in 2012. After retiring from the military service, he served on the board of Academic Boards of the Gallambrian National University and Bromwich University, as well as serving as the Dean of Faculty for Military Science and Foreign Policy at Bromwich University. He currently sits on the crossbench in the House of Lords.

Previous Tenure:

  • Commander, Forces Command (1995-1997)
  • Commander, Joint Operations Command (1997-1998)
  • Vice Chief of the General Staff (1998-2002)
  • Chief of the General Staff (2002-2005)
  • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff (2005-2008)
  • Chief of the Defence Staff (2008-2012)
  • Member, Board of Academics - Gallambria National University (2012 - 2014)
  • Member, Board of Academics - Bromwich  University (2014 - 2016)
  • Dean of Faculty, School of Military Science and Foreign Policy - Bromwich University (2014 - 2016)
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Headshot/Passport Photo: 


Name of Delegate: Alexander Kolbjørn Skogstad Bendtsen/Alexander Bendtsen

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Alexander Kolbjørn Skogstad Bendtsen is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs and is considered to be one of Andalla's most influential politicians.

Throughout his 23-year political career, he raised awareness on the importance of Andallan marine industries. Through numerous programs, he supported thousands of poor fishers in rural areas of Andalla. He also promoted healthier foreign relations and cooperation with other countries' marine-related industries. He has been nicknamed "Andalla's Most Powerful Fisherman".

He was born on February 12, 1966 to a poor fishing family in Lekkjer, the oldest of four. His family moved east to the port city of Brumundvik when he was 14 during a sudden surge in demand for fish. During the surge, his parents were able to earn enough money to start a small fishing company. From a young age, he had great interest in international relations and the way countries interact; he gained a degree in Law from the University of Brumundvik. Among his closest friends included future president and colleague Klaus Johansen, who was also studying Law at the University of Brumundvik.

In 1995, Bendtsen was elected Bydelshøvding (District Chief) of Brumundvik's Sentrum (Central) district. In early 1997, he had to abruptly resign to take control of his family business, now Bendtsen Marine, Inc., when his father became too weak to work. Later in the year, his younger brother Åke was able to to take control of his company, just in time for him to be able to run as Mayor of Brumundvik. He was praised as one of Brumundvik's greatest mayors for his outstanding contributions to the city's marine-related industries, which accounted for most of its income.

Bendtsen entered national-level politics running as one of Brumundvik's representatives to the Landstinget in the 2004 National Elections. He quickly rose to fame in the Landstinget, being appointed as chairman of the Small Business Development (SBD) Committee in 2006. In 2009, he was once again elected as a Brumundvik representative; he then served as chairman of the more prestigious Foreign Affairs Committee for the entire length of his term.

In 2009, Bendtsen joined the Senate of Andalla. Following his previous tenure as chairman of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, he was appointed to the equivalent Senate position. In 2013, he was appointed Majority Floor Leader. Throughout his term in the Senate, he worked closely with childhood friend and fellow party-member Klaus Johansen, who was planning to run for President in the 2016 National Elections.

A successful campaign brought Johansen to the Presidency in 2016, and Bendtsen was subsequently appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Previous Tenure: 

  • Bydelshøvding of Byd. Sentrum (Brumundvik)  (1995-1997)
  • Mayor of Brumundvik (1998-2004)
  • Member of the Andallan National Assembly, Brumundvik representative (2004-2016)
  • Chair of the National Assembly Small Business Development (SBD) Committee (2006-2009)
  • Chair of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee (2009-2016)
  • Andallan Minister of Foreign Affairs (2016-)
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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: Pending

Nation Name: Ahrana

Current Government Type: Federal Unitary Constitutional Republic, Federation

Brief Background of Policy: Market Socialism, Centralized Government

Specify Reason(s) for Application: The Successor State to the Kingdom of Ahrana



Headshot/Passport Photo: TBD

Name of Delegate: TBD

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: TBA

Previous Tenure:


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Specify Desired Status: Observer with Honours

Sponsor State: N/A

Nation Name: The Holy Empire of Derthalen

Current Government Type: Theocratic Elective Monarchy

Brief Background of Policy:

The Imperial Government's current focus is that of religion, foreign relations, trade, and continued military rearmament & growth.

- Defence Policy -

As of last year, the Imperial Military has been entrusted with the most holy of tasks;  helping to spread the Imperial Truth to the unenlightened foreigners. To this effect, the military has been actively operating in foreign theatres such as Afropa with the goal of bringing stability and religion to the local population. In the homeland the government has begun a process of fortifying our borders once more, and increasing military spending with the aim of returning the military to its antebellum state.

- Foreign Policy -

The Imperial Government wishes only to ensure the peace and sovereignty of its territories. To this effect it has begun to engage in cordial diplomatic exchanges with other governments in the hopes of forging lasting trade, military, and research treaties. That said, it will not suffer any undue interference in its internal affairs from interlopers.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: To ensure the protection of trade and the stop of destructive Europan influences.

Headshot/Passport Photo: Dnyj7uO.jpg

Name of Delegate: The Most Honourable Steward of Pengar, Johan av Kål

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Born in the countryside of Steinhauser in the Winter of 1938 to a couple of cabbage farmers, he managed to make a name for himself by becoming a pedlar and moving thousands of jars of Saurkraut to various cities after their cabbage harvests simultaneously failed due to a mysterious plague of caterpillars and other insects appearing in the fields. From that, he earned enough money to pay a guild membership fee and joined the Jomfurt Merchant Guild. He has since then made his way through their ranks to become one of the most well respected men in the Free Cities, and has now been chosen by the Imperial Government to represent its interests in this organisation.

Previous Tenure: 

  • Cabbage Farmer (1938-1951)
  • Pedlar (1951-1974)
  • Town Merchant (1974-1978)
  • Factory Owner (1978-Present)
  • Town Steward (1987-1993)
  • Mayor (1993-2010)
  • Guild Master (1985-2013)
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Specify Desired Status: Member EDIT: PANEL RULES FOR OBSERVER

Sponsor State: EDIT: APPROVED BY @Iverica


Nation Name: Greater Serbia

Current Government Type: Fascist one-party republic

Brief Background of Policy: Pseudo-laissez-faire, low-tax tax policy, Minor farm tax subsidies.

The Serbian economy maintains a very hands-off approach to the economy, there are very, very basic regulations on labor rights and the environment. Bosnians are kept subjugated in the economy, and are typically doing low-tier jobs in every day life, this adds to cheap and readily available labor. Let it be known, the Bosnians are serf/servants, not slaves.

The Serbian islands out east provide a lessened tax burden, and this is where a lot of the more higher taxed corporations are headquartered. Corporations are taxed based on their economic sector. For example - defense is barely taxed, and finance/investing are taxed the most. 

Immigration policy is very stringent. White, non-Islamic, non-socialist people are allowed to become citizens, or residents, if so desired. The society is conservative, gay people are frowned upon, sometimes violence is espoused towards homosexuals. Women are a complete part of Serbia, women vote, and frequently join the military, and some even serve in combat. Serbian Orthodoxy is the most followed religion, atheism comes in second at 5%. 

The military is offensively stanced towards Islamic and socialist/communist nations.  The branches have joint chief meetings, and there are quarterly military field tests for all officers and enlistees. There are a reasonable band of military bases across the mainland, and 5 bases on the islands. The navy isn't at it's peak performance, the defense budget is stacked in favor of the army and air force. Paramilitaries work as an extra reserve force to work as infantry, and a paramilitary group is indeed legal if the group has a license. The police operates a gendermerie as an additional infantry force, and have military uniforms, and military IDs, but are not explicitly military combatants. PMCs do exist in Greater Serbia. The military is entirely volunteer, but attract people for the national fervor and good benefits. The entire military doctrines is based on a quality-over-quantity philosophy.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: Trade relations, political connections



Headshot/Passport Photo: imageproxy.php?img=&key=3ae23cda7978334cvzjx2Kz.jpg

Name of Delegate: Tomislav Vucic (VOO-cheech)

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Mr. Vucic has been a loyal member of the Radical Party since 2002, and has managed interior party policies as a board leader. He was a strategic leader during the 08' uprising, and then became the party whip in the Assembly (lower house). Mr. Vucic has spearhead many bills, and most of the became laws. He recently whipped the votes to repeal gay marriage rights.

On the personality side, Mr. Vucic is a self-made family man, his parents under the figurative occupation of Bosniak gangs and groups in the West Metohija state. The gangs terrorized Serbian people until the start of the 90's, with the deployment of the National Police to the area. This environment shaped him as a person until he became a young man, where he started hanging out with fascist groups after his daily lessons at college. In 08' he finally had his chance to wreak havoc on the Bosnians that hurt him and his family back in the 70's and 80's. He is cool-headed and intelligent, with an edge against the altruism of the modern era. After he graduated from university with a degree in political science, he hung around a fascist group that eventually merged with others to become the Radical Party.


Previous Tenure: Early-fascist party maverick for 8 years. Radical Party strategist less than 1 year. Radical Party board leader 9 years.

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Name of Delegate: Sergei Chakov

Brief Background/Delegate Experience:  Chakov, a professor of political science at Belgrade University, taught so many famous Eurofuhrerian politicians that he decided to become one himself! He ran for office as a senator from rural northern Eurofuhrer, and after 10 years of service he has been tapped as the delegate to ATARA

Previous Tenure: Eurofuhrerian Senate, 10 years, Professor Of Political Science at Belgrade University, 22 years.

Headshot/Passport Photo



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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: @Iverica


Nation Name: The Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah (La Serenísima República de Mauridiviah)

Current Government Type: Unitary Constitutional Presidential Democratic Republic

Brief Background of Policy:

Mauridiviah's constitution establishes a democratic republic where the right to vote is held sacrosanct and widespread. Inalienable rights are listed and thoroughly respected. Socially, the nation is very liberal and the government does not meddle in a citizen's private affairs.

Mauridiviah's economy is capitalist with government regulation in order to protect against monopolies, fraud, economic abuse, the sale of hazardous products (such as water bottles with lead in them), and unacceptable forms of corporate collusion. Regulations ensure consumer protection, corporate transparency, enviromental health, and healthy business practices. Small businesses, including cooperatives, are encouraged through government loan programs. Otherwise the market is relatively free.

Mauridiviah does not involve itself in foreign wars and takes measures in order to guarantee the safety and rights of all citizens, inside and outside of Mauridiviah, as well as the safety and rights of foreign nationals within Mauridiviah. If attacked Mauridiviah will defend itself through any means at our disposal. We allow for both immigration and emigration with some regulation, and we also take in refugees from areas in distress (such as Derthalen) or conflict (such as Afropa), as long as they are not considered a danger to society. We also grant asylum to any individuals we deem appropriate.

The Mauridivian military is trained to fight guerilla wars in a purely defensive stance.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: So that we may enjoy the economic benefits from ATARA (and we of course expect to benefit other ATARA members) as well as to increase regional cooperation and help maintain the peace.

Just kidding it's all that disaster relief welfare.







Headshot/Passport Photo:


Name of Delegate: Manuel Caballeros

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Caballeros entered government in 1990 when he was elected as a representative from the Madria Constituency, originally as a member of the Movement for the 21st Century. After the disastrous elections of 2004 and 2005, he left his seat and became the head of the non-profit human rights organization Mauridiviah Libre, which he founded in 2006. He remains the head of Mauridiviah Libre to the present, however he also re-entered the government, as a member of the Bolivarian Party in 2015, and was chosen as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2016.

Previous Tenure: Senator from Madria, 1990 - 2004

Head of Mauridiviah Libre, 2006 - Present

Senator from Barquisimeto, 2015 - Present

Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2016 - Present

(He was a journalist and political commentator between leaving office and founding Mauridiviah Libre.)


Edited by Mauridiviah
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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: Het Huisselant Variota


Nation Name: Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

Current Government Type: One-Party Socialist Democracy

Brief Background of Policy:

Fulgistan's central government is heavily involved in the nation's economic affairs, and funds an extensive public healthcare and transportation system through via high income taxes. The Fulgistani government's Five Year Plan system is designed to identify infrastructural and economic problems, assemble the means and personnel to rectify them, and to make significant improvements to the issue within five years. Fulgistan's living areas are divided into Urban, Orda, and Rural Communes, with freedom of movement between communes an assured constitutional right.

In terms of foreign relations, Fulgistan is chiefly concerned with fostering goodwill abroad and establishing itself in the world's eyes as a developed, humanitarian and sovereign nation. Regardless of political or economic policy of foreign countries, Fulgistan chooses to align itself most closely with nations that focus on human rights, sound environmental policies, and the protection of freedoms worldwide.

Defensively, the Worker's Republic maintains the Revolutionary Guard in the primary functions of counterterrorism, rural policing and humanitarian aid/disaster relief abroad. The Guard is not an interventionist or expansionist force, but is capable of and willing to operate in foreign theatres to maintain the interests of democracy and security. Currently, Fulgistan is looking to modernize, but not expand, the Revolutionary Guard.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: To develop positive relations with states within the area of the ATARA organization, to give Fulgistan a voice on the regional stage as a developed and peaceful country, and to secure regional security and peace



Headshot/Passport Photo: 


Name of Delegate: Dr. Zaitao Binsar

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Dr. Binsar acquired a PhD in International Relations from Xintou University in 1995, and served on the Committee for Diplomatic Advancement in Eastern Alharu for 10 years, making several state visits to neighboring @Variota and @Synturia. In 2006, Binsar was appointed as ambassador to the Het Huisselant, and served in this capacity until 2016.

Previous Tenure:

Vice-Chair, COMDAEA 1995-2005

Ambassador to Het Huisselant Variota, 2007-2016

Xintou Urban Commune Tourism Board, 1993-1998

 ***END FORM ***


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Specify Desired Status: Member

Sponsor State: The Republic of Iverica


Nation Name: The Grand Duchy of Limonaia

Current Government Type: Semi-Constitutional Monarchy

Brief Background of Policy: The Limonaian government is at the moment focusing on maintaining relations and expanding it's export capacities of it's manufacturing business as well as its agricultural products, it is therefore in the interest of the Limonaian government to increase it's ties to nearby nations. Limonaia also seeks to develop it's own infrastructure with new railways, ferries and so on. Currently the main focus of the nation is it's apparently power problem, as it currently imports the majority of it's electricity from other states, and while this is like be the case for the foreseeable future reducing Limonaia is interested in developing alternate sources of energy. Solar, Nuclear, it all depends.

When it comes to defense Limonaia focuses heavily on protecting its shores from hostilities and other threats, and seeks to join together with other nations to protect her own sovereignty. It is however not in Limonaia's interest to join organisations like TRIDENT unless their purpose is simply for defensive actions.

Specify Reason(s) for Application: Limonaia wishes to improve relations with it's neighbors and increase it's trade with the region. It therefore sees joining ATARA as a vital next step to getting Limonaia connected with it's neighbors



Headshot/Passport Photo:


Name of Delegate: Fredrico Colli

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: Colli, a Sermerio native graduated from Sermerio University with a PhD in Political Science in 1986 and served as Mayor of Sermerio from 1992 to 2000 and Minister of Foreign affairs from 2004 to 2006. After stepping down for a while he returned to the political sphere in 2010 when he was sent to Monvisret on a diplomatic mission where he stayed until 2018.

Previous Tenure: 

Mayor of Sermerio 1992 - 2000

Foreign Minister of Limonaia 2004 - 2006

Diplomatic mission to Monvisret 2010 - 2018

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Specify Desired Status: The United Federal Kingdom wishes to be an observer state

Sponsor State: [Must be a founding member or a member for at least six (6) months]


Nation Name:

Current Government Type: PyeMcGowan is a Constitutional Monarchy with powers distributed to smaller constitutional monarchies.

Brief Background of Policy: PyeMcGowan holds its democratic freedoms very close, and the constitution states that the Prime Ministers And First Ministers of PyeMcGowan will forever be chosen by the people. The Constitution also states that each and every citizen deserves the right to food, water, healthcare and freedom regardless of their race, gender, beliefs or social standing, leading to the nation providing free electricity and food to those at a certain risk, as well as free water and healthcare for all citizens.

The PyeMcGowian Government has become very market friendly since the  communist occupation of the 50s, leading some to speculate whether the cabinet is controlled by the millionaires and billionaires of the nation. The country has Banking Secrecy Laws that attract Banks from across Eurth, creating a large financial industry that can be seen from looking at the centres of the nations cities.  The Nation’s largest ports Riversea, Endeavour, Lefterson And Trasethaffenall have Free Economic Zones, aswell as the the area beneath the Berkstone Line in Charleston. 

The Foreign Ministry’s mission statement is to “Serve The PyeMcGowian People on an International level” the ministry’s service to PyeMcGowians has been quite outstanding, as it recently saved a group of tourists in Theodoria, who were bound for imprisonment. The Military’s mission is to “Serve, Protect and Indentify the Intrests of PyeMcGowan”, the Military is currently on a Defencive stance, as it guards the border between PyeMcGowan and Theodoria aswell as countering terrorist organisations. The nation also controls the dominant navy in the Far East of Argis, to protect is tankers and merchant container ships, from foreign piracy, following mass attacks during the 1990s and the early 2000s.


Specify Reason(s) for Application: The PyeMcGowian State requests this status to both expand the vital reach of ATARA to the Far East of Argis, aswell as to show the International community the crimes committed in the Theodorian States which have been overall slightly ignored. We also believe that this could stimulate both national morale aswell as the Auraid bay’s economy and boost diplomatic ties with the rest of the world.



Headshot/Passport Photo:


Name of Delegate: Walter Sanchez

Brief Background/Delegate Experience: With his parents legally immigrated from Alenveil, Walter grew up in Wellington Forbes, outside of Charleston. He went on to graduate Charleston Law School, with a highest honours degree in Political Science. From School he became an Associate at Raymond and Lowes Law Firm in Charleston before running for Mayor of his home town of Wellington Forbes, after his four year term he became the Deputy First Capital Minister for Charleston, until 2017 when he became the Delegate to the Auraid Communty.

Previous Tenure: Age 20-23 University, 24-27 Law School, 27-30 Associate for Raymond and Lowes, 30-34 Mayor of Wellington Forbes, 34-36 Deputy First Capital Minister, 36-37 Auraid Communty Delegate.

Edited by PyeMcGowan (see edit history)
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Specify desired status: Member

Sponsor state: @Iverica


Nation name: Serene Kingdom of Esonice

Current government type: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy


Brief policy background:


Esonice is a constitutional monarchy, with its monarch being called the Serene Prince/Princess, a title that stems from the Esonian belief of divine and tranquil rule. Esonice leads a democratic system, with the executive (Prime minister) and judiciary (Parliament) branches being elected by the people of Esonice. Esonice also leads a federal-like system, with each region having semi-autonomy over their internal matters.


Esonice is a capitalist economy which prioritises the economic freedoms of its people and keenly wants to keep job opportunities high and unemployment as low as possible for the well being of the nation. Regulations relating to the environment, hazardous products, workers rights, safety and wellbeing, and abuse of the system (such as loopholes and tax evasion) are in place, and often breaking those rules are not taken kindly by the law.


Esonice in its international policy seeks trade, globalisation and international cooperation with little interest in involving itself in wars. Unless absolutely necessary or if the Esonian people are threatened in any way by outside powers. 


Specify reasons for application:

Esonice and Esonians have many reasons for desiring to become a part of ATARA

1. One of Esonice’s closest neighbours, the Commonwealth of Andalla, is a member of ATARA. Esonice has an interest in keeping friendly relations and economic ties with Andalla close.

2. Esonice seeks to maintain and expand ties with Iverica as Esonians view the Iberic nation in a very positive light, often admiring the culture and people of Iverica. 

3. In line with its long term policy, Esonice wants to join ATARA for economic reasons, believing that the bloc will grant the Esonian economy benefits, send more products to, and give room for growth once again ever since the end of the Esonian tiger economy in the early 1990s. 

4. Esonice wants closer international cooperation, believing ATARA is greatly helping in other cultures understand each other better. Esonice also wants to help those nations that are in need of aid.

5. With Esonians being generously ready to give resources to nations in need of help if accepted into ATARA, Esonice also desires relief and aid during its struggles against nature. As the nation often struggles against earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity, among other disasters. They often have an unpredictable risk of being devastating.

6. Maintaining peace and security in the region is one of the nation's goals, believing that instability can directly lead into harming Esonice and the Esonian people. 


Application form for delegate


Name of delegate: Suminori Sugo (58)


Headshot/passport photo:


Brief background:

Suminori Sugo was born in 1962. He graduated from royal college of Nando in 1983, earning a bachelor's degree in economics and political science. After graduation he quickly became a known political activist in the province of Nando, becoming a conservative party backbencher in 1986 doing more activism for the party. But after becoming discontent with the politics of the party he quickly resigned and became a politician for the Liberal party in 1988. He was given a chance to run as head councillor of Nando for the Liberal party in 1995, and quickly established a platform based on liberal social ideas and promising Nando an economic recovery after the fall of the tiger economy, and lower unemployment. He won with an astounding  78% landslide over his conservative opponent. 


He successfully managed to recover Nando’s failing economy, focusing the city’s direction more on technological and cultural development, helping to fund the city’s video gaming scene which grew renowned in Esonice. He decreased unemployment in Nando, specifically youth unemployment. He became a highly popular politician in Nando, and became an influential politician in Yatosan regional politics. In 1998 he made the regional parliament force the province of Korado to take more environmental protections, and ensure further protection of wild cat populations in Korado. He also in 1999 convinced the Yatosn regional parliament to vote on the protection of gay rights, and giving homosexual couples the right to marry in any establishment, except religious institutions. 


In 2000 he successfully won re-election as head councillor of Nando and continued to be an influential figure in Yatoshan politics. He became a strong advocate for a higher minimum wage in 2002, not only for Nando but the whole of Yatoshi, saying that “it is criminal that the workers of Yatoshi and our nation are being criminally underpaid by politicians and the Esonian conservatives”. He once again managed to convince the Yatosan regional parliament to vote on a higher minimum wage which only won with a slim majority of 49-51%. With his ever growing popularity during the early 2000s, he decided to run as the regional representative of Yatoshi, resigning as head councillor of Nando in 2004. With a strong platform he successfully won as regional representative with a 63% majority, with the promise to improve the economic situation of Yatoshi, and expand social benefits. Mr. Sugo started becoming less popular in 2006 as the economy of Yatoshi started draining, with many becoming discontent with him as regional representative. He was quickly blamed for mishandling the 2007 banking crisis in the region and the loss of many jobs, rising unemployment, and rising criminal activity. His conservative opponents quickly attacked Mr. Sugo and his reputation. Humiliated, Mr. Sugo decided to not take part in the 2010 regional election.


 Later in the year of 2010, he was given an opportunity by the newly formed Liberal government of Esonice to act as the minister of foreign affairs of the serene kingdom. He accepted the offer despite many protests from other Liberal party politicians. Many media outlets mocked the Esonian government for taking in a “failed and manipulative politician” as minister. In 2014 Mr. Sugo got mocked “for losing his former influential and charismatic edge”, with many younger critics calling Mr. Sugo as “old fashioned and backwards”. But despite the harsh criticisms, Mr. Sugo continued his work as minister of foreign affairs until being resigned in 2018 and made to do delegative work. In 2021 he is being considered for acting as delegate on the behalf of the Serene Kingdom of Esonice in ATARA, giving Esonian interests a voice in the bloc if accepted. 


Previous tenure:
head councillor of the province of Nando (1996-2004)

regional representative of Yatoshi (2005-2010)                                                                                                                                         

Minister of foreign relations (2010-2018)

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